Acupuncture Massager - An Effective Tool For Overall Well-being and Pain Relief

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What is an acupuncture massager?

Using a non-invasive electro acupuncture device was formulated where low voltage electrical pulses did stimulation.

Today there is a wide range of electro acupuncture massagers available on the market. These massagers have a built in electronic circuit that is capable of producing low voltage electrical pulses.

This could be felt on the skin with the help of electrical pads that are fitted to the body.

Hence in some cases they are called as an electrical acupuncture device and in some as electro acupuncture device. However both are correct.

Acupuncture, an ancient healing therapy has gained immense popularity recently. This healing treatment originated from a Chinese medicine that dates back thousands of years.

This method of treatment aims at promoting natural healing and in improving the overall functioning of the body.

This is usually done by the insertion of needles or by application of heat or electrical stimulation at specific acupuncture points.

Acupuncture massage involves the combination of different massage techniques by applying structured pressure, tension or vibration in the acupuncture massage points. This is done either manually or by using electrical or mechanical aids.

Various types of acupuncture massaging devices:

1. Acupuncture foot massagers: An acupuncture low frequency foot massager stimulates the foot acupuncture points and relaxes muscles, relieves tension and promotes good blood circulation. This acupuncture electrical stimulation provides relief from fatigue and numbness of leg and foot. It is also believed to relieve tension of the nerve and promote good sleep.

2. Acupuncture finger massager: This magnetic ball with spike protrusions on it can provide good pressure on your acu-points in your hand. It keeps your body relaxed and prevents illness making you stay healthy and fit.

3. Acupuncture eye massager: This is specially designed for the computer operators, students, office workers and drivers who suffer from tiredness and insomnia. The use of this massager can relax their eyes and eliminate occurrence of eye diseases.

4. Acupuncture neck massager: This is designed with an infrared effect, heating and acupuncture vibration massager. It provides good relief for neck pain and reduces bone calcification process. Besides maintaining bone health it also improves the function of the spine and the tissues surrounding it.

5. Acupuncture massage mats: This mat relaxes tensed muscles, improves blood circulation and promotes good sleep. It also increases the energy levels and provides a rejuvenating effect by stimulating the release of large quantities of endorphins.

6. Acupuncture massager for muscle and nerve pain: This low frequency therapeutic massager relaxes muscles and nerves. It alleviates pain in muscle, joints, back, neck or in any other part of the body. This device is a perfect choice for those suffering from arthritis, neck pain, back pain and muscle or nerve spasm.

The low frequency acupuncture massagers are best suited for relief from pain and muscle stimulation.

Whereas the high frequency massagers are generally used for treatment of certain specific diseases and this should be done under the strict supervision of a doctor.

This needleless acupuncture tool is effective for complete pain relief.


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