Adult Tonsillectomy Recovery


Having a tonsillectomy as an adult is very painful, far more painful than a child tonsillectomy. The recovery period is about two weeks. This article contains some information to help you during your recovery. Be sure to follow your doctor's advice.

What to Expect After a Tonsillectomy

  • Sore throat. It will hurt like it did the last time you had tonsillitis. It will get increasingly painful until the scabs come off.
  • Ear pain. This is called "referred ear pain" because it's not really coming from your ear. It is not always present.
  • Bad breath. This is common from the scabs.
  • Weight loss. As you will not be able to consume your normal diet, you can expect to lose some weight.
  • Change of voice. For the first week or so you may notice that your voice sounds different.
  • Emotional changes. If you suffer severe pain and take strong medication you may find yourself getting very emotional.
  • Feeling hungry. Since you cannot have your favourite foods, expect to feel hungry.
  • Lack of sleep. Initially you will not be able to sleep for much longer than four or five hours at a stretch.

What to Eat After a Tonsillectomy

Eating will become one of your greatest challenges after your operation. The most important thing to remember is to keep your throat hydrated by drinking water. You should also time your medication so that it takes effect just before you start eating, so that eating is as painless as possible. Always consult your doctor for advice on what to eat after your tonsillectomy. What you eat will change as your recover. You should find that you can only eat very soft foods for the first few days and then slowly add rougher foods. Some doctors recommend rough foods from the beginning.

Here are some great ideas for what you can eat:

  • Baby food
  • Noodles
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Jelly
  • Ice lollies/ice cream
  • Desserts (though for some people, very sugary deserts are painful)
  • Custard ... yum!
  • WATER!


Your doctor will prescribe medication to take during your recovery. This will likely be an antibiotic to prevent or control bacterial infection, plus painkillers, also known as analgesics. If you get severe ear pain, your doctor may prescribe ear drops. Time your medication carefully; plan to eat during the first hour after taking your pain medication, as the drug will be most effective during this period. Ask your doctor how long it will take after you swallow it for your medication to reach its maximum effect.

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Deb the old gal 4 months ago

I'm 52 and had mine out on thursday. My throat looks like a horor movie and I'm starving but will not eat anything draggy, I'm on liquid codeine and although it works really well I'm getting concerned with the pooping. I've done 2 stool softeners and almost a whole bag of prunes. If this doesn't happen soon we're gonna have a problem. drink lots & lots of ice water, Popsicle's are your friends. I know the worst is yet to come. You've all been very helpful.

Rachel 18 months ago

I had a tonsillectomy in july 2015 at 28. The pain was tolerable up to day 4 and i was surprised at how much i could eat. I had terrible foul breath from day 4 and the pain became unbearable day 4 and 5 to extent i was crying because trying to eat was so painful. I started vomiting blood and had surgery to stop bleeding and remove blood clots day 6 and went into surgery again on day 8 for same thing. The third surgery they put gauze in as padding and stitched up my tonsil bed. That worked and since then the pain has been manageable. Now at 6 weeks and im still very tired from blood loss (anaemic) and am still taking over the counter painkillers. My stitches are stil in and scabbed but i am starting to go back to work tomorrow. This might sound like a terrible experience, and im told im a very rare case, but i would still choose to have surgery again as all of it is better than living with chronic tonsillitis. I hope i'll be back to normal in next few weeks when i have check up with surgeon in sept. Good luck!

Tara 22 months ago

I am currently on day 5 of hell. Day 1 was a breeze. The nurses at the hospital said they were amazed at how well I did. I wanted to walk to my car I has so much energy. I came home and did homework with my daughter. My dad called to check on me And was very surprised I answered the phone!

Well...the honeymoon didn't last too long. By evening, I felt as though I came down with a terrible case of strep! The pain meds wouldn't even take the edge off. The next morning I woke up feeling as though I hard shards of glass in my throat. Awful! I did manage to eat some soft buttered noodles but they didn't feel to hot going down. My husband called the surgeon to see if he can call in a stronger pain Medication but he would not. All he said was to drink lots of water. That is better than pain meds.

Well I am at day 5 and feel no better. The worst part of the day is morning. The pain is killer. My advice is to sleep with a hiuuuuge glass of ice water by your bed and a humidifier on the nightstand directly blowing into your face. Wake up as often as possible to take as many drinks of water as you can.

I am a teacher and only have one more week off of work. I am rethinking my time and may have to take even extra time off. My voice is non existent. My ears are throbbing and I feel like someone sucker punched me in the jowls! I pray that this will all be worth it in the end. It royally stinks now!!

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Michael 2 years ago

I'm 38 years old and going onto day 3.lts bad but the trick is to eat solid foods asap.My specialist made me eat chicken,rice and vegetables,2 hours after surgery......l am eating whatever l feel like!

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Dodge282 2 years ago

Hi peeps, well I'm 28 and after years of having tonsillitis month after month I finally was able to get a tonsillectomy. Day 1 after surgery was a breeze, even able to eat normal foods. Day 2 was a it more difficult after lack of sleep which you won't see much of for the next week or so. I was given paracetomal and ibuprofen but after day 3 didn't feel like much help. Day 4 wasn't much different. Now day 5 was horrendous, woke up in agony, took painkillers still no effect so sat in agony all day and night. Woke up on day 6 and I couldn't stop swallowing, I thought the scabs was coming off and my body was trying to swallow it. After about an hour I finally got because I couldn't stop, managed to get to the sink before I started vomiting blood. It wasn't just a couple of tablespoons, it was a lot mix of dark and fresh blood. Got my wife up and drove to hospital with a bucket, sat in AandE puking up and they got me into stem the bleed after an hour of getting there. The doc said a pint and half of blood in the bucket so they got me on a blood transfusion to replace what had been lost. Got rushed into surgery once the theatre was free and had surgery again to burn the vein and stitch up the area to ensure it doesn't bleed again. Turns out I had a huge infection in one tonsil which is why I had such a horrible rotten egg taste. Well now I'm on day 7 after just getting back from hospital, my throat feels like half the size but they insist on giving me even bigger pills to take. Pain is a lot less but it was a scare my pregnant wife found very hard. Don't want to scare you into not having a tonsillectomy, just 2 % bleed within 48 hours and 3.5% from day 2 to 7.

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Dodge282 2 years ago

Hi peeps, well I'm 28 and after years of having tonsillitis month after month I finally was able to get a tonsillectomy. Day 1 after surgery was a breeze, even able to eat normal foods. Day 2 was a it more difficult after lack of sleep which you won't see much of for the next week or so. I was given paracetomal and ibuprofen but after day 3 didn't feel like much help. Day 4 wasn't much different. Now day 5 was horrendous, woke up in agony, took painkillers still no effect so sat in agony all day and night. Woke up on day 6 and I couldn't stop swallowing, I thought the scabs was coming off and my body was trying to swallow it. After about an hour I finally got because I couldn't stop, managed to get to the sink before I started vomiting blood. It wasn't just a couple of tablespoons, it was a lot mix of dark and fresh blood. Got my wife up and drove to hospital with a bucket, sat in AandE puking up and they got me into stem the bleed after an hour of getting there. The doc said a pint and half of blood in the bucket so they got me on a blood transfusion to replace what had been lost. Got rushed into surgery once the theatre was free and had surgery again to burn the vein and stitch up the area to ensure it doesn't bleed again. Turns out I had a huge infection in one tonsil which is why I had such a horrible rotten egg taste. Well now I'm on day 7 after just getting back from hospital, my throat feels like half the size but they insist on giving me even bigger pills to take. Pain is a lot less but it was a scare my pregnant wife found very hard. Don't want to scare you into not having a tonsillectomy, just 2 % bleed within 48 hours and 3.5% from day 2 to 7.

emma1976 2 years ago

I had my tonsils removed 3 weeks ago, it was hideous, luckily never again!, my tongue was so painful they must of retched it out of my mouth. however worse than that I think I have developed an eating disorder. every time I eat I cant stand and it makes me sick. I am 38 years and never had an eating problem before every tastes and fells rubbish :'( ive lost weight but the lack of vitamins is causing low energy. And ive started feeling really depressed??? why is this

Nichole 2 years ago

I am 15 and had my tonsils taken out Monday. It is horrible I regret getting the surgery. I haven't been able to eat for a couple days. I was supposed to start school yesturday but I couldn't. I was in so much pain. Sometimes is hurts to walk.

Dave 2 years ago

I am 40 years old, had tonsils out 08/15 and today is 08/25 and I am fully recovered. It is not as bad as the stories are as long as you do the following. 1. Sleep sitting up, and set alarm every hour for first 3 days to drink a glass of water. 2. Take the meds (liquid form…) every 4 hours on the dot, at least the first 4-5 days. 3. Wear an ice-pack (get at Walgreens, CVS, or any pharmacy) 24/7 the first 3-4 days. 4. Drink water!!!!

I also was able to eat solid foods the first night home, as you will not be in much pain as anthesea still doing it thing. Next few days stuck with pudding, applesause, soup, popsicles.

Was eating solid foods again on day 7. Scabs fell off day 8, so I went back on pain meds for another 2 days every 6 hours this time.

Lost 15 lbs, look good and feel great. Do the above you will be fine. It is my opinion that most people will only post about a bad experience…so there are far better experiences than bad ones, don’t let the internet scare you about this.

Good luck!


Chloe 2 years ago

I'm on day 7 after having tonsilectomy and I must say the pain I'm feeling is unreal. I stumbled across this page because didn't think that it was normal for me to be feeling this! When I woke up from the anaesthetic I was struggling to swollow but once the paracetamol kicked in I found it easier. The nurse told me to take children's medication as I would find it easier to take. So calpol and ibuprofen medicine eased the pain ever so slightly.

After day 4 it got significantly worse and day 5 being the tip of the iceberg! I can honestly say it felt like I was swollowing a housebrick covered in sandpaper whilst someone is sticking shards of glass down my ears!!

On a morning is the worst, I have to brush my teeth just to open my mouth enough to swollow my medicine.

Last night I was up crying for my mum as the pain in my ears was horrendous and so hungry I thought I was going to vom everywhere! At 24 year old and your brother having to wake your mum up on the middle of the night for a cuddle is not the highlight Of my life!

Drinking water was easy at first but it's getting more painful, I find drinking Lukewarm tea is the easiest thing, i found out this morning scotch pancakes is the only thing I can eat with minimal pain.. Anyone having this operation good luck.. I would rather take the Quincy again :/

STaylor 2 years ago

I just had my tonsils out July 17th, 2014. The best tips I can give that truly helped me. Since I greatly appreciated all the blogs and tips I read before my surgery.

*Get a large humidifier, and sleep next to it, it really helps. Your throat and tonsils getting dry is what hurts the most, see below for the best tip on keeping your throat moist that I didn’t read anywhere else.

*Get a ice making machine, that you can plug in next to you and it makes ice all night, you just pour water in it. (I even poured gateraid, which made a softer ice cube) My ice machine made small round ice, which was easy to suck and swallow. I would suggest testing the size BEFORE surgery.

*I bought a recliner to sleep in, which helped greatly.

*Make your doctor give you a liquid pain killers AND pill pain killers. Some people literally cannot swallow the pills and need the liquid, However if you can swallow the pills they are WAY better, as the liquid on a raw wound burns like hell. (still worth it for the pain relief, but I preferred the pills) You don’t want to have to have people running back and forth to the pharmacy for you.

*Make your doctor give you a steroid prescription, I asked mine for one, but he didn’t want to and I didn’t push him. I ended up in the ER after two days of excruciating ear pain from all the pressure and swelling (you can’t take ibuprofen, even though initially the ER doctor was going to prescribe that). The steroids made a HUGE difference in my pain level, I want from exceeding my daily pain allotment in pills to only taking 2-3 a day after taking steroids. The ear pain was the worst pain I had ever experienced. It felt like my ear drums would explode and pain pills only gave me MAYBE one hour of pain relief. When I say the pain is crazy bad from this, I have had kidney stones 5 times, C-section, tummy tuck, thyroidectomy, gave birth twice (once with no medication at all)… this was the worst pain of my life. As soon as I got the IV steroids I felt really good, so why suffer needlessly. There is no real down side to taking steroids for 7-10 days post opt, so trust me and INSIST on it.

*Make sure you get two ice packs from the hospital, so you can rotate them. (Or you can refill with your ice machine).

*Don’t eat dairy as it causes more mucus. (you don’t want to add problems or issues to your recovery)

*I found just water, ice, and gatoraid (which did burn a little) and warm pudding (which I made with blue diamond almond milk to ensure it was dairy free) were the best. For some reason I liked the pudding better warm than cold. At times the cold was too much. You will do best to eat about 30 minutes after your pain dose. By day three I started eating olives. It sounds dumb, but they are solid, so they help with taking pain pills, and oily so they swallow well, and are natural, and not just sugary. I tried just plain carrot juice, thinking that would give me better nutrition, it burned like crazy, so don’t do it!! Even tomato based soups that weren’t spicy really burned.

*I cleaned my tonsils each time after I ate, I just used q-tips and GENTALLY wiped off the food that inevitably just sticks there. Don’t be stupid and scrub hard or pick at things, just gently clean. I also brushed my teeth regularly, with no issues. Then afterwards I took a q-tip with DoTerra Coconut Oil (medical grade) and put on my tonsils, as after wiping them they felt dry and that makes them more painful. I quickly learned that the coconut oil was more soothing that loads of water. Not sure why but I believe is it relieved that dry painful feeling. Plus coconut oil has natural antimicrobial properties. Now this is just my experience not medical advice… but I never got bad breath during my healing. My son had a tonsillectomy and his breath smelled like it could be used as a weapon. This now grosses me out as I realized it was preventable. If your breath smells bad, just think of the bacteria that is on your OPEN WOUNDS!!!

*Lastly get a stool softener. I though I didn’t need one as I wasn’t eating, literally hardly a thing a day and hardly anything solid…. but then about a week post opt I learned I was wrong!! You don’t need more pain post opt!

My recovery was much easier than I had expected, but I think that I read EVERY blog on the internet, and tried to be well prepared. So I expected the worst. Honestly had I known I could take my migraine medicine on top of the pain pills I wouldn’t have ended up in the ER day 3. (Because I kept calling the pharmacy at Kaiser, who wouldn’t pick up, then it got so bad I just had to go in and get the shot, and a anti-nausea shot. Thank heaven I didn’t throw up, even after watching a lady in the waiting room vomit as soon as I got there, and I was already on the verge of vomiting.

Then I ended up on the ER again on day 6 (after suffering horribly for 2 days) due to swelling. Had my doctor given me prescription for steroids like I had asked, I would have done great. My pain was VERY manageable after the steroids. Literally like 15 minutes after I felt TONS better. So MAKE YOUR doctor give them to you.

Good Luck. I am only just over two weeks post opt, but I don’t regret it at all. The only thing that still hurts is yawning and I am not sure why? I have been to scared to try anything spicy, so not sure if I can eat that or not. But I tried a soda and that was fine. (I was sure that would burn too)

Norma 2 years ago

I'm so disappointed I'm on day 6 tomorrow will be a week. After being able to drink more fluids yesterday and finally being able to get down a bit of mashed potatoes today I feel like a took a few steps back. Any progress feels nonexistent. Will post again to share any updates.

humayra 2 years ago

I had my operation on Friday 13th!!! :/ its been hell of 6 days. reading this comments has parked me up a bit coz i thought i was the only one who was going through so much pain.

Michael Angelo 2 years ago

Hi Everyone, I'm 46years old and been through a lot of pain in my life. But, this by far was the worst. Day 1 and 2 after surgery wasn't bad. And then WACK pain on a scale of 1-10 was a 12. Be prepared not to eat any solid food for at least 7 days. Constipation is def an issue. Even swallowing a little water is a chore. I'll be honest after day 6-7 days the only thing I was eating was mac and cheese from Panera. Lol! I'm in day 10 and I'm finally starting to feel like myself. This past weekend was the first real solid food I've eaten. Today the only real issue I have is swallowing, feels like a lump in my throat. I'm thinking it's some post nasal drip. Good luck people. This sucks!!!!

secret person 2 years ago

Everyone reacts differently to this operation so don't think what everyone says will happen to you. I can tell you though that this operation was the worst pain afterwards for me that you could possibly ever imagine. Nothing the nurses told me prepared me for this sort of pain. They told me the pain would be like the worst tonsilites I've had, what a load of rubbish where I'm concerned. It might have been the equivalent to that for others but certainly not for me, the pain felt like I was trying to swallow a brick while there was glass stuck in my throat and someone was stabbing me with blades at the back. I am now a month on from my surgery and still have pain in the mornings swallowing. Good luck to everyone getting this operation.

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FourGone 2 years ago

Now day 12, I only felt like I was recovering after day 10. Days 4 through 8 being pretty bad.

Got an infection after day 4, felt like a sickly sweet taste and terrible breath.

I couldn't handle ice, preferred ambient temperature water. Dairy was out.

The only tip I have is after day 8, I started to cough up blood clots. The quickest way to stop the bleeding, I found, is gargle with the ice cold water and take long deep breaths through the mouth to generate some air over the bleeding.

Also as others have said, sleeping in a recliner works very well.

The amount of saliva I am generating is unbelievable.

Becky 2 years ago

I was 35 when I had this surgery and I would not recommend to anyone over the age of 20... The worst part was knowing you had to eat enough to keep medicine from making you sick on your stomach. I would just sit at the table & cry trying to decide if I could swallow enough Jello or watered down Cream of Chicken soup. Day 1 was fine because like others you pretty much slept all day. But 2-10 nightmare.

Yvette 2 years ago

Hi everyone,

I at the end of day 5 after tonsil removal and whilst I won't lie, it has been and is painful, I personally don't think it is as bad as I have been reading. Everyone heals and feels pain differently so of course it's all relative and I have tried really hard to take advice on board but not put pressure on my body to feel a certain way at a certain time.

My first night was good, day 2 to 3 worse with ear and jaw pain but today has been a relief with less pain, eating meat and mac and cheese was amazing. Whilst I am experiencing pain I am managing it by loads of water, gargling anesthetic anti bacterial wash and hot/cold packs for my neck and ears which I found frozen better at first but now the warmth is more comforting.

Ice blocks are good but hurt my teeth which is funny because the throat pain is way worse but I am just picking my battles. I am religiously taking panadol nothing stronger at this stage and sleeping whenever my body wants to I don't fight it.

I have already had a bit of sub come away and no extra pain I don't think I just keep managing it and I hope this will get me through and push my recovery forward.

You have to stay positive and not pressure your body. Be prepared then go with the flow. Lots of hugs from hubby, that's getting me through :) good luck everyone. Better health and a yucky tonsil free life is right around the corner!! Exciting!

Donna 2 years ago

I want to thank everyone for the comments pertaining to your tonsillectomy . My 30 year old daughter had the surgery last Wednesday and reading these helped so much!!

Don Etchells 2 years ago

Had a tonsillectomy 12 days ago. All went well, arrived in recovery and was told to eat toast before leaving the hospital. after haemorrhaging i was sent back to surgery to cauterise the area.

10 days later i left hospital after the hospital punctured my lung during surgery (Hemothorax )

I have to say the pain of having a chest drain far out weighed the pain from the tonsillectomy in actual fact i have had no problem eating anything and everything. nearly two weeks on and i have just a mild sore throat.

Kari 2 years ago

I am on day 11 (20 years old) and I have to say that in the last two days I have kept feeling more and more normal. For me the worse days were 2-4 and 6-8 but honestly they went by really fast because I kept falling asleep due to the pain meds. The first day was fine because of anesthesia and luckily I did not get sick from it. I actually felt pretty good after surgery. The only thing I could eat until day 9 were popsicles and occasionally pudding, so I was extremely hungry by day 9. I have started eating a lot more, but I am still careful about eating super crunchy things just in case. The things that I found helped the most were taking my medicine every time I could and I always had an ice pack on my neck. This also helped with the swelling because my throat was extremely swollen for the first week or so. Flavor ice popsicles have also been a life saver. They feel amazing and are the easiest thing to eat in my opinion. I've had no ear pain so far and I think that is partially because of having the ice pack with me every second. I did develop a nasty cough on day 2 which made taking my medicine, drinking, or eating almost impossible because I would choke every time I would try to swallow. I finally got cough syrup that worked and by day 7 I was finally getting over the cough. It has definitely been a rough 11 days, but for me, I felt terrible one minute (day 9) and then woke up day 10 feeling soooo much better. So just remember that it will all be over soon and its super important to drink as much as you can and to have an ice pack :)

Ashley 2 years ago

Day 10 post op. Things do get better! I will tell you that much. I didn't believe it. AT ALL. The first 2 days sucked. I was given percocet. Cannot speak for any other drug, but while the side effects of this medication really bothered me I really felt like it alleviated the pain. The first day and night was worse for me than any of the others. I ended up in the ER on day 4 or 5. Not because of dehydration or anything like that. I ended up waking up feeling like my throat was swollen shut. I could not swallow and nothing I could have done would help it subside. It ended up being a blessing in disguise I think. They put me on 7 day pack steroids, which helped cut down on inflammation. It also helped me because I never got that dreaded ear pain everyone talks about. It helped to subside the pain. The scab pulling is kinda annoying, but I'd take that any day over the day 8 & 9. Then I had a lull....and then on day 8 & 9 it was the worst. Terrible pain imaginable. I don't think I can even being to describe exactly what it feels like. Hell? At day 10 I do have some lingering pain when I swallow, but nothing nearly as bad as the two previous days. Yawning is a killer though...

Angie 2 years ago

Today is day 6, still in pain and meds make me sick!!!! Wish I had not had the surgery:(

Adam 3 years ago

Going for my tonsillectomy in 6hrs haha reading this the night before probably wasn't the brightest idea!

Daniel 3 years ago

Hi I had my tonsillectomy 22 days ago, the pain in the first 6 days was awful and I was barely eating or drinking. Day 6 asleep waking up choking on blood I was rushed to hospital were the bleeding eased off, I started to recover well when on day 20 after surgery the bleeding brag again this time a lot worse, I was spitting blood out all over, filling 7 hospital bowls in 3 hours. I was taken back in for surgery where they sealed the burst artery that was causing the bleeding. I had to have 2 blood transfusions and a few nights in hospital. It's now day 24 after the original tonsillectomy and I feel like I did on day 2 struggling with good water etc

Steven 3 years ago

I had mine removed 5 days ago,the pain is tolerable so far.The only bad time is in the morning because of dehydration and of course swallowing but the pain meds take care of that.I'm only eating soup,ice cream and jello but it's really not a big deal.

The real problem is the swollen uvula which makes me gag when I talk!

Aside from that the pain is manageable with painkillers,the scabs are better but I'm feeling like I'm swallowing them all the time,help anyone?I heard they hurt like hell when they slough off but many say you don't really feel them coming off.

Wade 3 years ago

I am on day 8 I am 25, I only take the liquid pain medication at night before bed. Only took Tylenol on the two days I had a fever. I've also hardly eaten anything(by choice) to lessen the risk of bleeding and also unnecessary pain. I make sure to drink ample water during the day and switch it up with Gatorade. For nutrients I use ensure and chocolate pudding to keep the blood sugar up. I have lost weight, but am not concerned as weight can be put back on just as easily. I find being out and about helps the time go by as these past 8 days have seemed to fly by. I will definitely not say this is easy or it isn't painful. Because it is, quite painful but I think if you stay positive and keep your mind in a good place it can help make the recovery process a lot more comfortable. My advice would be to not try and force yourself to eat, going a few days without eating isn't going to hurt you as long as you stay good and hydrated, why put yourself through more pain than what your already in? Hope this helps!

Isaac 3 years ago

I am from the UK, had my tonsils removed 7 days ago and fingers crossed i think i may be on the home stretch now, days 4 and 5 have been the worst for me, dont get me wrong im still in pain but its bearable and im eating without much difficulty. My jaw and Tongue is hurting more at the minute than my throat but i think thats normal at this time. Obviously take your pain killers etc on a regular cycle and drink whatever the hell you can that doesent hurt, personally freezing cold water caused me absolute agony, Mugs of tea have been my best friend this last week and i have been drinking probably 10-15 a day. I have read a lot of comments from people saying to set an alarm when you sleep and wake up every few hours to take pain relief so that when you get up in the morning it hurts less, i personally think thats crazy, your body is recovering and it needs as much rest as possible. Maybe ive just been lucky but i have been sleeping 10 hours a night without fail. Yes when you wake up you feel like absolute shit but all you have to do is take your pills soon as you wake up, lay in bed for 30 mins or so, pound about 2 pints of water down your neck, lay there for another 30 mins or so and boom good as new. One tip that i would recommend is that when you first wake up on a morning you get the urge to cough and try clear your throat, DONT do this as you will probably cry, have a drink and your pills first before you start trying to get flem up and clear your throat. The last thing i will say is that this post tonsillectomy period plays tricks with you, one minute you feel absolutely fine and the next you feel like crying, its so up and down. Those times you do feel fine, dont overdo it because the next day it will backfire on you big time. Try keep positive and it will soon be over and done with in no time.

Jem 3 years ago

I am from the UK and I am on day 7 of recovery. I have to admit that I think the people who are complaining about the pain did not have bad enough tonsillitis to have a tonsillectomy. I had severe tonsillitis and had it at least twice a month every month and have been on antibiotics for the past year. The pain is bad but it's so much better than having tonsillitis constantly! I got told to eat what I fancy but try and eat some scratchy foods to get the scabs off, I found prawn crackers and marmite on slightly toasted bread the most bearable! The worst days for me have been day 5 and 6 but the pain is bareable it's just the not being able to stuff my face every second of the day that I can't deal with!! Sleeping has been a breeze for me, I slept for 9 hours last night and woke up in a bit of pain but just took my meds and close your eyes for another half an hour then you're all good! Also get fresh air! I started with just walks round the garden or sitting on the chair by the door, I have now progressed to walking around the block, fresh air makes you feel sane and it's good to get your body moving instead of moping around feeling sorry for yourself! It's seriously not that bad just man up and remember its 2weeks!

barb 3 years ago

I had my tonsillectomy Jan 14, 2014. I am 52....don 't know if I 'd do it again or not. I threw up liters of bile day 1 and 2. Got admitted day 2 overnight. I 've had 8 surgeries in my life and none of them could compare to this one. All I can say is stay on top of the pain meds, drink a lot even though it hurts like hell, rest. And btw, get this done as a child if at all possible!!!

crystal 3 years ago

i had my tonsillectomy 2 days ago and like most of you i can't hardly swallow they gave me hyrdracodone pills and steroids which my husband has to crush up and put in water for me to swallow and when i eat i have to swallow about 3 or 4 times to get one bite down it sucks i have been drinking lots of ice tea and ice water but i still feel thirsty and hurts REALLY bad to swallow. my ears has started to hurt when i swallow and i cant sleep in a bed right now cause it does feel like your are gonna choke so i sleep on the couch with two pillows to keep my head elevated... oh and to the ones who are fixing to go through this dont over do it i slept the first day and didn't eat anything but broth and then my mother in law made me some cream of wheat and when i woke up the 2nd time all the blood left my face and i almost passed out on her and lastnight was christmas eve and i helped my little girl with santa cookies and wrapped presents and by the time i was done the pain was so unbarreable it took over an hour for 15 mg of hydracodone to kick in and it usually kicks in in about 15 to 20 min with just 7.5 so dont over do it and hopefully it gets better some times soon and good luck to all yall thats has had surgery and is gonna have surgery........... oh if some one finds anything to help with the pain besides the medicaine popcycles or anything cold let me know cause it all hurts really bad to swallow even warm stuff

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Julia Bear 3 years ago

I am 35 years old and had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy one week ago today. Good god this is the worst thing ever. For those that say eh this isn't so bad, they must be built of steel. I've read so many pages about this because my doctor didn't prepare me AT ALL for any of this. Most of the things I read were from people who posted 1,2, and 3 days after their surgery. They all felt great...ya until about day 6 and on. My biggest thing is I had really crappy pain medicine. My doctor LOVES doing these procedures but HATES prescribing pain meds (which he didn't tell me until I was on the operating table...nice.) He prescribed me Tylenol 3 with codeine. Pointless and I do mean that. Discuss with your doctor what pain management route he is going to take BEFORE you do this. Then whatever your doctor says, ask what is his next plan if that med don't work. I have not heard of one person having success with Tylenol 3 with codeine. So my first few days yes were painful but day 3 was an OMG day. So was yesterday, day 6. Today is not looking to be any better. I wouldn't suggest this surgery to anyone! Scabs are coming off in small tiny pieces (but so far just a few) and at that rate it looks to be a slow process on that. I HATE cold stuff but the first 4 or 5 days I sat out 10 bottles of water and made sure I drank them faithfully. Day 6 was when my ears really started to hurt and the back of my tongue. I can barely even open my mouth to talk. I lay with heating pads all over the place. Don't help but it feels good. I eat whatever I want mostly (obviously I can't eat a steak or rough foods like) but eggs, toast (not super crispy,) pancakes, and softer foods I do eat. One thing I realized. DON'T EAT oatmeal. I like oatmeal and you would assume it's a soft food so a safe food. Nope. You will be chasing down pieces of oatmeal in your throat. So dont eat anything that will break up as you are chewing. (french fries, etc.)Also, the phlegm and mucous is real and a lot and makes it to where you just cannot swallow much and makes you feel like you are choking and/or gagging. So as much as you want that banana milkshake-don't do it. I drink quite a bit of warm tea,apple juice, and grape juice. Not sure if your supposed to but I am so sick of water. Good luck to anyone who has this and I would make sure that if your going to have this surgery that it is absolutely, and I do mean that in the truest sense of the word, necessary. I wouldn't do this again for anything. It's miserable for many many days. I've lost 7 lbs but who cares. The pain of this is not worth 7 lbs. The pain is almost unbearable. I've never heard of anyone thinking this is a laughing matter. My sister in law had this done a year ago and still to this day says it was the worst thing she's ever experienced...and it truly is.

Wedi Liku 3 years ago

Well come to the members of Tonsillectomy! The time I start reading this I forgot having pain and start laughing and laughing. I realize that this is what is happening to Everybody. I love the way some of you express your pain.

I'm 34 yrs old and on day 9. The first 4 days I was fine, next 2 days I had small pain when I was eating. On the seventh day all at a sudden I start to have a terrible pain. Specially if I sleep more that 4hrs and wake up, all my through went dry. Too late ... I will have 1hr or 2 of pain. finally I found out that, it is easy to treat such problem by boiling some water and inhale the vapor. yesterday and today everything went normal unless I trigger it in some way or the other(keep drinking enough water and eat soft food).

God Bless You!

Mamabear 3 years ago

So, I am 37 years old and I had tonsillitis a lot growing up. Then, most of my adulthood I've been fine. Then, I find out I have tonsil stones. Crazy. My doctor said it will never go away and I should have the surgery. I am scared beyond belief after hearing the stories. I have read through EVERY single blog here trying to get as much info as possible in preparation for my surgery Dec 12th. I don't deal well with pain at all, but I also have the mindset that I will survive and get through this one way or another. Besides, I 'd rather do this at 37 than 50 or 60. I go! I have 2 cool mist humidifiers (on hand for kids getting sick) and I bought a warm mist vaporizer. Over kill...perhaps, but trying to be as prepared as possible to survive this ordeal.

I have also bought a clay ice pack for throat (will buy 2 more so I can rotate them), as well as Del Monte fruit chillers, gatorade, etc.

My biggest question, what is the BEST, MOST effective pain medicine available? Percecet? Oxycodone? Vicodine? I have pretty much came to the realization that I probably won't eat for a few weeks. Not looking forward to that, but hopefully I can get some food down so that I am not weak for recovery. My biggest question is: what is the BEST, MOST effective pain medicine? I want something strong from the beginning. Good luck. I hope I will feel better in time for Christmas! That's my "goal" and something to keep me motivated to making myself drink water...feel better for Christmas. I have 4 kids and I want to feel halfway decent. Prayers needed and VERY much appreciated!

Tituslow 3 years ago

I am 23 yrs old and on day 4 post op. I just got on here to see when the scabs are supposed to come off. Today was def the worst day since the procedure but not unbearable. I go back to work tomorrow so I hope the pain dims down a little. To all those who are getting this op done, it isn't that bad. Uncomfortable at most, although I wish I had done this while I was a child.

maxyb 3 years ago

day 3 and i havn't stopped eating for the first 3 days... just normal food. feel like im going to pay for it soon enough ;p

Theo 3 years ago

I'm 17 and I had my tonsillectomy 26th October 2013. I was advised by my doctor to have the procedure done since I had a double-quinsy abscess infection in December last year.

Day 6 today and I am struggling a lot with having a lack of control of my saliva, and the mucus-like consistency of it. Every few minutes I have to - excuse me - spit out my saliva into a bowl, and all the while my stomach hurts like hell and it tells me so in rumbles.

The one thing I'm happy about however, is that this is my final wake up call. I was looking for something to kick me in gear, to make me truly appreciate life and not just take things for granted as I have done for a long time, and this, along with the extraordinary people I met in hospital is my chance. "I want to get out there! Make new friends! See new sights! Break new boundaries! I want to--" then I remember. I can't leave the house.

All the best to everyone recovering, and well done to all who have.

Denise 3 years ago

I'm 34 years old and I had my tonsillectomy 6 days ago,my advise. Just keep taking the pain medication regularly,I found drinking warm water with honey helped me loads and plenty of rest. When I felt really hungry and had pain I ate warm rice pudding and buttered bread. Trust me the pain will go,just have get through it be strong. Xx get well every one

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purpquad 3 years ago

I am 46 years old and had to have my tonsils removed because of tonsil stones. Yea, I never heard of them either until I got them. I could have gone in every 6 months or so and had my ENT, lance and squeeze the pus out of these stones with only a spray to help me with the pain and he said commonly there is alot of bleeding. Yuck and Ouch, so I opted to just get it over with.

So glad I did. The procedure went quickly. Had a narcotic pain reliever during the first week. Second week was a little painful, but not what I expected. Mostly my tongue and jaw hurt alot. No earaches. But, so far in my fourth week I have lost my taste on my left side. The good news I have lost 8 pounds so far. My throat always feels dry and if I yawn too big it feels like my skin is crackling off, hopefully this will improve as time goes on.

So keep your chin up and have a positive attitude. I tried and seems to be working out. Good Luck

Tonsilmama 3 years ago

I had a tonsillectomy 6 weeks ago at the age of 40. I decided to post my story because when I went to Dr. Google for assistance (and to try and self-diagnose) I found a lot of scary things. I struggled with my tonsils for the last 4 years. The last 2 years I was convinced I had cancer and took a scared out of my pants approach to it. When I went back to my ENT this year (having seen him 2 years ago) he scoped me and said, "your tonsils need to come out." That was it. In about 30 minutes I was set for surgery and left thinking holy crap....I have cancer. My surgery went well (I had coblation) although I was scared to death of the recovery. I did wind up staying in the hospital overnight due to some respiratory distress. However, I came out of surgery talking a mile a minute. My family was in awe, my surgeon was amazed, and I thought, "Hey, this is a piece of cake!" My first week went really well. My second week, not so much. I had some pain and gagged on the clots as they were sloughing off, and even lost the ability to talk days 8-10. However, now being 6 weeks out and no longer having the constant pain in my throat and neck, I've got to say with 100% certainty that the surgery and two week (yes, plan on two weeks) recovery were well worth it. Not only do I no longer have the constant sore throat and swelling, but I have more energy, am sleeping better, and feel like a totally different person. I waited with anticipation for my biopsy results, not cancer (follicular hyperplasia). I wanted to post because it is really scary when you're told that you need a tonsillectomy as an adult. Dr. Google kept telling me I had cancer, but I did not have cancer. The surgery is easy, the recovery sucks a little but is manageable. If you truly need the surgery...get it done!

El 3 years ago

I'm 19 from the UK and I had my tonsils removed five days ago. Although I used to suffer with tonsillitis pretty much every week, anybody reading this who is considering the surgery please realise how much it hurts! I would say I have quite a high pain threshold, couple of tattoos, lots of piercings and injuries over the years, but I can honestly say this is the most pain I have ever experienced in my life! I have only cried once because of the ear pain- if you don't get it you're extremely lucky because it SUCKS. Oral morphine has become my best friend but it makes you extremely sick so I have to take it with anti-sickness pills. I know all of this will be worth it in the end, I couldn't carry on living on antibiotics! Good luck to anybody having a tonsillectomy in the future, I just hope the next week or so flies by so this can all be over!!!!!

justine 3 years ago

I am 42 and from the UK. Ive been on solid food such as toast from day1 as its supposed to thin the scabs. ive had paracetamol and ibufrofen, which I have taken regularly throughout. Ive had to space the timings out and use codine to cover nighttime which is when my throat is more sore. On Day 4 with some bleeding on both sides I nipped in to AandE,the doctor reassured me he had similar after his tonsilectomy. but i got some anti-biotics just in case. ive been sneezing since then so i guess it was the start of a cold. Have to say its been rough, but i never got earache, and its not as painful as a quinsey. Day10 and im back in the pub with a soft drink. dont despair you will get through it.

Amber 3 years ago

I am 28, on Day 14, and finally seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel" with this whole ordeal. First of all, to those who were given Tylenol-whatever or Vicodin, I feel really sorry for you! Percocet is where it's at! The pills were tricky to get down but helped when I was able to maintain them every 3 1/2-4 hrs. I discussed pain management options with my doctor prior to the surgery and he was very honest about what works best with this type of pain, he told me Percocet is the best. Even though it only lasts about 3 hours it works very well. Anyway, on to my recovery blurb:

Days 1-3: My surgery I'm considering day "Zero". They dosed me up quite well so I didn't feel much when I got home that day. Days 1-3 weren't too bad, oh how blissfully ignorant I was thinking this recovery was going to be a breeze based on how well things were going thus far. Yes, there was swelling. Yes, there was some pain. However, it was tolerable and no worse than what I would experience with a bad case of strep. How wonderful, I thought! I'm one of the lucky few who's going to float through this with ease! Not. Lesson one: Do not let your throat get dry. Hydrate. Hydrate. My God...HYDRATE.

Days 4-6: Pain. Lots of it. My jaw hurt, my ears hurt, my tongue hurt...I was even under the impression my teeth were hurting. I was managing to eat some ice pops and drink some protein milk, but dairy (for me) was not going well. The mucus build up was disgusting and nearly choking me, causing the pain to increase. Try as hard as I did, liquids and any form of food was getting harder to get down. By the end of day 6 I was dehydrated and nauseated enough for a hospital visit. Percocet, and the antibiotics I was on, were causing some serious nausea. Enough that I was heaving up what itty bitty bit of food and liquid was in my stomach.

Day 7: I spent the morning in the hospital getting fluids and a prescription for Zofran (anti-nausea). They patched me up, checked my throat, and sent me home. What did they miss? Thrush. Thank you wonderful ER doctors.

Day 8: My awesome dentist aunt diagnosed me with Thrush after one look in my mouth. She called me in some mouth drops to use several times a day to get rid of the Thrush, which by the way is pretty common after a tonsillectomy. Don't let it progress too far! I let it spread all over the inside of my mouth before realizing it wasn't normal. By that point my tongue, lips, and the sides of my mouth felt like they were on FIRE 24/7. Throat pain is fairly mild, otherwise. I'm able to eat scrambled eggs and a cup of pudding! Ate ice pops and jello to my hearts content, now that the nausea was under control.

Days 9-11: Woke up in the middle of the night to an ungodly searing pain in my throat. This continued into days 10 and 11. Turns out this is normal and means the scabs are falling off. The pain wasn't constant, but came in waves. Mostly at night or right after eating. Eating soft foods was getting to be tolerable. I was able to eat soft eggs, mac and cheese, and alfredo at this point. It hurt, but I kept up with the pain meds and drank water frequently to help wash the food down as I ate. I stopped the Percocet on Day 10 and switched to Tylenol extra strength every 5 hours.

Days 12-14: Getting easier! The scabs are about 70% gone now. I'm eating larger meals, like fish and soft cooked veggies. No more pain pills as of Day 12! My throat is still sore, still scratchy, but it's so much better. It *does* get better! My follow up was this morning (Day 14) and doc said things are progressing perfectly. I am officially allowed to return to a normal diet of anything I want. I don't think I want things like chips yet, but I can't wait to tackle normal foods again.

Here are some tips that I found to he be helpful, or things I ended up searching for myself online:

What's Normal/Helpful-

*Tongue Numbness/Loss or distortion of taste

*SOME bleeding (Pulsating or gushing is NOT Normal)

*White film on the tongue that COMES OFF when scraped (if it doesn't, it's *Thrush and needs to be treated)

*Ice Pack for you neck - It feels wonderful

*COOL mist humidifier - It helps keep your throat moist

*Sleep sitting up - It keeps your throat open and you won't feel like you're choking.

*Not sleeping for longer than 2-3 hours - Yep, it sucks, but unless you're a fan of the dry throat pain set an alarm or have someone wake you up for hydration and more pain medicine.

*Blood clot/bubble things that are visible at the back of your throat, totally normal. Don't poke or prod. Keep hydrated to ensure they don't rupture, eventually they'll go away.

Hope this helps y'all! I can't even begin to go into the amount of panicked googling I did during my recovery. When in doubt, call your doctor. They know this is isn't an easy recovery. If you feel dehydrated, go to the ER. If you're in too much pain, call your doctor. I had to demand more Percocet by the end of week one. Good luck!

casey 3 years ago

Its day 5 for me and um in some serious pain! The liquid vidokin puts me to sleep but even though im taking 3 tsp. every 4 hours im still feeling pain. i haven't eaten not one thing everything i eat i seem to throw up and for some reason i cant keep down yogart? This is my firatt surgury and my first time taking pain meds. im 20 yrs. old. if my paun gets worse im gunna have to go to the hospital cause im feeling like at this point its unbarrable. i feel nothing but tummy achs i feel lifeless and i cant even syand without feeling sick ton my stomich. ay advice

Rana 3 years ago

I realized after I posted I forgot some important info that might help with ear pain. I made some rice bags for a cancer unit here in my town that are really helpful with controlling pain. So I made myself one too! As long as I kept heat on my ears the pain would ease up if not go away within a minute of applying heat! Of course the pain would return if I removed the heat and I was almost at the 4 hour mark for my pain meds. I did ask for ear drops to help with pain and was told no. If your doctor refuses ear drops that aid in numbing your ears...try the heat method. Good luck with your surgery!

