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Are Adults Missing the Boat?

First, let me say that Adult Energy Drinks have nothing to do with energy drinks containing alcohol. This is simply a term I use to designate those energy drinks that are made with mature people who value their health in mind.

That said, let me tell you the story of how this rarely used term came to be...

I must like challenging projects, like trying to persuade young people -- who are the major consumers of energy drinks -- to switch to healthier energy drinks. But sometimes you have to admit you're barking up the wrong tree and it is hopeless.

Young people think they are Superheros. They think they are Immortals and will live forever, believing they will walk unscathed from the wreckage of a high speed auto crash, for instance. Trying to convince any more than a handful of the smarter ones is a waste of time. I have decided that my time writing and talking with people should be more productively spent from here on out.

So henceforth I will turn my attention to the adult audience, which has more need for energy drinks and may be more receptive to my belief that there are some redeeming benefits to the few energy drinks that are formulated to assist our body in producing more energy without resorting to excessive sugar or caffeine.

Most Older Adults Are Unaware of Any Energy Drink Benefits

The fact that, for most American adults, energy drinks aren't even something they would consider is a formidable obstacle. I am willing to try to inform my fellow Baby Boomers that

#1) Not all energy drinks are bad

#2) Some actually are well-designed to give our body the nutrients we need (but aren't getting in sufficient quantities in our food) to produce more energy at the cellular level, without resorting to cheap tricks like anhydrous caffeine and sugar

#3) Many older adults, like myself, are tired of some of the side-effects of coffee. Many of us quit drinking coffee for this reason. If we could find more energy without subjecting ourselves to sleepless nights, jitters, anxiety, and impatience, we might be willing to take a look at a well-formulated energy drink.

#4) The adult energy drinks could be useful to those Boomers who are still reluctantly in the work force, as well as those who simply want more energy for the golf course.

I was born in late 1948 and, I must say, it makes me sad to see so many of my generation are slowing down and growing heavier by the year -- Not because they are older, but due to a lack of energy to do the physical activities they used to enjoy when we were younger. My discovery of the few healthy energy drinks have helped me to resist the expected tendency to slow down, and I'm very grateful for that.

Being able to continue enjoying the pleasures we enjoyed as teenagers is a big incentive to stay active and engaged in life. The enjoyment of being alive and healthy is a big incentive to keep doing what we know we should to maintain our health: Eating right, taking our vitamins, and staying on top of our fitness routine. It's a virtuous cycle, instead of the usual vicious one.

Most of the Things We Worry About, Never Happen

Many older adults will protest the notion of drinking energy drinks, even if they meet an objective standard for healthiness. They will tell me, "My doctor says I can't have that because..."

Fill in the blank with "It will interfere with my medications." Or, "It will make my heart race and may cause a heart attack or stroke." But really, any excuse will do.

I'm looking for mature people who still like to have fun and who may have figured out that those prescriptions the doctor is handing out are hastening a lot of our contemporaries' decline and demise --(while relieving them of much of their savings).

So, for those "Lively Boomers" willing to consider that it might be possible to create energy drinks that are scientifically formulated to enhance energy without significant letdown, there is hope for replacing coffee with a new, improved wake-me-up, the Adult Energy Drinks.

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