AcneFree 1 Hour Acne Free Pimple Patch Review University Medical- Does it work?

How does the AcneFree patch work?

The AcneFree 1 Hour Acne Patch by University Medical uses a disposable patch with a flat, thin battery cell to treat redness and pimple size. The package comes with 4 patches for 4 treatments and an activator cream. Apply the cream to the patch's battery bull's eye and place over pimple for one hour treatment. The patch has adhesive to stick to the skin and after one hour you will have a reduced pimple and it will clear up the next day. Redness or scarring may take time to heal as usual from large pimples.

Does the AcneFree Patch Work?

Acnefree products have a reputation to be effective and priced affordable. You can purchase the patch at Walgreens and other retailers and online for about $14.99. I used this product a couple of times and it does work to treat an active pimple. It is not used for prevention of pimples. It is good for an emergency like if you have an event the next day and want to treat a pimple as fast as possible. I would recommend it for these instances.

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Faten 5 years ago

I tried one on between my two eyebrows and it didnt really work and I hope the second try works

Jo 5 years ago

mine always stick perfectly, haha wearing one right now actually.

Sarah 5 years ago

I have one on right now...when they stick for the full hour (which rarely happens due to weak adhesive and odd size) they do work.

Dee 5 years ago

wow after messing with a pimple all day it got bigger and dark it was terrible. i put the pimple patch for the 1hr process and it work amazingly will use again without a doubt.

kasey 6 years ago

i have one on my face right now (haha) and it does have an awkward size :/ but its already working! i took a peak at a pimple i have on the corner of my nose (its a pretty big and red pimple bleh) and it has dramatically shrunk down, and red is completely gone! just waiting to c what its like in the morning

Allison 6 years ago

Very weak adhesive. Peels off face within minutes...only works if you feel like holding down the patch for an hour. It's so large that it makes every pimple hard to treat...awkward size.

Unhappy customer 6 years ago

patch does not even stick to face with little cream applied. Very dissatisfied with claim of treatment to promote acne healing.

Leslie 6 years ago

This patch really works! I saw improvement after removing the patch on a consistent basis for about 2 hours, resulting in a dramatically reduced redness and size of pimple. This patch works in much the same way as the Zeno, but combines heat technology with benzoil peroxide therapy. Highly recommended!

Michelle 6 years ago

This product really worked for me. I had a PAINFUL cystic pimple beside my eyebrow so I just put a pimple patch. In one hour, the size went down a little and 90% of the pain was gone. It was not a miracle treatment to get rid of it, but the pimple did not hurt at all unless I applied a lot of pressure to it. I will definitely be using this again :)

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