Georgina 3 years ago

I am 20 from the Uk and am currently on Day 6 of my recovery. I found days 1-3 actually fine, I was only on paracetamol and ibrupeofen as I had a bad reaction to tramadol but those we're working fine. The last couple of days however have been awful. I was eating a normal diet (toasties, crisps, rice, pasta) however these past few days my ear pain has became so severe it's completely put me off my food. I was told that days 5-7 are the worst but apparently things get better after this time. I hope this is the case. I do recommend eating a normal diet as it is said to heal much quicker also I find Ice pops help with the pain, hoping I have a quick recovery and to all those in recovery I wish you well x

Rana 3 years ago

I'm a 55 year old female and had my tonsils removed on Aug. 27th. As I look back on my surgery and recovery...thank goodness it is a faded memory! I did very well with the surgery and didn't wake up in much discomfort at all. I had a sore throat but they managed my pain well. I was lucky enough too that they kept me in the hospital from 7 AM til 4 PM. I was so afraid they would throw me out too soon and I would be miserable on the long drive home! I wished that I would have been able to have the liquid pain meds that my dr proscribed but after the hospital not having them on hand and 6 surrounding pharmacies not supplying them either. I was forced to take pill form! I did crush the bitter pill and put it in applesauce which aided in swallowing. My throat pain and ear pain was full force by day three. I was unable to eat more than a few teaspoons of food several times a day (usually right after taking pain meds) and even swallowing ice water was next to impossible. I became dehydrated after day four and began forcing myself to drink and eat more for fear I would land back into the hospital. I couldn't sleep but an hour a night if that. I laid their waiting for my next dose of meds, plus the scabs on my throat were just so annoying and just disgusted me. The first one fell off after a week. The second one feel off about 3 days later. My throat was constantly dry. The best thing to drink is ice water! And constantly! I even kept a fresh glass next to my bed for sips during the night. I have never been a mouth breather. But, I found after surgery I was! It could have been because I was forced for 3 weeks to sleep in an upright position, laying down made my ears hurt worse. I am almost a month out now. And my ears still ache off and on and I was told by my dr will continue to ache for the next two months. My throat is getting better every day and I can pretty much eat small meals without pain. During the recovery period to date I have lost 25 lbs. My advice would be to drink and eat as soon as you can. I was really becoming very weak the longer I did without food and drink. I never felt hungry tho...eating was just not a priority til I made it one to keep from back sliding.

Jackie 3 years ago

I'm 33 and had my tonsils out on August 29th. I got sick the first day but the pain meds and left over anesthesia made it some what tolerable. Saturday or day 3 sent me back to the ER. I was out of pain medication and had so much pain that I was panicking. I couldn't get away from myself. Got some liquid Vicodin when I went back, and I normally don't take medication. today is day 5 and I am suffering major self conflict with the pain. I don't know how to make the pain stop. The meds just burn like liquid fire. I have to go back to work next week, I hope I can get some relief asap. I have 4 kids and not feeling like I can keep up with them. :(

tn 3 years ago

Hi there, I am a 40 year old female, and I just got my tonsillectomy 5 days ago. It has been hard, but I think I have been lucky. I have been dealing with tonsillitis and tonsil stones for more than 10 years. I decided to have the operation one day after I turned 40. My surgeon mailed me some general information on what to eat and what to expect, but I did not expect this. I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled, have 2 children naturally, and tonsillectomy has been the most difficult recovery.

Day1: I went to the surgical center at 630am. They put me to sleep at 7am. I woke up at 8am with bad reaction to the anesthesia. My body was shaken badly. I felt like throwing up. My husband drove me home and I went straight to bed. Around 12pm, I had to take my antibiotics and tylenol with codeine.

Codeine made me nauseated and I wanted to throw up.

I decided to eat popsicle to chill the pain in my throat, but my tongue was cut and bruised. Everything tasted sour and bitter. I forced myself to eat soft tofu and baby food every 4 hours.

day2: I decided to stop the pain medication and forced myself to eat and drink. I drink at least 1 gallon of fluid everyday. I peed all the time and my pee was clear. I eat every 4 hours. I became strong enough that I could take shower on my own.

day3: pretty much as day 2, however I began to have earache. I tempted to try codeine again. Big mistake. I got dizzy and wanted to throw up.

day4: things were getting better. My earache was minimal. At night, my throat tingled and hurt sharply. Some of my scabs came off.

day5: Things were really better. It still hurt at the scabs site but it was not as bad as a tonsillitis. I think I recover quickly because I eat every 4 hours. I lost 2 pounds the first day, but I gained them back. I actually feel ok. Overall, I am glad that I went through with the surgery. Good luck everyone.

Badboy29 3 years ago

Hi there. im 19 I had my tonsils removed the 3rd of june 2013. day 1 and 2 were okay as I was stuffed with all the pain drugs the docter had given me. but day 3 I will never forget the pain had become so painful I started having migraines. day 4 I starded vomiting and that lasted the whole day, parted with my throat that started bleeding for no good reason and after bleeding stopped the pain had worsen. on day 5 I went to see my ENT specialist he prescribed all kinds of pain medicine which had no effect the eventually had to give me a shot of morphine that also only lasted an hour so I have to deal with the pain cause there is no pain medication that worked for me just the morphine that lasted an hour. on day 6 which was yesterday the 8th of june I started having ear pain like nobodys business and my jaw feels like some one is trying to break of my jaw I still cant speak as it is to painful almost to painful to even think and the migraines is so bad all I can do is sit I cant even lay down so I have to take a sit/laydown sleep position. if I ever in a million years knew that the pain had been so severe id rather had never had this done and rather live with the tonsils for the rest of my natural life... tomorrow im headed for day 7 well since my pain cant get any worse or at least I hope not!!! :/ so hopefully and I pray to God that at least at day 10 it will be a lot better. well that's my story for now and this kinda pain I experience is so intense that I would not even wish that my worse enemies had this kinda pain..... well all of you whom still need to get their tonsils removed I wish you all of the best remember try not to be afraid cause every persons pain does differ from the next

Chanel 3 years ago

29 year old female here, and it's 4:07a on Day 9 of my recovery. I can honestly say, I'm finally starting to feel normal again.

I'd like to make one thing clear though: this was the WORST recovery experience of my life. I've had a cholecystectomy, all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, back surgery, and numerous stitches in various limbs. This easily takes the cake.

Like most people, days 1-4 weren't great but not awful and led me to believe it'd all be smooth sailing from there. Day 5 was a nightmare, which prompted me to request a refill on pain meds; then Day 6 sent me to the ER because of the super intense ear pain and not being able to even swallow water, after days of being able to do so easily!

I was given a Lortab elixir, 3 days of Predisolone, and Amoxicillin, initially. After my trip to the ER on Day 6, during which they had to give me a steroid shot to help ease the inflammation & pain, my ENT gave me 3 more days of Prednisone and switched me to Percocet--best thing ever, by the way.

I still have that awful burning in my ears and throat, but now it's manageable and doesn't make me wake up crying anymore. All I can say is, I totally underestimated the level of pain I'd experience and will never let myself be so taken unawares again. If I'd know this to begin with, I may not have opted for the tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy and just dealt with the strep & pharyngitis every couple of months.

Everyone keeps saying it'll be worth it in the end though, so I just hope they're right. Best advice I can give is: lots of water (I drank smart water for the electrolytes); pudding, yogurt, Popsicles, and applesauce will be your best friends for days; buy a humidifier (I didn't but wish I did every morning I wake up with crazy burning throat pain); take your pain meds to stay ahead of the pain; relax for at least a week; don't be afraid to call your dr and ask for something stronger, if needed; and read blogs like this for encouragement. I can't say how much it helped being able to read about others' experiences and share my own.

Take care of yourself! I hope this helps someone like all of you helped me :)

Stellar Phoenix Review 4 years ago

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Lisa 4 years ago

I've been fighting an abscessed tonsil on my right side for 5 months and finally had my tonsils out this past Monday (1/21/13). I was a little nervous after reading all these posts but I had to get it done. I'm training to be a scuba instructor and had lost 5 weekends of dives from my tonsils.

My doctor is a well known ENT and plastic surgen in florida. I'm also only 24 and in the peak of health and fitness. I think these all contributed to me having a pretty good experience.

I woke up from the surgery with no pain but super nauseas. I threw up at the hospital, on the way home and during the first night. I also had a huge panic attack when I didn't see my husband when I woke up and stopped breathing so they had to put me on oxygen. These were the two lowest points for me. Monday night I woke up every hour beyond thirsty and uncomfortable but still no pain. On Tuesday it was the same, my tongue was really swollen and bothered me more then my throat. I had to force my self to drink water because I'd feel like I was choking. I broke down and took my pain meds just to relax my throat and bring down the swelling. For the first 3 days I kept an ice pack on my throat all the time which was wonderful. Through wed I just slept and didn't talk at all. By Thursday morning most my swelling was gone and it just feels like a sore throat. I'm drinking fine but still have no appetite. Ill be going back to work on Friday and feel great! I think having the surgery was less pain then all the abscesses I've been fighting. I never even got ear pain or had any bleeding. Of course there are a lot of factors for each person when it comes to this kind of thing but I think your doctor choice and personal health will make a huge difference!

Dom 4 years ago

Im 20, I got my tonsils out on the 10.01.2013 I though it was the beat idea ever! I never read anything on google before my op just went by what people said

"you get to sleep, be on drugs, eat ice cream and jelly for over a week"


Why wasn't anyone honest with me? Lol its the worst pain, stayed in the hospital overnight, could not sleep. Day 2-3-4 and 5 was back up at the hospital because I couldn't deal with the pain. Day 6 was horrible, by this time my stomach is eating itself and I can feel the weight loss! on days 2-5 I didn't not touch anything food thing. (ice cream and all) it hurt to much, I could barley even swallow. Today is day 7 going on day 8 my throat is still a little sore when I swallow but drinking water is alot easier now.

DO NOT: if you think your throat is up for a burger from mcdonalds or something don't do it, I felt sick on day 6 so I decided and felt okay with drinking that I thought I'd give a burger a go.. Swallowed, and NOPE stung for a good half a hour was rolling on the floor in tears hurt so much! Yawning a sneezing, two things I have managed to keep away for going through the pain of them happening. Day later I end up with the hiccups! THEY HURT TOO.. iv herd people say 7 years later of getting there tonsils removed they have grown back :/ in my case I really hope they don't.. Good luck to everyone who is experiencing or going to do it..

Gem 4 years ago


I'm on day 5 and I need to stress that I'm not finding it that bad. I'm 23 and after reading all of the internet blogs, I prepared myself for the worst pain ever. After the surgery, my throat was sore but I forced myself to eat dry toast and yoghurt. It doesn't feel nice, however I'm healing very quickly (according to my consultant) because the scabs are being scraped off. I have a normal diet but avoid hot food and spicy food. I drink about 3 litres of water and keep my mouth moist. In terms of pain, I have been absolutely fine as long as I take my painkillers (Ibuprofen). I think the most important thing that helped me with my recovery was trying to act as normal as possible and not fall into the role of an invalid. Mind over matter!! Seriously it's not as painful as people make out and after day 4, it seems to be smooth sailing :-)

Ushpot 4 years ago

I have a detailed report on my recovery at this address

A lot of people have messaged me to say that it's really helped them - so I hope it helps you too!

pete mitchell 4 years ago

Im a 34 year old male and when i was told that i had to get my tonsils out my doctor said that it would be "hell". I went straight to the computer to read some other stories and that was a big mistake! My anxiety went through the roof! I worried about thre recovery every day for a month until i had my surgery. MY RECOVERY WENT GREAT!!! I followed my doctors orders and everything went very smooth. When i woke up after surgery i had NO pain,only mild discomfort. I actually thought that they hadn't done the surgery. They sent me home with liquid lortab,witch i never had to take more than half of the max amount. I kept a humidfier going while i slept and drank water like it was a drug.12-16oz. an hour.I really think that it made a big difference. My dr. told me to stick to soft,room temp foods for a week or two. I recommend slim fast drinks.They really helped curve my hunger. Other than that it was pudding,applesauce, or anything like that as long as its not to warm or to cold. I stayed on the couch and watched tv. I only had mild discomfort when i swallowed, other than that, i was fine. I never had any problems with my ears either.I heard stories about it but i never had any. After two weeks i was back to regular food and back to work after a week. I have never worried about something so much for nothing in my life. I hope this helps anyone looking for a positive recovery story because honestly, ive had sore throats that were worse than my tonsilectomy

Mel 4 years ago

I had the surgery 8 days ago and before I went in I read absolute horror stories about how much pain people have been going through. I'm 22 years old and honestly it hasn't been bad at all. I prepared myself for what I though was going to be the most miserable week of my life but the pain is nowhere near as bad as being sick with strep throat or tonsilitus every other month. The first couple days i took my pain medicine every four hours even at night and then around day 5 I only took it as needed.

I started eating on day 2 and just constantly drank a lot of water. On a scale of one to ten the most pain I've ever felt was maybe a five and it was easily taken care of with the pain medicine they prescribe you. I think everyone's body is going to recover differently and reading other's horror stories should not stop you from getting the surgery. It's been the best decision!

Sam 4 years ago

Day 1: 9/10/12 not to bad after leaving the hospital hard to swallow but pain meds helped.

Day 2: 9/11/12 still not too bad just taking the meds every 3 hours 15 ml. Still hurts to swallow drinking water and eating jello

Day 3: 9/12/12 pain seem to get a little worse still taking meds ever 3 hours 15 ml almost out of the meds and for some reason I can't get a refill for another two day??? Insurance company...

Day 4: 9/13/12 pain still worse then the first couple day. Was able to get a refill but had to pay out I pocket. Still drinking cold water and eating jello.

Day 5: 9/14/12 pain seems to be getting better still taking the meds ever 3 hours was able to sleep longer but when I wake up the pain is pretty rough cause I missed a dose of meds. Swallowing still sucks drinking water. Tried McDonald's hamburger and some fries. Worked on half a burger and about 6 fries for about 20-30 min and gave up.

Day 6: 9/15/12 pain seem to have gotten way worse!!! My ear hurt and isn't tolerable without the meds. I don't need to watch the clock to tell me when to take the meds cause after about 2 1/2 - 3 hours the ear pain starts I need to take 15 ml to help with the ear pain. Don't get me wrong the throat still hurts but the ear pain is not tolerable!

Day 7: 9/16/12 paint in the ears is even worse wtf!!! Need to take pain meds ever 3 hours or my head feels like its caving in on it self starting with the ears to the neck/throat. I have some back problems where I have thrown my back out and I thought that's the worse pain I have ever felt but the ear pain makes my back pain feel like a walk in the park. I am close to running out on my second bottle of meds... I am hoping I can get another scrip tomorrow. My guts are rolling I am guessing cause of the lack of food and all the meds I have been using. My bowel movements aren't solid. Still hard to swallow. I kind of don't want to sleep cause I know I will wake up with the ear pain. BEST thing I was able to eat was custard from culvers while I was there I figured I would try a burger and fry's still a no go... Worked on a 1/3 of a buger and about 4 fries for about 30 mins got bored and threw the rest away. The custard was the easiest thing that I have tried eating so far even easier then jello or even drinking water.

Day 8: 9/17/12 well it's only 1:45 am and I am hoping to get more meds from Walgreens if not I will head into the walk in clinic to get something cause there is no way I am sitting around my house with that ear pain. Still hurts swallowing guts are rolling still. I wish I could eat something solid. It's been a week and nothing seemed to improve only getting worse... I hope I am at the turning point where things start getting better but I don't know. From all the post I have read thing still seem shitty for another week...

I am 31 years old. Things I have eating / tried to eat.

Mac and cheese - ok doesn't taste that great

Jello - how much of this can you really eat

Ice cream - ehh not the greatest still hurts to swallow

Custard - very easy to eat and taste

Ramen noodles - pretty easy to eat I crushed the noodles before I cooked them so I could just drink the soap and not have to worry about chewing.

Hamburger - McDonald's easier then culvers but I work at this and I don't think it was worth the effort or the pain.

French frys - not worth it too much pain trying to chew them

Shurbert - easy to eat but not as easy as the custard

Popsicles - I don't think these are worth it you still have to chew which hurts I would rather get custard.

Things I haven't tried but going to!

Mash potatoes and gravy from KFC! Going to try this today hopefully after getting more meds.

Anyone know of anything else I should try?

Also does anyone know when I should start feeling better or when the ear pain goes away?

I thought this was going to be an in and out thing but it seems way bigger deal then I thought. I still drive everywhere but I don't feel like doing anything cause moving hurts. I run out to get more food or get more meds.

I wish I had this done when I was a kid cause this sucks.

I can usually handle a pretty good amount of pain but the ear pain and if I burp or cough it so intense...

Anyone have any good news for me or something else I could be doing?

Joy 4 years ago

Pain has been the bane of my existence these past 12 days. Pain is rated on a scale of 1-10. The first couple of days on pain medications, it seemed manageable. My pain scale was hovering around 8.5. It routinely crept up to 10 as the pain medication wore off. I thought that I had made it through this. Man was I WRONG. No one should have to endure the amount of discomfort that this dished out. It sucks.

On a happier note, here are some things that I found that might help others out:

My successes revolved around the following:

*I drank 8 ounces of water every hour, all day and every hour at night. Sucks for sleeping, but yea for keeping the throat nice and moist

*Snagged myself a cool air humidifier, I don't go to sleep without it

*I was put on antibiotics, so I supplemented with Kefir, it has way more

probiotics than yogurt, it's a best kept secret

*Found some electrolyte replacement water at Whole Foods if you can afford

it, it will help prevent diarrhea and electrolyte imbalance with all that

water we are supposed to be drinking...

*I got a hot/cold pack that I used. Cold the first 48 hours and then I switched

to using it heated around my neck thereafter.

*I found eating baby food with salt added slid down my throat easier and tast-

ed better and then the fruit was good for dessert. Desperate measures for

desperate times, when you are starving you'll know what I mean!

*I found Fudgsicles non-fat went down better than anything else. Everyone

is always touting that ice cream is the way to go, but when it gets stuck in

your throat, you won't think so.

*Scabs. What are they? This was about the least clear thing for me until

something scratched them off, or my throat got dry and the pain

shot through the roof and I wanted to suck my pain medication straight

from the bottle. After surgery there maybe some burnt black scarring in lieu

of where your tonsils may have been, otherwise there will be a creamy

colored, hopefully spit covered, fairly thin filmy coating where your tonsils

used to be. As the days slip by the thickness of the scab gets thinner,

basically the wounds heal from the inside out, and small bits and pieces of

this film break off from time to time and disappear as we eat and drink and

just naturally swallow. Don't mess inside your mouth. Good thing to keep

an eye out in there, look for bleeding, excessive redness or a white coating

on your tongue (this could be thrush, a complication if you are taking


*If you have to swallow other medication in pill form, use chocolate pudding

or applesauce to get them down and then swallow water. Pill crushers work

well the first couple of days.

This surgery affects not only us but the whole house, be it your roommate, partner, loved ones or family members. If you think that you are going to do this on your own, think twice. I couldn't remember when I took stuff, let alone remember to mark down that I took it. I spoke in circles, my sleep bank is so far in the red that going back to work is a joke if you do anything serious (at least I don't want to be responsible!).

Everyone's threshold for pain is different, we all heal at different times. I was given two weeks off and I am still on pain killers and I am going into day 13...

Oh, I have jaw pain, some aching in my right ear, I had some extra biopsy work done as well. Weight loss around 10 pounds :-)

The best analogy I can come up with for the pain I feel is like a third degree burn that someone has turned on a blender of razorblades in a wind tunnel....

Hope that I could be of some help

Ashley 4 years ago

Okay so i'm 24 and I got my tonsils out 5 days ago and it sucks. Does anyone else feel like they are a dog just foaming at the mouth??? I am constantly spitting and there is constant saliva building in the back of my throat. I cant stand looking inside my mouth it completely grosses me out.

Day 1: pain wasn't too bad, I mostly slept the entire day.

Day 2: threw up alittle blood and anything i drank that day which throwing up made me feel a bit better but still - the strain on your mouth and throat were horrible.

Day 3-4: body was completely sore from head to toe. My muscles were so tense from sleeping that when i woke up i could barley move. I had a fever and was constantly cold even though my body was so hott. I could take my medicine without gaging (that liquid loratab stings when it goes down your throat - which made it not really motivating to take it every 4 hours)

Day 5: threw up again, looked at my mouth and I can just feel the foaming and scabbing and it kinda looks like mold? (is that gross?) in the back of my mouth...thinking i'm eating things and its sliding against it and into my stomach does not help.

Ugh i really feel like I am going to NEVER recover. reading all these saying its a slow process helps but i feel like im not getting "better as the days go by" - ugh cross your fingers for me! from everyones posts i guess the worst is yet to come?

Prune Juice 4 years ago

I had mine taken out this summer and I needed the pain meds for about 7 days straight: taking it every four hours on the dot. I did it whether there was pain or no pain. After the 7 days, I took it as needed. I think I have a high pain tolerance because the pain was NOTHING compared to reoccurring strep infections! Plus the right side had a cyst so I felt so much better!

It took two weeks to feel normal again. Now it has been four weeks and I still have the dryness in the back of my throat but no pain!

I was constipated from the pain meds but didn't eat ANYTHING solid for one week. After two weeks I was concerned and remembered the nurse telling me to drink prune juice. HUGE MISTAKE!!! DO NOT DRINK PRUNE JUICE! I drake prune juice on day 6 and that was the most pain I had been in the whole time! It burned for the rest of that day! Honestly.... getting up and walking around was the best idea and got things moving.

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Sierra Johnson 4 years ago

36-year-old woman here...had this "routine" surgery three weeks ago.

Doped up REAL good from IV meds which lasted for a couple days (or it seems) and i was cleaning my house, taking care of my 3 kids, etc...

Day 3 the shock of the agony set in.

It's the type of agony where you have to "dissociate" a bit.

Set your alarm so you don't miss your medication doses, otherwise the excruciating pain will overcome you.

Instant shaking from the severe pain, reminding me of what LABOR was like.

METH LAB. Feels like a meth lab blew up in your throat. Skin feels blistering & hanging & pussy....

Then you get a hold of this.

AND DAY 7 came and dammit....


I am not used to doctors throwing big bottles of narcotics at questions asked.


Cuz you're gonna need it.

But after day 11, the jaw & tongue pain prevents yawning, opening mouth wide enough for a hamburger or taco.

And, now, three weeks later...i am famished....but i am missing a dimension of my SENSE OF TASTE....hope it's not permanent, because i am losing my desire to eat......

Stella 4 years ago

I am a 29 year old female on day 7 of my tonsillectomy recovery. I am very good at dealing with pain, but this is such severe sharp pain! I would have to say the worst days thus far have been day 6 & 7. My hears hurt so much it feels like my head is going to explode & it still hurts to speak. I am getting bored sitting home but don't feel well enough to return to normal activity. It is such a painful, slow recovery. Good Luck

DejaVu 4 years ago

i would just like to say that hearing of tounsilectomies before having one always seemed like a common normal surgery. until going through it i realized i have NEVER felt anything as painful. the first few days are a tease because you feel numb and loopy and just want to sleep. after losing sleep and becoming really hungry and frustrated with the fact that swallowing is your worst fear, you become emotional and fed up hoping that the next time you sleep will bring some relief like it does with a common cold... it doesn't lol. im not sure if my scabs have fallen off but i have noticed more pain in one side of my throat. yesterday was day 6 for me and it was also the 4th of july and 92 degrees out. the heat killed me but i was so focused on eating all the yummy food reguarless of the pain that i think it was actually helpful. ive gained alot more stregnth and feel less weak and loopy. sleep is still very minimal. i dont recommend anything sugary, it hurts. hopefully then pain will continue to subside and i need to try some gum chewing for the ear irritaion. good luck to everyone! its definatly a survival process. once im better i have plans for dinner for about a weak straight how much i miss food!

4 years ago

I'm 26 and on day 5 since my tonsillectomy. Mine really isn't that bad.right after waking up from anesthetic I was joking and talking. Laughing was a bit too much but I could chuckle.

Dr gave me T3 to take ,2 every 4 hours , but I usually only take 1 unless I've been talking lots. I notice that if I don't talk it doesn't seem to hurt much at all.

I've been eating chicken broth with soft bread soaked in it and lots of jello but today I'm going to try some of Joe Rogans Kale shakes.

Ears are kinda sore like others have said but not terrible. Tomorrow I should be well enough to return to work, my job doesn't require much talking or heavy lifting though.

My surgeon removed the tonsils by just cutting them out and cuaterizing. Maybe for healing it's easier than the other methods ?

Anyway I'm totally glad I did it and it was no worse than having them rupture as they had been doing for years, just a bit longer to heal. I immediately felt better after having them out.

Thanks everyone for posting your experiences and for anyone who's thinking about putting it off , not every time it's painful

fay 4 years ago

I have to have my tonsils out after readin all these posts i am scared. Im not scared about the op its mainly about the pain! A lot say they had a lot of ear pain also need grommets fitted and my ent specialist has decided to fit these at the same time they remove my tonsils am worried incase this makes the ear pain u get after your tonsils removed 10 times worse..

tara 4 years ago

Day 9 scab starting to peel off in the back of my throat.....minor pain when I woke up this morning with dry mouth.....switch to 2tsp of hydrocodone!!!2-3 tsp helps out a lot (Doctor recommend me take no more than that)also very "important" I'm still drinking lots of water it helps with upset stomach and hot flashes...hunger feelings and it speeds your healing process up!!!!!by the 9th pain only depends...I feel a lot more better than I felt on day 5-7 after the

otonsillectomy"surgery!!!!!hopefully day 10 i'll feel even more better!!!!!applesauce,baby food,soup,Mac n cheese,beef stew,grits and oak to put nutrients back into my body...(to each has it's own diet)" I went with what works for me"....other than that I'm back on my feet again walking,talking,on Twitter,facebook,youtube,blogs..I even went shopping! to take to my mind off of everything including getting out of the house for a while!!!!!this weekend I plan on doing even more.....other than that I feel great I pray that everyone will hang in there and have a full recovery!!!!! Peace and love good luck to everyone!!!!!

Alixmary 4 years ago

Out of hospital an on day 8 nearly 9, there's slight improvement today, still feeling like iv done ten rounds with mike Tyson when I wake up in the mornings as my jaw is so tight an throats red rore but got the most amazing numbing mouth wash, and then chew some gum to get it all moving again, take my meds an try to eat breakfast .. Which takes an hour to eat a bowl of cereal, stupid how long it takes really but I'm getting there, still no energy as of yet an I'm back to work on Wednesday so it best hurry up an come back! Iv had to clear my throat last day as some of the scabs are starting to fall of, only one side seems to be clearing tho.. sounds really awful but you can feel it clearing, the bad breath is still there unfortunately but I'm hoping it will go away soon, nearly halfway through the healing process, keep goin guys, we can all do it, no pain no gain from now on!

tara 4 years ago

Hi my name is Tara and I'm on my 7 day now...I was reading over almost every post and notice that a lot of us had somethings in common when it comes to this type of surgery!!!so I feel a little better now knowing that I'm not gonna die in my sleep and that is a good out come from all of this....I truly believe that this is worth it!!!!!we're strong we can do it...its painful though but we can do it!!!!!hopefully day 8 will be a little easy!!!!!drink lots of water,and don't skip your meds!!!!! Good luck everyone!!!!!

Wendy 4 years ago

The scabs in my throat just look so odd, that is why I described them as "freaky". They don't look right. It really looks as if I have mold or something growing in my throat. I can't look at it without getting really grossed out. I can't believe you don't have bad breath now. My mom was giving me crap for how bad it was...of course she was just joking around. I feel bad for people I talk to. They probably wonder if I ever brush my teeth. Mmmm I've been craving spaghetti. That seems like something that would be easy to get down.

Funny story about cutting down on pain meds. Today I thought it would be wise to cut back a bit on the pain medicine. I felt fine throughout the day and only took tylenol in the morning. I was thinking, jeez this is great. I'm doing okay without the pain medicine. Then, at 6 in the evening the pain hit me SO hard. It was terrible! I loaded up on the pain medicine and sat with my head under the ice pack until I felt better. I learned my lesson to not ween myself from the medicine, at least not yet. Kudos to you and cutting back. I think I will have to make another attempt at doing that, but in a different fashion.

Shaved ice sounds so wonderful! I'm going to have to find some. Oh my the thought of eating creamy peanut butter makes my throat want to close. I feel like it would get trapped in my throat. I have tried honey. So delicious, and you're right. It does do some soothing!

Your bleeding/coughing experience sounds terrible. I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious. That would not have been good. I can just imagine the panic you felt. I went to the doctor today to see how everything is doing. She said it all looks good and that I am at the hardest part of recovery. I told her how much trouble I have swallowing because of the pain, so she prescribed me lidocaine jelly to swish and gargle with (it is a numbing agent). I thought this was going to be a miracle. As soon as I got home, I tried some of the stuff. It did a wonderful job numbing my lips and tongue, but didn't even come close to numbing the back of my throat. I took the syringe and aimed some of the jelly at my scabs in my throat. BIG BIG BIG mistake. It instantly made them burn and made me almost swallow the stuff. This jelly is thick too, so gargling with it is near impossible oh and don't let me forget to mention the taste, it's TERRIBLE. I ended up gagging the bit back up and coughing the rest out. Man, it was not fun. Oh the things we do to try to feel better haha.

It takes me about an hour to eat things too! It's a tedious process. For one, you have to make sure you chew everything up into tiny bites so swallowing is less painful. Then after EVERY bite, water must be swallowed to get any trapped food down. I usually just eat alone because everyone in my family eats so fast and they end up just waiting on me as I eat like a turtle.

All in all, my day was mediocre. Just a bit better than yesterday, minus the pain I had from not keeping up with the medicine. Tomorrow I would really like to get out and do something. I have the same worries as you though. That's why you do something that you can easily leave if you get uncomfortable.

I sure hope we are almost done! Okay, maybe a week or so left, but it can't get any worse, right?? I've got your back too, and I will let you know if I find any tricks for recovering. Glad we're in the same boat! I hope I touched on most of what you said. If I didn't, please forgive me.

How was your day?!

Justin 4 years ago

@Sara: Wow that's great info about the past the 7 day mark. Was wondering about that. I haven't had any issues with bad breath yet. (Least no one has told me) So maybe that is yet to come. Like Wendy, I don't have the luxury of taking off 2 weeks, I will have 10 days worth (2 weekends) and then it's back to work. That being said, glad you could rest up. Sounds like you are almost through with this. Just try not to yawn too much for a while and you should be good :)

@Wendy: Yes, I hardly ever panic or raise my voice with people. But, in the past couple days I've freaked out twice. The first time was because I took my medicine and it burned my throat, so I quickly swallowed some water, it caused a tickle and then I couldn't stop coughing. That of course scared the crap outta me, because of all the horror stories of people bleeding. So I tried really hard to stop coughing, but nothing worked! Finally, I managed to stop coughing, but not before I yelled at my mom for something. Needless to say, I felt horrible. I totally agree with you about bringing others down. I am sure it is very stressful to see me like that, combined with the extra work they have to go through to be care givers. As you know, there has to be a completely different meal for me than everyone else! Tonight I am trying a Spaghetti with black pepper/red pepper, garlic, onion, etc with a red sauce. I was worried it would be problematic, but diced into ITTY BITTY pieces, it hasn't caused a problem. I'm also having apple-suace (woo), ice water, and going to try some super melted down cauliflower. Not too excited about that last bit :P.

The scabs in the back of my throat have been white since day one. I dunno if I'd even call them scabs. They look like white mucus over the healing parts. What do yours look like? Why are they "freaky"?

You've really summarized my feelings on the nighttime. I think the other issue is that the pain medicine wears off after only so long. Is it weird to say I'm used to the pain now though? I'm only taking a 1/3 of the directed pain medicine. Trying to make sure my body isn't too used to the meds, so that if some crazy pain comes along, I can take it full force and not be worried. I'm supplementing my small dosage with some children's tylenol and taking every other about every 3 hours or so.

Alright, tomorrow I will try to do some salt water gargling. I do think my spit is pretty thick. Sweet things are getting a little annoying, I DID have shaved ice today though. That was different and pretty tasty. Strawberry for the win! Is anything going down better now? On the subject of different food items, my mom originally suggested some creamy peanutbutter... until I looked at her weird and told her it'd probably stick to my throat too much. Did you try the honey? I really dig that stuff. I better watch out how much I eat or I may become Winnie's bro.

Are we almost done? I sure hope so. I'm gonna keep leaning on you tho Wendy. Until this blasted thing is over!! And yah I'll share whatever secrets I run across, I got your back :D. Hmm, I do something similar. Go outside for a while in the morning, come in watch a movie, today I did some laundry, type to friends, eating takes me like an hour to do at least. It is such an event!! Today, something crazy happened. I was talking to someone online and went to take a sip of water and started coughing. It was like one or two coughs max. Figured, ok, I'm good. All of a sudden I taste this blood in my mouth! I was so scared. I spit it out hoping it's a blood clot or something. The blood keeps coming. Then I'm really panicking. My parents are both out and I call one of them. I know that bleeding from your scabs is REALLY bad. So they tell me to swish cold water and do some other stuff. There's STILL blood. I look at my tonsils, everything looks normal. I'm so puzzled. Then finally, for some reason, I decide to look under my tongue where I had the other "operation". Major blood. Turns out my tongue was bleeding. I eventually got it under control (used like a gazillion tissues and stuff) but it stop bleeding. No idea why it did that, but it scared me like no other! So yup, that was a pretty big distraction. I might try and go out tomorrow. I've been thinking about it for a while, but I was worried I'd get too tired and just wish I was back on the couch or in bed.

How was your day? :)

Wendy 4 years ago

***YOU CAN'T CHEW GUM! That is what I meant to say...oops.

Wendy 4 years ago

Sara, thanks for your advice! I completely know what you mean about the stink. My breath is absolutely terrible. I'm so embarrassed to talk to people because of how bad it is. I can even smell in myself, it feels like it's a stench that is stuck up in my nose. You can't chew come or do anything to make it better, except the salt soaks, other than that I guess it is just something that you have to suffer through.

I really wish I had 2 weeks off, but I have to start school again in a week. I'm not looking forward to that because judging how I feel now, that's not looking so good.

I'm definitely prepared for the pain to slightly increase (NO!!!) and I'm also ready to feel better. I'm currently on day 6.

Glad you made it through it! And very true, we all got them out for a the bright side is that we will all feel so much better with them gone :)

Sara 4 years ago

Well, I am now 2 weeks past my surgery date, and I am just now feeling like myself again. If you are taking time off work/ school to recover really consider taking at least two weeks off. Believe me, you'll need every day to recover!

Most of the comments here talk about the first 7 days, so I will talk about the last 7.

For the most part, the pain does not get better until day 10 or so. Every day up until then, the pain just gradually escalated. The pain also gets worse before it gets better, day 9 for me was the worst. I my appetite was back and the pain was full-on, needless to say I was miserable.

The food I consumed was more or less the same as the first week: Popsicles, jell-o, soup, and soft bread. Yes it sucks, but that's that :/

On day 10 I started to get a horrible stink coming off of the scabs. You can literally taste it. Its so disgusting, but just let it heal on its own and don't try to pull the scabs! A way to speed this process (its really embarrasing! Esp because people can smell it from really far away... Ew) is to gargle warm salt water very morning an evening. It majes a huge difference, and your throat actually feels better! The smell decreases every day, and by the end of the second week it won't be there anymore.

As far as taste goes, everything tastes the same as it did pre surgery. I've heard about people's taste change after. I'm not sure that's normal, so Im guessing you should notify your ENT if that happens to you.

My throat is still feeling a bit sore, but only when I swallow or yawn. The other day I sneezed for the first time & omg, it hurt so much! Hah

Take care. Chances are, you had a really good reason to get this op, so hang in there and take your meds!

Alixmary 4 years ago

I had my tonsils taken out last Wednesday an my experience of it has been horrifying an extremely painful , the first day or two where ok as I was still dosed up an wanting to sleep but then it came to taking tablets with what felt like razor blades down my throat, day 4 was very painful but by day 5 I had drank very little due to the terrible ear aches an pain going down my jaw which actually felt like it had been locked so I was taken into hospital as it turns out to be an infection been on drips of Salian since yesterday 2pm iv paracetamol antibiotics steroids an pain killers now having to have a camera up my nose, so my experience so far has been horrific an not so easy or pleasant , sorry if this puts anyone of, consultant said days 5-8 are the most painful , don't rush an eat harsh food at once it doesn't do you any favours!

Wendy 4 years ago

I know exactly what you mean Justin. It is so hard to not flip on people when I try to talk. I'm pretty sure my family is getting real sick of my bad moods, and I'm trying to be positive. I think not having a voice to communicate how you're feeling is the worst thing ever and when you do try to communicate it takes so much effort just to say a few words. I know my family knows I'm in pain and everything, but I just feel bad because I feel like I'm bringing them down too.

Coughing is terrible. I have to brace myself each time I try to swallow anything. I probably make a terrible face, but it helps me swallow things without choking or coughing. Like I said, I also have a sinus infection, so I have been coughing up a bunch of mucus. I'm so afraid the pressure from coughing is going to knock my scabs loose and I'm going to bleed, but luckily that has not happened yet. Are the scabs in the back of your throat white yet? Mine are, and they are freaky looking. Looking at them makes me realize why I'm in so much pain. They just look bad.

I think night time is so bad because it feels like it never ends. It would be fine if I could sleep all night without waking up, but it is inevitable that I will wake up around 3 or 4 in the morning in pain. Then I have to go through the whole routine to get comfortable again until I fall back asleep. It's lonely too, everyone else is sleeping but I'm awake suffering. It's a relief once the sun comes up and the birds start chirping.

The list of annoyances doesn't end. I swear! Well at least it worked for you! Nothing has for me yet..adding to my list of things that make me uncomfortable.

I really suggest doing the salt water gargle. It helps with the pain and thick spit. I try to do it 3 times a day. I guess if water stings then maybe you should hold off, although salt water is supposed to be soothing. I am sooooo sick of eating sweet and soft things. That's about all I can eat. I decided to stop eating pudding because it was leaving so much crap in the back of my throat. I think it was too sweet. OH I can imagine the alphabet soup was a bit overpowering after only eating relatively bland food.

Yay! We are almost done. It's great to hear from someone else who is dealing with the same thing as me. I didn't find anything to distract myself today. I pretty much did the same thing I have been doing for the past few days. I usually wake up and take all my medicine and drink, drink, drink. Then I sit in the sun for a bit until I get too hot. Then the rest of my day is pretty much filled with a lot of hours watching tv and being a recluse since talking is the most painful thing ever. I guess I did go out to dinner with my parents. That helped take my mind off of things. How about you? Have you found things to do to distract yourself?

Justin 4 years ago

@Mezlm: I'd talk to your doctor about that. Yes, technically you can swallow, but at times it can be very difficult.

@Wendy: Yah, honey is great! Though I have to say, alot of the food I'm eating is sweet stuff. I'm getting a little tired of it all. When I overheat in general, I get nauseous, so I know how you feel.

I hate not being able to talk. The worst part of it all is when you have to repeat yourself 700x because no one can hear you / understand you. I'm not blaming the others, it's just very tiring on the voice. I am totally with you on the frustrated thing. I'm a day behind you, and I'm already sick of this stuff! I'm trying to be patient and understanding with my family, since I know me being in a foul mood will just make it harder on them. I think the hardest thing for me, is the fear of coughing. When I sip water I try to be very careful, cause if I drink too fast I sometimes start coughing. It makes me feel stupid but also is very straining on the throat, and scary cause I don't want to cough up a scab before it isn't ready.

Ugh I hate waking up. Why are nights so much more difficult than the day? I dread when the sun goes down. And yah, the tongue thing has been horrible, but I think in the large scheme of things it's better to get it all done at once. My tongue feels kinda numb ont the tip. I hope that goes away..

Yeah, well I made the silly decision to take a laxative to help with the bathroom thing. It has helped, just a little TOO much. Now I have another annoyance to add to the list.

I still haven't done the salt water thing. I've done some swishing of cold water, it stings so bad. You really are superwoman :P. Malt-o-meal is amazing. I love that stuff. I enjoy pudding too tho it's starting to get boring. I think the hardest thing I've had to eat was Alphabet noodles with garlic and onion. It was just so intense to my tastebuds. The alphabets were very tiny and hard to deal with too.

Keep it up Wendy, you're practically almost done :D We'll get through this!

Did you manage to find anything fun to distract yourself today?

MezIm going in tomorrow to have my tonsils taken out, and after reading all comments above it is making me want to cancel my operation. If I can't swallow properly I tend to have panic attacks 4 years ago

Im going in tomorrow to have my tonsils taken out, and after reading all comments above it is making me want to cancel my operation. If I can't swallow properly I tend to have panic attacks

Wendy 4 years ago

I will have to try honey, that's one thing I haven't even thought of. I know exactly how you feel. I get so cold one minute, then I'm burning up the next and it makes me so nauseous when I get hot. I am active too, so being cooped up inside all day is really starting to get to me. It's so hard not to be frustrated. I feel like I can't do anything for myself. I can't even talk! And when I do, no one can hear me which makes it even more frustrating. I was on the verge of tears today because I am so tired of feeling this way. The pain meds sure don't help my moods either.

You should let yourself sleep. I think it helps to take a few naps in the day. Although, it does hurt to wake up from them. OUCH. I can't even imagine the pain you are going through with your tongue. I thought mine was bad, but having a chunk taken out sounds terrible. I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm right with you on the bathroom situation. No surprise though.

Hmmmmm my favorite thing for my throat has to be the salt water gargles. It helps remove all the thick saliva that gathers in the back of my throat and it soothes the pain on my tongue. As far as my favorite thing to eat...hmmm that is a hard one. I'm not a fan of eating right now, but the easiest thing so far is malt-o-meal. I can swallow it with little pain.

By the way this is my 4th day of recovery (including the day of surgery).

One day closer to feeling better! Hope today was tolerable for you!!

