Acne Treatment Products That Work

Acne treatment products run the gamut from home made acne treatments and fixes like witch hazel with a bit of lemon juice, or 3% hydrogen peroxide in a base of aloe gel for oily skin. ethyl rubbing alcohol are among treatment products that tend to dry out the skin. Although any type of alcohol can be considered an antibacterial astringent, that benefit is often counter acted by dry skin irritation which will cause the acne to itch. When you scratch acne you will spread the bacteria and if you scratch and bust a pustule instead of just a blackhead or whitehead, chances are this will end up scarring your face or wherever the acne is.

Benzoyl peroxide is the treatment that everyone usually starts off with first to control the growth of bacteria trapped in the pore or follicle as well as keeping the surface of the skin bacteria free so that it doesn't spread to other pores. There are also some basic principles of nutrition and hygiene that you need to pay attention to so that whatever treatments are prescribed will have a good chance of working. Simple things like drinking plenty of fresh water and eating lots of fresh, raw vegetables and fruits while avoiding highly processed carbohydrates. Avoiding the exposure of your acne to extremes of heat and cold, pollution and excessive humidity.

Best Acne Treatment Products - Going Natural

Natural acne treatments abound and there is no shortage of fruit formulas and home made acne treatments with all kinds of claims made. Nevertheless, people who use them claim many benefits  and improvements to their acne conditions. One of the most popular is the natural mint juice formula to be used every night. Dried basel leaves in boiling water and lemon juice with various other ingredients like rose water and tea tree oil are just a couple of the many concoctions that you may find on the internet with just some looking around.

Many people would rather not use medications that contain a lot of chemicals and compounds that they cannot identify and usually  are on a quest to find the best natural acne treatment with all natural or holistic ingredients. There are also many over the counter acne treatment products that contain natural ingredients without the chemicals so that you don't have to make them yourself. You can find many on the web including products by Neutrogena, Oil of Olay and Murad along with other top acne treatment products.

Aggressively Rated Acne Treatment Products

In looking for the best products for acne treatment it is always best to consult a dermatologist if your acne develops beyond the whitehead and blackhead stage. When acne reaches the pimple and pustule stage is when you know that the pores or foliicles are no longer just clogged up with sebum and dead skin. There is now also bacteria in the mix within that pustule. If these break through irritation or scratching then there may be scarring and the spread of the bacteria to other follicles that otherwise would not be infected. At this point your dermatologist would recommend acne scar treatment products and perhaps an aggressive regimen of antibiotics and Accutane.

Acnezine shown below is also an aggressive treatment that is quite popular and effective.

Over The Counter Acne Treatment Products

If you haven't reached this stage yet there are effective adult acne treatment products that work great at clearing up blackheads and whiteheads. Benzoyl peroxide or salycylic acid may be applied using a cotton pad. This in combination with a hydroxy acid will help exfoliation of the dead skin layers and aid in getting the anti bacterial medicine into the pores and follicles before bacteria has a chance to get rooted in the skin. A good habit to get into at this point is to avoid the use of makeup on the affected area or even the surrounding areas as makeup has the tendency to run and can easily find its way to acne affected skin and clog up pores. It is best to forgo the makeup altogether unless its just a simple mascara that will stay put. Then in your daily regimen include a simple routine of cleansing, exfoliating and toning.

Acne Skin Care Treatment Products Ingredients

A gentle soap like glycerin soap with no harsh chemicals is a good bet. Better still are soaps with ground oats for ex foliating and some ingredient like peppermint or bay rum that smells good and at the same time detoxifies. Alcohol free toners that removes excess sebum and refresh and tighten pores so that the openings are not so inviting to bacteria.

Some of the best acne treatment products contain certain topical anti bacterial ingredients that penetrate into clogged pores like glycolic acid, sodium hydroxide, and beta hydroxy acid. Also included in these acne washes or toners are extracts of various herbs like aloe vera, sage, nettles watercress, lavender, Ginseng and many others. Acne toners may also include anti oxidants like vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin C ester and alpha lipoic acid. Although many of these ingredients sound exotic, they are found in acne skin care treatment products with familiar names like Noxzema, Biore Skin Care, Clean and Clear Skin care, Loreal Skincare, Olay Skincare, and Ann Moller Skincare.

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