Adolescent Program Rehabs: Specialized Treatment For The Young

Time is of the essence if a person is to be saved from permanent physiological and psychological damage. It can be difficult to intervene with a teenage addict, but without help, his addiction can become worse. When the first signs are recognized, a family member or friend must seek adolescent program rehabs immediately. Consult with a professional for proper evaluation and consider adolescent program rehabs in these cases

By age 15, most young people would have experienced getting drunk or have tried some form of illegal drug. At this age, a number of them may already be abusing alcohol and other illegal substances. The teen years are an experimental stage as kids go through growing pains and agonies of finding their identities. It is also a very dangerous time to be hooked on drugs or alcohol. To address this problem, specialized treatments like adolescent program rehabs are necessary for young adults with alcohol or substance abuse problems.

Imminent Heart Problems

UNC School of Medicine indicates that one of the risks of drug addiction in teenagers is the possibility of suffering a heart attack when he becomes an adult. This manifestation may not come immediately during drug use when the patient is still in his teens but when he stops and resumes use again as an adult, the damage in the brain can become permanent, thus may result to other problems such as heart disorder.

The Causes – On the Web

WebMD stated that teen addiction is caused by several factors, most common of which are peer pressure, poor self-esteem, and troubled family background. It can be said that most teenagers at some point in their life may go through this stage and get over it as they mature, however many of them unfortunately get hooked totally and never surface back to normalcy. The most disturbing effect of addiction to young people is mental, physical and psychological damage, which becomes worse as they grow older with their addiction.

In adults, the effects of addiction are a great cause for concern. But young adults face a greater risk of suffering irreversible damage to the mind and body once they become alcohol or drug abusers. The brain only fully develops at age 30. And vital organs like the liver and the kidneys are still fragile at this point. Subject them to chemical abuse from alcohol and other illegal substances and the harm done could be permanent.

Immediate Treatment is a Must

Treatment is more urgent for this age group. But making them undergo a similar program to adults may not be effective. Adolescent program rehabs, on the other hand, are specifically designed for young adults. The underlying causes that lead to abusive behavior are different and require more focus and attention. And recovery demands that root causes be addressed if it is to be successful.

Adolescent program rehabs take into consideration that substance abuse problems are common among the young because of the tremendous pressures they face to build meaningful lives like finishing school, finding jobs and getting into relationships. Often, programs for adolescents include techniques such as peer pressure, because what others of their age think matters a lot to young people.

The Activities Involved– In The News

At BBC news site, the involvement of the family, school and community is asserted as vital means of correcting teenage addiction. Often these agencies will be made to undergo counseling as well. It is also imperative that the teenage addict is prevented from being exposed to environment that can lead them to addiction. Also, addiction, especially alcoholism often runs in the families and children of alcoholic parents tend to be alcoholic as well.

Learning disabilities, a troubled family life, unsuccessful relationships are on of the underlying causes that lead to alcohol and drug abuse. Unless these are identified and properly addressed, recovery even after weeks at a treatment facility will be temporary. A good adolescent rehab will provide extra therapy to understand young adults facing these problems so that it can employ different methods to gain headway for rehabilitation and recovery.

The most crucial factor that determines success of adolescent program rehabs is whether the individual is able to regain self-esteem after the treatment. It is usually the lack of confidence that triggers alcohol and substance dependence. Drinking or using drugs alters the mind into thinking one is fearless and invincible.

When To Seek Help

Studies show that the need for immediate intervention for adolescents found to be abusing certain substances is underscored. However parental guidance here is delicate such that the parents must not coerce or employ drastic acts like calling the police or engaging in verbal battle with the child.

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