Justin 4 years ago

Hey Wendy! Yes, today (day 3, counting surgery day), I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. I had a bit of having to throw up this morning, but after I ate something I felt better. That's the only bout with throwing up I've had luckily. Today was the first day I had taken the pain medicine, before that I was just on children's liquid tylenol which also helped my headaches.

Your food sounds pretty good, I'm glad it made you feel good! I don't know if it'll work for you, but today I had some honey. I let it sit on my throat for a while. It felt pretty soothing.

I am eating mac and cheese for lunch right now, and it is def sticking in the back of my throat, so like you said water is a must.

The physical drainedness sucks! I'm a pretty active person, so not doing anything is really hard. I sat out in the sun again this morning because I was very cold. Then I had a fever. I just can't win :\

Wow, a two year old German Shepherd. That does sound like quite the handful. I'm glad you have someone there to help you. I haven't been lucky enough to just doze off. I think I tend to fight it, because I'm afraid I'll sleep too long and then wake up and feel miserable... it's probably good you're giving your body some rest.

For various reasons, I had a large piece taken out of my tongue on the bottom. In addition to my throat, so that causes quite a bit of pain. I'm not sure what advice to give you about your tongue. I'm sorry it is cut up.

I been off and on putting ice on me all day. It helps soothe my neck quite a bit.

Other than the medicine, I just try to gently rub my head, I wish I had some miracle cute. Sorry Wendy :(

The toughest thing for me today has been trying to go to the bathroom... it's been so difficult. I'm quite worried so I got some medicine to make it easier.

What has been your favorite thing to eat so far? What soothes your throat the most?

Wendy 4 years ago

Justin, yesterday was probably by far the worst day for me. In the morning I was able to eat a bowl of jello and one later in the afternoon, this apparently didn't sit well with my stomach and I kept getting really nauseous. I was really afraid I was going to throw up. Then I decided actual food would probably help my stomach so I ate a soft piece of bread and chocolate malt-o-meal, along with some cut up pieces of fruit. This was by far the best meal I have had in days and it made me feel better. Your meals sound pretty good. I'm going to have to get some apple sauce. That sounds pretty amazing. Water is key when eating. If you eat anything relatively dry, it has the tendency to feel like it gets stuck down your throat.

I have to agree with you! I'm physically drained. I find myself falling asleep while sitting up. I can be sitting anywhere and I will fall asleep. I have a German Shepherd mix. She is two and quite the handful. Luckily I have had lots of help from other people who are willing to walk her for me.

Ugh yes, the ears are terrible. I'm pretty sure it is referred pain from my tongue but who knows. Yesterday I started to get a killer headache and a fever too. It was definitely not a fun mix. Have you felt like you were going to throw up at all?? I also have been sleeping with an ice pack wrapped around my head. It helps so much, so if you start to get neck/ear pain I would highly suggest putting some ice on it.

What are you doing for your headaches?

Justin 4 years ago

Wendy, how has the day been going? I hope you've been able to eat some better food. It def hurts a bit when I eat some of that stuff. I usually have to force it down. Today, for lunch, I had a piece of cheese, applesauce, jello, 3 mini-pancakes, and some crazy carrot/kale concoction. The cheese/pancakes were harder to get down, I found having some water before and after each bite helped. What kinds of things do you eat?

Yah the fresh air is great, though today the sun was so hot I think it drained me a bit more than it helped me. I've been so tired! I do think it's good to get your mind off things, like taking your dog for a walk :). I haven't had a pet in so long, major jealous. What kind is it?

I'm sorry to hear about your ears. I've been pretty lucky so far, no ear pain, though I've had this killer headache off and on for the whole day. The headache came with a fever too. Have you put some ice on the ears? Someone said that helped. I've been trying to ice my neck.

Keep it up Wendy!

Wendy 4 years ago

Justin, thank you! I'm definitely trying to feel better. I think the warm salt water does help, a lot actually. It helps my tongue and the sores I have on it. I definitely wish I had a humidifier, my throat is so dry. Sounds like a good breakfast! I can't get that kind of food down yet without it hurting like crazy.

I also think going outside is helpful. I have been going on short walks with my dog. It seems to help clear everything out. The evening after surgery was the best for me because I was still so drugged that I couldn't feel anything. Now it's harder for me to want to get up because my ears have a lot of pressure in them...

I would have to agree that days 3 through 7 are going to be the worst, but who knows. Definitely take it day by day. You may surprise yourself!

Justin 4 years ago

Wendy, hang in there, we will make it through this!! :) Do you think the warm-salt water is helping? I've been afraid to gargle water b/c when I swished back there it was really painful. I didn't want to open any wounds either. Tho the doc did say it was ok..

I have a humidifier setup in my room, I don't know how much it is helping but it can't hurt. This morning I'm having scrambled eggs, bananna, and malt-o-meal with honey and cinnamon. Pretty tasty. I went outside for a bit today to get some sunshine since it was nice out. Got some sunshine and a little walk for my legs. They told me I could do like a block or so. And it's been 2 hrs and I've had about 22oz of water!

From these posts day 3 through day 7 are the toughest. I'm a little worried, but just taking it a day at a time.. btw I'm 27m.

Justin 4 years ago

Thanks Kelsey for your response, it was very helpful. Day 2 now.

Day1: I ended up having bananna, avacado, mac&cheese, some kale/carrot/apple/whatever juice, for dinner last night. Pudding and jello for lunch. Pudding as a late night snack. I didn't sleep at all during the day. Didn't feel like it. Drank LOTS of water. I think I've had 60 - 80 oz. Trying to make sure I stay really hydrated. I went on a small walk, like just around my property. Just to get some fresh air. Overall a decent day, but it was day one! Last night was harder mainly because I had a headache and I had to make sure to keep waking up to drink water. Overall got like 7 - 8 hrs. Just been having children's tylenol, no pain med yet.

Wendy 4 years ago

I had my surgery two days ago. I am 20 years old. I had a tonsillectomy and my adenoids removed. The thing that is bothering me the MOST is my tongue! Whatever they used to clamp it down sure did some damage. It is so swollen that I can't close my mouth, drying out my throat further. I'm also suffering from a sinus infection which is magnifying the pain and making it so I can't breathe out of my nose.

This really is the worst pain I've ever felt. The only thing that has helped considerably is icing under my chin and gargling with warm salt water. I drink about 5 water bottles a day and I try to eat because I'm starving. It is 3 in the morning here, and I've slept for a few hours, but now I'm awake due to the fact that my pain medicine has worn off (not that it does anything in the first place). It is nice to read everyone else's posts to see that I am not alone because I am so frustrated at this point.

Good luck to everyone going through this. I can say that it is no fun at all, but on the bright side, we will all feel so much better once we are healed so it will be worth it!!

Justin 4 years ago

Hey everyone, just had my surgery. Right now I feel ok. Say the pain is maybe 0.5 out of 10. I know the pain medicine is still working tho.

I appreciate all the comments here and I'm ready for the long road ahead. Good luck to anyone going through this and I wish you all a speedy recovery!

Dwight Blake 4 years ago

hi i am schedule to have a tonsillectomy but i am extremely HORRIFIED because i am a professional singer and i am to return to work (singing) within the next 4 weeks. Will i recover in time and WILL THIS SURGERY AFFECT MY VOCAL ABILITIES. i have read all the comments but i haven't heard or read any from PROFESSIONAL SINGERS. Someone please please reply to me here on in my email thanks a lot and i hope you all get better soon

Kelsey 4 years ago

I’m 20 years old and i’m on day 9 (not including the day of surgery). definitely the most painful experience i've ever been through. I think i’m finally on the mend? It's still extremely difficult / painful to swallow... The pain’s the worst right after I try to eat something remotely solid (oatmeal, pasta, etc). It feels like i’ve run a marathon! My jaw hurts and my throat stings from all the force. The worst days were definitely 5 and 6. Here’s a little chart of what i’ve dealt with so far.

day 1: not terrible, dozed most of the day, drank TONS, was in some pain, everything stung to eat, could only get down jello, took hydrocodone, woke up every hour to drink which helped (GET A HUMIDIFIER. it’s a lifesaver)

day 2: terrible. the hydrocodone & the antibiotics made me get sick three separate times which made my throat SO raw. switched to liquid tylenol and ditched the antibiotics completely (i have a REALLY sensitive stomach so many of you probably won’t have the same problem) thank god i have a wonderful doctor who’s been calling 3 times a day to check on me and give tips / etc

day 3-4: moderate pain, ears ached a little, tylenol helps a little, nights are the worst because you wake up and your throat’s dry. moved on to apple sauce.

days 5-6: THE WORST. so painful. oh my goodness i wanted to die, my ears ached and it felt like i was swallowing glass. i’m not sure if this was due to the scabs forming or falling off but it was so sharp and everything stung. tylenol wasn’t doing any good, but i was in so much pain i couldn’t bear risking getting sick under those circumstances. ice pack on my neck at all times. attempted to eat frozen yogurt, broke down crying because it hurt so bad, the crying caused more pain which caused more crying- vicious cycle. suck it up, no tears!

day 7-8: SO much better than day 5-6 but still really painful. went for my post op appointment and my doctor and he said everything looked good as far as healing. he also prescribed a new antibiotic (because my throat looked a little red which meant a possible infection) and this anti-naseau medicine that’s apparently been around for 50 years or so. I was wondering why he hadn’t prescribed it earlier but i went to CVS and it was $260 with insurance! but it’s literally saved my life. it knocks you out so you can get a full nights sleep and i’ve felt no nausea and can use the hydrocodone and the antibiotics again. Day 7 i think i see light at the end of the tunnel. throat still hurts pretty badly but i was able to eat some egg salad and only took some tylenol this morning and have felt okay minus swallowing. tried tortellini with chicken broth to make it soft but it was way too difficult to eat. my throat hurt so badly after and my muscles were worn out

Day 9: woke up very dehydrated, once i drank tons of water felt a little better. had cream of wheat for breakfast and some papaya & kiwi...still get so tired / sore after eating :( however other than the pain from swallowing / eating and the occasional earache i feel SO much better.

Can anyone confirm that this means i’m healing? my throat isn’t nearly as white as it was on day 6, but it still is farther back in my throat. i’m hoping that means the scabs are subsiding. i’m just worried that there’s no rhyme or reason to the pain and i might wake up feeling awful. some reassurance would be appreciated. my doctor said between 7 to 10 days swallowing / the pain in general should become far more manageable. WHEN will i be able to swallow remotely solid food again???

Here are some tips that have helped me immensely through all of this and my friend of the same age who got them out a year prior.

-jell-o, apple sauce are your friend, CREAM OF WHEAT (way easier to eat than oatmeal- add some cinnamon and honey) milk causes gross phlegm

-TROPICAL FRUITS, it sounds random but cut into little bits kiwi or papayas are great. they’re cold and slippery and easy to get down and not rough like apples or acidic like grapefruit.

-drink KEFIR!!! it’s difficult to get down because it’s thick. but it realllly helps the healing and has a lot of nutrients you aren’t getting from the limited foods you can eat

-Vico coconut water is GREAT. it’s one of the most hydrating things you can drink and it comes in so many flavors (original, chocolate, mango, pineapple)

-use a humidifier at night so your throat stays moist and you don’t have to wake up every 20 minutes to take a sip of water

-If you’re nauseous, don’t drink water. it’ll just come right back up. try gatorade or something with electrolytes

-switch up food / drinks as much as possible. it can be as little as changing vitamin water or gatorade flavors. you get so sick of constantly having the same thing that it makes an already long recovery seem even longer

-invest in one of those neck bandage things that you can put an ice pack in (they gave me one at the hospital) keep it on your neck, and put plastic ice cubes on your ears if they start to ache

-when you feel yourself getting overwhelmed watch a movie or TV, otherwise you’ll psyche yourself out and make yourself even more upset. get your mind off of it.

-ask your doctor about anti nausea medicine if you’re afraid of getting sick. because it’s WAY more painful dealing with tonsillectomy when your throat is already raw from getting sick.

hope this helped!

Ann 4 years ago

I am so glad I steered away from most of these kinds of discussions before I got my tonsils out. I am 23 and on day 10, and so far I've had a few days where I felt like crap, but I have a pretty high pain tolerance I guess because I wouldn't say it's nearly as bad as most of you describe it. The pain medication doesn't completely take the pain away and I don't expect it to. You have to make yourself drink fluids even when it hurts because that's the only way you're going to get any better. And to the people reading these posts and doubting whether they should get this done, keep in mind that most people who post on internet forums about these kinds of things are people who have had a more negative experience than most. (This idea of selective bias tends to be true for most things).

melissa 4 years ago

I had my tonsils out 6 days ago I haven't been able to really eat or drink much verytime iI do, i pay for it with a shooting ear ache...I get strep 6 times a year and finally at 23 they wanted them out but I rather deal with strep 6 times a year than ever go threw this again, hope it gets better from here........

Jaime 4 years ago

I am 29, female, and had surgery on May 2--septoplasty, tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, and turbinate reduction. I had a septal spur that was removed as well. Today is the 15th, and although my pain has definitely lessened since last weekend, my right ear is hurting a lot, and swallowing both liquids and soft foods is excruciating at times...still trying to eat a soft diet, per the advice of my doc. Hoping to fell better soon. Taking Tylenol Extra Strength every 6 hours and went back to work yesterday.

kashmommy profile image

kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas

I am now on day 26 after my tonsilectomy. The verdct: I feel alot better than I did earlier in recovery. I went back to work exactly 14 days after my surgery. I was a bit worried about that because as a hair stylist, I would be required to do a lot of talking. My doctor okayed me to take my Motrin and they actually helped me through my work days. It was difficult talking the first couple of days, but my voice was back to normal in no time. I have to admit, I wish I could have basked in my time off from work more so than complaining about the pain, because I felt myself having separation anxiety from just being able to relax and do nothing. It was a little hard to go back to work. My advice to anyone concerned about having the surgery. Go ahead and do it! The first part of the recovery may take a little discipline, but it will definitely heal. Stay hydrated and consistent with your meds. You'll be back to normal in no time.

Dave 4 years ago

For anyone having the surgery soon, listen to the advice, but disregard the stuff about the pain. We all have different thresholds to pain and our bodies react differently to operations. Yes, the first couple of days are easier than most expect, then it does get harder, especially when the scabs start falling off. But don't get hung up on the upcoming pain, you may end up with an experience that is much more tolerable than you expected.

Christina_C89 4 years ago

I am 23 and I have my surgery the first of June! Reading this post have terrified me? I teach Kindergarten and I wonder will my voice be strong by August...should I go through with this surgery honestly?!

kittyg01 4 years ago

I am 44yrs old and my surgery is set for may15th...omg from reading these posts, i am kinda scare..ugh oh and i am also having at the same time turbinate reduction surgery,,,yep, im scared,,lol... but i love reading the posts,,,i cant stop reading them, getting good advice for recovery!

kayleigh 4 years ago

i ad my op on the 20th april day 5 and 6 were the worst for me as i couldn't at all swallow and taken back into hospital for dehydration and infection my throat was blocked, but being on a drip for 2 days i came out eating normal and fine, now im on day 9 ive just had a bath and now experiencing blood in my throat and running through my nose, did anyone experience this as i dont no if this is normal???

Porsche 4 years ago

Well today, Day 8, actually wasn't that bad. I was able to drink a whole bottle of iced tea, but I still can finish my food. I haven't been eating much, just drinking. Is that bad? My throat during the day though is fine, but at night it burns kinda and swallow is difficult. The only thing I'm wishing for is being able to talk soon cause I miss it haha. But yeah whenever I don't think about the pain I feel fine! My post op doctors appt is on the first! Which is so soon! I'm so happy to be getting back to normal!!!

profile image

Lollielegs 4 years ago

Hi to anyone reading this.... I'm 40 years old and after finding a lump in my tonsil had them out on Monday 23/4 and currently on day 4.... I can tell you the pain and discomfort is definitely setting in... I'm worried that I have yet to hit my peak pain days as it's already pretty bad! The good thing is the lump was benign but I'm having to have more tests as my lymph nodes are enlarged.... Fingers crossed that too comes back OK....

On day 1 and 2 I was wondering what the hell were people on about???.... this isn't that bad... BUT now I get it... I have pain in my throat, neck, tongue, temples, head and I too keep producing lots of saliva (I think it's the mouth's natural way of healing itself). The ear pain has got to be the worst but I'm ensuring that I keep eating so that I am able to take my meds without being sick.... Icy poles are my new best friend, in fact I think I may go grab one now.... To anyone else about to go through this I'm not going to lie to you it sucks! Keep positive, we will get through this....

kashmommy profile image

kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas

Hey Porsche. The ear thing is really annoying. I am on day 13 and I am still having problems with my right ear. I understand that "sting" all too well. Everyone heals at different paces, but most people feel better after getting through the pain peak days. For me, days 5-9. I don't know if its because I've gotten used to the pain or not, but after day 9, I started to feel so much better. Your manager was right about one thing though. Once you start to recover, it happens at an alarming rate. One day I was laying around and the next, I was planning to go back to work. Just hang tough. You have gotten the hardest parts out of the way. Stay hydrated and medicated at regular intervals and your road should be a lot quicker and smoother. Good luck! Praying for us all a speedy recovery.

Porsche 4 years ago

Well I'm on day 7 and I'm experiencing the most pain in my ears and throat now. I can swallow fine put there is like this weird sharp pain in my throat on the right side. Not sure how to describe it. But yeah it's pretty bad. I still can't talk either. It's Wednesday and I really hope to feel better by Monday. Is that possible? My friend said it took him eight days... and my manager said with getting your tonsils out it's like pain pain pain then boom you're better. Is it?

kashmommy profile image

kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas

No problem Chanel. Glad I could help. Try a heating pad or hot towel on your throat. It should soothe it a little. I know its hard, but try to get in a sip of water as much as you can. Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on your recovery!

Chanel 4 years ago

Oh thank you so much! you are giving me hope I have just woken up (day 8) and its a stinging sensation now it's still pretty bad to swallow and the earache is there but no whereas bad as the other days! I guess my throat would be very delicate at this time .... so I need to be careful but thanks so much! This site has helped loads!

kashmommy profile image

kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas

Hey Chanel, you are almost over the worst. I had my surgery on the 12th and is now on Day 11. I started feeling better around Day 8 and was finally able to start eating like a human being again. My throat is still uncomfortable a little, but it is nothing like the pains I had in my peak pain days. You have certainly made it through the roughest parts. Make sure that you are staying well hydrated because that soothes the throat and makes it a lot more easier to swallow and stay up on you meds at least between every 3-4 hours. Sounds like your scabs have begun to fall off which explains why part of your throat feels crazier than the other side. However, you are in that time frame where they are said to come off. Hang in there and you will be back to normal in no time!

Sarah Jane 4 years ago

I am due for my op on Wednesday and i am terrified!!!!!

Chanel 4 years ago

Finally a recent site where people can write !!!!!! ..... Had my tonsilectomy done on the 17th of April so 7 days including the op.... Doctor says my tonsils were very mucky so im on a few meds for it ....My god has this been a horrible experience! ....

Day 1 waking up in hospital

was not too bad obviously as I was still under anaesthetic .... Woke up and ate some toast and peaches cut up ... That wasn't too bad .... that night I was able to sleep well as I was taking 8 Panadine forte tablets a day

Day 2

was pretty much the same as day one except I was struggling to eat toast although I was definatly eating ok and at this point I was run down and icy poles were my and once again had a good sleep I havnt had to wake up to take medication yet....

Day 3 - 4

Pain started getting a little worse, unable to swallow and was very flemmy, food was not going down so good .. Tried to eat a cheese sandwich but all i could do was toast bread together so the cheese melts and then open the middle pick at it .... Sleep was not too bad that night thank god for those pain killers!

Day 5! My WORST Saturday ever!

I was so so so so sore and felt like I couldn't even swallow my own saliva, at this point my emotions were running wild and I just wanted to cry! All I could eat was scrambled eggs and icy poles ..... then that night I was up until about 5am with throbbing ears ... For some reason I only seem to be able to sleep during the day.....

Day 6-7

Day 6 was not too bad .... But day 7(today) was not my day ..... Just got back From my GP ... I have a fever but he says my Tonsils are looking good and gave me another dose of medication and i was out of there now it's currently 11pm and I'm scared to sleep for some reason .... One side of my throat is killing more than the other is that normal?

Also can someone please tell me when scabs start falling off ?? I am very itchy and my throat is still white although I can see some of my pink skin through the white .... Are the scabs hard or soft?????

Day 8 tomorrow - hopefully something comes good out of this !!

Someone please talk to me!

im starving 4 years ago

I'm on day 7 yea the pain is horrible but I just can't wait for a Burger I'm so hungry :(

widespread5 4 years ago

Sounds to me Kashmommy like you are going to be just about over it before long. I was going to say to that the wound sites(Holes where the tonsils used to be)regenerate tissue quite fast and the holes fill in a good bit.

kashmommy profile image

kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas


Day 9 - I think that the worst may be over afterall. Today was as close to normal I've felt in what seems like forever now. I was able to get out and enjoy the sunshine today. I didn't really stay out too long besides going to the mall and visiting a couple of stores. I am no longer taking the hydrocodones every 4 hours. I only take them according to pain. Today I only took 2 and a couple of motrin. I'm so glad that the worst part is over, but I haven't gotten completely over the fence yet. There are still annoying things going on like when food seems to get stuck in that spot where the tonsils resided. It's nothing that gargling warm salt water won't fix I'm sure, but the feeling drives me nuts! I still feel that awful earpain when I yawn. My mouth remains numb in some places, but I'm hoping this will get better with time. As long as it doesn't hurt. Also, at times I feel light pressure at the back of my throat. It feels like some food is back there and doesn't want to go all the way down. With all these annoying things going on with me now as a result of having my tonsils out, I would deal with them all wrapped up in one before dealing with the recovery pain again. I was able to eat quite a bit normally today too. I enjoyed some crispy chicken nuggets and fries from Wendy's. It was delicious. I cooked tacos tonight for my husband and son and was able to eat one. I can't wait to see my doctor on Monday for my follow-up. So far, so good. I'll be back at work in no time!

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kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas

Hey Widespread. Thanks for all the good advice. Lol... No spicy foods yet, but the joints have helped out more than you know. I was worried about what the smoke would do to my healing throat, but I make sure to numb my mouth up really good with crushed "sonic" ice to eliminate any pain and to cool that sensitive area. The only downfall in this is that it has re-opened this nasty little habit I suffered from years ago. Chewing on ice. The joints have helped a lot in alleviating nausea and regaining my appetite. My weight loss has been massive. Even though it's uncomfortable learning how to eat with this new mouth, the munchies that I get afterwards makes getting a bite to eat an even bigger issue than fighting irritating and annoying pain. Sleep tends to be much better, more peaceful, and longer as well.


Day 8 - Waking up this morning felt a lot like day 5 and 6 all over again. My mouth felt extremely dry and it was really hard to swallow. I been taking my medication every 4 hours and have been really conscious about drinking more water. Drinking water has gotten a lot easier by the way. I would say my slowdown in drinking h20 now is more motivated by the fact that I am just tired of drinking it (the routine), moreso than pain being a factor. I took my meds and hydrated up really good and I was back to normal in about an hour. My heating pad has been a big help as well. I usually wrap the heating pad around my throat and ears once I start to feel any pressure from them and when it is hard to swallow. The heating pad works wonders! I honestly dont think I would have made it without it. I've read in so many of the posts that ice packs work well too. Personally, since I am cold natured by heart, the heating pad works better for me. On a scale from 1-10, I would rate my pain level today at about a 3. Not so much pain as other factors that really annoys me. Every time I eat, it feels like something is getting stuck in that space where my tonsils were. It's so weird. I gargle with warm salt water to try to alleviate that feeling and it usually helps a bit. I make sure to promptly follow up with my heating pad to seal the deal. I was also able to relax my medication time from every 4 hours to every 6, unless the pain comes for me sooner. Tonight I was able to finally enjoy a meal. Went down smooth and didn't even get stuck! My husband called in that chicken alfredo with extra sauce. It was delicious. For a change, I did not taste that bitter taste that I was tasting before when I ate. It was great. I can say, I think I may be on my way to being over the hump. I rested a little bit more today, and I am preparing to go back to work early next week. At first, I was regretting having the whole thing done, but now my take is a bit different. I would go ahead and get it over with. The sooner you go ahead and get it over with; the better off you'll be in the longrun!

widespread5 4 years ago

Kashmommy it sounds like the pain kinda came on but you are really hanging in there and doing as well as could be expected. Keep drinking tons on water, the slightest dry throat hurt me. As for spicy wings and a joint it will burn pretty bad I imagine, you may want to go for the teriyaki wings and a waterpipe. Your throat will let you know really quicklike for the next 5 months what it likes and does not like. Sounds like you are doing well and with your last report it sounds like you arew over the worst of the pain in another week or two you will be just about over all of this.

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kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas


Day 7: I don't know what's worse; the anticipation of pain from reading recovery posts or the pain itself. This morning was the same as yesterday. The pain meds have taken control and the pain is minimal. I am not drinking as much water as I did days 1-6, but hopefully I drunk enough then to make up for when I don't drink any. Lol. The first part of the day, I tried to sleep to pass the time, (not hard to do on hydro 10's). I woke up about 4 to take another dose and ate a beef pot pie. It was not as hard to get down and the warmth of the soup soothed my throat quite a bit. I am about in between 5 and 6 on a pain level. The ear ache is less frequent (a lot less), and the swallowing thing is becoming tolerable. It would probably be a more tolerable if I was drinking my water as much as I was previously, but it's not as easy to drink as it was previously. The stinging feeling that I was feeling yesterday dulled a little today, so it is no longer stinging, but it does seem to trigger other things, like a sore and tender uvula and a really, really tight feeling in my throat. Sometimes, the ear may wanna join in. The fact that drinking water triggers some of these things, makes it less and less attractive to drink. Shame on me though, because I can feel my throat beginning to get dry. Overall, I must say, today, I feel a hell of a lot better than I did the last couple of days. I was able to get up and do some chores around the house, which made me feel even better. It's just something about a clean house that always makes me feel better! I am still going to take it light on eating though. I would love a chicken alfredo pasta dinner w/ extra alfredo sauce and a fresh salad for dinner, but I'm scared I may be rushing things a bit. Somehow, I feel like my throat will definately let me know when will be the right time to order those hot wings extra spicy with ranch dressing! My goal is to increase my water intake a bit, because I honestly think it played a major part in my recovery and to take it easy. Good luck to all who have had to endure this surgery and you will get through it! Update you on a l8ter date.

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kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas


Day 6 - Well I thought there would be a little relief today, but no such thing. This thing is turning out to be like what everybody's saying it is in their posts. On a scale from 1-10, I would have to rate today an 8. It would be okay if it was just one discomforting situation, but there are several reasons to make me want this to all just be over and done with. Aside from the fact that I want some spicy chicken with a couple of jalapenos or a large pepperoni pizza with extra jalapenos, it is getting harder and harder to swallow. I would just die for a fresh salad drenched in ranch dressing and croutons. I miss eating so much that it depresses me. I try to get in as much as I can, besides water, but nothing satisfies me or is even filling enough. This morning I managed to scarf down some scrambled eggs and grape jelly along side of some instant grits. No matter how good I flavored my grits and seasoned my eggs, the pain of the food going down wouldn't let me savor the flavor so to say. The pain truely outweighed my thirsty tastebuds. I have slowed down a little on my water intake because its getting harder and harder to swallow. There has been several moments today where I felt as though my uvulva was swollen and cutting off a portion of my air supply. The ear thing is still going on as well. At first it was all drawn to one ear, but now the pain is taking turns between the left and right ear like labor contractions. Don't worry. I am really sensitive about my ears hurting and if I hadn't have found a quick remedy for it, I would probably be living in the ER right about now. My husband bought me one of those microwavable heating pads and it works wonders. Whenever my ears, head, or throat starts to bother me now, I place my warm heating pad on for soothing,; and it really works! I am staying way ahead on my meds(hydrocondone 10's)every 3-4 hours. Tonight, I plan to set my alarm clock to every 3-3 and a half hours, instead of 4. You would be surprised at the difference that 30 minutes make. I slept most of the day, because the meds make me real drowsy, but I would rather be asleep, than up trying to manage this terrible pain. Overall, the meds are keeping the pain pretty stable, but boy what I would give to feel normal again. I'm not at all looking forward to tomorrow, which will officially be the big scary 7 for me, but in some ways I am just ready to get it all over with. Hopefully, I am short just a bit of feeling normal again so I'm holding my breath and keeping my fingers crossed. Update you soon on the rest of my road to recovery!

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kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas

Thanks Widespread, but I think I spoke too soon. Turns out that I was actually skipping things a bit. I was only 3 days in, as opposed to the 4 I posted. My badd. I was actually counting the day of my surgery. Idunno, perhaps bc it was an early morning one. Lol.


(The Real) Day 5 - Not so good as the other days. I have managed to drink about 4 more gallons of water, but I'm noticing, drinking that water is beginning to feel like running a marathon. I have to take a couple of deep breaths to prepare myself. On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the worst, I would rate today at about a 6 and a half to a 7. Precisely. I began to get the ear pains in the middle of the night, but they were slightly mild. I make sure to set my alarm clock during the night to keep me regulated on my water and meds, so I cannot imagine what that ear would have felt like if I wasn't so medicated. There was a difference though. I still manage to help my husband get my son ready for school in the morning so I guess I should say the pain is barable. It also helps to take my mind off the pain too. Today has been a little worse. Both ears are hurting swallowing is a bit more uneasy. I have lost so much weight. I went from being 145lbs pre-surgery to 115lbs now. I didn't mind shedding a few lbs, but never expected to lose this much. I lost my appetitie, I guess from being so full on water, and oh yea, I haven't had a joint. In the meantime, I am going to stay up on my meds, water, and rest and try to ride this recovery on out. Update you on a later date....

widespread5 4 years ago

Kashmommy, It sounds to me like you are doing everything to ensure a speedy recovery and I hope that you are one of the folks who do not have to deal with alot of pain. I will say for me the first 3 days were a breeze and then from day 4-8 the pain came on but never totally intolerable. My pain got up to about a 7 or 8 at the worst for a few days. I hope that you are one of the ones that does not have much pain but typically when the scabs come off the pain will set in for about a week or so. I do not know but if your breath is bad the scabs are probably still back there. I wish you a fast recovery and you sound like you are doing all the right things.

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kashmommy 4 years ago from Dallas

I am 33 and I had my tonsils removed 4 days ago. I was nervous about the whole procedure bc I have never been put under before. I am so darn glad I knew nothing about this site before I got my procedure bc I probably would have tried to opt out, even though I was in so much pain from infection. I started reading this blog day 1 of surgery and I have to say that I was extremely grateful for the honesty, but you guys sure know how to scare the crap out of people.

I will try to be as honest as possible w/o scaring the living daylights out of potential tonsilectomy patients. People must try to consider that there are so many factors associated with healing so if you are a potential patient, remember, we are not all alike. As, a matter of fact, some people received more extensive procedures than others did. Don't put every patient in one healing box when there are so many different factors involved. The only thing that matters is that you feel better in the long run than you did before you had the procedure done!

Day 1 was not bad at all. I had a difficult time trying to swallow my pain medication. I didn't really think about the fact that I was swallowing with a whole new mouth. It was painful, but it wasn't intolerable. Drinking water was a little uncomfortable too. I had to control the way I swallowed now because it seemed as though the water was going down my throat too fast, due to the new extra room I had in my mouth now. In the long run, I have learned how to drink my liquids slower in smaller sips (helps a lot). I couldn't eat anything, but of course who wants to eat after your throat has been butchered. I found that drinking tap to lukewarm water soothed my throat moreso than cooler water.

Day 2 was no different than day 1. I would rate the pain levels from 0-10 with 10 being the worst a 2. I probably wouldnt have felt anything if my throat was more hydrated.

Day 3 I am waiting on the ear pain. I can feel a little tenderness in my right ear, but nothing to get in a big fuss about. Pain level altogether was the same as day 1 and 2.

Today, Day 4 I am still waiting on this excrutiating pain as described in all the posts, but again my pain is at a minimum.

Since I came out of surgery, I have drank about 25 16oz bottles of water, mostly during the day when I am awake. Through the night, I only drank water when I get up to take my meds (every 4 hours). The first 2 days, it was not in my favor to eat anything besides a couple of fruit popsickles and a couple of cans of Campbells soup at hand. I knew that I would more than likely be throwing my pain meds right back up if I didn't have anything on my stomach so I made sure to stay current on my nausea medicine which allowed me to stay medicated without having to eat. So far, I still haven't been able to eat anything too solid so I'm sticking with the soup. They work well just to give my tummy some nutrients. So far my recovery has not been bad at all and I think that is all because I am drinking tons and tons of water and taking my meds every 4 hours on the dot. My husband has also been helping out a lot with my 3 year old which has allowed me the opportunity to not have to talk much. I can honestly count on one hand how much I have talked since my procedure. All in all, just follow the doctors orders and I think you will have a smoother, more barable recovery. I still haven't reached my peak pain days, but I think the scabs have already began to come off bc my breath smells horrible. I refuse to look back there and see. The whole site of my mouth is not easy to look at. I am going to continue to drink my water and stay on my meds on a routine basis and hopefully, I will miss all this pain a lot of people talked about in their posts. I will come back to update you guys on the remainder of my recovery. My advice to those looking to have the surgery. Do it by all means! But you have to make an effort to be extra disciplined to have a smooth recovery. Like many of the posts said, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK plenty of water, stay up on those pain meds, don't rush into eating anything your throat isn't ready to handle, and limit using your voice box until your tonsils are more stronger. Also, can't leave out the humidifier. I have the Vicks humidifier and I keep it going all night while I sleep to keep my throat moisterized. Good Luck and praying for us all a smooth and speedy recovery.

widespread5 4 years ago


The meds can definitely getting your concentration, spelling etc all twisted and the anethesthia can make you feel weird for a few days after. The promethazine alone will make alot of people sleep or feel weak and the hydrocodone(lortab) will do the same. I had my tonsils taken out at Duke about 7 months ago my Doctor was Dr. Scher, I was wondering who your doctor at Duke. You must be from N.C or the South I am from Georgia.

The eye fracture sounds scary. Is there anything that needs to be done to the fracture surgically. I just briefly looked up the orbital fracture on some medical websites and they say that under most circumstances they go in and fix the fracture surgically, usually within two weeks of the fracture. I also saw where it said not to blow your nose for a few weeks. I hope that your recovery is speedy and that you are getting better. I was also curious did your Dr. at Duke tell you to rinse and gargle with salt water for the tonsillectomy. That was on my post op sheet and it worked mircles for me.

Kim 4 years ago

had sinus surgery & tonsils removed at Duke,age 44. they presided liquid lortab, liquid peomethazine(nausea) and some kind of numbing bubble gum flavored mouth was. Including all this because my pain has been very tolerable. The doctor instructed my husband to make sure I took these meds every 3-4 hours without fail. The nausea meds made it so I could tolerate the pain meds without eating. I also was prescribed an antibiotic and a steroid. The best thing I found to eat is noodle soup with stovetop dressing . The stovetop made that nasty taste go away. Icecream has been better than yogart-it burns. Crunching on ice, water & luke warm tea(orange clove) again anything to not taste that yuckiness.

the problem I am having is, my legs are giving out on me know and I have problems spelling, concentrating. I guess that'e the meds and after effect of anesthesia.

Would love to know if anyone else is having these problems. THe doctor did fracture the orbital wall(eye) during surgery. Not sure if this could be because of that, Something weird is happening to me.

mom36 4 years ago

I am 36 and had my op 8 days ago. I have lost 10 pounds and I don't have much of an appetite anyway from the surgery. If I do eat anything I get tired of forcing myself to swallow I just quit. If the ear pain will go away I will be so much better off. I haven't slept in my bed since the surgery because I feel as if I can't breathe and the pressure makes me HURT. Hoping to "turn the corner" soon.

Spirit 4 years ago

I'm 20 And had my tonsillectomy a week today.

Day one was great as still quite doped up

Day 2-4 painful but Meds took pain away and slept it off.

I found I couldn't drink water as stung? My mum suggested coca-cola as recommended by her friend who had the same op. I bought a bottle and to my amazement I could actually take mouthfuls rather than sips, food wise still not good, pretty much living in ice lollies, jelly & mash potatoe and gravy.

Days 5-7 much more painful, breath still smells so bad even tho brushing and rinsing mouth every 3 hours, still unable to eat proper foods. When checking my throat the scabs are starting to go and can see pink in my throat rather than that horrible White/grey scabs!

Hopefully not long left to go! I'm starving!!

lilyfrazer100 4 years ago

I'm 42 and i'm on day 6 after the op. Best advice I can give is DRINK DRINK DRINK cold water as much as you can. Also allowing crushed ice to melt in your mouth helps with the swelling and pain. I've been taking combination of liquid paracetamol and liquid ibuprofen every 4 to 6 hours with plenty of ice and cold drinks when the meds start to wear off (ususally after about 2 to 3 hours). Hospital sent me home with tablets to swallow which was obviously impossible!!!! Follow advice to try and eat if poss. Soft toast, porridge, potatoe, yogurts etc for the first couple of days. It is painful but helps to "clean" the throat & aid recovery. Don't wish to put anyone off surgery, but have to admit this is prob the worst pain i've had (even compared to child birth!!) and I have quite high pain threshold.But I think if you follow hospital advice as much as possible it is worth it in the end. Good luck.

cynthia 4 years ago

Am I the only person in the world who has chosen to not take opiates after my tonsillectomy? I'm on day eight (37 years old)and my experience hasn't been any different, pain wise, than many I've read here. Yes, it hurts and sucks! But I've had no vomiting and not a bit of nausea. I'm not trying to be a hero but it is possible to get buy when you can't take opiates. The body is a miraculous thing and can heal all on its own if given a chance. Remember, ice packs, drink lots and stay in bed. You can survive a tonsillectomy.

Taylor 4 years ago

I just had my tonsils taken out.. I'm on day 3 I'm concerned because my tongue is very swollen and numb? I'm not sure if that is very normal or not.. also I'm not on any pain medication as of right now because what the doctors prescribed me made me noascious and I started getting sick from it

widespread5 4 years ago

Hey Navman I did not have issues with my tongue. About physical activity my post op instructions said that I could resume normal activity as soon as I felt o.k. There was another box that was not checked off on my paperwork that told patients to wait 14 days before normal activites. I would call your doctors office and ask the nurse. Lifting weights might be a little much though. I would ask.

Navman 4 years ago

I am 25 years old and today is Day 13 for me. The pain has gone away but theres still slight soreness at the back of my tongue and also the right side of my throat. However i feel something pressing against the righ sight of my tongue and it feels annoying. I am not sure if it is due to swelling or scar tissue. Is that something other people have noticed? Also I forget to ask my doctor if i could resume physical excercise like gym and weight lifting as i wanna gain the weight i have lost. Is that ok at Day 13?

:( t 4 years ago

hi my tonsillictomy is in 11 days any positive thing to say :(!!!

Beth 4 years ago

I just wanted to post to let others know that if they are getting the more traditional scalpel-electrocautery method of tonsillectomy that you are not doing something 'wrong'. In fact, more tonsillectomies are done via traditional techniques than via coblation. I have a top ENT who practices at one of the best hospitals in Boston and he uses traditional removal techniques (I discussed the methods with him).

He DID say that some of the biggest determining factors in recovery are your general state of health going into the surgery (obviously emergency tonsillectomy is more risky than a planned one - especially if infection is still present). Also another large factor in how 'easy' your recovery will be is how large your tonsil beds are. If the tonsil is attached by a larger amount of tonsil tissue, the healing surface area is larger which usually means more pain/discomfort. If the tonsil is attached via minimal tissue, then (generally speaking) the recovery will be 'easier'. Though it is not 'easy' by any means!

widespread5 4 years ago

Danielle, Yes I had alot of times like this. After my scabs came off between day 5and 17 things burned my throat alot. It was mostly foods and drinks. Things acids, spicy. I think that you are having normal pain at day 14. At day 28 I ate some almonds and obviously di not chew them up well enough and the pain was so bad temporarily that I felt like I was back at day 9. At times like this Lukewarm Salt water helps to soothed my throat.

Danielle 4 years ago

I don't know what to do. I had mine out on Wednesday March 7th, which makes today day 14. Im still miserable. It got better around day 11 and I thought I was getting better. But now I feel like I'm back at day 2. This is awful. I haven't bled hardly at all, and I've been taking pain medication like crazy. I've cried at least once almost every day. Im so ready to be better. It seems like all its doing is going back downhill. Has anyone else experienced this? I regret having the freaking surgery. I knew id would hurt, but not like this.

Vinny 4 years ago

I had my tonsil's removed over 12 months ago now, i had sever pain and had to go back to my doctor for stronger medication as what they give me wasnt strong enough, i didnt eat for 9 days and found it hard to drink water. i also go ear ache but this never went, the doctors have never seen a problem but i have been in and they have had looks and checked my ears and said everything is fine. when i had my tonsils taken out i lost so much weight it was untrue i could eat i had one bowel of soup a day and it had to be tomato because it had no bits init and i had to reheat it throughout the day. i was house bound for nearly three weeks as i just slept as sleeping was difficult so just slept when ever i had the chance to really whenever and whereever i fell asleep. i was only 16 when i had my tonsils taken out and the pain was unbarable so i couldnt imagain anyone over this age having there tonsils taken out, infact my operation was moved forward as the nhs did not operate any longer on anyone over 16 as you was classed as an adult and it was too risky unless it was serious they had to operate.

shawn 4 years ago

It's been nearly three weeks since I had my tonsil removed and a cyst behind my uvula. I feel pretty normal now though I can still feel something different in my throat because there is still some scabbing present and it's just achy as opposed to horribly painful. My doctor confided during the follow up appointment that he left a pretty big crater in my throat just in case what had been growing on my tonsil had been malignant, which thank God it was not.

