Addiction erupts Violence

THE CRACK-name that comes from the sound it makes when heated to process it or smoke it, is a highly addictive form of cocaine and extremely powerful. A certain hospital psychopharmacologist called it “the most addictive drug known to man right now, as is almost instantaneous addiction.” A police officer called it “the worst drug of all time. The concept of the person consuming crack there just for fun. ”


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As the crack is not injected into the veins or snorted, but that is smoked, users who feared getting AIDS through contaminated needles have concluded that it is “advantageous” for three reasons: it is “safer”, the effects are more intense and the smoke acts more quickly. Regarding this drug, a former addict said: “It’s going directly to the head. The position is immediate. You have the feeling that you will blow the brains out. ” The place only takes five to twelve minutes, but almost always followed by a devastating pick that can leave users irritable, depressed, nervous or extremely paranoid and a compulsive craving another shot. “The main danger of the crack,” says Dr. Arnold Washton, director of the Addiction Treatment Center at Regent Hospital in New York, a center for drug addicts, is that within a few days or few weeks can take control of your brain … and your life. “
Addiction to crack spreading in many parts of the world like a plague. In particular in the U.S., more than in Canada, England and European countries alike, the crack has penetrated almost every stratum of society: the rich, the poor, those who have succeeded and those who have paying jobs. Because of its availability, how easy it is to acquire and euphoric effects it produces, the demand for crack is very large and is increasing every day. On the streets, schools and places of employment seeking new customers, potential addicts. Women are good potential consumers, in fact, at some levels of society there are many more women than men among users of crack. Children who have not yet entered the rapid and thrill-seeking teens can not say “no” to drugs, so they become easy prey for crack dealers, who often are their own siblings, other family or best friends.

Addiction Breeds Violence

“The crack, more than almost any other substance, is capable of generating the usual consumer brutal violence, reported The Wall Street Journal on August 1, 1989 -. Recently, in suburban Boston [USA], a young mother who was under the influence of crack threw her baby against a wall so hard that the boy broke his neck and died. “He said the mother came from” a respectable middle-class family. ”
Due to the violent effects produced by the crack in the behavior of those using it, sociologists and pediatricians who are investigating this issue are convinced that this drug is contributing to a significant increase in cases of child abuse. When a mother under the influence of crack is left in charge of a cranky and crying child, it can produce a dangerously violent situation. One researcher said: “There is too prudent to have a child in front when you’re irritable or depressed and the body asks for more cocaine. What are you doing with that baby? Certainly not what you should do. ”
Unfortunately, often the results have been fatal. It is not uncommon to read or hear of young people addicted to crack who kill their parents or guardians, perhaps their grandparents because they refused to give them money to buy crack or because fumándolo discovered. New York police has claimed a wave of brutal crimes young crack addict who has been disturbed.
However, the worst scenes of violence and brutal place in the streets of the city. As the sale of crack produces a lot of money because the demand is always increasing, dealers believe it’s worth killing for the drug. Armed to the teeth with the latest and most sophisticated-machine guns, military assault rifles, silencers, bulletproof vests and roam through their territory in search of other young brokers to give exemplary punishment to those who were going to remove the customer or not give all the money raised in one day. Traffickers are ready and willing to settle their differences with violent bloodshed. “If a guy gets shot in the leg or a knife in his hand,” said the head nurse of an emergency room, “is a warning for having been left with little money or drugs from the trafficker for whom she worked. If the shot is in the head or chest, then it means going after him. ”
A sociologist at New York said: “Now the murders are much more cruel. Not enough to kill. You have to desecrate the corpse. Although two shots are enough to kill, shoot six. What do you behead or anything else. ” A veteran police officer said, “There are a million guys out there who can not do anything but fight. Do not fear the police and they put in jail or kill them. ” Nor are concerned about the safety and lives of innocent bystanders caught in the gunfire. Time magazine reports that of the three hundred eighty-seven homicides with criminal gangs in the county of Los Angeles for one year, half were innocent people who passed by.

Gold Chains and Expensive Cars

In view of the violence associated with crack addiction, young crack dealers do not live long, but they die young. His philosophy has become that of “a live, two days.” And that is precisely what many. “Anyone can go every day to school and see new Mercedes, SUVs, Cadillacs and Volvos,” said a police Narcotics Department Detroit. These cars are the kids, not parents. “Children who are not yet old enough to drive others to hire them to drive the car. Some risk and carry themselves the car without a driving license. Can pay cash, and if they have an accident, they just leave the car and fleeing the scene.
“The clothing worn by some young people in an ordinary day can cost $ 2,000 (U.S.)-said a teacher. You see many young people with thick fur coats and gold chains. “” Indeed, gold is a widespread obsession among young people from the overcrowded and dilapidated downtown areas of cities, Time magazine reported -. What is in vogue is carrying heavy gold chains that cost up to $ 20,000. “Distributors get paid well to young brokers. For example, children nine and ten years can earn $ 100 a day alerting dealers of police presence. The next step is the messenger who takes the drug in the laboratory and takes it to the dealer, a job that can bring more than three hundred dollars a day. Both those who watched as the messengers aspire to reach the top that is so handy: be traffickers. Can you imagine a teenager, possibly with little formal education, which has revenues amounting to sums as high as three thousand dollars a day? The truth is that although the economic benefits are many, the future of these youth is fleeting.
All too often, young people sold crack becomes a double-edged sword. On the one hand, spreading deadly drugs that can ruin the lives of users and contribute to violence, which often are victims themselves. Furthermore, in many cases the parents who encourage their children to deal with crack. It is often the case that the sole breadwinner of the family is the young dealer, who spends much of the profits to maintain a family struggling to survive. When parents do not want to correct the situation and, conversely, is turn a blind eye, they become complicit in a criminal proceeding.


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