Adderall, A Poor Excuse for ADHD Treatment

Pardon Me While I Blow Off Some Steam

Adderall, commonly prescribed for ADHD, is about the most outrageous example of a double standard in American medicine today. On the one hand, we are all taught that amphetamines are dangerous drugs that destroy lives -- and, on the other, we let our medical professionals give them to our children when they are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. If I didn't know there are herbal Adderall alternatives that work just as well, without the side effects, I might buy this excellent marketing ploy.

We will set aside the consideration of whether children these days actually have ADHD as commonly as doctors and psychiatrists tell us they do. I suspect that many of these kids are just bored by the way education is presented to them. They have a lot of energy and would rather be outside the confines of a stuffy schoolroom. I certainly felt that way when I was in grade school.

I am not a doctor nor a psychiatrist, so I can't comment on their credentialed judgement calls. I would just like to apply some common sense and familiarity with business and marketing principles that may shed some light on what is a very destructive con-job being pulled on the American people by the pharmaceutical corporations.

It is worth noting that in the UK, for example, the guiding body for the medical profession recommends medication use only in severe cases, while most United States guidelines recommend them in nearly all cases. Why? I believe it is the political power of the pharmaceutical industry, which is able to buy approval of favorable policy decisions more easily in the U.S.

Placing blame on doctors and the psychiatric profession is not my intention here. They are merely doing what they were taught in school. Doctors and psychiatrists are -- in effect -- highly-respected and dignified sales people for the pharmaceutical industry, which largely controls the direction of modern medicine.

My Dispute Is With the Pharmaceutical Industry

The medical profession is sworn to uphold the Hippocratic Oath, named after the Greek "Father of Medicine", Hippocrates(460-377 B.C.E.). The doctor is taught, "First, do no harm" to the patient. The pharmaceutical corporation, from top to bottom, is not held to any such standard. Their primary standard is Profit -- and their high profit margins will pay off a lot of wrongful-death and other lawsuits.

My contention is that prescribing pharnmaceutical-quality amphetamines to schoolchildren and adults is doing the patient harm -- and, according to Wikipedia, we don't even have much idea what the long term harm will be.

Here's My Point, Regarding Prescribing Amphetamines Routinely for ADHD:

1) I'll accept that for some children -- for whatever reason -- there are real issues of hyperactivity and lack of ability to focus. This relatively small number of kids may need very strong medication.

2) For the vast majority of children with ADHD diagnoses, I suspect they could get as good or better results with a change in diet, more healthy play, and an herbal formula of stimulants if necessary. (I say this based on knowing someone heavily affected by ADHD since childhood, who has been through the wringer on Ritalin, Adderall, and the rest. As bad as he had ADHD, he has been able to easily make the transition to an herb-based formula.)

3) The pharmaceutical giants have every business incentive to develop "customers for life" -- and getting children started on amphetamines like Adderall, et al., is about the best way imaginable to do this, due to these drugs' addictive potential.

4) There is relatively "No Money" in herbal preparations because they cannot, by law, be patented. For this reason, virtually the only option offered to patients -- though it may not be best for the patient's health -- is the patented proprietary pharmaceutical drug.

5) The physician, who also has to earn a living, is under some pressure to prescribe drugs, which are the accepted Standard of Care for the symptoms he observes.

6) The statement we often hear, to the effect that, "Amphetamines affect the ADHD mind differently than they affect normal people." Yes, that may be true, but the side-effects of taking amphetamines for a period of years -- caused by poor-quality sleep and a lack of hunger -- has got to take a toll on the health of a child, just as it does in the case of a non-ADHD adult.

So, in conclusion, the public has every reason to question why we are seeing children railroaded into starting on drugs at a very early age, when there are other, safer modalities that can be just as effective, if only doctors and psychiatrists weren't so thoroughly conditioned to automatically prescribe synthetic chemicals because of their profitability for the pharmaceutical industry.

The same drugs that are highly illegal on the street, magically become "good for you" when authorized with a doctor's prescription -- and when the pharmaceutical corporations get the money, not the local meth dealer.

Funny world isn't it?

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Enlydia Listener profile image

Enlydia Listener 4 years ago from trailer in the country

Holy basil is a great herbal for this smoothes out the edges.

Paul Kemp profile image

Paul Kemp 4 years ago Author

Thanks for your suggestion, Enlydia Listener. I'll look into it.

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