Looking back I would say ICE is really beneficial both to eat and to pack on your neck. I would also advise being ready before your surgery with adequate and appropriate food because afterward you won't be able to help yourself much. Broth, soup, applesauce, popcicles etc. Avoid talking except when absolutely necessary because it you do you'll pay a price. Mostly sleep as much as you can for healing and to escape your reality. But I do promise eventually it does get better. So hang in there, everybody, and get well soon :-)

widespread5 4 years ago

Nicole I do not know what to tell except if you are choking and swallowing blood I would call the doctor and if you keep bleeding you may want to go to the emergency room. If you are still bleeding alot of people were told by their doctors to gargle with ice water, to eat something cold like a popsicle and I saw some doctors on the net to say to gargle with a mixture of water and peroxide. You might want to ask your doctor. I hope you get better. It sounds like your scabs are off now and that is what the bleeding is probably about. Take care and hope that you get better.

Nicole 4 years ago

Okay so I am waking up out of a sound sleep choking from either air or flem going down the wrong pipe... it is the worst pain in the world to flex my muscles like that! I feel as though Ive been swollowing nothing but blood all day now, my pain in the right ear is at its worst today! Tomorrow will be my seventh day (eighth including Friday the day I had the surgery), anyone.... inform me.. help me.... something :(

Nicole 4 years ago

My mom called him back for me twice hes been very good. she talked to him yesterday before my scabs fell off and he said he doesnt really suggest gargling but if I want to I can because that stuff thats back there prevents infection! He gave me another script of the tabs, wich I am very thankfull he did.... i must say today was better- although i did get sick because I have not been able to eat much of n e thing, and when i barfed it was the worst pain i ever felt, but i can tell its better than it was yesturday and I am hoping tomorrow is only better. I just want to be able to swollow without being in horrific pain because I feel if I can just eat a decent helping of applesauce, eggs, soup anything I would feel so much better I am beginning to get very weak and a constant headache wich i suffer from everyday migraines as it is! But if your doctor told u u could gargle the salt water I am definitly going to start doing it again, I was doing it when i first got home but then was told I shouldnt mess with n e thing back there let it all heal on its own because I bled during surgery and they did not want me to do n e thing to cause bleeding again! My right side is where my pain mainly is, hoping this sucker gets better ASAP! Im kicking myself in the ass for pushing for this surgery lol. Thank you for your help- very helpfull :) can only get better from here right haha

widespread5 4 years ago

Nicole, It sounds like you are having a rough time. I would call the doctor back and ask for stronger pain meds. They do make very small pain tabs too that do not contain the tylenol, like most vicodin, lortab percodan etc. They do just make a plain oxycodone hydrochloride and plain hydrocodone that is a tiny pill that is very easy to swallow. Try to keep drinking and suck on ice chips. Stay hydrated. I hope youget better. The crazy pain usually is not over until about day 7 or 8. Hopefully in a few more days this will be over with. About the bad breath from the scabs and pain. I was going to suggest asking your doctor about rinsing or lightly gargling with luke warm salt water. It will get rid of the bacteria that is causing the bad breath and the salt water worked miracles for me for soothing pain and since my doctor told me to do the salt water rinse and I did it alot I never got bad breath at all. I hope you get better and if you feel like you need to I would not hesitate to call the doctor and tell him that the pain meds that you have are not touching the pain.

Nicole 4 years ago

So I am 25 and I got my surgery Fri march 9th! I have a daughter wich i gave birth naturally and let me tell you the pain of that is nothing to this! The first day I was okay due to the meds the hospital gave me, my doctor was worried because there is a 1% chance of people bleeding during this and a 99% chance u will make it through with no problem, well I was that 1% and i bled very bad! The right side gave him trouble and this seems to be the side thats in more pain! I woke up today day five including the day of surgery, day four without- and my right side isnt as bad today but now my left side wich wasnt bothering me is in horible pain! Im laying in bed with my 20 month old daughter and i started to choke on something sat up and spit before i barfed and it was the scabs from my right side! By far the worst thing in the world! My boyfriend rushed to the room to cover his face while he stood over me and gagged himself! My boyfriend (30) who has never even gotten a tooth removed did not believe me this was going to be painfull, honestly when doctors warned me i didnt think it could be this bad! I feel bad for anyone who has to go through this because it is the worst! I have all four wisdom teeth out along with two sist one in my arm one in my stomach at the same time and the recovery had nothing on this, I can not eat, drink, swollow anything! My doctor due to back problems gave me loratab tens (pills) so on day two i couldnt swollow them so i called and he gave me codiene liquid! this i found out when I took it it sent horrible pain down my throat, its because of the alcohol in it! Ive been taking a loratab along with three teaspoons of liquid codiene and it doesnt touch the pain! I take my meds with an alarm set every 3- 31/2 hours! I also ice every couple hours and since yesturday i started with a heating pad! My friend told me day eight she begean to feel better so this i am praying for! I do not know how much more I can take, my boyfriend works nights and I have a 20 month old and her two half sisters who are 5 and 6! I have NOT gotten to rest the way they say too, im now finding myself so hungry that my head is pounding. The pain in my tongue is horrible, my boyfriend can not stand my breath.... I lay here and just cry because it is so bad and I just dont know what to do.. it is the saddest thing to see my babygirl look at me and wipe my tears! I am hoping since I lost my scabs this is the beginning of feeling better. To anyone going through, going to go through, or thinking about this surgery.... I wish you the best but please prepare yourself!

widespread5 4 years ago

Hey Patricia. Well I must say that you recovered verey very well. You are a brute, when folks like me were still wimpering a little bit even after 28 days. I bet you have even been out eating spicy mexican or spicy asian food too. How is the salt water thing doing are you still using the luke warm salt water rinse. It has become a habit of mine even 6 months later. I sohow figure that salt water may be corrosive to the enamal on your teeth after using it for months on end, I do not know I am speculating, I am going to ask my dentist. I will say that luke warm salt water was a really great thing and soothed my throat and actually temporarily would take away that insane break through pain. Anyway Patricia you did fabulous and obviously you are tough, had a great doctor and I believe that it is the coblation technique that has put you on such a speedy path to recovery with minimal pain. Do you feel like a new person yet, without those tonsils?

widespread5 4 years ago

Dev- I did want to say that day 6 or 7 was my peak pain level, with a pain level of about a 7 or 8 out of 10. Your rough time sounds pretty typical for about day 6 or 7 where alot of people are in serious pain. Sounds like your scabs are coming off an the pain does get a little rougher when the scabs come off. The pain will be pretty constant probably up until about day 12-14. As long as you are staying hydrated your rough time seems pretty typical like mine and others.( How much are you drinking Dev?, have you stopped drinking liquids all together?)

Actually from day 4-7 I pretty much stopped eating all together, except for frozen Del Monte Fruit Chillers Sorbet, I was eating like 10 or 15 of these every 24 hours. When the scabs came off completely the fruit chiller burned bad and gatorade did too. I started diluting my gatorade down with water so it did not burn so much. I forgot Dev, I would go get some gatorade too. Hope you get better.

widespread5 4 years ago

Dev- Feel for youBringing back memories of my first week post tonsillectomy. If nothing else drink as much water as you possibly can or suck on ice chips or shaved ice, dehydration causes even more pain. If you have not drank much at all for days you should probably contact your doctor, dehydration can be a real problem that I have heard from others, there are alot of people on this blog that had to be rushed to the ER for dehydration. Everytime I spoke to a nurse during the first week weeks after my tonillectomy they kept aking me was I drinking enough and saying that I needed to try to keep my throat moist all of the time. Luckily I was able to drink a few gallons of water per day, actually for me the only time that my throat felt OK was when I swallowed water. Food, acidic drinks, sorbets etc all burned or cause pain. Dry swallowing was the worse for me. Anyway Dev I hope that you get better and call the doctor or head to the ER if you feel like you need to. In a few weeks you will be be over most of the pain. Take care and keep us up to date good luck and get to feeling better.

Dev 4 years ago

26 years old and on day 7 post-tonsillectomy. Every time I think the pain has plateaued and things can only get better.... Lo and behold they get worse. I had to call the doc on day 3 because the meds weren't cutting it and the swelling was so bad it felt I couldn't breathe. She called in morphine and steroids which my mom graciously picked up. These helped till last night, day 6 it started hurting so badly I was in full fletched tears, wrenched over in pain. Then I kept waking up all night (which has been the norm) except that I was drenched in sweat each time. I can't get anything down now either hurts way too much. Now it feels like there is a piece of scab obstructing my airway, the pain again has me in tears, I feel weak and exhausted and am contemplating the ER? Don't know what to do. I keep reading that the peak pain day is diff for everyone so it feels never ending...

Patricia 4 years ago

so im a little past week 3.. and im great!! finally lol

Tammy 4 years ago

My 17 year old daughter is scheduled to have her tonsils and adenoids out next Tuesday....Thanks for all the tips and suggestions that I have read...Wish us luck!!!!

Tiny 4 years ago

I had a history of strep and tonsillitis. I had 3 incidents of tonsillitis in a 5 month period. so it was time to do something.

I am 5 days post op. Here are my thoughts so far.

Day 1. Not too bad. I got home, took my pain meds (liquid percocet) every 4 hours as directed. I ate some deli ham and drank the 2 liters I was supposed to. My uvula was very swollen and it felt like I was choking every time I swallowed

Day 2. Still took pain meds on schedule. Couldn't drink as much and only stomached an italian ice. Uvula still swollen.

Day 3 still took pain meds on schedule but couldn't drink much and couldn't tolerate italian ice

Day 4. Drank almost nothing. I became dizzy easily but wasn't in much pain. Only taking pain meds every 8 hours if I really needed it. I ended up in the ER where I received 2 bags of saline, Zofran, Steroids to bring down the swelling and morphine.

Here it is day 5 and I feel like a human. The best thing I could have done was go to the ER. Being hydrated made so much of a difference.

My biggest suggestion is if you haven't had much to drink in 4 days you should go to the ER. IV fluids can make all of the difference in the world!! You should not be miserable. I was told by my ENT that if at any point I felt like I couldn't take the pain I should call immediately. If your ENT is being passive, go to the ER for treatment.

Ann Marie 4 years ago

Still in agony I can't take codeine on zydol goin to doc tomorrow this pain is excruciating for too long I haven't slept a night since I got these out and the pain just seems to b getting worse instead of better I cannot eat anything sharp pains down the side my throat wen I swallow it's torture this is day 12 and no sign of any improvement

Kt 4 years ago

Day 14. Still have scabs on my throat, still can't swallow an if I even tilt y head to the right I get unbearable pain, as well as when I eat or drink anything cold or that makes juices when in contact with saliva (applesauce, bananas, pudding, ice cream...really anytime I eat anything) Nurse said I still have 3 weeks of healing and they won't see me until after that. I'm not a dr but I have a feeling something is wrong on the right side of my throat....guess I'll find out in 3 weeks :? Has anyone as had this happen??

widespread5 4 years ago

Get a flash light out and look in the back of the throat. Scabs usually come off between day 4-12 usually about day 6 or 7. Once they come off things will burn throat. It was like a second protective skin once off, watch for foods and acidic drinks that burn.

shawn 4 years ago

I enjoy eating so much more if I do it about 1/2 hour after taking pain medicine. Cold applesauce, yogurt, chicken and stars or rice soups with the chicken picked out. I wonder about the scabs, too. I'm in this a week and notice nothing different except I can talk better. When I talk too much I hurt. I'm older and bored with this. Must be the pits for someone at 19! Sleep as much as you can and drink lots of water. Both promote healing so you can get back to your life :-)

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Kristy19 4 years ago

I am 19 and got my tonsils out Thursday the 1st.

Day 1. i was so drugged up it wasn't to bad i had a horrible stomach ach and then puked up water water and more water from that codien med. i felt instantly better after that but i couldn't sleep well.

Day 2 was pretty much the same not so much pain lots of ice cream and Popsicle

Day 3. today sucks woke up in lots of pain and the meds made me sleepy, dizzy and feeling sick, im frustrated because i don't wanna watch TV anymore and im sick of ice cream and all that its driving me nuts already. so far i had plain egg noodles that went down really nice.

all i wanna know is about the scabs im freaked out about them and i wanna no much as possible about if there painful or what and im extremely bored any suggestions on what to do and what to eat?

shawn 4 years ago

I am 54 and on day 5. I only had one tonsil removed because something was growing on it that should not be there and had a cystic mass behind my Uvula removed as well. I don't know how people handle two tonsils removed at one time! I was ready for this to be painful so am not surprised but getting really tired of having to clench my fist each time I need to swallow! The pain medication never actually alleviates the pain. An ice pack on the neck does help. A couple of posts I've read say to get ear drops from the doctor for pain should ears become involved. My doc said they do not work because the pain is referred pain from the site where the tonsil was, not actually in the ear. Another thing my doctor has instructed me to do is not brush my teeth for seven days! The reason is that people, like dogs, have a slime coat they produce but is removed by harsh toothpastes. By keeping this slime coat intact it adds extra protection to the tonsil and reduces the chance of bleeding. Ann Marie, are you taking codine for pain? You may be sensitive to that or to an antibiotic. You should not be feeling so sick. You may also be dehydrated which is really not good at any time but especially now. Call your doctor right away! If you are going to have a tonsillectomy my best advice is be prepared with foods that are super smooth and easy to swallow. I made pureed soups and applesauce. Pudding and jello help, too. Also, talk and sing right up to surgery because talking is the thing that, for me, causes the greatest pain. It's also the thing keeping me from returning to work. Good luck and God bless!

Ann Marie Ireland 4 years ago

I had my tonsils taken out 8 days ago I'm 28 and it has been the week from he'll and still is I can't eat if i eat I vomit if I don't eat I vomit imin absolute agony!! The ear and jaw pain then are just excruciating now it feels like my throat is burning like even water is painful as he'll to try sip am I ever going to get better ? I am in constant pain it's horrible help me some1 please

Jennifer Pritchard 4 years ago

I am 27,I had my tonsils taken out 8 days ago and my experience has been pretty much like everyone else's. One day i felt fine the next day I felt awful. Back and forth, so far my worse pain was yesterday (7)th day. I woke up feeling like fire was in the back of my throat and pouring out my ears not even ice or water made it feel better. my scabs have almost all fallen off but now all you can see are RED BLISTERS from the laser they used to burn em out so the Dr tells me this will prob last at least a week. I haven't been able to eat hardly anything and I have already lost around 14lbs. I am literally starving to death :(

Sandy 4 years ago

Wow this thread has been going on a long long time. Two weeks ago today I had a Septoplasty, Sinus Balloon Ablation and Tonsillectomy. I was told it would be very

difficult and hard on someone my age to go through what I have...They were not kidding. I am almost 53 and while the nose and sinus hurts, nothing at all ever compares to the Tonsillectomy. I am still swollen and in so much pain. I do need to increase my water. Have not really been able to get much of that down. Ear pain, huge swallowing difficulties, etc. I was not told by my ENT to gargle with salt water. It was never mentioned at all. I will try that. No bleeding thank goodness, but I am so tired of applesauce, yogurt, mashed potatoes. I have tried some other more substantial foods, but could be I aggravated the throat. Cold works, but does not last. I know I am not drinking anywhere near enough water. Perhaps one or two glasses a day. I need relief as I see others here saying same thing. This surgery is definitely for younger populations. I read one blog from a lady who was 58 I believe who said it took months to recover from this. As I said I'm only two weeks today. If you have to have this surgery, do not put it off till you are my age unless absolutely necessary. I am one of those who are allergic to Codeine and the related cousins, so managing pain has been tricky. If there is anyone else out there who can relate in terms of age, the surgery and can offer sage advice, I would be extremely grateful.

Patricia 4 years ago

Thanks!! my follow up isnt until march 12... almost a month later. as i gargle salt water they get a little better each time.

widespread5 4 years ago

Oh yeah most of my pain was self inlicted pain. Talking to much, eating and drinking some acidic things, eating things like soft BBQ too soon. I will say that I had no problems with eatring tons of egg beaters, hotdogs and mashed potatoes, cook it yourself and use little to no seasoning. Gatorade will burn from day 3-14 probably, if you dilute it with water this helps. Probably do not drink to much Gatorade because the salt may make your blood pressure high and could bleed easier. Good luck.

widespread5 4 years ago

Amber that is impressive that a tiny hospital in Milledgeville uses coblation. Columbus is the second biggest city in Georgia and none of the 3 hospitals have coblation and none have been trained to use it???? Crazy if you ask me. I bet your doctor was great too. You fared so well.

Patricia I remeber reading on the Duke University post op sheet that the scabs can be a yellow-ish, green-ish tone to a grey-ish white. Sounds like you are on track, I would not hesitate though to ask your doctor, I am sure that you are going in for a follow-up in the next week or two. My scabs were white for the most part but had a greyish, yellowish tone some too. I figure that grey and yellow tones mixed together would be kinda green-ish. Good Luck

PJE- Good luck and it will not be too terrible. I would recommend especially reading up on the do's and don't of eating. I personally stayed away from milk and dairy until day 10 because of all of the ice cream inflicted pain that I have read about with the thick mucous. Stay away from things that are too acidic, burn pretty good from day 3-14. Drink tons of water and get the wife to give you lots of attention and you will be like a new person a three or four weeks after surgery and so so happy that you had this taken care of. Good luck and keep us filled in on your progress.

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B16 PJE 4 years ago

widespread thanks for the feed back i will take things on bosrd with what you have said long days run up to the op as that is all im thinking about ,,im doing my wifes head in all ready and ive not gone yet lol

Amber6912 profile image

Amber6912 4 years ago

Widespread I lived north of Atlanta for a long time but moved to small town Milledgeville, GA (About an hour from Macon) this summer. Believe it or not, I had my surgery done at a TINY hospital that is definitely not "high-tech". I did do some research on my doctor, but only after I had my consult. He was just the only one around. I am eating totally normal now but still probably drink close to a gallon of water a day and I still use a humidifier. I didn't use a warm mist, however, I used a cool mist and it worked fine. I also didn't fully lose all of my scabs until after the two week mark, which my doctor said was perfectly normal, people heal differently.

Patricia 5 years ago

okay so i am on day 13 widespread and its almost all gone but i still have small greenish scabs in the back... they are pretty much gone just like one on each side is that normal?

widespread5 5 years ago

Oh yeah BJE ask your doctor about the lukewarm salt water rinse or slight gargle, it worked mircles for me with the pain and never got the slightlest bit of bad breath. I still try to gargle once a day almost 6 months later.

widespread5 5 years ago

BJE, The best thing to do is probably try not to worry, you will be fine man and so happy to be rid of your tonsils after the pain is gone. I would read through all of the posts on this blog and take a few notes on what to do and what not to do to keep yourself as comfortable as possible. What helped me so much was the ice arounf the neck, a warm mist humidifier, yes be sure to get a warm mist. Vivk's warm mist at walmart is $30. Blast it 24/7 for the first couple of weeks in a room that is not too huge. Hopefully the doctor is great and does not give a weak pain med. Drink as much water as you possibly can. A gallon or two a day literally will keep you on the right track, your throat will dry really easy and if so it then hurts like heck. Also try not to dry swallow. As long as I was swallowing water there was not much pain. Swallowing food and acidic things like Gatorade, Peach, or raspberry sorbet can burn. Follow all the doctors directiosn and you will be fine.

widespread5 5 years ago

KT, The thick nasty white scabs usually come off between day 5 and 10 average median is about 6.7 days, sounds like your probably have not come off yet. Use a flashlight and look in the mirror. Once the sluff off little by little the tissue sometimes stays white fore up to 6 weeks depending on age, recover etc. About the salt water be real gentle and do not get the water to warm or too extremely salty. I was gently gargling and sometimes I would just tilt my head back and let the water sit back there for a few seconds and then spit out. I never ever had the slightlest bit of bad breath I reckon because I was salt water rinsing from dusk til dawn. The doctors said to do it after brushing teeth to kill germs and keep breath under control as germs migrate to the scabs. I was actually doing the salt water so much for pain mangement. When I would have some of that gnarly breakthrough pain usually cause by something the slightest bit acidic that I was eating or drinking I would go for the salt water and it would take that pain way down. Good luck and take care.

widespread5 5 years ago

Dipesh I know that my uvula, the little floppy thing that hangs down from the back of the throat was very swollen and almost sat on the back of my tongue for about 5-6 days. Luckily I had no issues of gagging or feeling like something was obstructing my breathing or swallowing. I am not positive but it sounds like your Uvula might be swollen. I kept an ice wrap called Therma-pack that it filled with clay at the walmart worked well and wore it for about 2 weeks really regularly arounf the front of my neck wrapped around perfect. Ice helps alot. Good luck.

widespread5 5 years ago

Amber I am in between Columbus and Atlanta. You must be in Augusta or Atlanta where they have some decent hospitals and the best doctor in the state. Sounds like you had a great doctor with the latest technology. Where are you in Georgia? It also sound like you have been doing everything right. You are fairly young too that is a great advantage. They say the older you get the worse it is. But it sounds like your doctor and hospital were spectacular as well. I am guessing that a majority of the people on here did not have coblation and are hurting much worse than people who did have coblation. You are very smart to to take it easy with the eating etc. I was eating pounds of BBQ on day 8 by day 15 I was woofing down chips, and all sorts of stuff that I probably should not have been eating which did cause some discomfort. I shound have probably waited until about day 20 or 25 to eat these foods. They usually say to be on a soft diet for two weeks but when you get to be 34 or 40 years olds, maybe 25 or 30 days is a good time frame . I'm 40. Anyway it sounds like you fared very well. Take care.

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B16 PJE 5 years ago

im male 36 and having my tonsils out on monday im so scared what should i be worried about

Kt 5 years ago

I'm on day 7 and my pain is more intense now than it was the last 3 days. I can barely open my jaw. Is it normal at this point to still have the back sockets look covered in that white stuff??? I gargle salt water but I'm not sure how you all gargle way in bag like that, it gags me and I end up throwing up. My mouth and breath smell rancid. I haven't eaten anything substantial in a week, when I try to eat the pain is so unbearable that I end up in tears..any help, suggestions...anything??

Patricia 5 years ago

amber that is GREAT!!! im glad you didnt have a bad time. that just goes to show not everyone has it bad. also im on day 12 and i have had spicy stuff... like mongolian grill or queso with hot salsa. and it wasnt bad at all

Amber6912 profile image

Amber6912 5 years ago

I guess I was lucky. My experience was totally different than all of yours pretty much. I am a 27 year old female from Georgia. I read all of the horror stories but knew I had to have the surgery regardless of how it was going to hurt. I had a tonsillectomy, septoplasty (deviated septum repaired) and a turbinate reduction all at once. I knew I was in for more pain than most of you said you were in just because of the extra things I was having done. I woke up from surgery with MAYBE a 1-2 pain. My biggest problem was the nausea from the anesthesia (which I already knew I didn't handle well so this wasn't a surprise). Even with all that I had done, I was under for less than 2 hours. I got home and took another pill for the nausea and slept for about an hour then woke up starving. I had some oatmeal and felt much better. I took hydrocodone for maybe the first 2 days but I hated the way it made me feel, dizzy, shaky, sick, etc and switched to ibuprofen after that. At my sorest... I guess maybe days 4-6 my pain was maybe a 4-5 if that, even with only taking the ibuprofen. I was really surprised at how good I felt. I had an appetite the entire time and stuck to eating mainly oatmeal, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, and smoothies. I could have eaten much more than that but I didn't want to push it. Because of the field I work in (I am a chemist and work with some nasty stuff) I couldn't go back to work for 2 weeks (couldn't wear a respirator on my nose to protect me from inhaling stuff on my newly raw nose/throat) and I was more than ready after the first week to be out of the house. There wasn't a single time in my recovery that my throat even came close to hurting as much as some of my tonsillitis bouts. My ears hurt a little bit every once in a while but not too bad and the ibuprofen helped with that as well. I am 3 1/2 weeks post surgery and am about 90% back to normal. I still haven't been brave enough to try anything spicy (bc of the horror stories about it) and I haven't had anything as tough to eat as steak, more because of my own fear. My throat doesn't hurt at all anymore and I am more than thankful I went ahead with the surgery despite how nervous I was after reading all of these posts.

Widespread, I also had coblation done and had it done in Georgia. What area do you live in?

Anyway, I wrote this to let people know that it is not always as bad as many people say. I had a good experience and and definitely glad I had it done.

Patricia 5 years ago

Dipesh- i would say to try to the salt water rinse and the humidifiar. also just try to sleep as much as you can

Dipesh 5 years ago

Hello, I am a 20 year old male. I am on day 6, and I have broken my wrist, pelvis and leg, and would rather go through that than another tonsillectomy, day 1 and 2 I was too drugged up to care, day 3 was bearable, however day 4 and 5 and the most part of today , I have been is excruciating pain, I take co-codamol and diclofenac every 4 hours. The ear pain-- holy s***. After the I felt something hanging down from the back of my mouth, and every time I breathed in through my nose, the thing would clog up the air passage, someone please tell me this is normal, I asked the doctor and he couldn't give a flying ****. I heard ice bags on eh ears and throat are a good way to get rid of the pain, I will try that and post an update, Also I am going to half the medicine dosage and double the amount of times I take them, because now the pain goes away every 2 hours, whereas it used to be 4. I regret not asking the doctor for ear drops, they would have been very useful. Also I had to stay overnight in the hospital because my sats were very low.

Patricia 5 years ago

the salt water rinse is working very well. im doing it 3-4 times a day. also i started keeping a humidifiar in my room at night so the scabs dont get dried out from sleeping with my mouth open.... pre surgery i always slept with my mouth closed and would breath thru my mouth and post surgery because of the scabs it was kind of hard to breath thru my nose so i have been breathing thru my mouth. i can also say the humidifiar works and helps also. when i look inside my mouth i see a little bit of white in the very back but for the most part i think the scabs are starting to come off. but i havent felt them come off so im guessing its while i am eating or drinking.

widespread5 5 years ago

Patricia sound like your are doing great. I read all of the nightmares about tonsils growing back. I studied that really hard on the net and can only grow back if the doctor did not get all of the tonsil tissue out. If they got all of the tissue which I think most Doctors get it all. There actually is a a procedure called a partial tonsillectomy for some patients depending on their condition, where they intentionally do not get all of the tissue out and tyhey will tell the patient that the will grow back and they will have to get it done again in the future if necessary. That is a rare thing though to do a partial tonsillectomy from what I have found researching on the internet.

Also Patricia how is the salt water rinse doing for you?

Patricia 5 years ago

checking back in. i am to the point where im no longer taking T3 just extra strength tylenol. still hurts but i can finally eat. after i heard your tonsils can grow back i got freaked out and said i will never do this again! but hopefully when all is said and done i will be happy i did it

widespread5 5 years ago

Oh yeah and go to U.S Newsweek and world report on the internet and look at the top medical universities and where they are ranked in the top 100 medical universities in America. Study the webiste hard and look at the breakdowns of how they rank in research, at actual surgery and how do they rank in Otolaryngology(Ear nose and Throat). For instance Duke is number 5 in the nation in research, number 7 form hospital and surgery, they rank about 27 for Ear nose and Throat and real high in Cancer, Heart etc. I could have gone to UNC Chapel Hill they rank better than Duke at Ear nose and throat but do not rank as high in research or in the quality of the hospital and they get several more red flags than Duke for the hospital ratings at Use the 4 or 5 websites mentioned and research everyone. I have had bad doctors in the past and present and had complications with other medical and dental procedures and now make sure that I am getting the best treatment now. I actually am going to be going to Atlanta soon a hundred miles from home just to see a Family Practice doctor for a checkup that I found at

widespread5 5 years ago

Here are some resources to research your personally doctors and hospitals before surgery and to find a top doctor out there if you feel the need. First there is a company at that researches the top doctors in America in a choosen field. Go to their website, choose a specialty, enter the desired zip code and find the top doctors out there. It shows past and present winners of the award and many of these doctors win this award many times over many years. Pretty much these top doctors are at the top medical universities.

I get a list of the top doctors for a city and then go and research each doctor on,,, dr. etc. Look at the doctors credentials and see what his exact expertise is and see what his education background is like and also look hard at the patient reviews and rating of the doctor and narrow it down form there. Also it is very important I think to reserch the hospitals even harder. When you are at and reserach a doctor click on the hospitals listed that he performs surgery and look at the scores they get for 10 critical areas like Death where mortality is usually low, blood infection rates, Collapsed lung, the hospitals success rate in keeping patients from bleeding. This is information compile by the government about problems and issues that occor at all hospitals. Each hospital is scored on these crucial things and giving a red flag if below average, the other rating are average or above average. Even the top medical universities get a few red flags here and there but local hospitals seems to get 4 5 sometime 6 or 7 below average red flags.

I hope this helps anyone out there that is scheduled to get a tonsillectomy or is thinking about it. Don't be afraid to ask a hundred questions to your present doctor and if there is any doubt about the doctor or hospital I would personally bail out and drive a long way to get it done with the coblation technique and a very good doctor. Also you would be shocked at the number of doctors out there who have State or federal sanctions against them for medical malpractice. My doctor in my town that I liked alot and trusted turned out to have sanctions against him because he lost a $1 million dollar malpractice lawsuit. At be sure to click on the medical sanctions category to be sure that your doctor is in good standing. I also scrutinize the doctors education. Did he go to a good medical school and more importantly did he go to a top medical university for his internship, residency, fellowship. That is all there at

I hope this helps and those of you recoving I hope that youn all get better because I know it is no fun and I had the very easy, less painful coblation. That is bad enough.

widespread5 5 years ago

On another note I had my tonsils taken out at Duke around the same time that a friend of mine had his out in my hometown. My surgery was a 20 minute outpatient surgery my pain was a 5 or 6 out of surgery and a 5 or 6 for the first few days and then the pain increased to about a 7 or 8 form day 3 -7. I was walking and active the whole time and back to driving and travelling alot by day 7.

My friend in my town did not fair so well with the electrocaurtery "HotBlade" technique. He had to stay in the hospital for 2 days initially, bled in the hospital, got a bad infection. Once released vhe was bleeding a few days after had to go back into surgery(to cauterize) and after he was released the second time he was re-admitted again a few days later for bleeding and had to go into surgery a third time. It was weeks and weeks before he got over the terrible pain and bleeding. He told me later that he wished that he would have gone to a medical university that uses coblation and that he wished that he would have asked his doctor a thousand questions about the surgery technique, complications with the various techniques etc. For me I pretty much refused to have the "Hotblade" technique after I studied the Coblation technique. I studied the best doctors within about 600 miles of where I live and settled on Duke after extensive research on the doctors and hospitals. I contacted my local ear nose and throat and got him to forward my medical information to Duke and quickly was scheduled for surgery.

widespread5 5 years ago

Lindsey, bless your heart. I hope that you get better. First I was going to say that Celebrex is a antiflammatory drug that was actually taken off the market for a while by the FDA for bleeding, heartattack, stroke and ulcers. It is one of the blood thinning drugs that is on a long list medicine that you are told to avoid for two weeks prior to your surgery and two weeks after your surgery. Duke gave a long list of medications and natural supplements that increase the bleeding risk. Things like celebrex, naproxen, aspirin, ibuprofen, even vitamin E and Vitamin A and Goody powder. It seems that some doctors still tell their patients to take these things to reduce swelling.

I put this surgery off for so many years because of the fear of bleeding at my terrible local hospitals. I went to Duke to have mine done with the Coblation technique shown in the video at the top of this page. There is virtually no bleeding, the pain is quite minimal and the recovery time is quite fast in comparison to the Draconian "Electrocautory "Hotblade technique", it is actually a blade that is heated to 700-800 degrees and causes alot of the surrounding tissue to be hurt and imflammed and the bleeding risks are much much higher all the way from the surgery table through recovery with a potenial to bleed up until about two weeks after the surgery. With coblation it is possible to bleed but it is not really that common. Unfortunately this is new technology in the past 10 years and most doctors and hospitals do not have the Coblation tools and the training yet. The good medical universities like Duke, Harvard, Ucla, Vanderbilt, John Hopkins etc. have the training and the technology.

I wishe you the best Lindsey and I hope that you recover real soon.

Lindsey 5 years ago

I wrote about a week ago and wanted to let everyone know what has been going on since I last wrote. I woke up last Tuesday morning and relaized that the scabs on my left side fell off and was bleeding pretty badly. I went into the hostipal right away and they transfered me to another location where a ENT was on call. They decided to try to catherized (cant spell) it, which let me tell you was painful. That was 1 pm by 8 pm that night they kept me in the hostipal I started to bleed a little more. By 2 am I could feel something in the back of my throat was really bothering me. The nurse took a look and relaized it was a bunch of blood clots. She told me to spit them up. I was so scared to knowing this would start the bleeding again and I knew that would warrent a trip back to surgery. I coughed it up, a blood clot the size of a golf ball and was bleeding very badly. Within 15 min they had me in surgery to stop the bleeding. I stayed in the hostipal for the next 2 days I personally would have stayed longer if they would have let me. I am terrfied of this happending again. Tonight a bit of bleeding started again on the right side it isnt much but been constant since 8 pm it is now 12 am. I am going to call into the doctor who did the surgery to remove my tonsils tomorrow morning to see what they have to say and maybe be seen to see how the healing process is going. I haven't had to take the morphine for 3 days now and havent even had to take the tyneol every 4 hours. The pain is barley there, which I am really happy to say. I am 2 weeks since having my tonsils removed, and 6 days since the second surgery. I can't wait till this whole ordeal is over and I have healed. The idea of me having another experience with the bleeding has me very anxious. I hope everyone the best in their recovery. I would never go through this knowing what I know now.

Tana 5 years ago

Had my tonsils out on Tuesday (2/21) have not been able to eat anything, at all! I drink water when I can swallow it and tried broth but it made me too sick. Pudding and ice cream make my throat very mucousy and then it hurts for hours. I tried freezer pops/ice Lollies and they made it sting and hurt as soon as I took a bite :( I had my bf get me some sugar free pops and I'm going to try those. I gargle with cold water every few hours, which really helps, but my uvula is still so swollen it hangs to the middle of my throat, making it impossible to really swallow without it hurting.

I have lortab 7.5 for the pain, which make me sleepy and belly sick and they gave me lidocaine rinse-which is gross and unhelpful. It's so thick that the minute it touches my tongue I throw much for numbing my throat :-/

I'm just praying I wake up tomorrow (day 6) feeling better...but I have a feeling that is not the case...OI

widespread5 5 years ago

Oh yeah Brianna I am sure that the morphine is working tons better than Tylenol #3, but it can make you a bit woozy and vomit. Try to eat a little something with the morphine and you probably won't get sick at the stomach. Good luck.

widespread5 5 years ago

Patricia, It sounds like you are doing very well. I imagine over the next 5-7 days you will be over most of the discomfort. It usually takes about 20 days for most people to be over most all of the pain and some like me that are 40 years old well I was alot better after two weeks and by day 20 I was over alot of the discomfort and by day 30 I could barely tell that I had surgery. I will say that it took me about 4 months to be rid of the dry throat. In those 4 months my throat would dry very easily and now after 4 months no more dryness back there.

Brianna- I hope that you get better. It will be worth it in the long run . I know the pain is no fun. Hang in there and I am sure that after another week or two you will be like a new person. I still tell everytone that I know that I feel like a brand new person to be rid of those nasty tonsils. I feel so much better without low grade infection constantly, no tonsil stones and I sleep 8-10 hours now instaecd of 5-6. Ya'll get better.

Brianna 5 years ago

Im age 20 and had my tonsils out the 20th of feb.

I don't usually blog on websites but this surgery has been by far the worst pain i've ever felt in my life!

day one after the surgery wasn't too bad except from the part of waking up right after surgery from them taking a tube out of my throat i couldn't stop gagging or coughing, but the nurses where very comforting. And the pain from gagging and coughing only lasted for about a half hour.

day two, the doctor let me out of the hospital and put me on T3 with codeine, steroids to decrease the inflammation and antibiobitics. I couldn't eat or talk. Tried eating a milkshake, ice cream and popsicles because ive heard it soothes your throat, but cold things made it more irratated. I found even if the water was too cold it hurt so i stood to anything that was lukewarm.

day 3 i was soo sleep deprived, so hungry and so frustrated with all the pain all i wanted to do was cry, but i dont reccomend you do so.. hurts the throat even more.

day 4 i woke up with the most irritating pain ever felt like burning razor cuts going up to my jaw and out my ears. i had one hour of sleep, if that. so i went to the doctor to see if i can get anything else because the T3s werent doing anything for the pain he put me on morphine, more antibioticics, steriods, and 3 sleeping pills for the next three nights. The morphine defiantly helped with the pain a lot more then the T3s. and the sleeping pill knocked me out.. for a little bit longer then what i usually have been sleeping that it.

day 5- woke up in a lot of pain toke more drugs, and then went upstairs to grab another ice pack. going a whole week without any sleep or any food was driving me crazy and being on morphine was reallly hard on the stomach i started vomiting whatever was left in my stomach, which felt like burning acid.. after that went to sleep for a bit more. the day got a little bit better.

on day 6 now, feels like things are starting to turn around, but not completely still feels dizzy to get up to do anything and hard to eat a lot of foods.

im blogging this to warn people of the pain! and what i found to be helpful is keep up with drinking water (lukewarm) ice cold seems to be like pins and needles. foods I have been able to go down is cream of chicken lukewarm and chicken noodle. anything else seems to be very painful. also keep up with the drugs, even if u feel u might not need them or are too tired to wake up to go get them youll regret it and the pain will feel like it just starting all over again. keep an ice pack on your throat the whole time it takes down the swelling and soothes the throat. good luck!!

hopefully all the pain will be worth it in the end, because i honestly can say i wish i never got the darn things out in the first place!

Patricia 5 years ago

yeah i was just reading everyones stuff yesterday and started the salt water thing because quite a few people said they used it. it does help eliminate bad breath. im on day 10 now and still pretty sore. any suggestions why?

widespread5 5 years ago

It is kinda of important and real wise to keep the bacteria down for proper healing and to keep bad breath away, as germs and bacteria thrive on the scabs. Children's AquaFresh bubblegum toothpaste is a good mild toothpaste and my doctor told me to be sure to rinse or slightly gargle salt water to kills the bacteria thriving on the scabs. You may want to ask your doctor though about the salt water. I never got bad breath at all because I was rinsing with warm salt water all day everyday it seemed for the first few week and it really really soothes and reduces the pain. the other thing that got me through was gallons and gallons of water everyday. I drank until you are bloated and then drink some more.

Patricia 5 years ago

i am 21 had my tonsils out on 2-16-12 and now on day 9

day 1- slept all day due to being all doped up

day 2- made sure i was taking my pain meds every 4 hours other then that i was sleeping due to my pain meds

day3- i was sleeping all day and still taking my pain meds, but later that night my boyfriend and i went to a friends house to hango out with some friends.. i drank dr pepper and had half a hamburger(i chewed it up VERY well)

days 4-6- slept slept slpet and took my meds, i got dehydrated and ended up going to the drs to get re hydrated because it hurt too much to drink

days 7-8-i was starting to feelt better even ate a quesidilla last night but i was yawning a lot last night also

day9- today is HORRIBLE i think it was from yawning and stretching out the scabs but today it hurts to drink anything and i want to brush my teeth SO bad but if it was hurting yesterday to brush my teeth and i was feel good it would really hurt today i hate the way this is making my mouth feel and my breath smell

Tasha 5 years ago

I had my tonsils out just over a month ago now, but I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be reading some of the comments. I could eat normally after a couple of days, and eating as normally as I could definitely helped with the recovery in my opinion. The worst bit for me was how swollen my tongue was for about 4 days after the surgery, along with the headache and nausea from the anaesthetic. I did try to drink as much as possible as well, little and often is by far the best way to go about it. I'm 21 so probably recovered relatively quickly compared to having them out when you're older, getting them taken out was the best thing I ever did!

Karmen 5 years ago

i had my tonsils and adnoids out friday, meaning i'm on day six of recovery! i am 18 and must say this is the worst thing i have every been through, and i spent three days with appendicitis last summer before having an appendectomy! i have lost nearly ten pounds already and i didn't have much to lose to start with. days 4 and 5 were definitely the worst. I spent those two days throwing up everytime i took my meds, therefore i didn't have much to control the pain. it came out my nose and shot tears out of my eyes. I still can't eat anything other than pudding and jello, and i'm hoping to start feeling better soon. I am also a jabber mouth and still am unable to talk anymore than a whisper! this is the worst thing i have ever experienced in my life:(

k-rinka 5 years ago

I had my tonsils out on wednesday , and today is monday. I have never felt such a horrible pain in my entire life. I am pretty tolerant when it comes to pain- root canals are a piece of cake. I feel like death and my ears feel like someone is drilling holes in them. Currently taking tylenol 3 s which do not do anything except make me drowsy. I pray that in few days the pain will not be as severe.

widespread5 5 years ago

I could not imagine trying to get by with Tylenol number 3 or hydrocodone for that matter. No need to suffer. Also many pain meds come in liquid forms. Good luck. My tonsil pain was no fun even taking oxycodone.

Marianna 5 years ago

I'm a 31 yeard old female, and am on day 11 post tonsillectomy; days 4-6 were the worst for me, but even now my throat is still raw and sore. I feel that my experience could have been better if I had better pain meds. I got T3's in pill form, and had to crush them up in my water/tea to even be able to ingest them...however, not onlt did they not work very well, the taste made me gag and burned my throat! Please discuss your pain meds with your doctor/surgeon before the surgery, so that you can make your experience as pleasant as possible. I also absolutely reccomend drinking LOTS of water...little sips as often as possible. It does get better with time, so hang in there everybody.

curt 5 years ago

I am 32 years old and had my tonsils and adenoids removed on wednesday. Im on day 3 and pretty sore. The main problem im having is if i take a big drink of water or sprite some comes out of my nose, which in turn burns. My uvula is so swollen it lays on the back of my tongue and is the oddest feeling i have ever experienced. Im hopeing this will be worth it in the end.

Lindsey 5 years ago

Got my tonsils out Monday. I'm 29 year old female. First two days I thought this was going to be easy the pain wasn't bad at all. The 3 rd and 4 th day wow what a painful experience. They have me on Celebrex I don't know what this medication suppose to do but I don't see that it's doing anything. Also hydromorphone 1 mg every four hours. Don't like the medication. But if I don't take it learnt the hard way the pain is that much more unbearable. This morning I vomited scared me felt still feel sick. No blood thankfully was scared of tearing something. I take tyneol also in between my doses for the hydromorphone to help with the pain. I also lastnight started spotting and cramping. I did miss two birth control pills because of the pain. The ear pain I've had since day 3 I did wake up this morning feeling a bit better and in honesty since vomiting the pain has let up a bit. But I dont wanna do it again next time might not be so lucky with no bleeding. Good luck everyone I just can't wait till its healed and a distant memory.

Derrick 5 years ago

Hello. I am 17 years old. I am now on day 6 of this. Day 3 and 4 was the worst days of my life! I was in so much pain. Yesterday my ear tagged along with the pain. I hate the whole think spit stuff, but I have to say drinking a lot of water thins my spit. My jaw and ears are hurting 24/7 now though, which I ice my face when the pain gets really bad. I can now talk somewhat but the fact people have to say "HUH" and make you re-say it sucks. Anywho, I haven't thrown up or nothing but I didn't eat for 4days and lost 10pounds. I am now eating though: mac and cheese (warm), scambled eegs (also warm), and this pudding cheese cake thing from Jell-O. I ain't going to lie, I want to die! I hope the pain goes away soon

widespread5 5 years ago

Vivian I hope that you get better. They say that it can take up to two months to fully recover and I still sometimes have a bit of a tender throat 5 months post surgery. Have you tried gargling with warm salt water. Ask your doctor about it, it is instantly soothing and actually will take away pain!! It works miracles on the problems and pain that you are describing with the throat and ear pain. I had alot of "referred" pain from my tonsil wounds that radiated to my ear and lymph nodes under my tongue

Vivian 5 years ago

After multiple episodes with tonsillitis, I had my tonsils removed 12/29/11, at age 58. This has not been a good experience. I have been back to the ENT doc twice. Severe ear pain is the worst! It's like being stabbed in the ear with an ice pick!. Doc says a tube is infected and told me to take allergy meds. No good. I still have periodic pain on the side of my throat which had the infected tonsils. I refuse to take the pain medication, so I suffer with taking low dose meds. If I turn my head pain radiates from the surgery spot to the lower neck. My voice is hoarse most of the time. This is challenging because I am a college professor and lectures five times a week. I have had to end classes early because of the pain and voice change. I'm going bac to doc tomorrow. I can't continue with this pain.

persifage 5 years ago

64 days post op. and I still have a strange metallic taste in my mouth - right side of tongue and the scar area at the back of the mouth feels "dry"

The taste sensation varies in intensity during the day and from day to day. At its worst it is very annoying strangely tiring.

The path lab results from the removed tonsils have opened another can of worms ... looks like I will get used to visiting the hospital!

On the bright side, I am sleeping so much better than I have for at least a couple of years and despite what you might think ... the pain does go away ... eventually!

widespread5 5 years ago

Isabel, I totally agree that slightly warm salt water works miracles. It sound like it would hurt but it sooths and kills the pain so well. 5 months after my surgery I still try to gargle with salt water once or twice a day. For the first few months I was literally lighly gargle about 20 times a day atleast. It helps with the pain so much. I was doing this at first because my doctor told me too do this to kepp bacteria and bad breath from the scabs. It really became my instant pain killer, even when my pain meds were working as well as they possibly could. Stray pain I reached for the warm salt warm. Instantly soothed and took away that break through pain. Actually I am fixing to go now and brush my teeth agin today and then do my salt water gargle, even 5 months on and it also kills bacteria and keeps your mouth real clean. I was told to be sure to use iodized salt as it has the best healing and pain reducing qualities and mix at about 2 cups of water for every tablespoon of salt, or adjust to where it is not too salty.

isabel 5 years ago


widespread5 5 years ago

Nikki- Go for it Nikki, it is not really that bad with a great doctor, proper pain meds. and modern techniques. You are young and it will probably be a piece of cake for you. I am 40 and it was not too bad.

widespread5 5 years ago

Kelly-My doctor told me that it make feel like something is stuch in the throat for a few months, earache should go away in the next week or twom and hopefully the numbness will go away too. That is not very ordinary to have constant numbness in the throat at 3 weeks, I would ask the doctor about that. I guess that the pain could be worse, the numbness is probably helping with the pain but that would be kinda of scary to me.

widespread5 5 years ago

All opiates(codeine, hydrocodone, morphine, oxycodone etc.) have the potential to make you a bit woozy and can give you some nausea, even if you are not allergic to it. If you are allergic you usually will itch alot, break out in hives or red spots and vomit. I am allergic to codeine, it does not make me vomit, it makes me itch alot and break out in red spots. I can tolerate hydrocodone and oxycodone though and that is usuallly the case, if you are allergic to one or another.

I know alot of people who are not allergic to opiates but they must eat something or the effect is much to powerful and makes them woozy and gives the nausea or an unsettled feeling in the stomach. I imagine that the #1 side effect of opiates is nausea.

Robin 5 years ago

The codeine could be why people are vomiting. Some of us are allergic to it, and don't know it til we start vomiting. That's what happened to me many years ago. now I put it on all the paperwork that asks if you have any allergies. Hhaven't had that issue since. It just seems a coincidence that so many folks on this hub are on codeine and so many are throwing up...wouldn't hurt (no pun intended) to ask the doctor. Vomiting must be hell on your throats. Take care.

Kelly 5 years ago

I am 36 years of age and had my tonsils removed nearly 4 weeks ago.From the beginning I was told the older you are the longer it takes to heal and the more painful it is.....Well this is definately true..3 days in hospital instead of 1 as the pain was unbearable.You definately need to make sure you keep the pain medication up and take everything they give you.You need to drink horrendous amounts of water to keep the scab in your mouth from drying out ,as once this happens it is very very painful.I had to have 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks of work as the last week I was so weak I kept getting dizzy spells,which they say is due to lack of food and the medication you are on.I am still having earaches and feel like there is something stuck in my throat at all times.I also have a constant feeling of numbness in my throat.

Nikki 5 years ago

I am getting my tonsils out on monday and i am FREAKING out!!!!!!

is it really that bad??? i am 21!!!! :(

leila 5 years ago

the day of the surgery was okay. .i woke up in soo much pain but the doctor gave me a shot of vibrofil (I think) that had me numb for two days. . . i didnt eat much just icecream because my tongue was so swollen and sore

day 3. . .was in pain and hungry went for my check up i had picked up oral thrush because of the antibiotics and the doctor decided to switch me to weaker pain meds it didnt bother me since i could handle the pain without meds. but i hear the thrush was a good thing since it kept my throat moist with thick gooowy saliva lol. .

day 4 . . .was pretty great i managed to eat a big mac ,fries and a bowl of icecream for dinner. . .it was soo awesome eating. . still had the thrush

day 5. . . everything went downhill i woke up in soo much pain. . .my tongue wouldnt fit in my mouth anymore. . my ears had me down for 20 minutes at a time everytime they flared up. . .i was hungry and super dizzy i spent the whole day in bed sipping water my thrush wouldnt go away. . .it was my worst day. . .

day 6 . . .was in soo much pain when i woke up i decided to go back to my original pain meds then my day got better. i decided to take laban and i think my thrush got better. .

day 7. . .pretty awesome day feeling better. . i took no pain meds. . i woke up to find my tongue back to normal and the oral thrush cleared. . .(thanks to the laban) had mac and cheese and lots of water all day

im now on day 8. .feeling better with mild earpain. . .my scabs are yet to fall of. i miss work but i dont think il be going back to work soon. . .i am a flight attendant and flying around with ear pain is not advisable coz cabin pressure amplifies pain 100 times. .

good luck to everyone. . .its not soo bad (but my scabs havent fallen off yet thats why i can say this lol)

Sean 5 years ago

Final update from me. I am fully recovered and have been since around day 12. No pain whatsoever and for sure glad I got it done as can breathe much better and seem to be less tired during the day (sleeping better i think). The pain was nast days 5-7, but by day 10 it was ok to be back at work and everything was normal by Day 12. This procedure hurts but in my experience its really just those nasty day when the wounds are healing / scabbing and it causes throat and ear pain that seems to radiate to your ears. Wish everyone all the best.

Jenelle 5 years ago

I'm 19 and just had my tonsils and adenoids removed on Monday and I can honestly say mine doesn't hurt as bad as people here were describing. I even stopped taking my pain meds (hydrocodon) on Wednesday and just started taking liquid Tyeonol. The only bad experiences I have had with it is I got really sick on hydrocodon to the point where I couldn't even keep water down. Today, Thursday, I am noticing some ear clogging but it doesn't really hurt all that bad. I have been able to talk throughout the whole process and I have been able to sleep regular hours. I find eating orzo with vegetable broth cooled down to room temp goes down nicely, especially if you lay down with an icepack afterwords. My post op appointment is on Monday and I have to say this was a much easier healing period than when I got my appendix removed. Just don't focus on the pain and keep saying to yourself "This pain will only last a week for lifetime relief." Positive thinking always helps :]

widespread5 5 years ago

My scabs came off between day 4 and 7 slowly. When they come off your throat looks pinkish to a light whiteish color. the white is secondary scabs that for me lasted until about day 30. The white patches can remain for 6 to 8 weeks. You may want to ask your doctor but rinsing and lightly gargling with lukewarm salt warm will promote healing and you will heal faster.

Gippy997 5 years ago

I have one more question. Now I am on day 8. My scabs haven't fully fallen off yet. I've heard that they fall off and they fade. What happens when they do heal? How long until they do? Is there any way to speed up the process?

Gippy997 5 years ago

I have one more question. Now I am on day 8. My scabs haven't fully fallen off yet. I've heard that they fall off and they fade. What happens when they do heal? How long until they do? Is there any way to speed up the process?

widespread5 5 years ago

Gippy I hope that you have stop bleeding. I was on a soft food diet for 2 weeks but really it was 4 weks before I could eat anything that I wanted. Get creative with soft foods. Eggs, noodles, mashed potatoes, pancakes, sorbet, ice cream, hotdogs, soft bread and soft meats, cheese and get some supplement drinks if you are not getting enough to eat. Good luck.

Gippy997 5 years ago

I am on day 7 of my recovery. I spit up at least a cup of blood yesterday and my harder topnscabs came of (they were a yellowish-green), but now according to my dad they are white. It's hard to eat because of ear pain. When can I start eating more solid foods? The hunger is terrible!

Wes 5 years ago

Day 4 of my recovery, Man-o-man,

Day 1, right after surgery was great, I was joking with the nurses, even laughing at the movie fight club while in the recovery room, Day 1 I was too doped up to realize the pain I was going to be in.

Day 2, Slight discomfort, better with ice cream and alot of water, Hurt to talk so I avoided it.

Day 3, The real pain begun, Woke up with my throat on fire, Went to the bathroom to spit into the sink to check once again if my throat was bleeding, Spit out a little blood clot but not alot of blood. Went straight into the kitchen to take my pain meds, Downing that liquid tylenol3 with codene burnt, burnt burnt burnt, So I quickly grunted and tried chugging water, but I couldnt so I just sipped it as fast as I could. Everything hurt to eat, I did eat some cottage cheese on day 2, as well as some applesauce, I had stronger pain meds called in because it is becoming unbearable, and I have a really high pain tolerance. To be honest, all I really want is my mom.. im 22 years old.. nearly 23. a male, and cried for mommy last night it was that bad.

Day 4, Went straight into the kitchen to take pain meds, new pain meds coming in at noon today, Cannot wait.

Amber6912 profile image

Amber6912 5 years ago

Just had pre-op for my upcoming tonsillectomy, turbinate reduction, and septoplasty (Thursday, Feb 2). I am NOT looking forward to it, however I am looking forward to feeling better and being able to breathe. I know that it is going to be bad, but I am prepared to drink lots of water, use a humidifier, take my pain meds, and follow your other suggestions. Thanks so much for the help/advice and I will keep you updated!

widespread5 5 years ago

Jana and Brit,

Brit- You may be getting sick from the pain meds alot of people do I would call the doctor if you do not get better and try to drink gatorade to keep hydrated. Good luck.

I luckily did not have tongue swelling, but my uvula(flappy tissue hanging down) was swollen for about 4 days or so. I did read on the internet that swollen tongue is pretty common and some numbness. I saw where people reported a swollen tongue for 5 -12 days. I would contact your doctor if is persists and it interfers with breathing or eating. There is swelling of the tongue especially if you had your lingual tonsils taken out that are directly behind your tonggue.

There are a bunch of sets of tonsils I discovered researching before my surery. The tonsils we are mostly talking about here are the palatine tonsils that are on either side in the back of your throat. There is also the Lingual tonsil directly at the back base of your tongue. There are the adnoids that are tonsils and there are tubal tonsils near the tubes of your ears.

As for tonsils growing back, well I studied up on that alot before my surgery and that only seems to happen when you have had a partial tonsillectomy where the doctor will leave some tissue at the base of the tonsils. Sometimes they do it on purpose but I think that some doctors are afraid to really get down in there in fear of extra bleeding. I have read that if all of the tissue of the tonsils was removed that your tonils will not grow back.

Sean 5 years ago

A quick update from me. Days 5-7 seemed to have been the worst. I went back to work today on Day 11 and despite a sore throat and still sore ears I was fine and it was good to be at work and not sitting at home. I work in banking so it was a nice 13 hour day but I was fine and I actually feel better for having gotten back to normality. I have to fly to Syndey (from Hong Kong) Tuesday evening with work for 3 days which is not ideal but I reckon I am over the worst of it. So for anyone considering the surgery the pain was definitely worse than expected and I feel that the doc could have warned me about this fact of it worsening after 3 or 4 days when it scabs up (I hadnt read anything on the internet ahead of the op). The good point is that it passes (I can eat and drink as normal today!). I will make one last post when back in HK at the weekend, hopefully to report a full recovery (I am a runner and can't wait to start exercising again). All the best.

jodie 5 years ago

Hi ive had my tonsils out 3 times!!!!! when i was 5 the doctors took them out whilst infected, then they grew back and had them out when i was 13. Then at 21 the doctors thought i had throat cancer. I underwent 8 hours of lazer surgery in southampton hospital to burn the tonsil tissue. although after surgery i woke up to find nick knowles sat on the end of my bed wanting to interview me for a hospital programme, then found out i was 2 months pregnant with my son lol.

Brit 5 years ago

hello all! Yeah Jana I got my tonsils out the same day andI still don't have all the feeling inmy tongue. Ive also been throwing up since the surgery. I cant even seem to hold down broth or frozen yogurt.Because this is day 5(including day of surgery) is this normal?

Jana 5 years ago

Hi everyone. I got my tonsils out on Wednesday the 25th. Was wondering if anyone else had a swollen and numb tonuge? And if so, when did you regain feeling in your tongue? I'd like to start eating soft noodles and such, but can't because I cannot tell the difference between the food and my tongue and am afraid to bite myself! haha...

leahagee92 5 years ago

hi i got my tonsils out on monday so that means imnow on day 5 and the pain isnt that bad today monday was finre i woke up and ate toast tuesday was ok i got home on tuesday but couldnt keep meds down on wednesday when i woke up i could barley open my mouth to take a drink so i got rushed to hospital and reamitied to the ward i got out on thursday and was still sore the best thing is to eat and drink i know it sounds stupid but it does help the more u eat the quiker the scabs go away

widespread5 5 years ago

Oh yeah Jill the dark spots are proabably where the doctor cauterized some spots that were bleeding. That all should come off between day 5 and 10 and then there will probably be a secondary white look to the area. Sean I know the broken glass feeling. If I did not drink or use the humidififer I was in alot of pain and felt like I was swallowing broken glass especially after sleeping. You all hang in there and be sure to drink as much as possible, keep someting cold back there use a humidifier and use a ice collar or take a frozen bag of peas or fill a ziplock with crushed ice. These things and strong pain meds got me through and the salt water rinsing and slight gargling that my doctors told me to do worked mircles. Aske your doctors about the salt water first though

widespread5 5 years ago

I am also betting that alot of the worst pain stories etc are due to the type of tools used in surgery. Coblation is the only way to go in my opinion. It was hell enough I could not imagine getting it done with the 800 degree electrocautery hotblade. Unfortunately Coblation is pretty new and a majority of doctors do not have the new technology and as well have not learned this new technique so most are done to old school way and this is more painful.

widespread5 5 years ago

I feel for all of you, it is no fun. I am at about 4 months post tonsillectomy. Rachel I hope you get better. I would definitely call the doctor asap and tell him that the pain pills are not giving you relief and there is great pain. Anything less than hydrocodone and oxycodone I think will leave most people in alot of pain especially if you are 40 like me. I would try to force down water or water diluted gatorade, you definitely do not want to get dehydrated and have to go back to the hospital and the great pain is probably mostly due to the lack of water. You may ant to ask your doctor too about rinsing and slightly gargling salt water. The pain relief that the salt water gives is unbelieveable. I would also try to constantly eat something cold like sorbet or popsicles. See if you can suck on some ice try to keep something cold back there and try to get some liquids down and eat if you can and I would call the doctor and tell him or the nurse the problems that you are having with the pain etc. I hope you get better.

To give a little input Juju I caught a bad sinus infection from a friend's sick kids and wife. After the bad sinus infection set in my throat was very very sore. I began a antibiotic immediately. No redness or inflammation just hurt really bad. Soon the infection moved into my chest. After about a 5 days I also had a terrible earache just on one side. After about 2 weeks of this I started feeling a bit better and most of the siunus infection was gone but the sore throat on one side and the ear ache persisted. Finally after a total of 3 weeks I was all better. Usually in the past I would be over it within a week, sometime without any antibiotics. Any way the tonsils are your immune systems first defense and now without them there to begin attacking germs and bacteria that enters the mouth I feel like that is why I was so sick with the infection and the sore throat and earache. I think that I will be more prone to get infections now and it will take longer to recover from a cold or sinus infection. I have discussed this with a pharmacist and the agreed. The ordeal was almost as bad and as painful as the tonsillectomy. Anyway I hope that helps. Oh yeah Jill the white gunk are the scabs and the pink spots are probably where the scabs are coming off a little at the time. Sounds like you are healing and on the way to getting better.

Rachel 5 years ago

Hi guys, I had my tonsils removed on the 25th so 2 days ago!

I don't. I weather I am classing today day 2 or 3 as my op was done in the afternoon !

I didn't read up about the op before I got it done which thank god I didn't as I would have not got it done! The pain is killing me my pain killers don't work and my ears feel like there about to explode. I am struggling to drink water today and am very dizzy. I can't sleep either which sucks! My mum is trying everything but nothing is working! Any suggestions I am going crazy and every time I cry it hurts more, my saliva is so thick I can barley swallow but I was told not to spit it out as its great for healing. Should I go back to my doctor and try get stronger meds?

Sean 5 years ago

I'm 37 on day 6. agree with everyone that the first few days are not bad due to being 'drugged-up'. Day 5 was by far my worst. Broken glass feeling in throat plus ear pain. Ear pain is still there and my most painful and annoying symptom. This thread is very helpful and i will certainly drink more water and avoid ice cream for the next few days. I am ssuming it will be painful for another week or two but will be manageable with painkillers.

Tom 5 years ago

I'm 22 and just got my tonsils out a few days ago. I must say all the comments on here scared me but honestly I've been fine. Guess I just have a very high threshold for pain tolerance

jill 5 years ago

This has all been so helpful...I'm on day 7 since having my tonsils, adenoids, and uvula removed. I can say each day has been a different experience for me in regard to pain level and discomfort, and thankfully I'm looking forward not back. My throat still has the very thick white stuff coating it and I'm wondering if that is what the scab is? I can see some pink on the left side as well as some dark gray like on day 1. The right side is much thicker. Is this stuff the scab?

kellie 5 years ago

I'm on day 8 now and Id like to say. Use a humidifier! It's helps a lot at night when the throat gets dry. I feel great and I'm off my pain pills .

Kelly 5 years ago

Lilly- I am on day 5 currently, and I was wondering what happened with your scabs? Those were my exact questions

juju 5 years ago

I'm 7 months post-op. 30 years old. I had strep 8 times last year prior to surgery. Now I don't get strep but I do have seriously sore throats (worse than with strep). It really hurts to swallow and feels like I have a huge lump in my throat. Anyone know what that's about? My surgery recovery was really rough...ER the first night for throat swelling shut, then on day 3 I started vomiting from the pain meds. Dr switched me to childrens Tylenol. Let me tell you- a tonscillectomy on childrens Tylenol can be excruciating! I literally thought I was going to do. Anyway, just wondering about this painful throat.

widespread5 5 years ago

Lilly sounds like you are doing good. 6.7 days is the average for scabs to come off. Mine started about day 4 or 5. They come off in patches over a several day period. Get a flashligh and look min the mirror. Thick white scabs come off and leave a pinkish color or a light colored thin secondary scab. Good luck

Lilly29 5 years ago

I am on day 4 of my post op recovery. Female. 20 years old.

Unfortunately I went into this surgery with a cough, common cold and was on antibiotics for tonsillitis(which had cleared up by operation day 1/10).

Day 1

This day was ok. Very drugged. Ate some stuff.. ice pops, ice cream, apple sauce, water.

Day 2

Pain was pretty ok. Still lazy/sleep... basically a zombie from the pain meds. Ate some mashed potatoes. A little bit of rice with tiny cut up chicken. Mashed beets because I was constipated since the night before the operation.

Day 3

By far the worst day so far. Woke up with a maigraine. Nausea. Tried to have some yogurt. Ate about 4 teaspoons. Drank water. Wanted to try and eat something before taking my pain meds. Tried to eat a banana. Took 2 bites. Felt like I was going to puke. Had my mother pick up some prune juice because I was still constipated and didn't want to take anymore painkillers without going potty. Passed out for a bit due to the horrid migraine. Took two sips of the prune juice and oooo lala started PUKING! The rest of the day was misery. My head never stopped hurting. Didn't eat. Barely drank. Went to sleep.

Day 4

Hard to get out of bed but felt a lot better once I did. Finally went to the bathroom today. Probably because of the prune juice and because I took Colace before bed. I have had 2 more Colace today. Applescauce for breakfast with warm camomile tea. Went to the market with mom to pick up baby food (yes I was feeling that energized! But looked like a bum). Ate some baby food. More tea. Cup of chicken broth. Sat around. Had a donut and two Italian ices! Showered. And now I'm in bed waiting to til it's time to take another Colace.

I haven't been taking any of my painkillers since the end of day two. My doctor prescribed me Celebrex which is an antiinflammatory medication. I guess it's helping.

I'm worried about two things:


And my cough.

What are some signs that the scabs are ready to come off?

When does the scab pain start?

Do they come off in bits?

Basically any info on the scab portion I will find helpful.

My cough. I rarely get a "cough"

So I was extremely upset when I cough it from my brother a week before surgery. It's a pretty gross cough, with mucus. Should I hold my mucus back? Hold my coughs back? Is it a negative idea to cough up the mucus?

Thanks for reading!

Hope I'm not too all over the place (typing this on my phone).

Feel better! Stay strong!!!


jessica 5 years ago

I am on day 8 and havent had any problems eating food with the pain meds. The worse thing i have to say was getting a yeast infection in my mouth (probably from the antibiotics). I thought I had dry mouth because i also had a septoplasty but after i could breathe through my nose on day 5 my mouth got even worse. My tongue was swollen, i had huge bumps, it hurt to talk and i would wake up with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. Ive had the yeast infection for about 4 days or so and i can say that was more painful than the actual tonsillectomy.

widespread5 5 years ago

WEIGHT GAIN-- I think that I have figured out the weight gain for me. I used to snore heavy. I am assuming that I do not snore anymore after the tonsillectomy. I know that I breath so much better now. Anyway I see in a UCLA study that people who snore heavily burn 400 calories a day more than normal and someone who snores lightly burn 250-300 calories a day. Tossing and turning and figetting burns about 300-350 per night. So if you snore and toss and turn you could be burning up to about 750 extra calories every day. I think that this is the answer to my weight gain. I also sleep about 8-10 hours a night now and when I had my tonsils and snored and could not breath really well I slept for about 6 or 7 hours max.

Anna 5 years ago

Rebecca--who is your doctor? I would love to know! I'm on day 8 and finally making a turn around, but I'm still taking the liquid lortab. I wish I couldve been going back to work and class by day 4 like you! God blessed you with a speedy recovery.

widespread5 5 years ago


I wanted to say that after I could not figure out why I was gaining weight I looked on the internet and there have been many studies for children that have had their tonsils removed and there is a strong association with increased wieght after a tonsillectomy. Even in Holland where everyone is slim and in shape they are seeing an increase in weight amongst children who had their tonsils taken out. They kept up with 4,500 kids after tonsillectomy and sent constant questionaires. They found that a majority had weight gain beyond their BMI or Body Mass Index Number. There was a study in several other countries.

I wanted to comment on the fact that I have gained about 20 or 25 pounds since my tonsillectomy back on September 21, 2011. I have weighed about 175 for 4 years now no matter how much I ate. I got down to about 168 after my tonsillectomy and got back to 175 after about two weeks post surgery. Towards the end of October I got up to 185 and now in January I am weighing in at 195-200. I also have been walking about 1.5 miles just about every day and I am still gaining or just trying to keep it below 195 or 200. Yes I have been eating a good bit but have not really changed my eating habits in over 4 years now. I can remember that I was eating alot this time last year and could barely top 178.

Anyway all of the studies point to a relationship between tonsil removal and weight gain. They have not proven it and can not say exactly why this is occurring. Many think that now with your diseased tonsils gone and you are not sick constanly with a low grade infection that you eat better, taste your foods now and do not have a sore throat so you then eat more. Others think that with your diseased tonsils and or sleep apnea problems that you burn more calories trying to breathe or trying to fight off a constant low grade infection. I have read about many adults and children on internet blogs that talk about gaining 20-60 pounds after a tonsillectomy. Many people write it off as a myth or an excuse but it seems like this is happening to alot of people that have never had a weigh problem in the past and occurs about 2 or 3 months after tonsils are removed. I am thinking that there is some kind of relationship there, although I was a bit skeptical to begin with until I read about all of the studies around the world.

Has anyone else had this problem. Has anyone else out there had unexplained weight gain after their tonsils were removed?

widespread5 5 years ago

Erika I hope you are better. Day 4-12 for me there was alot of stinging and burning. Anything acidic set it off and eating usually burned during that time frame. As for Ibuprofen and Naprosyn I was afraid to take it because of the increased chance of bleeding. I was going to say that if you are still not eating have you tried drinking Ensure, Nutraments or a protein type drink. I hope you get better.

Rebecca 5 years ago

These stories are all awful, I'm on Day 4 and I'm feeling good. There's a little bit of pain, but I stopped the pain meds two days ago and I'm headed back to work tomorrow...I feel sorry for all of you!

Erika 5 years ago

Im 19 and had this infection for ten years before they took these awful things out.when I was 18 months I had my Adnoids taken out. Now I wish they took my tonsils too. I'm 8 days in post op. and if I knew it was gonna be like this I would of kept the infection. I lost 20 lbs in two days after surgery. My throat is so swollen even after 8days I can't even finish a small thing of apple sauce without choking or vomiting. My ears are throbbing and have been since the day after surgery. My jaw can't open more then a half inch it hurts from forcing spit and liquids down. People tell me to take my meds unfortunately I was born allergic to them all. I've been so messed up I can't walk with out the pain making me dizzy. I'm extremely sad because I just want to eat . Everyday I loss one more pound. I can't sleep. My body wakes me up because I'm choking on my inflamed uvula . Nuthing. Not even ice is helping me... I wish I never did this. The pain is just getting worse as the days continue. I have gone against my doctors orders and started taking neproxin for the swelling and pain. It prompts bleeding but at this point I could care so much more less then I should. But since day six my pain has changed. It stings now.. Wth is that about. And why? Not even my meds can make it go away. Btw sneezing is the equivant of the world ending in my eyes nuthing but white gross stuff comes out . My ulcers finally started coming off around day 3 and the scabbing started I'm guessing around the same time. I'm not sure if they are comin off my mouth won't open enough for me to see. But I have noticed my bad breath is going away which I'm happy about. My husband hated it. Advil is ur best buddy after day 5 omg it helped me. Now not so much. I still kinda have that nasty taste in my mouth that literally alters the taste of my food. Gross. I don't know wht to do. I just wana get better. Consider Urself lucky if you can take regular pain meds the pain you feel before you take them some of us feel the entire time. After this is all blown over I'm definitely giving more food to the the homeless shelters. Feelings of being on the brink of starvation no one should ever have to know. It's agonizing. This recovering process is agonizingly painful.

Rachael Conner 5 years ago

First, let me say that I found this "forum" on day 2 post op and it made a huge difference in what my recovery could have been. I'm on day 8 now. Day 2 or 3 was the worst, rite around the time ear and jaw pain set in for me. I got a rhinoplasty and a septoplasty at the same time so I HAD to breath through my mouth at night and the pain of having the wounds in my throat dry out was horrible. I wasn't prepared for how bad it would be. I was prescribed hydrocodone liquid suspension and an antibiotic. I don't think it was strong enough of a pain killer but I kept up with it. One of the best tips I took from other posters on here was to add ibuprofen/Advil to my med regimen. It made a HUGE difference in the ear/jaw pain and even tongue pain. yeah I had that too. My doc discouraged it because of the increased risk for bleeding but I still have had no bleeding. My scabs are just starting to come off and that's not much fun but at this point I'm pretty used to the liquid diet, don't speak too loud, remember to take your meds, routine. It does get better for you people on days 2-4 reading this now. My advice is to add ibuprofen if you don't have bleeding issues. Be careful with the scabs and take it easy. I ate real food today for the first time. Shrimp lo-mien, it was soft and greasy enough that it just slipped down my throat, instead of rubbing on the scabs on the way down. The nose was a cake wake compared to the tonsils but I'm glad they are gone. Mine were nasty and needed to come out for about 2 years. I'm a 29yo woman btw and I will agree with other women who said they would rather go through a 20 hour childbirth then recover from this surgery again.

Persiflage 5 years ago

Day 26.

Paige - certainly sounds as though you are going thorough it! I was pretty spaced out from painkillers days 3-10 and well and truly clogged up, but it all come good in the end.

I am now completely free of any pain and even the discomfort of swallowing has been replaced by a sensation that just acknowledges that something has been done.

Still having problems with my sense of taste, to the extent that I ate just one of my favourite biscuits yesterday and got no pleasure from the experience - the rest went back in the container!

A persistent sensation on and around the right side of the tongue and mouth of dryness and slight metallic taste, similar to the taste experienced when placing a PP9 battery across the tongue!

widespread5 5 years ago

Paige I can understand your pain and your digestive situation. I will say that I became severely constipated from day 3-7 when I was not eating. My doctor told me to take Miralax a osmotic laxative that took care of my digestive problems pretty quick. There is something to called Magnesium Citrate that is liquid and will make you go immediately. The pain meds have a way of locking up your digestive system.

Does it hurt to swallow water. For me swallowing water was the easiest thing to do. Try to make yourself drink small sips of water or suck on ice chips or a slushie if you can, luckily I did not have any problems with staying hydrated.

I would say that in the next few days it will become easier for you to eat and drink and I hope that you will be well on your way to getting over the not so fun ordeal of having a tonsillectomy. In the end though I will bet that you will be estatic and very happy to have those tonsils gone. I feel like a new person without mine.

paige 5 years ago

today is day 6 after my surgery and I just with got out of the hospital. I'm 20 years old. The first two days were great because I was still so drugged up from surgery. Day three is when it started hurting really badly. I've experienced similar pain as everyone else has said, severe ear aches, I have a few cuts on my tongue which I'm assuming are an unfortunate result of them digging around in my mouth, obviously horrible throat pain, etc. Day four actually seemed to be the best day and I really thought I was getting better. I've been having a lot contribute because my pain meds have completely locked up my digestive tract, not that I can really eat much, but I haven't been able to use the bathroom since my surgery even though I've taken stool softeners throughout. So that's been causing me pain in addition to my throat. I've been exceedingly nauseous from my pain meds and from my stomach issues. I think day five was the worst, and not just because it was Christmas and I couldn't even eat, but because I've been increasingly unable to swallow almost anything at all so I've been rapidly dehydrating. This morning at about 330 in the morning I woke up in severe pain who extreme nausea. I had absolutely no energy because of my lack of nourishment and had to crawl to the bathroom to get sick. Unfortunately I had to goto the emergency room because of my severe dehydration but I don't regret it because I felt so much better when I left. They put two whole iv bag things in me. I was so thankful because its not like I can swallow. So that has been my experience so far. I know I needed to have them out but as of right now its hard for me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and I really hope this was worth it. Sorry I wish I had better news to tell, but I really have had a horrible times with this. It is nice to know what I'm experiencing isn't uncommon though.

widespread5 5 years ago

Persiflage it sounds like you are just about out of the woods with everything. It should be smooth sailing for you from here on out. I hope that Kara, Tatalufo, Haley and Alon are doing well too. It is great to be without my problematic tonsils. Feel great all the way around without them. I basically walked around slightly sick all of the time.

Persiflage 5 years ago

Day 18.

Well, I heve been off the pain killers for some days now without problems.

I am eating most foods but have yet to try anything hot/spicy - think I will give that another week!

No pain in general but still some discomfort (not pain) when swallowing at times and I have noticed that going out into the colder air tends to aggrevate the discomfort a little. Also I have felt a strange sensation when yawning, I think it's just the scar tissue stretching a little bit.

My biggest complaint now is the reduction in my sense of taste when applied to food and drink combined with a slightly strange feeling/taste around my tonque ... oh, and I had a tooth break on Christmas eve evening!!

Best wishes to all.

widespread5 5 years ago

Alon it sounds like you are doing well and the pain is down. Eating too, sounds like you may be eating a big Christmas dinner with your low pain level.

Kara it sounds like you are almost over everything. I hope that the tate thing comes back to normal for both of you. I did not have any taste problems but I read about that happening many times on the internet, some people on the internet reported the taste getting back to normal while some said it took a long while for it to be right. You all take care and have a nice holiday.

Alon 5 years ago

widespread5 & Kara:

Thank you very much for your replies.

Today is POD7, I have 1-2/10 pain, I can eat (eating of coz causes pain). I have no taste sense on half of my tongue - I hope my taste will come back.

I didn't try salt water gargling cz I'am afraid of pain %(

widespread5 5 years ago


I wanted to comment on the tiny little blister looking bumps again. In my case they were indeed inflamed minor salivary glands right along the edge of the arches of my pharynx. This tissue was the last to heal up and from about day 25-70 a few of the tiny saliva gland would get a bit bigger than normal and would look like a tiny blister. With a flashlight and looking at the right angle you can see the tiny little glands in their normal state along the top of the back of your throat near going from your tonsils towards the roof of your mounth.(Tiny, clear little nodules or tiny little bumps, there are 600-1000 of these scattered all of the mounth and throat, that produce saliva.) A few of these where my tonisls were healing would get inflamed and irritated through the healing process. I am all healed up now and I am happy to say that those small blister looking inflamed minor salivary glands are back to their normal state.

Kara 5 years ago

Day: 19 Post Op

Well! I have to say I am ALMOST to the point where I can yawn and sneeze without pain. At least now it doesn't make me flinch. This third week has brought changes in my diet and activity levels. I have enjoyed all regular foods (chips just most recently!) and nothing seems to bother my throat at this point.

Alon: You aren't alone as Widesreapd5 said...Most of the white flimy layer is just now dissapearing and I'm on the end of week three! I do get those little blister looking things as you did Widespread5 but at least now I know they aren't blisters! :0) Love this site!

My doctors are all on Christmas break (gotta love Military Medical least it was free?) so I haven't been "cleared" for working out or lifting. So I've been taking the easier routes like snorkeling and shopping to get in a little more exercise. I figure if I get a little salt water from the ocean in...I'll just gargle it ;0) haha.

My energy levels have increased, but I have a few off days where I get really emotional and down, so I'm not sure if it is surgery related. I think its because my body is used to working out every day and going from that to veggie on codeine may have had something to do with that. So I've forced myself to go to the beach yesterday and get some SUN. I'm doing the same today with my hustband and some friends so it should be a good time.

I must also note that foods taste different to me now. Its almost like my taste buds are going blind. I can't taste things as strongly as I could before. I had some mint ice cream (which was my favorite) and I just didn't get the same satisfaction from it. I guess it's not too bad as I still have nearly thirty pounds to lose, but its just a little annoying. Swallowing anything also doesn't feel normal- however, considering I went from an entire year of inflamed tonsils to nothing there, it will probably take time to get used to the feeling of actually being able to normally swallow foods.

Persiflage- I'm so glad to read your sound like you are right on track to not even having to take the pain killers. You're doing it right by lowering your daily dose...that stuff is lethal if you just stop taking it at full dose.

widespread5 5 years ago

Alon, I hope that pain level will go down, but for the moment be really glad that it has not gone up. I can tell you exactly what my pain levels were that I reported to nurses and people that I talked to during the first week. In the recovery room I told the nurse that it was 4-5 out of 10 on the pain scale. Two days later a nurse called me and I reported a 6 or a 7. I spoke to the doctors nurse on day six and I told her that the pain level was at 7. On day 8 a nurse called me about my with a questionaire. I told her my pain was at a 5 or 6 and told her if she would have called a few days earlier it would have been a 7.

It really sounds like you are faring pretty well Alon except not eatings or speaking. I would try to eat some very soft things. It does hurt and part of the healing process. If you can not eat much I would get some, Ensure, Nutraments by Nestle, Slim-Fast or other supplement drink. I hear the sooner you start eating, talking and working all of those muscles again the faster the recovery. I would keep constantly drinking fluids.

It sounds like the scabs are still on and the avarge is 6.7 days for the scabs to come off and most websites and doctors say that the scabs usually come off between day 6 and 10. If you are not eating much the scabs are probably pretty well intact. Even once the really thick scabs come off there will be some thin secondary scabs that will linger until week 3 or 4. I was just going to say that once the scabs come off you probably will have more pain. I would try to eat and if you can not still eat and talk I would try to chew some gum to get all of the face and neck muscles moving and if you have ear pain that will help too. Something that helped me tremondously was a light rinse or slight gargle of lukewarm salt water. You may want to ask your doctor first. My hospital is the only one that I have seen reccommend this and most sites and doctors say not to gargle because it may loosen the scabs.

Other than not eating and talking you sound like you are on your way to recovery. I was going to say that I ate alot the first two days. I would take my pain meds first and once they took effect I would eat. There was still pain though but not too terible. Once day 3 came I stopped eating regular solid food until day 7 or 8. I was eating fruit chillers raspberry and peach sorbet the whole time thoug. From day 4-12 the fruit chillers burned and caused pain on and off and Gatorade was burning pretty bad and began diluting it.

Good luck Alon and I hope start eating, talking and getting back to normal soon. One other tip if you are not eating much be sure to take a laxative or fiber. Get well soon.

Alon 5 years ago

widespread5, thanks for your reply. Today is the day 6 postop and nothing has changed - I still have 4/10 pain, however thanks paracetamol I feel less pain. (I know it is still 4 because I forgot to take paracetamol and the pain came back). My throat still white and nothing has changed for 5 days... is it ok? don't know.

my weight is 47 now (((

widespread5 5 years ago

Persiflage you sound like you are doing well. You sound like you are over the worst part. I was not sure if you were gargling lightly with salt water, that should take car of ffod particles sticking to the scar area. Too when you begin to regain the weight you lost that is a good indicator.

Persiflage 5 years ago

22:00hrs 20th Dec. Day12

Hayley - How are you doing today? I can fully appreciate your description of a sharp object at the back of the throat, I will freely admit that this procedure has been the most psychologically challenging, never mind physically!

We are all different as reading through these posts proves.

I have experienced such step changes since last Friday morning that I am astounded. From being maxed out on pain killers I am now down to just 1 Co-codamol before breakfast and the same before supper. A little discomfort swallowing still(feels like just the right side but sure it's not) but may be 20% of previous. Still sticking with bland food as I have found some things can irritate,however today I have been eating nuts with little difficulty. I am experiencing small particles of food sticking in the scar area (right again?)but am convinced this will stop.

As a method of losing weight I would not recommend Tonsillectomy - effective, but not recommended. 12-13lbs lost, 3lbs regained!

widespread5 5 years ago

Just by coincidence I was grilling some squash and chicken tenderloins and made the food pretty spicy with alot of fesh ground black pepper and was eating a Carolina style vinegar wash with the chicken and it is a little spicy and really vinegary by its self. Well the spiciness of the black pepper and the vinegar wash being so acidic and spicy, well the black pepper on the chick first burned my throat on one side and then a good dose of the vinegar burned a little bit and I am on day 89 post tonsillectomy. The pain or irritating was nothing compared to the first month when I did something like this. You all hang in there.

widespread5 5 years ago

Haley I wanted to say that I was under the impression that most of the pain would be gone after 10-14 days. That is not the case with most adults. On about day 10 or so I was talking to a on staff Resident at Duke after my doctors clinic hours about some things and asked him should I be over most of the pain by day 10 or 12 and he said no that I will still have pain. Of course my pain on day 10 or 12 was nothing compared to day 3-7 but it was still there and anything swallowed can irritate the healing tonsils. I think that I was having trouble around this time because those scabs are gone and were like a protective layer and everything was burning and anything slightly hard like rice, even softened cearel was hard and abrasive enough to give me pain. My doctor prescribes oxycodone with no tylenol aded so they were tiny pills very easy to swallow. After about 10 day I began taking some regular tylenol tablets and swallowing those was painful and would set off some sharp pain.

In my case I had some pretty good pain up until day 15 or so at times, usually set off by something acidic or hard and abrasive. Day 15 thru 30 was pretty good until I ate something a little bit hard. On day 28 I began eating some mixed nuts and would chew them very well and wash down with water. Eating these was stopped pretty quick because of the bad pain from the hardness and roughness of the nuts. I felt like I was back at day 8 from eating the nuts.

Everyone heals diffenrently. I think that a 8 year old is probably over most of it after 7-10 days but others that are older and have a low tolerance for pain will hurt on and off for about 30 days. When I went to my follow-up 22 days after my surgury the doctor told me that he see alot of adults have another little pain outbreak right at a month after when most of the secondary scabs are finally healing up and say that most complaints are somke pain, tightness in the throat and just the feeling that something is caught back there. He said the feeling that something is back there caught in your throat can last for up to two months.

The pain that you are feeling at day 10 Haley is pretty is normal from everything that I had been told or learned and it will probably be another two weeks or so before all of the pain is gone. Most of my pain was gone but I kept eating or swallowing something that would set it off. So I would go real easy on the food and stick with a very soft food diet for another week or tow even though most doctors say to resume regular diet after 2 weeks. I would highly recommend the lukewarm salt water to help with the pain and healing once you are past the bleeding risk. You may want to consult your doctor though. It does say on the Duke University website and my instructions were to lightly gargle with lukewarm salt water from day 1. It helped me more than anything I think, in regards to sudden pain and helped heal and kept bad breath germs away from the scabs.

Alon the pain definitely is no fun even with coblation. But I will say 4 or 5 out of 10 on the pain scale is great for day 4. I think that it may get a little worse when the scabs come completely off. Also with all of the research I did on cobabltion it is much less painful does not inflame or damge surrounding tissue like a scapel or hotblade and people recover alot faster. Great luck to all of you and in my case I was over most of the pain by day 15 but had issues on and off with pain for 30 days or so. Hang in there and it is normal to hurt for 15-30 days. Usually only two or three weeks though. Sharp pain and burning are the two offenders.

Alon 5 years ago

Today is my day 4 after Coblation tonsillectomy. Cannot eat, cannot speak. My pain today is 4 of 10, yesterday it was 5 of 10.

I think Coblation is less painfull than regular procedure.

Haley 5 years ago

I am 23 years old, and got my tonsils out 10 days ago. This has been the worst experience of my life! I have never experienced pain like this. Although everyone says that I should be on the mend now, I don't feel like I am. I still feel like I have a very sharp object in the back of my throat every time I swallow. Sometimes even when I'm just sitting there, I will get sharp pains. The worst thing is taking my medication. It feels like the pills are scratching my throat the whole way down. Has anyone else experienced this, this long after surgery??

Persiflage 5 years ago


I came to the conclusion about Thrush having read a post mentioning it on another forum and then investigating.

White covering on the tongue was awful! Although when I awoke this morning there was no sign of it and my mouth was a lot more comfortable!

Late yesterday afternoon when I had to cut short a phone call due to being in extreme discomfort, was probably my lowest point so far, even though the day as a whole had been pretty good. I then took a reduced dose of medication and carried on as planned - small supper.

One more reduced med. before going to bed and then I had a fantastic night! No overnight medication and sleep that I have not experienced for a long-long time including 1 period of just over 4hrs!! I awoke feeling almost normal, mouth was good and suddenly a VERY marked reduction in pain in the throat. Today has been GOOD!

This evening I took some pleasure in a small serving of chilled melon,grapes etc. The thing that set me off - Water Melon, took the pain in my throat back at least 3 days and also set of the tongue and gums, took about 10 minutes to settle down, but it did.

7 out of 10 for day 11.

widespread5 5 years ago

Correction: I said that the acidity and seasoned things burned around my, tongue, gums and eyes. I meant to say ears. It burn the ears.

widespread5 5 years ago

I was going to say that in my case under my tongue would burn pretty bad when I ate something acidic or spicy in the first three weeks. It was referred pain from the acidity and spiced things shooting under my tongue and into the lymph node under my tongue and as well would shoot into my ears. That was some of the worst pain actually all "Referred " pain coming from my tonsils. You may want to consult your doctor but by reading about oral thrush it is a yeast infection of the mucous membrance and the tongue characterized by white film and white raised bumps. Look at the photos of oral thrush on the net there is thick white gunk everywhere and some lesions too. It says on the net that there is not much pain with oral thrush, only some mild pain if you have problems with lesions.

I would bet it is that crazy "referred" pain. The burn around my tongue and gums was insane at times but would go away once I finished eating or drinking what ever set it off. I was going to say that I would stay away from the tomatoe sauce that is highly acidic and I imagine that burned everthing pretty good. Try eating alot of pasta, instant mashed potatoe, mac and cheese(over cook all of these things to make them mushy and add extra brooth to them to make them soft and soupy, chopped up hot dogs, soft fish and scallops. I would stay away from acidic fruit juices, tomato sauce, spiced things, rice does not go down very well.

If you have the tell, tell sign of thrush with all of the white film and gunk I would go to the doctor or get him to prescribe some antibiotics or anti-fungals. If you do not have a thick white film in your mouth and the pain is not intense it probably is not thrush and it is probably that very unpleasant reffered pain. You I ate and drank things that lit up my tongue, eyes and lymph nodes the warm salt water was a immediate remedy and would sooth that pain. It usually was when I ate or drank something acidic. I hope that this helps Persiflage and hope you get better. It is probably going to be a slow process getting completely better you probably have anoth 20 days of more before you are almost over everything and you had a bigger surgery than just tonsils, with the soft Palate and uvula trimming. Good luck.

Persiflage 5 years ago

Thanks for those continued words of support. I have to say that I did not get a great deal of info about what to eat but common sense says that soft and sloppy rather than hard and sharp. Yesterday I forced myself to eat .... no, not eat but consume my first tin of Heinz Spaghetti Hoops in the last 40 years. Not an experience I will be repeating urgh! Although still not having an appetite the small white fish fillet eaten this evening followed by a small portion of cream rice pudding and ice cream was ALMOST enjoyed ... a corner turned perhaps.

I am now convinced that the burning sensation around my tongue and gums is Oral Thrush, something else I was not warned about! I have found engaging in conversation for anything more than 10-15 minutes very uncomfortable and bailed out of two telephone calls today, however all things considered day 10 has not been too bad.

widespread5 5 years ago

Tatalufo. My directiosn said a soft food diet for 14 days. I really would recommend it for 3 or 4 week from my expierence. Day 25 I was trying to eat Cheerios and nut and for a few days I felt like this set me back a week or two. I kind of hurt my throat a bit with the nuts and Cheerios. I would say take it really easy with the food. I would really wait until a month before I ate anything like pizza, nuts, chips etc. I did all of these things between day 15 and 30 and it hurt and inflamed my throat.

Persiflage I was going to say that I had a much worse time with the left side than the right. Those scabs came off too some I think and I had much more pain all the way along with that side. I was going to say the best way to look at your tonsils is to go in the bathroom turn off the light and shine a flashlight back there. I did this mainly to look at progress and make sure there was no infection. You all take care and it looks like Kara, Tatalufo and Persiflage are doing pretty well.

Persiflage 5 years ago

Sat. 02:39hrs (night#9) Morning all.

Just woken, some 2hrs 10mins since last seeing the clock. I do believe this is almost the longest uninterrupted sleep I have had in the last 6 days. Things are improving.

Except ... that I woke with a start (coughing?) and a really intense tearing pain focused on what feels like the right tonsil area. Within a couple of minutes this set off the jaw/ear and yet another trip to the microwave for the beanbag sausage!. However, things are getting better, really. Yesterday I also got away with just one nap and I have reduced my medication to about 50% of what it was at the start of the week, not feeling spaced out any more. Only really looked at my scars a few times because I still find it quite uncomfortable to open wide enough to get a good view. I get the feeling that maybe my tongue is still swollen as I cannot get anything like a clear view of the left scar area.

Tataluco 5 years ago

What about regular diet? I have not been to a follow up visit as my dr. Is 3-1/2 hours away.

widespread5 5 years ago

Tatalufo, I am glad you are doing well. I wanted to say something about the scabs. When I had my surgery I was under the impression from everything on the net that once the big thick nasty scabs with some cauterized blood spots came off that was it and it should turn back to pink really fast. That is not the case with everyone, maybe a 10 year old. On the post-op instructions that I got from Duke University it said that a secondary whitish-yellowish grey scab occurs in alot of patients. It is a thin film that almost looks like infection, but is is not infection unless you see a pus like discharge. For me the secondary scab that is thin and smooth and looks like whitish skin began on about day 4 or 5 when all of the thick, rough nasty scabs came off. The secondary scab for me lasted from about day 4 thru day 30. Getting better and better each day. That was the scab on the wound site where the tonsils used to be. Around day 30 or so, the top arches where your tonsils met the pharynx(The pharynx extend towards the roof of your mouth and towards your back teeth) they showed some whiteness. They cut the top edges of the arches where the tonsils met the pharynx. The tissue about a 1/8th of an inch to a 1/4 inch above the arches where the pharynx runs up toward the back roof of the mouth stayed whitish for me from day 30 up until now and today is day number 86 for me. They did not even cut above the arches but this is sort of residual scar tissue still healing that is a slight bit above the arches. These spots are getting better each day and I continue to keep gargling salt water. One side is almost completely pink and the other side is getting close.

So long story short do not be alarmed when you still see white spots on the tonsils wound site 30-40 days later. And do not be alarmed if you see the edges of the wound site and the pharynx turn white 30-90 day after. I look back there everyday sometime many times a day. Many of you will not notice because you probably do not look back there all the time like a freak. Unles you are having trouble I would not even bother looking back there and worrying with it past about day 15.

So in a nutshell I think that you are probably good to go Tatalufo. I bet what your husband is seeing is the secondary scabs or the very last remains of the first scabs. I would lightly rinse and slightly gargle some salt water from here on out, I works mircles. Actually I am fixing to go brush my teeth and gargle with my luke warm saltwater right now. I have a new mouth now and I do not have the nasty tonsil stones so I plan on taking real good care of my tonsils. Good luck everyone and take care.

Tataluco 5 years ago

Hello 11 post op......feeling good, haven't napped the last two days. Even went into school today to participate in the classroom Christmas party........MAN OH MAN, I never realized the amount of energy eleven 5 year olds have! It was CRAZY but, oh so ever nice to see my students and to get to wish them a Merry Christmas! I just want to THANK YOU ALL for this forum, it has been nice to hear how others are doing while going through the same thing! Oh, I might add about the no nap part, I haven't taken ANY pain meds today! Throat still feels scratchy and is tender to swallow but my saving grace has been sherbet ice cream! It puts out the fire like nothing else. I feel good enough to start venturing into a more regular diet BUT, everyone I've talked about it says "don't hurry into eating regular food" SOOOOO, I will be good and hold off a little longer! I had my husband look in my throat tonight and he still see scabs so, I don't know if the bleeding is over yet or not. :( makes me nervous! careful coughing! I thought I wasn't coughing hard...turns out, it was hard enough to cause some pretty scary bleeding.

Kara, I hope you start getting some good rest, your body needs it!

Widespread5.....thank you!

Kara 5 years ago

YES! I forgot to mention Egg Beaters...they were perfect..went down well and tasted good. I scrambled them in light "I can't believe it's not butter" to give them a good sliding effect ;0)

I had the opposite side effect from the meds Persiflage. They wound me all up so I only managed a couple hours of sleep a day. I wear a monitor 23.5 hours a day that tells me how many calories I burn, my activity levels, how much I sleep, my sleep efficiency percentage, and all that wonderfulness and I was shocked to see such bad numbers come up! One night I only managed 2 hours and 58 minutes of sleep. After a few days a wave of nausea hit, so my doctor put in a perscription for anti-nausea meds and those FINALLY made me sleepy. I ended up taking them at night regardless of feeling nauseated or not- just so I could SLEEP!

Be thankful you can rest up. It may be the reason I'm wiped out after the little things...I think my body needs to catch up on all the sleep I've missed. I got nearly five hours of sleep yesterday so I'm still not there.

I was curious to see if my sleep efficiency percentages would increase after the monsters were removed. Once the healing is complete I will see if my numbers increase. I generally average a 70% sleep efficiency (before they were removed) I have a feeling that once back to normal, that will increase. I can breathe so much better and I don't wake up with dry mouth even now.

Well, until next time!

widespread5 5 years ago

It was a pretty scary choice to be in a hotel room 500 miles from home. I thought about that long and hard. I considered beforehand letting my parents drive me back home that day, but I chose to book a room for 8 days purely because I did not want to take a chance in getting back home and then bleeding and have to go to our terrible hospitals. I was 15 minutes from Duke University while stay in Raleigh-Durham and I felt much better being close to a very good hospital and doctors. It was a twenty minute outpatient surgery at Duke and I had to have someone with me to drive me from surgery. My parents met me up there and they were in a hotel room for 2 days and I stayed at a hotel for 8 days. Actually I really did not even need their help. I felt like I really could have drove after surgery, but of course I did not. The first few days were a breeze, my parents went back to Georgia and the pain got worse from day 3-6. I just kept taking my two oxycodone 5mg tablets and that kept the pain at bay and I was definitely high as a kite. Day 7 and 8 I was much better and I drove back home on day 8 I even stopped at a famous BBQ place in Lexington, NC and brought back several pounds of BBQ and ate almost a pound on the way home, though it did hurt a bit. Luckily this BBQ pit cuts the meat any way you like it. That day I ate lean inside meat only. I could not take my pain meds while driving home so I did have some pain. For the next week or more everything burn my throat like you are describing. Anything acidic. gatorade burn I started diluting the gatorade with water. The Del Monte Fruit Chillers(sorbet) was now burning from the acidity and I could not find the Mango flavor, which is not very acidic. Anything even slightly seasoned burned. I began cooking like crazy when I got home most things burned. I began cooking scallops with no seasoning in a chicken broth with angel hair pasta. I also lived on frozen pancakes drenched in syrup and with ice cream on top. I also ate tons of egg beater eggs and ate alot of finely chopped up hotdogs with paste, in eggs you name it.

I still can not believe how well I did. I think that I owe it all to the doctor and care that I had and the use of Coblation. I studied the coblation method hard and most people do not have near the amount of pain as the traditional methods and recovery time is 3-5 days quicker al the way around. For me the most important part with coblation is there is little to no blood even during the surgery. Take a look at the video clip on this page. Also my doctor was so into pain management he actually gave me way too many stong pain pills which I still have got alot left, probably enough to go through another tonsillectomy. It definitely was no fun, but I have had alot of painful things in my life so I think I as well have a high tolerance for pain. I broke my back in 5 places when a drunk driver hit our vehicle when I was 17, I had should surgery at 18, a knee surgery at 20, suffered with severe gout until I lost 45 pounds several years ago, I have had wisdom teeth out with a dry socket that was terribly painful, probably worse than the tonsillectomy and a few years ago I had a few abcessed teeth that I had to suffer with over a several day period and then a failed root canal where the dentist missed a root sent me along my way, lied to me and then got it fixed properly by an endodontist. Long story short I have learned to deal with pain, but I really think that it is the Coblation, strong pain meds and top notch doctor that got me through.

I was hell enough though and I know that this is no fun, so I hope that all of you recover fast and that it is smooth sailing from here on out. I will say one more thing I supposed to be on a soft food diet for two weeks. I really think that for an adult they should say be on a soft food diet for 3 week or more. I did eat alot of pringles softened with water, but stay away from Cheerios, nuts, harder chips like doritos etc for 3 or 4 weeks. One poke back there and the pain will send you screaming. Good luck y'all.

Persiflage 5 years ago


After posting prev. a wave of tiredness came over me not experienced before. Phew time for bed.

During teeth cleaning coughed a couple of nasty green balls ... urgh ... this has initiated the shedding of my first scab. Very strange feeling.

Persiflage 5 years ago

Widespread, you are VERY brave electing to go through this awful experience so far from the comforts of home.

Day 7 about to end and looking forward to night 8!

The constant pain and discomfort has lessened over the last two days and now seems to come in waves … am I on the mend or have I just got my medication in phase?

The cocktail of pain killers has left me feeling pretty spaced out most of the time and the last 4 days have been very strange, all the medications carry warnings about causing drowsiness but I was not expecting how many times I have returned to bed.

Before the operation I did a big cook and stocked the freezer with servings of home made Veggie soup. All I have managed to eat this week is several soups (with a slice of bread soaking on top), a couple of portions of scramble egg and sloppy porridge for breakfast … absolutely no appetite at all which is just as well because swallowing anything other than water is still causing intense pain and discomfort, even when the medication is at full affect! Lost about 9lbs so far. I tried a couple of mouthfuls of berry fruit smoothie this afternoon, the flavour and coolness was wonderful but it set my tongue, gums and Uvula on fire! It’ll be a few days before I do that again.

The jaw and ear ache although not acute has been irritating and I can recommend one of those “fabric sausages” filled with wheat/barley etc. warmed in the microwave and wrapped around the offending areas.

widespread5 5 years ago

I said in the last post that no doctor or dentist told me that. Correction, Duke University said to gargle and rinse with salt water to aid in the healing process and to keep bacteria at bay duriong the healing process, which can cause bad breath. Another thing mouthwash and strong toothpaste still irritates my throat after 3 months. I try to dilute my mouthwash and used a kid's floride toothpaste for a few months. I am back to using regular toothpaste and mouthwash but it really is too strong. I need to use something milder. Those things burn your mouth even without your tonsils being removed. I would recommend using a kid's floride toothpaste, Aqua-fresh bubblegum was a good mild one and if you can afford it Dr. Katz brand at wal mart makes a good mild toothpaste and mouthwash that is oxygenating. They recommend this for people with tonsil stones I tried it but it could not get rid of those deeply embedded stones, but they make a great mild product, but it is expensive.

widespread5 5 years ago

Hey Kara I am glad you are snapping back fast and doing well. I fortunately did not have much trouble with fatigue or tiredness. I drove 500 miles 8 days after my surgery and then took a 2000 mile trip through the mountains two weeks after. I was even walking around the hotel for the first several days. My doctors orders were to get back to my normal routine as soon as I felt able. I fared real well I think. The pain was not real fun but again there is worse pain than a tonsillectomy and I no longer have to deal with earaches, Tonsillitus and the nasty tonsil stones anymore and I have got great breath now after suffering from halitosis for about 15 years. I could not have made a better decision than to get them removed even when some doctors said oh your tonsils look fine when they were really severely diseased inside.

Here is another food that I ate alot of. I ate alot of the liquid egg, Egg Beaters, never tried them before, bought them for the easiness of preparation. Also I have been taking a multi vitimin everyday, along with vitamin E and C to aid in the healing process. You are so right Kara, good nutrition and vitamins are important for healing. Also the salt water rinses have beeen a blessing for the healing process. I would have done that even if not recommended. I had a tooth pulled and wisdom teeth out years ago and knew that salt water would heal and cleanse wounds. No doctor dentist ever told me that. Seems like alot of small but important things get overlooked by some medical professionals.

Great luck to all of you Kara, Persiflage and Tatalufo and I hope that you all have a great holiday season. You all should be feeling pretty good by the time Santa comes around.

Kara 5 years ago

Hey Widespread5 - I'm doing great! A little discomfort when I sneeze or yawn, but I'm back to life (a little) I went grocery shopping today and it wore me out...didn't even get all I needed because I thought I would drop. I'm a gym enthusiast so I have been bummed that I can't really work out until I'm medically cleared, but seeing how a little trip into the real world set me back, it seems I have a ways to go before I'm gym ready. I can eat pretty much what I want, though certain things go down better than others. I'm not venturing to things like chips until at least two weeks post op which is in just a few short days already!

Persiflage, I feel ya buddy! It's rough but it does get better and there will be a day where you will look back and say to yourself..I'm SO GLAD I did this!

Welcome on board Tatalufo! I haven't had bleeding issues, so I'm afraid I don't have much to offer in that respect. I hope it stops and you don't have any more complications. Ice water was what I was told to gargle if I see blood, so it looks like you've got the right tools. Salt gargles were awesome for me (thanks Widespread5) but can increase bleeding if there is a higher risk, so be might be something you will want to do after the bleeding risk is over (2 weeks or so)

After the scabs came off, my relief was Ensure Chocolate was cool to my throat, didn't burn, and went down well. It also provides a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are essential in your healing process! Keep Hydrated! :0)

Kara 5 years ago

Hey Widespread5 - I'm doing great! A little discomfort when I sneeze or yawn, but I'm back to life (a little) I went grocery shopping today and it wore me out...didn't even get all I needed because I thought I would drop. I'm a gym enthusiast so I have been bummed that I can't really work out until I'm medically cleared, but seeing how a little trip into the real world set me back, it seems I have a ways to go before I'm gym ready. I can eat pretty much what I want, though certain things go down better than others. I'm not venturing to things like chips until at least two weeks post op which is in just a few short days already!

Persiflage, I feel ya buddy! It's rough but it does get better and there will be a day where you will look back and say to yourself..I'm SO GLAD I did this!

Welcome on board Tatalufo! I haven't had bleeding issues, so I'm afraid I don't have much to offer in that respect. I hope it stops and you don't have any more complications. Ice water was what I was told to gargle if I see blood, so it looks like you've got the right tools. Salt gargles were awesome for me (thanks Widespread5) but can increase bleeding if there is a higher risk, so be might be something you will want to do after the bleeding risk is over (2 weeks or so)

After the scabs came off, my relief was Ensure Chocolate was cool to my throat, didn't burn, and went down well. It also provides a lot of nutrients and vitamins that are essential in your healing process! Keep Hydrated! :0)

widespread5 5 years ago

Hey Kara, how are things going with you? I hope you are much better. How about you Persiflage, I hope that the swelling and pain issues have gotten better. I hope you two are doing well because a tonsillectomy is no picnic. Good luck.

widespread5 5 years ago

Tatalufo, from all of the bleeding stories and horror stories that I have read on the internet it sounds like you bleeding episode should be over with if you have bled twice between day 6 and 8. That sounds like what people have reported on here and other places. Hopefully that is it. Have you looked back there with a flashlight, I honestly think that I have looked back there with a flashlight probably 700 times over the last 3 months no kidding. Also have you tried taking Mucinex for the mucous. I read about alot of people taken Mucinex after a tonsillectomy to clear out and liquify the mucous. As for me I live in Georgia, but I ended up driving almost 500 miles to Duke University in Durham, nc to get my tonsils out back in September. I went running scared to Duke after I researched the doctors and the hospitals in Georgia and saw all of the horror stories on the internet. My biggest fear was bleeding after surgery. I even stayed in Durham for 8 days in a hotel room just to make sure that I did not get back home in Georgia and have to be rushed to the substandard Hospitals in my area. Luckily I did not have any complications at all, just pain but the doctors gave me plenty of strong pain pills. I wish you well Tatalufo and it sounds like you are over the worst part now. I would imagine though that the next week or so your throat will be very tender and burn easily from food and drink since the scabs have come off. Good luck and have a good night.

Tatalufo 5 years ago

Widespread5- thank you for the encouraging words. Last night I made it through without any episodes so that is a relief. I feel pretty good today aside from all of the gunk that needs cleared from my throat.....and I know I can't force that to happen any quicker than it is. I'm definetely on the mend and I'm ever THANKFUL that it's almost over! And to answer your question, I am in the states. Good luck to you too! Where are you at in the process?

widespread5 5 years ago

Tatalufo, I hope that things smooth out for you. Day 6-10 is the prime concern for bleeding. I read that you can bleed up until 15 days but for the most part it is day 6-10, when the scabs come off. I would be very very gentle for the next 3 or 4 days and try not to cough, clear the throat etc. I would also call the doctor to let him know what is going on and ask him about your bleeding concerns. You did great by getting something cold back there. I have read remedies for stopping bleeding on the internet from doctors and patients. Most say to lightly gargle with ice cold water, eat a popsicle or something very cold and I have even seen doctors recommend lightly gargling with cold water and peroxide mixed about 50/50 roughly. If you are eating or drinking anything with dairy I would discontinue that, even Ensure and nutrition drinks because of the dairy which can cause thick mucous. In 4 or 5 days your bleeding risk ought to be gone. Good luck to you Tatalufo and I was wondering are you are the states or overseas?

Tatalufo 5 years ago

I am a 39 yo female on day 8 post op. So far up until now the pain well, has been painful. The last two nights I have experienced something quite scary. I've read through quite a few blogposts and am not seeing too many other similar stories. I've needed to spit up mucous and the last two nights I've sort of gently coughed/cleared my throat.......gone to the sink to spit and holy cats BLOOD BLOOD BLOOD. The 1st night my husband was on the phone with a nurse (we live 45 min either direction to the nearest hospital) and just as we were planning a trip to the ER it stopped. I guess I splashed enough cold (really cold) water on the back of my throat to make it quit. Then last night......same thing! So, tonight I'm a little worried about going to sleep. Oh, and I'm drinking plenty of water. Anyone else have this experience? Not sure what to expect tonight. I wil say this though each day after that this has happened, I have felt the best yet!

widespread5 5 years ago

It sounds like you are doing pretty good I hope that you get along well. Be gentle with the salt water and do not get too warm and it works mircles I am still rinsing and lightly gargling almost 3 months later. I must say that I still know that I had surgery when I let my throat dry out, which I try not to do. Good luck Persiflage and I am sure that Kara is still hanging in there doing pretty well.

Persiflage 5 years ago

Widespread ... you are quite correct, I am in the UK.

Sunday night and Monday were the worst so far and I was on the telephone at lunch time to arrange a visit to my GP to review my medication. I left hospital with Ibruprufen and Co-codamol (Codeine/Paracetamol)... The Co-codamol is water soluble and fantastic I can actually feel the pain draining away but it only lasts 2-3 hours! I came away from the Doctors with a top up of Tramadol to use in between other meds. It's now 05:00hrs Tuesday morning and I have had a pretty restless night, surprisingly not because of the pain, which appears to be under control at the moment but because of the amount I have dozed during the last two days, these pain killers are as good as sleeping tablets! I mentioned to the Doc. that I was feeling quite "Wooly Headed". Only to be expected considering the combination of surgery/strong medication/little food. I think I will make a point of getting some gum today and start gargling.

widespread5 5 years ago

Kara it sounds like you are doing great and fared pretty well overall. The worst of my pain was gone on day 8 or so. Once you get to day 14 you should have smooth sailing and when day 21 to 25 comes the pain and tenderness is pretty much gone. Kara you are so right about the chewing gum it did wonders. You have fared well and I wish you the best in your final recovery.

Persiflage I hope that you are doing alrightyou and I are 40 years plus and do not snap back quite as fast as the younger folks. Boy I wish that I would have had mine out when I was a teen or a child. But as Kara said the pain was not nearly as bad as I had imagined it to be. Get a few abcessed teeth, have a knee or shoulder surgery or get a really bad case of the gout, well the pain was less than all of these things for a tonsillectomy. So anyone fixing to have their tonsils out and are scared well it really is not that bad. It definitely is no fun either but things could be worse.

I hope thyat you snap back fast Persiflage and you all take care.

Kara 5 years ago

Well day seven was the worst overall and I'm now on day 8 singing the Hallelujah Chorus! I feel absolutely great! I took a half dose of the Tylenol3 (because of the allergy) last night around nine. I haven't had any since and I'm going on 10 hours! This is the first night I have not woken up in pain. No ear pain, a little throat discomfort, but other than that I feel great. I think I have risen over the hump.

As for the Jaw/Ear pain Persiflage- I know it sounds odd, but Dentyne Ice Chewing Gum saved my life. It takes away that pain in just a minute or two. It also helps to keep your mouth moist.

I was given Tylenol w/ Codeine to manage my pain and like you said, it only lasted about two hours when I could only take it every four...Until about day four I had this problem, then it seemed to take away my pain for longer and longer, until I was able to go 5 or 6 hours between doses. I pray it will do the same for you. But, as Widespread5 said, don't be afraid to tell the doc that the meds aren't cutting the pain. No need for you to suffer more than you must.

Good Luck! Keep on fighting the good fight! :0) And if you find yourself able to is good for you all around. I would drink Ensure when I couldn't eat, just to keep up my nutrition. (Adding fiber isn't a bad idea either!)

widespread5 5 years ago

Glad you are hanging in there Persiflage. I am still drinking lots of water 81 days later. If I let my throat get dry it is uncomfortable but not painful. I was just going to comment that Tramadol is not quite as strong as let's say hydrocodone or oxycodone. It is a synthetic and also releases norepinphrine. I looked of Parcetamol and that is tylenol. You must be in the UK or overseas. I would say that the medication for your age and the procedures done are probably not strong enough. I would not hesitate to ask for something a bit stronger. If I would have had to survive on tramadol, codeine or even hydrocodone I do not think that I would have fared so well. I think that pain management is very important with something that is so painful. My doctor gave me oxycodone and told me to not miss a single dose, to take it 24/7 and to call if I needed a refill. I was thankful to have a doctor that wanted to make sure I was not in pain.

Back to drinking that is the most important part. Keep the throat moist and try not to swallow at all without water. Try not to dry swallow that was the worst for me. I also still can not say enough about swishing or lighltly gargling with salt water which was on my instruction sheet. I am still garling salt water 81 days after. It is a good habit, it kills germs and heals too. Good luck Persiflage and take care.

Persiflage 5 years ago

Thanks for the words of support. I am on day 3 now and have to say that last night was very uncomfortable and today the same. Some blood when I cleaned my teeth his morning but nothing since. I was not expecting the low grade tooth/jaw/ear ache that I am currently experiencing, talking is a bit of an effort! As for medication ...oh! The relief only lasts for about half the minimum repeat time stated and when you read the maximum number of tablets allowed in 24hrs then you have to double the time between doses!!

The advice regarding drink- drink - drink is spot on. Leave it too long and its painful, regular small sips and it becomes almost easy.

I have never had any previous problems breathing except for the sleep Apnea which I was not really aware of, butpost op. I can not lay on my back, My in breath is somewhat restricted and my out breath blocked. Doc. says its due to the swelling and will come good. Got my best rest last night sitting upright in bed!

widespread5 5 years ago

Kara I am glad I could help some and I hope that you are over most of the pain. Sounds like you did very well. I never knew that we would be able to breathe so much better. If I had to to it all again I most definitely would get them out. Not a least bit of trouble with my tonsils and those tonsil stones are gone for good. Good luck Persiflage and Kara and hope that you both recover fast.

Kara 5 years ago

Good Luck Persiflage! I'll be praying for you. Its not the most fun, but I can tell you it is worth it. My breathing through my nose is SO much better! I didn't realize it had anything to do with those pesky tonsil stones! I feel like I can breathe deep for the first time. That was one of the reasons I had them taken out. They were permanently swelled *nearly touching* for OVER a YEAR..ugh! I was sick of it. The doctor said they were filled with pus, debris, and stones. Trust me Persiflage...I have a feeling we will look back at this and be so thankful we did it. I'm on day 7 and well..last night was without doubt the worst of them all, but here I am in the day time, fit as a fiddle, despite not having medication for seven hours now. I wish I could fast forward evenings and nights..I'd be set! Some friends at Church are going to Skype me in so I can keep up with the rest. More Rest = Faster Healing! I tend to over do it sometimes. I'm a go, go, go type person.

Widespread5 has been a blessing to this journey and now you will have us both I'm sure to help you along the way. As Widespread5 said..DRINK H2O- and a ton of will make you feel better, increase your pain tolerance, and keep your mouth/throat from drying out which IS THE WORST!

Best of Luck!!

widespread5 5 years ago

Good luck Persiflage. Drink alot of fluids, keep an ice collar on for swelling and eat cold things like sorbet and you will be fine. I can breathe alot better through my nose since I had my tonsils removed because of tonsil stones. Can you breathe better now Persiflage? Good luck and I am sure that you will be like a new person once you are healed up. Have a good day.

Persiflage 5 years ago

Well it's done! Recent difficulty in initiating swallowing of drier foods prompted a visit to the specialist who diagnosed the largest Tonsils he had seen and extreme sleep Apnea (not a typical candidate for this slim-fit) which resulted in a rapid intervention. A change from an early morning admission to a mid-day admission and being last on the afternoons operating list meant that I came round having not eaten for 20hrs and only having had one small beaker of water in the previous 12hrs. This was remedied some after some 20 minutes consciousness with dry sweet biscuits and water which went down surprisingly well. 3 hours in recovery due blood px. Back home now after 2 nights in hospital due to heavier swelling than expected of both the op. area and long (another comment, from the surgeon this time!)Uvula. Eating and drinking normal-ish food from the start but with lots of discomfort. Who would have thought pureed Weetabix could cause so much pain! So far only 3 doses of Demexathone to control the swelling, a few doses of Ibruprufen and Paracetamol when asked if I wanted it and one dose of Tramadol when I requested it yesterday morning. So far better than expected but nervous about the coming week!!

widespread5 5 years ago

Kara I am glad that you are doing well. You are young and tough. I agree that I imagined my tonsillectomy to be much worse than it really was and it seems that evenings and nights are always some of the worst times when dealing with pain. I constantly was looking at my tonsils with a flashlight actually I still am 80 days later. I still have got the slighest of white coloration above the arches of my pharynx. The edges of the arches were cut but this is residual scar tissue an 1/8th of an inch or so above the surgery site. I am still garling with salt water. Once you are past about 10 days Kara and the bleeding risk is totally gone I think the salt water will be your very best friend. Do ask your doctor though.

I wanted to say to that along that edge of the arches on my Pharynx I have had a few small little bumps to pop up over the healing period especially after about a month and a half after surgery. It is only sometimes when I eat something hot or when my salt water gets to warm and they go away pretty fast when I get something cold back there. I studied online and these are not blisters they are inflamed minor salivary glands.(I have had two or three different ones temporarily pop up over the last month or so and that is the last part that is healing.) There are hundreds of these tiny clear glands spread out all over your mouth, throat and tongue. So if you see a temporary clearish bump where your arches of the pharynx are it probably is a irritated and inflammed salivary gland they are just a few millimeters big and come and go with heat and irritation from food. There are none back there now and I read that once all the healing is done these little minor salivary glands will not get inflammed, it is just during the healing where they are slightly injured. At first I thoght they were blisters Thank goodness that is not the case because I have never had any blisters before.

Kara great luck to you with the rest of your recovery and I will say that in my experience that the next week or so your throat will probably be more tender than ever and alot of the foods and drinks that you have been taking with no problem may burn a bit. Good luck and have a nice day.

Kara 5 years ago

Day 6: Yeah, it was a slight allergy to the Codeine. I took one of my allergy meds and really wish I would have done sooner! Turns out the swelling of my tongue had more to do with the medicine than the surgery. Nearly an hour after taking my allergy meds, my tongue went back to normal size and I feel a ton better. I am back to taking the tylenol 3, just in smaller doses and more spread apart. Pain doesn't seem to be unbearable and I don't seem to be having any other issues. I checked out my throat a few minutes ago and have to report that my scabs have come off sometime in the duration of the day. I was wondering why it hurt so bad to eat my macaroni! I had minimal bleeding from the right side and that side stings even now, but I'm keeping an eye on it and gargled ice water to stop the bleeding. It looks good now and I'm glad I've passed that milestone in this recovery. Overall, this has not been a horrible experience...I had a picture in my head of how it might be and it has not been near what I thought. I have not had any issues with hunger...I have always been able to eat something to curb my appetite. I haven't had any issues with bleeding or horrible pain *yet*. Though, I can credit my pain meds to the pain part I'm sure. I've gotten decent sleep and I've stayed hydrated the whole time. I've also lost a few pounds which I'm not too incredibly sad about. The worst part for me so far was evenings and nights- mornings and days were a breeze! We shall see how the next couple of days go and then I should be out of the water! Thanks for all of the support Widespread5!

widespread5 5 years ago

It kind of sound like you may be allergic to the codeine. Actually I am allergic to codeine it makes me itch and gave me some red spots year ago. I can tolerate hydrocodone and oxycodone though. Most people who are allergic to codeine can tolerate other derivatives. I hope that you get by without the meds but in my case the pain got worse day 4-9. You are young and I hope you breeze right through the next week. Here are a few tips tyhat I gathered off the net months before my surgery. I read about people bleeding after taking a shower that is too hot and bleeding after eating something too warm like soup, etc. Ibuprofen can cause bleeding too because it thins the blood, my instruction sheet said childerns motrin or tylenol liquid though. Good luck and it sound like you are doing good.

widespread5 5 years ago

It sounds like you are doing good Kara. The average median for the scabs to come off is 6.7 days(roughly between day 6and 10. Mine came off prematurely about day 4 or 5, it is a slow process. over several days.

Kara 5 years ago

So the remainder of day 4 was smooth sailing. I have had decreasing pain in my throat as well. This morning I woke up with a rash on my face, around my mouth, nose & chin. I called my doctor to see if it was serious. He advised me to stop taking the medicine if possible. Since I am in relatively no pain, I will be off meds until absolutely necessary. The ear pain is easily controlled with Dentyne Ice Gum & a Heating Pad. I will probably take some Tylenol or Motrin if the pain increases to see if that will take care of it.

I am officially over iced things. They no longer feel good. I'm drinking room temperature water and eating warm things.

I have lost a bit of weight as I haven't been able to eat a normal amount of food. I have found Ensure drinks to be both tasty and full of the Vitamins to keep you healthy. They also have about 350 Calories, which is nice if you want to increase your Caloric intake a bit without having to swallow food.

So far, I would claim Day 3 to have been my worst day, and even that was not a horrible day. I honestly have painful moments, not painful days. We will see how it goes without pain meds.

Kara 5 years ago

Morning of Day 4: Last night was the worst night so far. I had a lot of ear pain on top of the throat pain. I ended up with an ice collar around my neck, and a heat pack on my ears to cope with the pain. This morning all I can feel is the nasty ear pain but its not out of control like last night. I woke up relatively refreshed and feeling better than day three it seems. I did manage to get almost 6 hours of sleep between yesterday and last night, so that probably helped. I have been lucky that my throat does not dry out when I sleep, probably due to having a humidifier right by my head as well as the fact that my tounge is so swollen I'm still forced to breathe through my nose at night. I also drink about 30 oz of ice water throughout the night.

I swished around some lukewarm salt water this morning and that was nice...kind of loosened up my throat and got things moving again. I will probably call my doctor today and ask him if this is something I can do regularly because I'm beginning to really enjoy it.

I also really enjoy showers these days...I'm almost always pain free in the's incredible! I did have a scare this morning tho. I had to cough and when I did I coughed up a bit of bloody mucus. I was so scared I had coughed loose a scab or something so I kept spitting to see if there was more blood. There wasn't. (THANK YOU JESUS!) I usually blow my nose after a shower to clear out all the junk I get from allergies and found the source of the blood. Just a little issue with my nose which I get quite often. Phew! Still had me worried tho so I'm being super cautious.

When should the scabs be expected to fall off? I know the obvious sign that they came off too early: Blood. But I just wondered when I can expect them to be ready? Are there any signs that lead up to it?


widespread5 5 years ago

Kara it sounds like you are doing well with it. I am glad the salt water helped. It was actually my immediate pain reliever for everything. The salt water would take away the pain after I ate something especially after the scabs came off and most everything would burn my throat. Those scabs are like a second skin and when mine came off alot of things would burn my throat and send alot of referred pain to my ear and lyph nodes I would get the salt water back there and immediate pain relieve. If you are worried about slightly gargling too much which I probably would be as well with the right side being worse, I do not think it would hurt just to tilt your head back and let the salt water touch the back of your throat. The one thing I made sure of is to not get the water too warm, as I worried that it may cause me to bleed. Luckily I had absolutely not one drop of blood during my recovery.

For the uvula and pain I highly recommend keeping something icy back there. I would sort of half freeze water, gatorade and juices and shake them up and they were like slushies. I ate tons of Fruit Chiller and fruit sorbet. I also froze indiviual cups of applesauce and Jello and tried to let all of these icy things rest on the back of my throat to get the swelling down. I did not use much chipped ice which I not wish that I would mhave use more of. I did not have much access to crushed ice. All of these things will get the swelling and pain under control.

Sounds like you are doing good Kara and I wish you well. Oh yaeh another food that I ate alot of were pancakes drenched in syrup and after about 10 days I ate tons of dairy and Ice cream and put the ice cream all over my pancakes and sort of mashed it all up. here is a tip too for ear pain use a heating pad when the ear pain gets bad. The salt water however was the biggest pain reliever for that referred ear pain as well as the pain meds.

Kara 5 years ago

Widespread5- We don't have a Wal-Mart but I managed to make myself a pretty nice ice collar using refreezable ice packs. They help A LOT. Also, tried the LIGHT gargle and throat feels so much better. I'm probably only going to use it when absolutely needed as I don't want any issues with bleeding. I honestly don't know what method was used on my Tonsillectomy so I'm being cautious.

I have a humidifier and haven't let it stop running since I came home on day one. I made my day room into my sick room as it is very small and I can use my air purifier as well as my humidifier to the best of their abilities. The purifier is for my allergies..didn't want that mess on top of all of this. I actually feel better now that I did earlier today, and its been nearly four hours since I've had my medication, so its holding up nicely for me.

I had some mac n cheese, fresh kaiser rolls (dipped in chicken soup broth, mashed potatoes, and Jell-O today and it all went down well. I had my first twinge of nausea this morning so I called in some medication and caught it before it was too late.

I have a feeling that the ear pain is going to spike seems to be whats bothering me the most today.

I got a little peek at my throat today and my Uvula is still way swollen..and the rest is all nice n white. I can tell the right side is going to be worse as the Doctor said. There is a lot more scabbing on that side.

Well...I will update again tomorrow I suppose! Thanks again!

widespread5 5 years ago

Kara it sounds like you are hanging in there. I do not know if you have Wal-mart are not in Guam but they have a clay wrap around ice pack that will fit perfectly around your neck that fits in a terry cloth pouch with a velcro strap called Thera-Pack or Therma-Pack. A trick for an ice pack that I have seen on the internet is to get some frozen peas and place the frozen plastic bag of peas around your neck. You may not really sense it but the neck usually swells on the outside too. My frontal neck and lymph nodes under my chin were swollen. About the pain meds. well I honestly know that my tonsillectomy would have been sheer hell if they gave mt Tylenol #3, I do not think that could have even gotton by with Vicoden(Hydrocodone). Luckily my doctor gave me oxycodone and gave me lots of them and told me to not dare miss a dose. I figure that oxycodone is probably 2 or 3 times as effective and stronger than codeine. You are much younger than me and maybe you can get by with the tylenol #3 but I would not hesitate to ask for something stronger if you need it.

Onto the salt water I can not say enough about the salt water. Be sure not to get it too warm as that can cause bleeding, just lukewarm. It mainly was recommended to me by Duke university to keep the bad breath from the scabs away and to promote healing. I must have lightly swished and very lightly gargled it 10-15 times a day and never did get any bad breath(The lukewarm saltwater kills bacteria that cause bad breath.The scabs are magnets for bacteria) and I then depended on it to soothe the pain away, it worked miracles on the pain. I did have coblation surgery where there is a much smaller risk of bleeding. I am saying this because before I had surgury I studies many websites, blogs, university hospitals you name it and most said do not gargle because it can knock of scabs and cause bleeding. So definitely try go easy. If you did not have cobabltion and the doctor said he had trouble cauterizing a artery be super gentle and tilt your head back and let the saline water come in contact and maybe slightly gargle. Duke University was the only place that gives instructions to use salt water and to use it afetr you floss and brush your teeth. They are a top medical university in America and the salt water worked absolute miracles for me.

The doctor saying that he had a hard time geting one side cauterized sounds a little scary so I would be gentle with everything from, eating to drinking and I hope that there is no bleeding on that side when the scab s come off in the next week or so. Hopefully not.

Oh yeah Kara here are a few more tips that helped me tremendously that I got from others. Be sure to use a warm mist humidifier around the clock in a fairly small or medium room. The bigger the room and the higher the ceilings the less effective the humidfier will be. You breath in that moisture and it works mircles on keepingn your throat and mouth moisturerized. Dry mouth and little moisture is the worst enemy. So keep drinking too even if you are not thirsty. Also I go myself alot of soft dinner rolls(King's Hawaiian sweet bread) and I dipped it in beef or chicken broth to soften the bread even more. It also was so much easier to eat by washing the food down with a gulp of water. Good luck with everything Kara.

Kara 5 years ago

Thanks for the tips helps to talk things through with someone who has had this done. I was talking to some people yesterday and they were surprised at how well I could communicate and sounded. I tried to tell them it actually gets worse, not better as time passes.

I just woke up on day 3, 4:00AM Guam time...seems to be a pattern there. I put on an ice collar and secured it to my neck with a scarf. I look like a fashionable whiplash patient haha. The swelling is still present and I'm looking forward to it going down. The ice is helping already.

I have to tilt my head back every time I drink now, as water comes out my nose if I don't. Must be the way I'm swallowing and the swelling. My breath has gotten bad, so I'm thinking the scabs are forming? I can't see much yet, due to the swelling.

I have a little bit of ear pain, not as much as I'm sure I'll get. My surgeon informed me that he had a hard time cloterizing one of my arteries, so the pain will be worse in my right ear. So far they are pretty equal in pain. It's not unbearable or anything, just annoying.

Yesterday I managed to eat two fresh Kaiser Rolls, some mac n cheese, and a little bit of juicy chicken, on top of the staple: Blue Jello. I have been adding Benefiber to everything I eat to help with digestion.

I'm on Tylenol w. Codeine so I can't take any other Tylenol. They said something about being out of what they were going to give me, so we would try it. If I don't eat something beforehand, I feel sick, so I eat something easier like Jello or Applsauce. I feel pretty well about 30 minutes after I take it and it lasts for about an hour & a half, so I eat more once it kicks in. I can take it every four hours and at this point I do so religiously.

I will try the salt gargle, though it gives me the chills to think about. My mom used to make me do that when I was younger and having problems with my throat. I hated it, but as an adult I'm sure I can handle it more appropriately. :0)

Well...I suppose that's all for now.

widespread5 5 years ago

Hi Kara I wish you a speedy recovery. I would try to drink and eat as much as you can tolerate in these first few days because the pain will increase over the next week. If you tolerate your pain meds try to that them about 30 or an hour before eating. They work better on an empty stomach. I would also say that anything less than oxycodone is probably not coming close to relieveing the pain and the duration of the pain med is short with anything like hydrocodone or codeine. I would not hesitate to ask the doctor for stronger pain meds if you pain is not managed. If you are not taking a pain med with tylenol well some childrens tylenol liquid will help alot and manage the pain a bit better. In my case the pain was much worse day 4-10. A few pain management tips that got me through were rinsing and very lightly gargling with lukewarm saltwater in a ratio of one tablespoon of salt to every 1and a half cups of water. The salt water worked mircles on pain beleive it or not and would sooth and reduce the pain in my throat immediately and I would repeat when the pain got bad after eating or something. This promotes quicker healing too. I also wore an ice collar for the first week and a half which I think helped alot. I would also try to get the pospsicles, ice, sherbert etc. right back there on the tonsil site, try not to just swallow all the cold stuff. Also what you said about dry swallowing just saliva is the worst pain. If I had to do it all over again I would try not to follow my reflex and swallow unless I had cold water to swallow. Dry swallowing was one of the worst things

I also had a swollen uvula, mine went down to normal after about 3 or 4 days. Good luck Kara and if I were you I would eat as many pancakes, hotdogs, mashed potatoes and grazy as I could in the next few days because in my case I stopped eating pretty much from day 4-7. I also can't say enough about taking some dulcolax, both the stoolsoftner and laxative they are usually in separate bottles you have to read the label to see the difference. They have one that is combined as well.

I wish you a speedy recovery and keep us posted.

Kara 5 years ago

Well..they have been removed. Day one, as many say was a blur and not too painful. I was able to eat Jello, Campbell's Soup @ Hand, and Popsicles with no real difficulty or pain. This morning, however, the pain has increased and the amount of time my meds work has decreased. I get about two, almost three hours of pain relief before it wears off and I can only take it every four hours. I've been drinking lots of water, and taking lots of potty breaks as proof I'm staying hydrated. My Toungue & Uvula are still quite swollen (I've never wittnessed such a large Uvula!) I can talk and have been trying to do so as much as possible as the doctor told me it would be beneficial. Swallowing is, of course, the worst of the matter, but I have found I would rather swallow cold water than saliva by itself, so when I feel the need to swallow I sip some water. Sneezing is not fun..I have seasonal alergies so I'm trying to keep them contained. I have a lot of energy but am forcing myself to sit and do nothing as it is supposed to help the healing process. I've heard the pain gets worse from here, so I'm bracing myself for tomorrow, taking it one day at a time. I can live with this pain, and I will learn to live with the next wave. Keeping my mood light and prayer, prayer, prayer...I shall get through this!

widespread5 5 years ago

I wish you good luck with it Persiflage. Do you know if coblation will be used? Coblation is the only way to go. It was hell enough with the pain with coblation, but with no complications. I would be scared if a scapel or electrocautery hotblade was used. It will be 10 weeks since my tonsillectomy and I still have slight scar tissue above the archs of my pharynx. I am almost 99 percent healed though. Drink as much as possible,take pain meds around the clock. I would not plan on sleeping much the first week. Sleeping and then waking up was the worst pain for me and once the scabs come off. If a scapel or electrocautery hotblade is used the pain, risk of bleeding and the inflammtion of all surrounding tissue will be much worse. I am 40. I won't lie Persiflage but be prepared at your age for some pain. I will say this though you will be very happy and thankful that you got rid a set of problematic tonsils once the first 4 or 5 weeks of off and on pain is done with. Good luck and please keep us posted.

Persiflage 5 years ago

Male. 54. Due to have the tonsills removed in one week. my specialist said it's no picnic and having read the previous posts I am bricking it!!

widespread5 5 years ago

Let me correct something I have de humidfier on the mind becase the dehumidifier is running in the room where I keep a ton of photographs and film negatives. I meant to say keep the HUMIDIFIER running 24/7. Be sure to get the right one, get the warm mist humidifier. The vick's Warm mist humidifier from the wal mart costs $30 and worked great for me.

widespread5 5 years ago

Good luck Kara. You are young and I bet that you will snap back quickly. Do not be afraid o f the pain it really is not that bad, it is not unbearable. I suffered with the gout years ago constantly and had a few abcessed teeth years ago and that was much much worse pain. This is more of a nagging pain but not severe. Stay on top of the pain med 24/7. Drink constantly and do not do things to compound the pain like eat the wrong things etc. Keep an ice pack on the neck for a few weeks, keep the dehumidifier running 24/7 in your room, keep drinking water and keep lighltly gargling with water and you will be fine. Actually the worst pain for me was when I would wake up from sleeping and had nothing to drink in a few hours. The first sip of water or to dry swallow is like swallowing razor blades. After that no much of a proble. Try not to dry swallow. Water and non acidic liquid pretty much did not hurt at all. Swallowing food there was slight pain. Wash it down with alot of water. Still 60 days after I drink atleast a gallon of water a day. You will be fine and any pain that you have will be well worth not having to deal with tonsil problems anymore. With your young age you you recover fast. Just try to get as many good tips off the internet and do stay away from dairy. Best wishes and great luck to you and all of you out there that are still recovering.

Kara 5 years ago

So...I'm 24 years old and I am having my tonsils removed on December 5th. Needless to say...I'm nervous! I've had issues with those little monsters for years, and they have been swollen for over a year straight now. I just hope the two to three weeks of misery will be worth it. With as many issues as I have had, I feel like it will be, but some of these stories scare me! I don't handle pain very I know this is going to be tough..on myself and my husband I'm sure! I'm working on a "game plan" to make things go as smooth as they can, but there is no getting around the pain it seems...anyway..wish me luck! :0)

widespread5 5 years ago

I forgot to say that I did not have any bleeding whatsoever but in advance I read up on what to do. First gargle with ice cold water. Try to eat something cold like italian ice. If this does not stop it pretty quick the call the doctor or emergency room. I saw too that many doctors told their patients to gargle with cold water and peroxide. Mostly I saw Ice cold water though. If it does not stop fairly soon after 10 minutes and there is alot of blood I would go straight to the emergency room.

widespread5 5 years ago

I was wondering about the people that are having mucous problems. Are you eating dairy, like custard, ice cream, pudding etc? I stayed far away from these things and absolutely had no problems at all with mucous. I ate alot of frozen icy non dairy products, sorbet, Del Monte Fruit Chillers, italian ice. Still a few months from surgery I do not let my throat get dry. Actually I never had much pain swallowing water but to dry swallow was painfulespecially for the first 2 or 3 weeks. Y'all hang in there and once you get past the first three weeks things will start getting back to normal and most of the pain should be gone after a month, however your throat probably will not be 100% for two months or so. Oh yeah the month or so of hell will be worth not having tonsil stones or tonsillitus. Oh yeah I once again can not emphasize to lightly gargle with salt water very very often. If you have pain go gargle and there is some kind of reaction where the warm salt water sooths and temporarily takes away the pain. The first two weeks I must have lighly gargled 10-12 times a day. 60 days after I still gargle 4 or 5 times a day. I had no bad breath at all from the scabs as well because the salt water kills and keep the bacteria away from the scabs. If you are having reffered pain and eating problems lightly gargle, be gentle though. For food eat alot of noodles, soft bread dip the bread in broth or gravy and ate alot of hotdogs and soft pork shoulder BBQ. Think soft, non spicy and drnech in broth or gravy. If you are dropping weight get some Numtraments drinks, slimfast, ensure etc. However I would stay away from that until about 2 two weeks once the bleeding risk is mostly gone. Duke university says that vitamin E, Vit K and fish oil among other things like alcohol, asperin, Ansaids etc can cause a risk of bleeding. Most nutrition drinks have Vit E, K and omega 3's and they are dairy based which can cause thick mucous. Also if yoyu are having pain still after a few weeks do not hesitate to ask the doctor for more hydrocodone or oxycodone and if your doctor is giving you anything less in strenght than that you should ask for something stronger. I looked up Endone and you are right Caz it is oxycodone. Give it another 10 days Caz and the worst will be over with probably sooner

Caz 5 years ago

I'm a 31 year old female and on day 13 post op. Am lucky in that I haven't had any major bleeding etc but the pain has been pretty severe and I'm still needing to take Endone (I think like Oxycodone in the US) every now and then.

The ear aches were pretty horrible and I couldn't really eat anything at all until about day 5. Have started eating a bit since then but have a horrible, sour, metallic taste in my mouth all the time which makes anything sweet or sugary taste horrible and most savoury food is only barely edible. Have lost about 4.5kg and I'm not a big person so it feels a bit strange! I'm hoping that things will start to taste ok again when the scabs have fallen off!

I totally agree with what everyone else said about drinking a HEAP of water. I have to take a bottle of water with me everywhere I go, even if I'm only going to be out for about half an hour. I just get really thirsty constantly and the mucus is still pretty bad.

The pain is much less after almost 2 weeks but I still get the referred ear pain quite badly and swallowing food is painful.

I just keep thinking that I won't get Tonsillitis and tonsil stones all the time and that this will all be worth it in the long run!

Everyone is different but make sure you give yourself plenty of time to recover. It can be quite depressing not being able to eat what you want or do what you want to. Try and keep yourself occupied with DVDs and books and get friends and family to come and visit you so you remember that there is still an outside world and that all will return to normal soon!


widespread5 5 years ago

Oh yeah I forgot be sure to use Iodized salt to gentle rinse and gargle with. I am still garling with warm salt water on day 60. I was out of town in the blue ridge mountain alot in the last few months so I gargle with cool salt water. I think that if I was at home and had used warm water constantly I would have healed even quicker.

widespread5 5 years ago

Oh yeah I had terrible tonsil stones and terrible breath before my surgery and have not had bad breath in the slighlest since my surgery day. Actually several doctors told me that my tonsils looked healthy and they were small and tiny and not inflamed, even my doctor at Duke University. He really did not seem to want to take them out until I told him that I have had tonsillitus and pain every month or two for the last year from the nasty tonsil stones building up and he asked if I would run a fever and I did. I discovered that just having tonsil stones is not typically a medical reason to have your tonsils removed. You have to get tonsillitus so many times a year and run a fever. When you cough up some tonsil stones you think that is it and your breath gets a bit better and you think they are gone but there always seemed to be many more deep in the tonsillar crypts(Holes in tonsils) that were just waiting to surface. When the built up that is when I would get a bad ear ache and sore throat. Anyway getting rid of that problem and bad breath has already changed my life. If your doctor does not want to take them out for tonsil stones go to another doctor. As well once again try to get the very best medical treatment with coblation. If your insurance will cover it go to Harvard, John Hopkins, Duke, Vanderbilt, UNC, Mayo Clinic or another top medical university and I would be willing to drive 500 hundred miles to make sure that it is done right. It was a 20 minute outpatient surgery for me at Duke University. In my town it would have cost me more because they would have put me in the hospital for atleast 1 to 2 days and I probably would have hemmoraged around day 8 or 10 from the electrocautery hotblade that they would have used. Coblation is cold saline solution and radiofrequency wave do the cutting. Do watch the video of Coblation at the top of this page it is the only way to go and be sure to ask yor medical provider about the technique that will be used. I would definitely stay away from the scapel or hot blade. Good luck and sorry to ramble on.

widespread5 5 years ago

Aslo I cannot say enough about rising or very gently garling with warm salt water. It make the healing process easier, keeps germs on the scabs at bay and also reduces pain a good bit. Once the main scabs come off I had light whitish scabs that pretty much stayed there until about day number 30. Actually I am in day 60 now and the top edges near the roof of my mouth are almost finished healing. Still a slight whiteness that has been getting better every day. I read on the internet that you can have white scabs back there for 6 weeks after the initial thick nasty scabs come off in the first week or 10 days. For me the scabs were gone on the wound site after 30 days and the thicker skin near the roof of my mouth are almost completely healing after a solid 8 weeks but it will probably be another week before that skin is completely pink. I am 40 so it has taken a little longer and my scabs initial scabs came off a bit prematurely around day 4 or 5 so I think that it has taken me a little longer to completely heal. If any of you are smokers out the I would not risk smoking and exposing that new skin to carcinogens for atleast 50 or 60 days. Alcohol either. These things could possible increase your chances of developing cancer in the future.m Good luck everyone and my best tips are drink alot of water, keep something cold back there like ice, sorbet or ice cream(I waited 10 days or so before eating ice cream because I did not want a thick mucous problem). Also use a kids toothpaste for the first three or four weeks so you do not inflame the wound site and gently rinse and gargle with salt water. About one tablespoon to each cup of water and do not get it too warm. Use a warm mist humidifier for the first month or so and I would not recommend scratchy or abrasive foods like crusts, nuts cereal unless soggy for atleast 3 weeks unless you are pretty young. These things bothered my thoat up to day 30 and I was only supposed to be on a soft food diet for 2 weeks.

widespread5 5 years ago

Ladi, It sounds like you are doing good so far. Keep taking the pain meds and tryt eating a little something before you take the pain meds if you are feeling sick at your stomach. On to ear pain well it usually is about the 5th to 9th day that the ear pain is the worst. As well the 5th to 10th day was the worst pain for me when the scabs had fallen off. Luckily I had no complications with bleeding but this is the time that most people have some bleeding or worse. The pain and ear aches were the worst when the scabs came off. I thought of the scabs as a protective second skin. Once the scabs came off gatorade, juices andthing slightly acidic burned my throat and I had alot of referred or residual pain in my ears and in the lymph nodes under my tongue. more later

LADi 5 years ago


Taylor 5 years ago

I am 18, and I had my tonsils taken out 3 days ago. Days 1 and 2 were a breeze. There was hardly no pain. I only took painkillers once each day before I went to sleep. I was drinking ALOT of Sprite, smoothies, and chicken broth with soggy crackers. The worse part was the mucus that I kept spitting up. I just woke up on day

Judi 5 years ago

I was 4 days shy of turning 41 when I had my tonsils removed. Today it has been 17 days. After hearing horror story after horror story, I feel that I did pretty well. Day of surgery was miserable for me because I was sick from the anesthesia. I threw up 3 times and most of them were when I took the pain meds. (I don't handle prescription pain meds very well). After the first day, I quit the pain meds and went to 4 advil which equals one 800 mg ibuprofen. I did very well with that because I think it took away the pain as well as some of the swelling. I drank lots of water and sucked on pellet ice chips for the first 3 days. After that I just drank lots of water and ate a whole bunch of jell-o and popsicles. It was cold and felt good. I didn't dare eat ice cream or drink milk because I was afraid of the phlegm forming in my throat. Days 8-11 were definitely the worst for me. The pain was pretty intense and I took those advil like clockwork and used a numbing throat spray ALOT! My throat is still sore a bit, but I have resumed a semi-normal diet. Chocolate and spicy things burn my throat. Yesterday and today, I feel like I have a lot of phlegm in my throat and my family says I sound like I have a cold. Hope that is normal?? Overall I have had a good experience as far as surgery goes!

mrs p 5 years ago

hi im on day 7 after getting my tonsils out. im a 31 year old mother of 2. i found day of surgery and day 1 managable. been given paracetamol, ibrouprofen and codeine for the pain. as i live in the uk, the advice is to eat rough foods which clear the scabs from the throat.

i drank 4 jug full of water in the 24hrs i was in hospital and 2 slices of toast before i left hospital. my throat was sore but apart from that i felt fine. the the jaw, tongue and ear ache kicked in, oh my word they just do not mention it over here! i have found my recovery has had its ups and downs, day 4 in the morning i felt so bad but by the evening i was eating a big mac and fries for my dinner. the worst part was day 6 and 7 when i woke up after coughing to have my mouth full of blood! i panicked but eventually got it stopped. i recommend drinking loads of water, eating toast and normal things even if its just a few spoonfuls as although it hurts at the time you feel much better after its down. oh and you will need help if you have kids to look after for at least a few days!

best of luck to everyone going through this!

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Widespread5 5 years ago

Hi I am 40 years old and had my tonsillectomy done at Duke University 27 days ago. I drove 500 miles to Duke to ensure that my tonsillectomy was done properly by a top surgeon because I did not want to go through any of the horror stories that I have heard about on the internet. It was done with coblation and the pain was about a 5 or 6 coming out of surgery. The doctor prescribed me 100 oxycodone and told me to take them to take 1 or 2 every 4 hours around the clock and do not miss a dose.(he gave been a refill of 60 and I have most of that leftover that I will not have to take.) I took 2 every 4 hours for the first week and the pain was not too bad. I stayed in a hotel for the first week and was eating like a horse for the first 4 days high as a kite with minimal pain. After 4 days the scabs began to come off slowly until about day 8 and the pain was rough and I stopped eating. But continued to drink alot of fliuds and eat del monte Fruit chiller and Luigi Italian Ice. I lightly gargle with salt water the entire time recommended by Duke and the salt water does help take away the pain and helps healing. I also used an Clay Ice pack called Therma pack from the Walmart and ran a Vick's Warm mist Humidifier on high around the clock. Once the scabs came off was the worst. Most everything burned and cause alot of sharp ear pain and pain under my tongue to my lymph nodes on my neck under my tongue. I kept eating the pain meds but not as many. Pain was minimal if I was not talking or dry swallowing. Swalloowing water was not an issue. Keep gargling with salt water highly recommended. Light thin secondery scabs formed after the first thick scabs fell off. Day 14 through 20 was not to bad. Went to follow up and doctor said I would probably have more pain around a month when secondary scabs came off. Had slight pain. Overall the pain throughout the whole thing was not too bad and not nearly as bad as anticipated and had no complications and absolutely no bleeding and thankkfully I did not have a doctor that under medicated me. My advice would be try to go to a good medical university that uses coblation and research the doctors and try to find a doctor that has won top doctors awards and best doctors in America awards. I live in Georgia and I really do not think that Emory or the University of Alabama would have been a great choice. With all of my research, Duke, UNC Chapel Hill and Vanderbilt were the best options. Go to U.S. Newsweek check the rankings and look deep into the problems that the hospital has as well like mortality rate, blood infection, infection at incision site etc. also look at a site like health grades to check out the doctor and hospitals. Get the best possible treatment and try to avoid complications and not so great doctors. Someone I know had their tonsils taken out in my town recently with electrocautery hotblade and was re-admitted back into the hospital twice for bleeding and had severe infection and still is suffering well after a month. I am glad that I went to Duke. Also my tips are to drink tons of flids, rinse and lightly gargle with salt water, and take a stool softener to manage consipation from the pain meds. Good luck everyone and oh yeah and atleast find a place that buses coblation technology to minimize pain and recovery time. I am sure that if I was 20 or younger the whole thing would have been like a slight sore throat and nothing more and I would have completely snapped back in a week or so.

Lili 5 years ago

Hi, I'm on day 12 now and basically back to normal. I can swallow everything but spicy or rather food with some flavour burns the hell out of my throat!! Normal pain killers just didn't work and I tried about 6 different types all very strong. If you're also struggling with all the demons in hell hacking away at your throat ask your doctor to inject you with the following:



Celestone Soluspan

I thought I was going to die until I got that shot, worked like a charm and was definately a turning point.

Good luck with your recovery, it is bloody painful! Also don't be afraid to eat normal foods, soft foods won't protect your stomach from all the meds and Coca Cola is amazingly soothing :)

Shannon 5 years ago

I am 36 female, had my tonsils out on Tuesday, I am confused as to what day I am on? Am I on day 4 or day 5? Not sure if you count the surgery day?

Steven 5 years ago

I am 27 and had my tonsils out two weeks ago i honestly can say that it was not hard for me to drink but the most painful times were during the middle of the night and early in the morning because your mouth is dry and sore. I had a bleeding problem on day 7 because a scab fell off and had to go back to surgery that night to have them stitch it up and cauterize it. Now I am on day 17 and am feeling much better and can eat foods. I am trying to ween myself off of pain medication right now I have really only had to take it at night.

For those getting it done don't be worried it is painful but I would have to say some of the tonsillitis infections I used to get were much more painful and now I don't have to worry about getting those anymore. So stay positive and optimistic and you will be fine. I hope this helps.

Casey 5 years ago

Hi all, me again. Thought I'd update you all with my experience.. Day 8 (when I went and got tattoed and saw a movie/ate somewhat normal food) I hemorrhaged while I was out, from the area where a scab had come off not long before (a couple of hours). I bled from an artery and lost 2.5 L of blood, some swallowed, most of it covering myself and a toilet cubicle. I was taken to ER and transported to a hospital with an overnight ENT specialist, where it happened again and they stopped the bleeding as we waited for emergency surgery. It happened again going into the theater, but I was put under, and woke up a couple of hours later absolutely covered in blood. Recovering now and feeling better, only had to stay a couple of days. This happens in 2% of cases.

Casey 5 years ago

Firstly, thanks everyone for posting, I now know what I'm going through is normal!!

I'm a few weeks shy of 20, and female. Day 1 was fine thanks to pain meds at the hospital!! Days 2-4 pain increased. I think I made the mistake of not drinking enough water. As much as it hurt, I tried to eat soft foods, and talk (although I sound like a young boy now- hoping that changes soon). I wasn't prescribed pain meds so it's just been panadol for me. Days 5-7 the ear pain is ridiculous. The scabs burn and hurt like hell when I swallow. I'm anticipating their coming off, I know it will hurt but I will feel better after. I'm returning to work day 10, and getting tattoos tomorrow day 8, a little worried about that. I can't wait for it all to be over. I feel hungry, weak, secluded and just generally not myself and I often wish I had my "normal" life back! This has been the worst experience of my life so far. My comment doesn't do it justice. But in the long run it will be better then getting tonsillitis something like 13 times a year!!! Any advice for someone at this stage who will be returning to work in a few days??

I wish a speedy and easy recovery for all!!! Xx

Meagan 5 years ago

I'm 20 years old and had my tonsils out 9 days ago, and I have to say that it honestly wasn't that bad. I freaked myself reading all these horror stories on the internet, but I didn't have that much pain and definitely don't regret having it done. I had my tonsils removed after repeated bouts of strep and 2 peritonsillar abcesses within the course of a week.

The worst of my experience was waking up immediately after surgery; I wasn't in a whole lot of pain, but I spent two hours being incredibly nauseous and dizzy, and threw up twice. Not fun.

So, here's my two cents:

1. Drink more than you have ever drank in your life. I drank pretty much constantly from days 1-5, including waking up every 2-3 hours to drink water during the night. I don't know if staying well hydrated was a factor in having a fairly pain-free experience, but I like to think it was.

2. Buy a humidifier, you will be grateful! I used mine every night for the first week, never had a dry throat. I got mine for like $30 at Target because I had an emergency tonsillectomy and didn't have time to shop around, but I'm sure you can find them cheaper.

3. Take your pain meds, even if you don't think you need them. I took my meds religiously for the first 6 days and, as I stated above, I only experienced very mild pain during my entire experiences.

4. Be wary of bleeding. My ENT told me that bleeding was extremely rare and that I should only expect "slight" amounts. Well, on day 6 I guess the scab on my right side came off all at once and I felt a rush of warmth in my mouth, ran to the sink, and spit out HUGE mouthfuls of blood for about 5 minutes. I got it stopped with ice water, but was a little panicky. So in the event of bleeding: use ice water, if the bleeding doesn't stop in 15 minutes, head to the ER.

5. I had low blood sugar and couldn't handle a liquid diet for very long. Some soft foods that I enjoyed included scrambled eggs, microwaveable pancakes (they're much mushier than homemade), and lots of easy mac. For the love of God, do not try and eat spagehetti-o's. It will freaking burn.

That's about it! Overall, I had a relatively pain-free experience and had completely stopped pain killers by day 7. I still have a scab on the left side, and my right side stings some (I guess since it's fresh skin) but I would certainly recommend the surgery to those who need it and don't have any regrets. :)

Alex 5 years ago

Im 31 and today is my 7 day..the pain in killing me..but im happy coz my bad tonsills start to afect my all of my Joints...the doctors says that is really bad and my hearth can suffer dudes dont cry like a litle girls,f..k the pain and live long.B.R

Bryan 5 years ago

I am 30 years old and had my tonsils removed ten days ago.

Days 1/2 are fine - you don't feel much (still doped up).

Days 3/7 are increasingly uncomfortable, with a gradually sorer throat. There's some ear-ache too, but only annoying and nothing painful.

I've now completed my course of painkillers and penicillin and there's still some discomfort.

But it's slowly getting better.

Make sure you drink and eat as much as you can (not the easiest, but it does help). Don't be freaked by the horror stories - everone reacts differently.

It's not nice, it's not plain-sailing but it's not THAT bad.

Ashley 5 years ago

I am 24 years old and as of now I am on Day 8 after getting my tonsils and adenoids out. The surgery was a breeze. Days 1 and 2 were easy due to the fact that you still had the pain killers. They days after pretty much suck. I have not gotten any real food yet. I did take some pieces of food and tried to chew them and make them smaller but you only can tolerate so much. I have been eating chicken noodle soup, pudding, spaghettios and mashed potatoes, and Jamba Juice. Cold things worked the first couple days to ease the pain, but now its hard to tolerate. More room temperature things are soothing now. I find it easier if you take your meds before you eat or eat right after you take your meds. Water is a lot easier after meds too. Im hoping the best for everyone who got it dont or will get it done. Its not as bad as you think. Just think about it in the long run. I will update in a couple days.

Eric 5 years ago

Helen I am willing to bet it was the beginnings of your scabs coming off! I am a 34 year old on day 12 and I have been eating and drinking pretty normally. What everyone else has said above is all pretty much true. I had a few differences, like some tongue pain and an almost complete rejection of food until day 8. I have been having my scabs fall if the last two days and I will be honest it is not pleasant. The left one already fell off and choked me, now that area is very tender and it's bad but not nearly as it was in the first 8 days. If you can just go to your happy place and watch as much t.v. as possible oh and get the good drugs then you should be fine. Ask for Oxycodone and ACETAMINOPHEN both in liquid form. The oxy was distraction, which also made it much easier to sleep. The acetaminophen was the pain killer, this worked wonders for me. When it kicked in I had two hours to drink water and eat jello and pudding. After that two hour window though it was pain city and only baby sips of water were possible. You can only take the aceta like 4 times a day so be smart and use it to your advantage. All in all I would say worth it. My breathing has improved and I sleep better than I ever have in my entire life now (I had sleep apnea). Good luck to all those still recovering and those going into the surgery soon. If you have second thoughts ignore them and just get it over with. Putting it off will only give you anxiety.

Helen Skiver profile image

Helen Skiver 5 years ago from Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I am on day 7 of having my tonsils and adenoids removed. So far it has been okay except like everyone says the ear pain. If that would just go away i would be great. I am also Diabetic too. Sugars have been haywire and because of that and the antibiotic I also have Oral Thrush now. Its gone down some now. But the thrush has upped my pain by 10x and I don't know how i am making it and also taking care of my child. (20 months) But tonight I had a scare. Ive been coughing up phlegm on a regular bases and they said it was normal but tonight i coughed up a blood clot the size of a pea. Belive me when i said i ran to the mirror with a flashlight and started searching for blood but I have found none so far. Is this normal to be doing on day 7? I have noticed I am breathing a little better now too. Oh yah.. for sleeping at night I use 2 Ice bags, one on each side of the neck and it works wonders with the pain.

Katey 5 years ago

Day 7 - just ! 12:12am 26/08/2011

Worst pain is in my ears and swallowing feels like I've something dry and lodged in my throat! Quite proud of myself on day 6 managed the smallest portion of lasange you ever did see! Bread seems to go down well also!

Getting very annoyed at the lack of sleep and restless feeling, very tired just due to the difficulty in swallowing and the earache!

Following everyone's advise and drinking what can only be technically described as sh*tloads of water! If my bathroom was big enough I'd move my bed into it because I'm either in there filling my glass up or peeing!!!

Oh and to top it all off I've had grief from my wisdom teeth for the last three days thus increasing jaw pain/earache and very short temper! Was only given parasetamol and ibuprofen from hospital, g thanks guys lol! In hindsight a life time of toncil stones/bad breathe and minor sore throats was probaly quite manageable !!

Good luck to you all in the early stages, got the op booked! CANCEL!!! x

Lydia 5 years ago

I had my tonsils removed a week ago this day, and not including the day of surgery, this would be my seventh day. I vomited twice day of surgery, and all the next night. I have to say that the toughest part of this recovery was the nausea. That differs from case to case. And in my case, I have a very sensitive stomach. After I had vomited up all of the blood in my stomach, by about day 3, the nausea stopped. Yesterday, day 6, I was feeling very good. I went for a walk, and was up for majority of my day. Today, in the morning, I felt like I was dying. I have honestly never felt pain like this in my entire life. Its a trial to swallow anything. As the days progressed though, I was able to leave my bed, but only thanks to the pain killers. I am praying that I wake up tomorrow and will feel much better.

Good luck to everyone! I hope you all have the easiest time recovering!

Paige 5 years ago

Ok, I said I'd come back. Day 10 is SOOOO much better. As a matter of fact, day 8 and 9 were very sore, but not bad. But today, I can almost eat what I want. The referred pain in my ears is rectified with Tylenol. Talking is a lot less painful. I imagine in a couple more days, I'll be almost back to normal but I feel A MILLION times better. Hang in there. If you can last 10 days, you can survive this. The surgery was worth it.

I'm sure some people have complications and I'm sorry you are having it so rough, but I'm a 29 year old female and I survived through this pretty well. It sucks, but it's definitely doable. Good luck everyone!

Paige 5 years ago

Hang in there folks. It will be okay. I'm on day 8 right now. Feeling pretty good. Not great, but not terrible. A couple of things that I want to reiterate.

1. Drinking water has helped so much. Yes it sometimes hurts and yes it sometimes stings, but...keeping the throat moist is key. It doesn't have to be ice water. I've been drinking room temperature water and it has been just fine. I think the worst part of drinking the water is not knowing whether or not drinking the water will sting this time or feel fine the next. I guess the worst part is fear.

2. In the initial days, I set my alarm every 30 minutes during the night to make sure I took a sip of water. That seems to have helped my recovery.

3. I have slept sitting up. I curled up on my couch and made sure to fall asleep with my head elevated. Yes I sometimes woke up have to cough, but, it seems to have prevented so many other issues.

4. Whether you're of the philosophy to eat soft foods for eat "like normal" do what you can. It will change from day to day. For me, the nausea was the worst. I had to force myself to eat. I miss normal foods but they will come. Just try a little here and there and get creative! Shop before you have surgery.

5. I went off the hydrocodone after day 3. I hated how it made me feel. So I lived on 2 extra stregth tylenol every 4 hours. It's doable.

6. All of us are going to have different reactions. No, it's not fun and some moments are worse than others, but it is doable.

Hang in there. It will get better. Like I said, I'm on day 8. I seem to be over the hump, but I WILL check back and let you know how the remaining days go. It's so hard to read all the posts from 6 or 7 days, but not see what it's like after that. Let's face it, when we're in pain is when we go on the internet to search for the "is this normal." When we're feeling fine, we're not on these kinds of sites. But I will come back to post.


Jlm 5 years ago

Day 5 was excruciation day for me , I constantly kept lettin my mouth become dry && then when I did to go drink it was very painful !!! I woke up 8:30 pm had to take my meds at 9 so I had a sip of water and then something so painful was hurting on the left side of my mouth ! I never paid it any mind ... When I went to take my oxycodone I literally seen my life flash before my eyes due to I was choking on my medicine this by far is the worse day for me

Jlm 5 years ago

Omg on day 4 and I can say these days have been the worse days of my life* I know I have plenty more days to come && absolutely u get emotional ! I never cried so much in my life it's just miserable && I'm only 16 - All I can drink is water and nothing else ! :( I recommend to those who have not recieved it yet !!! DO NOT

Kate 5 years ago

I am 14 years old and had my tonsils out 6 days ago. For me the worst day was by far the day of surgery, since the anesthesia made me very sick and throwing up did not feel good! However after I threw up the nausea was gone, as was all the phlegm in the back of my throat. I set my alarm for every hour that night so I would wake up to drink, which helped so much! The second day was a lot better and it just felt like I had a bad case of strep throat. That day I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast and then ice cream and jello throughout the day. And of course drank TONS of water! Day three wasn't bad at all, I just stayed home and ate cool, soft foods. Friday, the fourth day, was even better and I felt well enough to go shopping, but with my water! I think that starting to get out and do things helps a lot because it takes your mind off of the pain. The next day (day 5) I started eating more normal food (mac and cheese, pizza, and chicken) and it actually felt fine! Today is even better and I feel like I'm back to normal for the most part. Overall, the experience wasn't too bad, just remember drink, drink, drink!!

Brittany 5 years ago

I am 20 years old and had my tonsil out 8 days ago. It was by far the worst and most painful experience that I have ever had even though I did everything that I was told. The only thing that got me through was drinking ice water constantly, using a humidifier, and applying ice packs to the outside of my throat at all times. Setting alarms to take pain medication is also a great idea, if you can even sleep at all. Last night was the first night that I was able to sleep without waking up in excruciating pain. The ear pain started for me around day 5 and still persists mildly, although I feel much better today (day 8). Don't get close to people because your breath is going to be REALLY BAD from the throat scabs. I can't say I would do this over, but if you are a chronic sufferer of tonsillitis and strep throat it should be worth it if you can survive 8 to 9 days of hell. Good luck!

Sarah 5 years ago

I'm 28 years old and had my tonsils removed 8 days ago. I unfortunately turned out to be allergic to the pain medications they gave me so ended up back at the hospital twice because of that issue.

My worst day was day 5. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling myself swallowing blood and because of the amount I'd swallowed in my sleep I was throwing up blood and blood clots. It was scary and I was rushed to the ER by which time the bleeding and throwing up had thankfully stopped. Day 5 continued to be crap after I returned home as I was terribly nauseous all day and threw up all evening (think I'm allergic to those meds too). I've been reduced to anti-inflammatory pills (which slightly increase the risk of bleeding) and regular Tylenol. Between the two the pain has been mostly manageable. It turns out I'm allergic to codeine and it's relatives.

I have now lost a lot of the scabs but I've found that now my throat is super raw and red. It's very angry looking. The first 5 days I found cold ice water good and somewhat soothing and suddenly it hurts terribly so I've had to switch to room temperature water and tea. I've also found my throat WAY more sensitive to foods. I tried to eat potatoes which I ate a bit of around Day 2 or 3 and suddenly they burn! Anything too salty burns badly. Has anyone else found this raw feeling after the scabs have shed?

My staples have been:


Banana Popsicles

Scrambled Eggs

Kraft Dinner

I have found shakes or dairy products awful because it makes thick mucus and forces you to swallow more.

I'm gradually feeling more like myself although I too am experiencing bad ear and jaw pain/throbbing. I set an alarm during the night so I don't miss any pain medications because if you miss it the pain will wake you up and it'll suck a lot to swallow the medicine so my advice is take it as regularly scheduled. Also, my surgeon told me if I didn't do anything else he told me to - DRINK DRINK and DRINK some more water! It makes a huge difference!

Good luck to everyone!

Kerry 5 years ago

It is really reassuring to hear everyone's experiences. I am from the UK and was told to eat normally. Day 7 has been the worst with shooting ear pain, but have been eating 3 small meals a day from the beginning (I have made myself eat as I can't stand being ill). I agree you have to keep up with your medication as by the evening I feel I am able to talk a little more but am frustrated with being contained and the lumps at the back of my throat which I know once they go I will get better. I make myself drink aswell and this keeps my throat moist. Mornings are definately the worst even waking up for the ghastly fizzing paracetomal every 4 hours. Tried to go to work on day 6 just putting up displays but could not go in today as pain was bad and the thought of lunch with new colleagues in pain would not be good. I have also gone off food as I have had to chew it to a bland pulp but make sure I am eating something. Holiday in 5 days time and hoping I will have recovered to enjoy it.

Christina Urrabazo 5 years ago

I am so glad I got my tonsils out finally at 40 years old. I never knew what that was in my tonsils (stones)...I knew it was not normal and always had bad breath. I can finally rest now. Thanks for the info...I had really bad ear pain on my 4the day after tonsillectomy and it scared me as well as the scabs. Thank God for internet and also knowing that I am not alone. God Bless everyone else with the same problems.

Siobhan 5 years ago

Yes, it hurts a LOT, but the important thing is not to sit around feeling sorry for yourself. I had mine out two weeks ago, and while it really was excruciating, I followed my doctors orders and ate textured food from the get go. Four hours after waking up after surgery I sat up and spent an hour attempting to eat dinner (lemon sole and peas and tatties, didn't go so well) but by 8am the next day I managed a cuppa and a slice of toast.

My doctor told me to eat food like this to help the scabs stay soft, and though it hurt like razorblades, I was up and living my life as normal within five days (albiet slower and with less food) and that's at the grand old age of 21. Two weeks on and I have a mildly sore throat and some issues with my voice when singing (I am a singer)

I just wanted to post a more positive story than some of these, to stop people panicking. It DOES hurt a huge amount, the worst pain I have ever felt, but it IS BEARABLE. Keep smiling and use your time off to lounge about :)

Ann 5 years ago

I have just completed Day 5. I had my tonsils and uvula removed because of obstructed breathing and enlargement. For the past several years, I have chronic sinus issues for half the year. I'm hoping the surgery will help with that. I have had tonsil stones for years and despised them. Hence, the surgery. I was miserable as soon as I woke from surgery, so they gave me morphine. I was sent home with Lortab Elixer and an antibiotic. I was so out of it from the anesthesia/pain killers/pain that I didn't pay close attention to the meds -- just swallowed what the hubby brought me every 4 hours and went back to sleep. It wasn't until I was itching horribly the next day that we looked again -- stupid doctor had given me Amoxicillin even though all my records, including the discharge forms in my hand, noted my penicillin allergy. So . . . not off to a good start. Days 2 through 4 were upward movements of diminishing pain. However, the nights have been miserable. I've finished Day 5 with more pain than previous days. I'm seeing small bits of scab coming off. I too don't feel that my doctor prepared me enough of the details. Didn't know about the ear pain until I read the blogs. Dentyne Arctic Ice provides quick relief to that. At least, it goes from railroad spikes in my ears to just an aching throb in 5 minutes. Also, turns out that I'm slightly allergic to the Lortab, so I'm itching constantly on top of everything else. I tell myself God is giving me a distraction from the ears and throat. On just a "give me a break" note -- I've eaten extremely little; mostly water/unsweetened tea/broths or cream soups -- less than 800 calories a day -- AND I HAVE GAINED 2 POUNDS. Seriously? If this doesn't prove that I actually do have Metabolic Syndrome and it's not an excuse, I don't know what does. Husband took the week off and is a sweet nurse and our church family has brought food for him and sympathy with the Jello for me. I'm dreading the next five to six days, but this too shall pass. Keep drinking, even though it hurts. I found that the first swallow was brutal, but if I kept it going and didn't sip or stop and start, the subsequent swallows became much easier, so I'm actually slowly gulping. I also had a swollen, sore tongue. As of today, the ear pain was worse than anything else. I just want my due weight loss so there will be something redemptive about this experience!

Emily 5 years ago

To ouchies- I just got my tonsils out this past Monday and they told me to guy milk of magnesia or metamucil to put in my water to add to my liquids because the pain medication that they were giving me is known to cause constipation. So yes, it is normal, its just the pain medicine that is constipating you. Take some metamucil or a spoonful of milk of magnesia once daily until you are off the pain meds and it should help.

I've been told that bad breath is very common with this surgery because it is done in the throat, and as it heals its not exactly going to give off a flowery smell. The nagging feeling in your throat is probably your scabs ready to come off.

So far its been 2 days for me since I got my tonsils out, and so far its just been more annoying than anything, but that is just how I view throat pain. I am starving however, and am looking forward to eating mashed potatoes and some very cooked ramen noodles in a day or two, as I was told that my worst day would most likely be day three.

Vanessa 5 years ago

I am 6 days post op and I am hungry!!! I have a nagging feeling in my throat? Is that normal? And my breath stinks, is that normal?

ouchies :( 5 years ago

Ouch. I just got my tonsils out Tuesday, and its now Saturday night. I've been in so much pain, and after reading a lot of these comments I'm terrified for day 7. However, has anyone had trouble pooping? Never in my life has it actually hurt that bad to pass stool. it brought tears to my eyes. Is that normal?? Please say I am not alone here.

Alison 5 years ago

I am 26 years old. I recently had my surgery for my tonsil and uvula at the same time. Today, has been exactly 6 days since my surgery date. First day, was the worst for me because of the pain medication from the surgery because i felt very nauseated and dizzy. Thereafter, I decided not to take any pain medication because I rather deal with pain than being nauseated and dizzy all day long. However, day three I had to take a pain medication not because my throat but because my ear pain was killing me. Of course my throat was hurting from the surgery but it wasn't to the point I had to relied on medication. I had a follow up with my ent doctor on the third day after my surgery, and I got a steroid shot on my arm and day five after my surgery. After that shot my throat felt so much better with less pain. So far, I'm still not taking any pain medication at all except the third day because of my ear pain. So far I took already two shot of that steroid shot 3rd day after my surgery, another one of the 5th day after the surgery. I will be going back to my doctor tomorrow to get one more shot of that steroid shot. After the 6 day, my throat of course still hurt but its not to the point I'm going to die. I think as day goes by, the pain is less and less. All I could think about is FOOD; i want to eat as soon as possible once i recovery from my surgery.

MARIAH 5 years ago


T. Brown 5 years ago

My boyfriend had his tonsils removed 6 days ago and he's in pain beyond belief and worried that it will not end. It is very difficult to see someone I care for in so much pain.

I understand that it's important to have encouraging support for post-op recovery...What can I say to ease the pain and bring a bit of comfort so that he knows there is light at the end of the tunnel?

Anthony  5 years ago

I am a fourteen year old male and I had my golfballs removed a couple weeks ago. Most of the people who have posted on this page are people who had terrible experiences. Misery loves company :) I am here to tell you that it is not all that bad and give you a few tips.

The most important thing to do is to drink water like you will never see it again. It is imperative to keep the scab moist. If it is dry it will hurt like heck. That is why it hurts most when you wake up. As much as it hurts, try your hardest to eat solid food. Some say it helps to keep a humidifier in the room or oftenly squirt your throat with a spray bottle to keep it moist. Icing your neck helps the swelling and makes you feel a little better. Also, eat lots scrambled eggs and popsicles. Try to stay away from dairy products(yes that means ice cream :) It creates mucus and makes life worse.

Here is a list of the days and what is often experienced during them:

Day 1: Not too bad. It hurts but pain is bearable. Some puke at this stage because of the anesthesia. (Puking is painful and terrible! Pray that it never happens to you!)

Day 2: About the same as day 1. Pain may seem to increase.

Day 3: Pain is definitely getting worse.

Day 4-10: Hurts like heck. (Around day four or five is the worst because the scab starts to come off. At this point cold things will hurt worse. Warm things will feel very soothing. Drink lots of warm tea to keep the scab moist.)

After day 10 or 11 you will start to rapidly feel better.

For those of you who are about to get your tonsils removed rent your favorite videos or check out good books to keep yourself from moping around. The more distracted you are the less you think about the pain and the better you feel. Hang in there guys! The pain will end - I promise :)

Dee Dee 5 years ago

I'm a 45 yr old woman, 5 days ago, I've had bilateral tonsillectomy where scar tissue was removed from where my tonsils were taken out around 36 years ago. Same procedure as tonsillectomy, same recovery if not worse the Surgeon said. I feel so much better reading all this, my ears ache when I wake up in the mornings. I wasn't sure if that was normal, I'm glad I came on this site now. I was advised to eat normally so I've been toughing it out best I can eating everything from toast to sausages and vegies. I've never felt excruciating pain like this before but I make sure I take my medication exactly when its due. Best advise is to stay in bed, take your medication and rest and let everyone else look after you. My 3 kids and husband are my nurses.

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Jodester 5 years ago

So I've been reading this feeling slightly guilty, because most of you have had horrible experiences and, in all honesty, mine hasn't been that bad. Maybe people are just different - I don't know. Or maybe because I expected it to be absolute hell, it just hasn't felt that bad. In fact the worst part of the whole thing has been sharing a hospital room with an old lady who had no bowel control. Since then it's been plain sailing. I'm 22 years old and on day 6 now so might be eating my words tomorrow though.

A lot of people on here seem to be from the US. I'm from the UK, and far from being told to stay away from scratchy foods, I was told to embrace them. Toast, cereal and crisps are the way forward apparently. Haven't even had any ice cream. I feel terrible in the mornings - earache, sore throat, swollen tongue. But it's what I was told to expect. So I force the tablets down then make myself eat a slice of toast, then I start to feel slightly better. Lukewarm tea/coffee is nice as well. As long as I take painkillers regularly, the rest of the day is fine. I can manage to eat certain kinds of crisps and I even had a few malteasers last night. it's just trial and error with what will go down. Water is my new best friend. I now have lovely skin.

I haven't thrown up, had any bleeding or had to go back to hospital. I've been sleeping during the day, which is unusual for me, but I guess that's due to the medication. I do wake up during the night in pain, but I just take some tablets and go back to sleep. Easy. I do have these crazy vivid dreams now - that's fun. One weird thing I've noticed is that I'm burping a lot more since I've had it done. Maybe my huge tonsils were just blocking my airways before?!

So that's my personal experience. To anyone who's having it done and is worried, I'd say: it's not that bad. Just expect to feel absolutely terrible and you might be pleasantly surprised. And two weeks off work is always nice.

Claire 5 years ago

Dear worriedmom,

I think that you should try to find a friend or someone who can help you. At least for the first two days, I needed help walking around because I was not used to the drugs.

For me, the pain has been bad, but nothing that I can't handle. I think the hardest part is feeling like I am never going to get better. And that sucks. Also for some reason I keep getting the hiccups and that is SO PAINFUL.

worriedmom 5 years ago

Hi all....

Im supposed to have my tonsil removed in a few days, but i am sooooo nervous. i desperately need some motivation! my daughter is now 15 months old and demands permanent attention, doesn't even sleep through yet...but i've been down with tonsilitis (sorry im afrikaans...) 3 times this past 2 moths, and bad ones at that. the thing is, when i get this sick i always infect my little one and then she gets sick. i wish i had it done before my babe but didn't even think of it. now i just want them out 'cause they make her life hell. she's a healthy baby and i'm causing her pain. i mean it is not even really winter yet!! we are flying to my parents in 2 weeks so ill have about 7 days at home before the flight, with no help with my little one...just us. my husband can't get off. just know that i have to do this and pull through for my little one...

any positive advice...anyone??


adrian 5 years ago

can someone tell me about when your scabs fall off?

Jodi 5 years ago

Im 30 and had my tonsils out 5 days ago and to be honest didnt find it too bad. A couple of days ago i felt really sick but i think i over-done it on the meds. My throat is sore but im not in too much pain as long as i take my painkillers reguarly. My jaw and ears feel va bit sore but nothing like what people have described on here. I think its different for everyone. I have a very high pain threshold so for me its not been bad at all. The worse part was the painkillers as they have been messing with my mind!! At least they dull the pain. My advice is to do little as possible, take meds reguarly and eat and drink as normally as possible.

joey 5 years ago

I am on day four after my operation. I'm a fourteen yr. old male and am really nervous about the scabs coming off. So far it hasnt been as bad as everyone said. I'm eating lots of scrambled eggs and drinking water like I'll never see it again. Can someone tell me what it is like when your scabs come off. Do cough it up or swallow it?

sumay 5 years ago

I'm getting my tonsils removed this holiday... my tonsils get bad like once every month, and my doc always ask me to remove it but I get scared every time 'cause i don't want them to give me anesthesia. I still get shivers when thinking about it! I'm so scared!

Ashley 5 years ago


I am 27 yrs old and I had surgery 7days ago. I opted to have it done because i've always had throat problems with swelling and closing recurring sore throats and this year strep that never went away.

I started eating regular foods right after surgery i've eaten everything you can imagine and have been fine. It does take me longer to eat though but you name it and i've probably eaten it post surgery. The doctor didnt give me any food restrictions other than stay away from foods that scratch the throat. I have not been nauseous either nor did i take nausea meds I just remember waking up wanting to get out and go eat lol.

I went back to work day 5 so I weened myself off the hydrochodone on day 4 and have been talking and eating as normal. I have a pretty high tolerance for pain but I will say days 6/7 have been the worst for me. I felt like I couldn't open my mouth all the way and it hurt to talk so I was writing notes to people at work. Yesterday was so bad i actually did cry which made things 10x worse than they were. The ear pain and jaw pain actually hurt worse than my throat, however i did have this pulling sensation deep in the right side of my throat which caused my throat to sting when i drank water...that is irritating. My whole right side of my face had been hurting day 6. Someone mentioned the mucous choking them at night i get that too and nasty taste in my mouth especially in the morning. Ugh!!

I too am starting to regret getting it done but its too late for that now. I am just ready to be normal again reading some posts have given me hope that my peak pain days are over. I think my scabs may be loosening too causing some of the pulling feeling....sigh.

Sending hugs out to you all because I do know how it feels. I just hope this is all worth it.

Emma 5 years ago

i'm 20years old, and i had my tonsils removed on friday. i am in so much pain! its the end of day 6 and i am dreadin going to sleep to have to wake up tomorro mornin with such excrutiating pain. i keep wanting to pick up the phone and get a doctor to come check me over, but people have told me its normal. the only thing i can eat..suprisingly is toast! even now, drinkin water stings my throat, i think some of the scab has come off..but i'm not sure. if i have anything sugary (even icecream!) i just throw it back up. i still am not able to talk as this just makes the pain worse. and ear ache! OH MY GOD! i really really want to just shoot my self in the face. sick of hearing "oh youll be better in a couple of days"

my daughter is 20months of age, and its really disheartening as she doesnt understand why mummy isnt talkin or pickin her up. the slight touch under my jaw brings me to tears. i dont no whether that is normal. the surgeon came to see me after the op and said it was very difficult to remove my tonsils. on day 2, my tung was black and blue, it has only just gone back to hopefully, fingers crossed, i will be better soon. and i sympathise with everyone who has had this op done in there adulthood! and if you feel as bad as i do, your not alone!

Lindy 5 years ago

I'm 33 - on day 6.

So far, I think I've had a very good experience compared with some people. I've been very nauseous and have vomited a few times. I have eaten basically only mashed potatoes and soup broth. Today was the first time I had food - I had potato chips - just let them dissolve in my mouth and swallow with some water - it helped with the nausea and I had gatorade and some cheese. I blame the horrible taste in my mouth for the nausea - oh and the pain meds. Today I started to get a horrible burning sensation that felt like my throat was on fire.

I think the keys are my humidifier so I don't wake up with a super dry mouth, drinking lots of ice water and not doing too much. I've spent most of my time in bed.

My scabs haven't fallen off yet and I'm scared about that...also my voice is horrible. I could barely talk for a few days and now my voice is high pitched and unrecognizable to my friends.

Tiffany 5 years ago

I am on day 6 of my tonsillectomy recovery at age 22. So far the first 2 days I felt just fine except for being on the medications of course. For those two days I only had popsicles and sherbert along with LOTS of WATER. The second night was almost a disaster, I woke up and was trying to eat before taking more hydrocodone, and I got very nauseous and came very very close to throwing up. The following days 3-5 were still not bad, did start experiencing the ear pain, but got much better when I started eating pudding, mashed potatoes, and ice cream. I also found it was very helpful to take liquid tylenol in between doses of hydrocodone as well as having a cool wet wash cloth over my throat just like when you have a fever as a kid. That was probably my BEST decision ever!!! Last night was rough, my appetite decreased dramatically based on the fact my throat hurt much more, as I discovered the scabs are starting to come off. My doctor told me that day 7 will definitely suck, but I will wake up on day 8 and it will be a lot better, so at the moment keeping my fingers crossed for day 8! I havent done much besides walking to and from the bathroom and kitchen and taking a shower every other day or so.... otherwise laying on the couch trying to rest.

Peter 5 years ago

I'm on day seven right now, and it's soo comforting to know that this is the worst the pain is supposed to get, i've lost like seven pounds and woke up shaking and sweaty this morning, i've been drinking gatorade and eating yogurt but the sudden dietary change is killing my body. :( the radiating pain in my ears is probably the worst part.

i never want to watch this video again.

Jenni 5 years ago

I am a 26 year old female. Just had a tonsillectomy/ adenoidectomy 1 week ago today. For me, days 6 and 7 were the worst so far - my scabs have started to fall off and my throat is bleeding for the first time since the surgery. The first 2 days were pretty easy for me, probably because of the leftover local anesthetic. I'm taking liquid loratab for the pain - it stings bc it contains 7% alcohol, but it's effective in dulling the pain. I would suggest eating whatever you can manage every time you take a dose so it's easier on your stomach. I'm still eating mostly soup and mashed potatoes. I have lost about a pound a day since the procedure, and I'm REALLY looking forward to a meal that requires chewing. Gatorade slushies and ice tea have been really helpful for the pain between doses. My tongue is still slightly swollen and numb on the sides, and I still have pain in my ears, but it is tolerable with the meds. I hear that once the scabs fall off, the worst is over. I'm looking forward to a cheeseburger. These fast food comercials are killing me. Best wishes to you all!

Kirs10 5 years ago

I'm 20 years old and had a tonsil/adnoidectomy 13 days ago. Days 3 and 5 were the worst as I woke up at 2 am vomiting. I didn't know about ice cream causing phlegm so I def made the mistake of eating it the first couple of days. Try to stay away from dairy. But slurpees, ice water, popsicles and really ripe fruit are good options. Things like blueberries and bananas are easy to eat. I don't know what everyone else's experiences are but I could only whisper for the first week and it doesn't seem to be getting any better... My advice is to make sure you take your pain meds on time and force yourself to drink ice water and eat when you take the meds. This will help prevent nausea and will also make you feel better. Good luck!!

Chelsea 5 years ago

I am a 20 year old female and had my tonsils removed a week ago today, and apart from the dull (sharp when swallowing) pain radiating in the back of my throat, I'm feeling pretty okay. While at the hospital I asked beforehand for a prescription for nausea, because I knew that I tend to become nauseated easily and from what I've read about the pain meds, it makes you super nauseated, and boy was I right. Days 1-4 had mornings of throwing up (this hurt the worst because the bile burns your throat) but it seemed to only happen once every morning. Day 5 was horrible, I was throwing up all day, and dizzy all day, my pain medication seemed to wear off faster than I thought it would, but I tried to sleep it off most of the day and I survived. Days 6 and 7 have been pretty good. No nausea, I haven't had any ear pain the entire recovery (thank goodness, I hope it doesn't come later) and I've started to get somewhat of an appetite back. The advice I give is to DRINK DRINK DRINK! I drank water constantly, I kept my throat moist. Oh, and nobody told me how much mucus there would be! I felt like every morning I had pneumonia from the amount of fluids that were in my lungs (so I thought, turns out it was just in my throat) I think the water has helped with that. Also, I've been taking a once a day non drowsy allergy medication, it seems to help with the mucus, at least keeping it to a point where I don't feel like I need to cough. But all in all, drink tons. And try and do things every once in a while to make you feel human (I shaved my legs, to save my sanity) and sleep as much as you can. Good luck!

A garza 5 years ago

Well I'm a 35 yo male what can I say im on day 12 post op and it has been hell I havnt been able to eat anything I can only drink fluids so I drink protien shakes gatoraide really burns. I have to constantly be spitting out phlegm. I can't sleep cause my mouth really dries up like every hour. All I wanna know is when can I eat something everytime I try it seems like there is a mesh at my throat that does not let food go down

Xcoree 5 years ago

Hi I'm 23 this year and I'm only on day 3 of my tonsillectomy. I'm getting worried about how everyone says that they get ear pain around day 5 onwards but I've already gotten them on day 2. I hope it means that my healing process is sped up. I've always had very bad ear pains from tonsillitis so I hope that it doesnt get any worst.

My doctor has only prescribed me very weak painkillers. I'm currently on Panadeine which I feel is not very effective. I've to take other painkillers to curb the pain. Good thing is that I'm always so drowsy I get to slp at least 8 hours everynight and nap like 3 hours during the afternoon.

natalie's mom 5 years ago

My daughter had her tonsils out 7 days ago. She is 11 years old and expected to return to 5 th grade on day 9. No such luck! Days 3 through 7 have been equally painful and she also had to be taken to the ER on day 4 due to dehydration, nausea and extreme pain. She was unable to keep the pain meds down so had to get 4 mg of morphine to get any relief and to begin taking the pain medicine once again. The nausea did not return but she has already lost at least 10 pounds due to the inability to eat much. She will not eat the typical jello, popsicles and ice cream but drinks lots of water. We also bought a humidifier on day 6 but don't really know if it has helped. Probably should have had that going from day one.

We are hoping the scabs fall off soon so that the healing cAn progress and the pain can begin to subside without the narcotics.

I agree that tonsillectomies should be performed as young as possible before the tonsils have grown into so much tissue. Glad to know we are approaching the end of this difficult, emotional, journey and wish the best of luck to anyone going through this procedure... God Bless

Stephanie  5 years ago

Hi!! this is Stephanie – I had my adenoids and tonsils taken out on Wednesday 13th. So I’m on day #2, 1st day was painful. 2nd day now and my tongue is very swollen and hurts to move it. I can’t talk yet, my mouth don’t open wide enough to eat with a spoon, and the straw hurts sometimes, too much to suck.

I’m concerned that I was only given Lora Tab for pain, I wasn’t given any antibiotics? The Lora Tab liquid is painful to swallow, it stings really bad going down.

Talking hurts really bad –so I refrain from it, the Lori Tab liquid causes not only stinging, is causes really thick mucus too. It makes it even harder to swallow. I tried to open my mouth to look inside but my mouth doesn’t open far at all. I can see only the top of the holes, and they are black and white. Is this normal? I can’t call the Dr because I can’t talk. My tongue looks like it has a nasty red cut on it. It’s almost like they cut it during the surgery. I can’t move my neck without pain on both side of my throat. I can’t sleep on my back because my tongue is so sore, when I swallow while on my back it feels like my tongue is scratching my throat and It hurts bad. I also choke when I’m on my back because of the saliva and tongue being in the way. The choking hurts, hurts, hurts… My uvula is so swollen too.

I’ve only been able to take liquid food; water and ice, slushy popsicles, and slushy type ice cream fudge bars. The ice cream went down really well. Better than the popsicles did.

Sharon 5 years ago

I am a 23 yr old female and it's been exactly a week since my op, here is my account so far ... Surgery is the easy part, I woke up feeling great and thought it was going to be a breeze ... how wrong I was!

The docs told me to eat my normal diet, and would only release me from hospital once I had finished a plate of toast and cup of coffee. Something that I found impossible but just wanted to get the hell out of there so when her back was turned I made my mum eat the food so I could get out!

I was sent home with just parecetamol and ibruprofen. At first my uvula was so swollen, when I tried to drink or eat it felt like I was choking. But I have been trying to eat little bits here and there to stop my stomach being eroded away by the meds. I was so sick of bland food, today I tried ketchup on toast but it burned like crazy! However spaghetti hoops are great!

Sleep is terrible, I wake at least twice during the night. I recommend just necking your pain meds as soon as you wake with ice cold water. The couple of mins waiting for them to kick in is hell, have found myself crying in pain. Have been quite emotional because of the pain, lack of sleep and also boredom and feeling low and cut off from my friends.

Since yesterday I have been spitting tiny bits of blood, which I guess means the scabs are coming off. I would also recommend getting a tongue scraper as post-op breath is gross but a scraper helps to get rid of mucus on the tongue together with regular brushing. Ears are still popping a week on but subsides with parecetemol.

To everybody out there who is going to get this done, yes it is painful but in the long run it will be worth it! I suffered with tonsillitis every month and had so much time of uni and then work, it was taking over my life. I'm just praying that 2 weeks will be enough time to recover and when it's all over I can't wait to eat my fav spicy foods again!

Jenny 5 years ago

im 16 years old and on day 10 after tonsillectomy surgery and the pain is finally starting to go away. after not eating ear pain bad taste in mouth crying horrible tasting medicine that made me puke. i am finally on my way to recovery. overall it was the worst pain i have ever been in.

Thill 5 years ago

I'm a 26 yr old female and just had my tonsils out March 29th, I'm on day 6. I can't move my neck without discomfort, I can't talk normally yet. My scabs look awful, I haven't had much to eat besides a little broth. Today I ate an egg white, some soup, and the insides of a pizza pop. If i had a choice I wouldn't eat at all, but I know I need something in me.

I am not looking forward to these awful scab things coming off. Wish I could bypass that stage all together. My 19 yr old cousin, said she didn't experience the scabs coming off, and had no pain associated with it.

Today my throat is continuously dry, despite drinking 3 liters of water and chewing tons of gum.

Kind of wishing I would of just kept the darn things and dealt with the tonsil stones.

Laura 5 years ago

I just had my tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy yesterday and I am miserable! I cannot sleep at all! Not only from the ecruciating pain, but I keep gagging on mucus everytime I start to doze off. Is this normal? Any suggestions?

Smitty 5 years ago

Joanne, You should have ate normally throughout instead of being emotional about that. Assuming you are a female, i understand you ladies can get a little emotional, but tolerating the pain and saying "I'm not going to let this get me down" Is the best cure for a tonsillectomy. I am one hundred percent healed and it has been 16 days and i actually gained 4 pounds during the (healing period). I saw the ent for my two week check up and he said things were looking fantastic and also i took note of his facial expression haha. Seemed like wonderful news so i walked out a happy camper. Cheer up and heal up xoxo

joanne 5 years ago

im on day 11 post op of a tonsillectomy, im 16 and ive cried every day so far, not because of the pain, its bearable, but it's enough to stop your eating patterns. i have barely eaten anything this whole time and ive lost 12 lbs so i think its more of an emotional thing for me than the pain. i feel like i am going insane from boredom and loneliness. one side of my throat burns a lot more when i swallow then the other. and i hate the discusting taste you can get at the back of your throat sometimes. when can i eat normally?

Smitty 5 years ago

Had my tonsillectomy 4 days ago today is day 5 and I'm holdin in there strong. Doctor told me to eat soft foods the first 5 days but being the rebel i am i have chose to stick to my normal diet. Ate wendys chili and a baked potato when i first left the surgery center. So if you can tolerate the pain i suggest you eat what you normally do. I have extreme ear aches they feel almost phantom in a sense. I guess it's a reaction to my body feeling like its missing something. Have been taking normal antibiotics and liquid hydrocodone with acetaminophen. Been keepin me quite loopy.. also constipated. That hasn't been fun. Hmm lets see what else.. white scabs are still there i expect them to start to wear away in a few days. The whole reason i got my tonsils removed was because of my horrible tonsil stones. My doctor said when he clamped my tonsils stones upon stones came seeping out of the crypts. (scary stuff). Having something like that growing in my tonsils was enough for me to get em plucked out.. If anyone else is suffering tonsil stones i can tell you they are white blood cells, calcified bacteria, and trace amounts of food particles. That is the exact answer i was given by my doctor. Been a week of hell so far. Lets go for another week.

lch1 5 years ago

My tonsillectomy was February 10th and about 3 weeks later everything is fine. Pretty much everything is healed and there's very little discomfort. I have a problem with taste, but I think it will return. It's really very painful for 10 days or so, but it does get better!

whatwasithinking 5 years ago

I am a 42 year old male, I had my tonsils and uvula removed due to sleep apnea and very bad snoring. Day 1 was bad in the hospital, couldn't drink anything but had so much phlegm and mucus that i could not stop spitting. Eating ice chips made the pain so much worse, it felt like I was eating glass. Thank god for IV bag in arm to give me liquids.

Day 2, released from hospital, no more IV bag. Still have not touched an ice chip. Wanted to rip DR.'s ears off for not warning me about the sheer lever of pain I was in.

Morphine shot DID NOT HELP. I'm spitting up stuff that I've only seen in horror movies. slept for 2 hours in 48. Breath is so bad my dogs wont even come near me.

Day 3, a little better, I had a mild fever from dehydration. started drinking warm water, felt so much better than cold water. ( wife bought me jello, pudding, frozen flavored ice and a few other soft thing ) I haven't eaten any of it and she's getting mad at me. My urine is so dark looks like I'm peeing iced tea. Call Dr. he says mild dehydration ( no kidding doc, I cant drink anything ). Have some soup broth for lunch, went down better, Medicine hurts to take. Ear pain started too. WOW what was I Thinking.

Day 4. Things are better, I was able to take small sips of water all day long and even put some gatoraide in with it. Medicine still hurts to take but it doesn't help all that much anyway. Ear pain very frequent, still spitting up stuff that makes me wonder what the heck that was because it looks alien. Ate some farina ( at wifes insistence ) went down smoothly thank god. Tried eating scrambled eggs, didn't work out well. Tappioca was ok, tasted weird going down though. Applesause and ground up percocet did the trick. Helped me get a lot more liquid into my system and fever went away. I ate a can of chicken noodle soup. salty but good. Slept for 3 hours at night but woke up with such DRY MOUTH i was afraid to go back to sleep. swished waited throughout my mouth for an hour.

Day 5. Its friday, things are much better. Medice every 4 hours for pain is easier to take. actually took wife to movies and had an ice cream shake. It tasted salty. We went to the Olive Garden for lunch, I had 1 1/2 bowls of chicken soup, went down well but tasted salty. even the water tasted salty to me. Had more chicken noodle soup for dinner, guess what, still tasted salty. drank water all day to and you guessed it, salty. Slept for 5 hours without getting up, but i put a humidifier next to my bed. Percocet in Applesauce, thank you very much. Tapiocca pudding went down well also.

Its day 6 today, ate tapioca pudding for breakfast,( went down good) while I made my wife crepes. then ate a little oatmeal. not bad, ear pain still here ( i just forgot to mentioning in day 5 but it was there all day ). tried to eat chicken salad for lunch, 4 forkful and I'm done for now. ( lost 22 pounds ) I think my stomach shrank and I'm just not hungry, OH YEAH< EVERYTHING STILL TASTES LIKE SALT. I spit up something that just was not right. and i am finally able to open my mouth wide enough to look down my throat, YUCK. things should not be green / white / and red at the same time. breath is sooo bad still. nothing helps right now. Then we went online and I found this, I had surgery Feb 28th, 2011.

Carla Belfast 5 years ago

Hey every1 im on my 9th after having my tonsils and adenoids removed. Magenta Im the same as u regarding suffering from tonsilitus once a month and it got to the stage my tonsils had been very enlarged continuosly from 9th may last year :( I thought getting them removed would just be the sort of pain i went through with the tonsilitus but I am must admit im finding it more painful. Its day 9 and im still feeling like absolute rubbish and in constant pain even with painkillers, I have been given an antibotic 4 an infection. Does any one know why my mouth n tongue more so on 1 side is extremely painful when i drink water?? it feels like a burning sensation and is really uncomfortable. I still cant taste anything and my mouth tastes stinking. I have taken 2 weeks off work bcuz i thought that was plenty of time to recover but im now thinking that its not going to be enough, also the surgeon b4 a had the op asked me how long i planned to take off work and i told him 2 weeks and he laughed at me and said no, u will need to take a month off and i laughed back at him thinking he was joking, but he wasnt he replied actually quite sternly Im the surgeon and I know what Im talking about, that this is a small procedure but was a major op!! I thought he was talking rubbish but now im not too sure!! How do ya know when your scabs r off? and does any1 know what i could do about the pain in my jaw pls??? I am hoping and praying i get better soon not just for the pain but because I havent crossed the door n im now starting to go crazy looking at the same walls :(

Speed recoveries people x

AngieA 5 years ago

Well I just got my tonsils out yesterday and so far I've been feeling pretty good compared to the horror stories I've read and was told about the pain. From recovery I've been able to drink liquids with not problems. Only issue is the vomiting which I was told is normal the first day after surgery. I ended vomiting twice. Once right after leaving the surgery center and the second right after drinking some chicken broth from a pot of homemade soup I made.

I decided to stick with just some water and jello for now.

I'm now a little scared since I've read these post about people feeling well the first couple of days then feeling severe pain after the second. I hope I'm one of the lucky ones and heal as quickly as possible.

I've been really good about keeping hydrated and have been drinking water all day!!

To those who are having a hard time I really do hope it gets better!!

Stacie 6 years ago

I had my tonsils removed 4 day's ago and I was fine I felt really tired but I could eat normally! Im on day 4 now and I can't talk or eat, my tongue and jaw is really sore as well as my throat I find it extremely difficult to eat at all. Is there anyway I could start to talk again and be able to have some tea tonight?

Casey 6 years ago

I am 18 and just got my tonsils removed yesterday. Yesterday was not painful at all, the surgeons and anesthesiologists were super kind and I was ready to get outside right after I woke up from surgery. The pain medicine doesn't really seem to be taking away the pain but it does ease it slighting. Today is a lot worse than yesterday, and I was told that day to was one of the worst days.

I definitely do not regret getting my tonsils taking out, no matter how much pain I feel now, or no matter how much pain I will feel in the days to come; chronic Tonsillitis (up to 5 times a month) was the worst pain of my life and I am just super excited to not have to deal with that anymore.

I think it's important to thinking positively and recovery will be that much easier and that much faster. I plan on going to school this Monday (that will be day 4 of recovery) and for the rest of the week.

I've lost 5 lbs. already (by day 2) because I don't want to risk bleeding or premature scab coming off, so I'm drinking a load of gatorade/water and eating mostly pudding, jello and veggie broth. I had ice cream last night but probably wont be eating dairy anymore because of what people said above about the mucus. I was told not to eat anything crunchy and I am not even going to eat pasta/mashed veggies, I don't want any problems! (I love food but I think being hungry for these next 10 days is worth the wait.)

Think positive! No more tonsillitis!!!

Michael 6 years ago

Had my tonsils out on the 22nd, and have decided to blog my recovery, would love for everyone to follow it, because I have seen too many horror stories on the web and so far, mine has not been too bad

lch1 6 years ago

I can say for sure that--after Day 10--things go much, much better. I can't explain it, but the pain somehow begins to fade. Feeling back to normal, with only the discomfort of a not-so-bad sore throat. But I've had no bleeding and have not taken lots of solid and regular food. Whew--that was an ordeal!

lch1 6 years ago

On day 10, starting to feel more normal. Slight complication, one tonsil was much larger, so there is a difference in left and right healing. Don't need pain meds (except maybe at night), but regular tylenol is pretty much it. Eating warm soups and baby food. When one side sloughed off, there was a lot of pain, so I expect the other side to do the same. Right now, it's like a bad sore throat. I can see the difference over a few days, not day to day. Good luck!

Magenta 6 years ago

Hi, I'm on day 5 post op and it hasn't been as bad as I expected. I got tonsillitis roughly once a month before the op and it got to the point where my tonsils were constantly inflamed. I had no idea what to expect from the surgery and stumbled upon a forum the night before the op and totally freaked out. I almost cancelled but I wanted to weeks off work. Don't get me wrong this hasn't been plain sailing but a lot of it is due to luck. I don't normally take pain meds for anything so when I do take them they are very effective. I've been managing on paracetamol in the evening/night and 400mg ibuprofen during the day. I take the pills every 6 hours not 4. Also I've had no fever at all which I am beyond grateful for. I LOVE my food so this has been the hardest part for me. I've been eating pretty much normal stuff (had pizza today) I just can't eat as much of it because it gets painful after a while but I love food so much I would rather the pain than the hunger. I've been drinking loads (at least 2 litres per day). I've had tea, orange juice, water but nothing fizzy. Acidic stuff doesn't seem to hurt but I like spicy food and when I tried that it did burn a lot. I find mornings are the worst and it can take me 2 hours to get out of bed. Ive also been lucky as one of my tonsils was huge whilst the other was small. The side where the small one was had barely any scabbing at all and I feel hardly any pain, did anyone else experience this? I'm gonna try leave the house tomorrow and see how I go. Don't get me wrong this was hard but it was still considerably easier than the worst tonsillitis that I had.

lch1 6 years ago

There are some approaches where they encourage you to eat harsh foods ASAP and they claim it speeds up recovery. My surgeon doesn't take that approach.

Clare 6 years ago

Hi i had my tonsils out on the 7th of this month. Which nearly didnt happen as my consultant was not going to do it as i had got a sore throat at the time and apparently it gives you a higher risk of bleeding.But i talked her round.The hospital had never seen anyone come out of recovery like me i woke up was chatty even though i just had my tonsils out and generally happy. Within an hour of being back on the ward i had scoffed a sandwhich down, got up got dressed went the loo then went look after me mum that was also on the same ward as me having different treatment.

I was absolutley fine first couple of days couldnt believe it.~i ate spicey currys the lot u name it i ate it.Then day 3 it started to hit me not that bad tho i just knew id had them out but i just kept drinking and eating normal cause i knew if i didnt then it would be prone to infection.

Im on day 8 now bit of pain, ear ache nothing pain killers cant control.

Dont eat jelly or ice cream start with the mean stuff it might hurt but just go for it trust me i aint shut up talking yet eveyone thought they were in for peace and quiet but they wrong and i was hoping to loose weight but i think i put it on not stopped eating.

lch1 6 years ago

Ughh. Hate to complain, but this is really bad. I felt a little better in the mornng, but it gets just as bad as the afternoon progresses. I don't think I'm drinking enough. And I feel like there is debris in my throat. I was hoping for a turn for the better after Day 5. When does the throat feel better?

Jentheauthor 6 years ago

holy cow. I'm 40 years old and am on day 6. I THINK I see a light at the end of the tunnel but who knows, it could be the drugs.

this is far more painful than I thought. I'd done some reading but thought "how could it be so bad?" Yes, it is worse than childbirth. Day 1 and 2, still on morphine from surgety, seemed fine. But then I was taking too much vicodin for pain and started vomiting in the middle of the night for days 3 and 4 - by far the worst of it.

Definitely get a humidifier, I don't know what I would do without it. And set an alarm to wake up every 2 hours to drink fluid, and then also an alarm for medication. Skip some sleep for these 2 things - will make a huge diffrence.

I am now at the ear pain stage and can hardly sleep. Am mostly sleeping upright. I will try a bag of peas on the ears. maybe that will help.

try to have someone with you for at least the first five days. even at 40 years old I want my mommy. especially to help deal with a child and dog that just want to climb all over me in bed.

lch1 6 years ago

Justin, my tonsils became "calcified" over the years. I agree with you, I've had tonsillitis that was as bad or worse than the tonsillectomy. Research shows that these tonsils don't protect you after your 1st or 2nd year, so I don't know why they don't yank them out as soon as kids get tonsillitis. It's not worth keeping them!!

lch1 6 years ago

Lissabear, I would plan on a solid 14 days out, even more if your job involves talking. There's a lot to heal! Talking is very painful.

lch1 6 years ago

Adult tonsillectomy here, I'm on my 4th day. It's painful, no getting around that. I can offer some advice: First day or so, possible nausea from the anesthesia. Try CVS NAUSEA RELIEF (it's only fructose) occasionally. It helps. If you run a temp (I did, 101.4) it's ok, but I suggest you drink more. I started sipping constantly and taking small jello snacks. It broke the fever within hours. Good food product: GERBERS DHA & PROBIOTICS RICE CEREAL FOR BABY (I got it in the supermarket). Just mix it with good water and you can even warm it in the microwave slightly, add some butter and salt to taste. It's filling and good for you. In general, this does take more time than you think. I am beginning to realize that I will NOT be able to go back to work after 7 days, but I may be able to work at home.

Christina 6 years ago

Hi, i'm 17 and am at the end of day 5 post-op. All I can say is that this has been hell. I feel that coping with my tonsillitis would have been far more easier than going through with this. Day 1 & 2 were fine, apart from feeling so groggy from the aesthetic and all the drugs I thought it would be a breeze. I wish I did my re-search first!

Day 3 & 4 I realised how painful it actually was. I thought yesterday, there is seriously no way the pain can get any worse than it is today with out me physically dying. Oh, how I was wrong. I woke up on day 5 in so much pain I couldn't even cry.

I'm not exaggerating. I am normally pretty pain tolerant, but this is just torture. I only took a week off college and work, and it feels like I won't even be better in two weeks!

I was warned by my surgeon that there may be complications as the day of the surgery my tonsils were swollen, but I pursued the operation as my tonsils are were swollen and I just wanted them out!

I feel sick taking my meds, I can't sleep, i'm so tired, and i'm so stressed about my school work. If someone is reading this and is considering getting theirs out, I really do advice you think long and hard.

Rant over, off I go to try and drink some water. =[

Sophie18 6 years ago

Iv been of work 7 days now but iv had infections in my soft tissue I took 2 weeks off but if you need longer you can always extended it

lissabear 6 years ago

looking to get my tonsils out in march. I have chronic cryptic tonsilitus, and tonsil stones and so far in febuary I've only been 1 week total with out swollen tonsils. I'm trying to figure out how much time to take off. I work in a call center and my work will give me up to a month off if my dr. will approve it,; i'm just scared if I go back too soon talking all day will be too painful..How long has it taken most people?

Sophie18 6 years ago

I had my tonsils out 7 days ago now and never In my life felt so dis comfort. I'm nearly 19 in two weeks also. Day 1 was fine I was eatting toast and grilled hot cross buns ( as eating crisp foods is ment to help break down scabing from building up) day 2 was alright till late arvo when I stated to get a bad throat so day 3 I saw my gp. I found out I'd acctually had an infection in the soft tissue from my operation. Day 4 was horrible ended up in hospital at night on iv support and many different meds to cure the pain. Day 5 was also pretty bad havnt eaten more then a few spoons of yoghurt since day 3. And iv found I'm also constipated. My far back of my tongue is numb. And I can't swallow, I droll every were when I'm asleep. Also on day 3 I suffered vomiting and bleeding of my throat which was scary. Havnt had a good night sleep since I had them out and I'm regretting the operAtion.. I'm on strong pain killers and antibiotics but im not getting the relief in which the pain killer should bring..I can't wait for the day I start to feel the slightest better. It's such a horible pain

justin 6 years ago

also, to add to this -

i suffered from chronic tonsillitis, averaging once every couple to few months during the last year, controlled by antibiotics. overall, i'd estimate 4+ years of tonsillitis (tho not constant during that time, getting worse in the last year)

i've had abscesses. my doctor told me that there was an extraordinary amount of scar tissue, and that my left tonsil was swollen and scarred that it was actually impacted and grown in to the muscle of my throat.

justin 6 years ago

(10-325 oxycodone/acetometaphin is "high-dose" percocet)

justin 6 years ago

just had my tonsils out a few weeks ago, im a 29 year old male. i was told the second day was the worst for pain, and that it was going to be tremendous.

i can honestly say, every bout of tonsillitis that i had was infinitely more painful and inconvenient than this..

took my 10-325 oxycodone/acetometaphin every 5 hours or so, but even when i slipped and waited an extra hour or so (i'd often forget when i took it last) it was tolerable.

bleeding was almost non-existant, i had one instance where there was perhaps 1/16th of a teaspoon of blood, that only lasted a few minutes.

i didn't rush in to eating solid food, i made a lot of milkshakes and smoothies. rich and super-sweet ice cream actually hurt more than it helped (both the pain from the sugary sweet on the healing throat, as well as the really mucousy film it caused.)

i didn't drink much more (if at all more) than i normally do, which really isn't a lot.

overall, the worst part about the entire experience was having to wake up at 5:00am to get to the hospital by 5:30.

i had 3 days of supervision by a friend of mine that came to stay with me, i was on my own beyond that. did everything i'd normally have to do (including walking my dog 3-4 times a day)

i'd do it again if i had to.

Cami 6 years ago

Its good to hear from other people that they have had a rough time with this too. I feel like throwing a temper tantrum because of the pain I've been in every minute of the day for 6 days so far. I may have been jumping the gun on eating food but I have been so hungry and I have gotten tired of eating popsicles jello applesauce and oatmeal. I tried to eat an egg salad sandwich today and now I have this awful stinging sensation on my left side when I swallow. It kind of feels like my eating the sandwich pulled of a scab too early and swallowing is yanking on it maybe?

I really want to heal soon because I am wanting to go back to work tommorow. I only have one week of work left and then I am suppossed to go on a road trip with my boyfriend. I don't do much at work except stand around and work at a cash register so I don't see how that will make matters any worse than they are.

I have cut out the percocet from my meds because of how sick it made me feel and now I am taking ibuprofen every 4 hours or so. I do know it can make you feel bleed more readily so will be buying some extra strength Tylenol tommorow.

I do see my doctor for post-op tommorow so I will see what he says about my healing so far. The scabs don't seem to be coming off yet and I am very afraid of what the pain will be like when they do and if I will bleed alot. I'd really like to feel normal by the end of this week, which will be 11 days, so that I can go out to eat and have a normal meal :/

marisa  6 years ago

Today is 1/17/11 and I had mine taken out on 12/27/10 - Just yesterday I was able to eat solid foods! I have had two children and would that again before doing this again! I had the horrible ear pain and then developed Thrush on top of my recovery (which my dr. said was normal). I went through a bottle of hyrdocodone a day for well over a week! I had to go the the dr. 3 times post op from pain and complications. I lost almost 15 pounds and now that I'm finally able to start eating I get violently ill less than an hour after eating.

I was told I could take Advil (ibuprofen) for the ear pain - but that was week 2 after surgery - I know they don't want you taking it the 3 weeks before and a few days after in case of bleeding.

I was healing just fine until the Thrush developed that was the worst part - even water felt like razor blades - if it wasn't for the liquid hydrocodone I wouldn't have made it!

I don't know how I didn't pass out or end up in the hospital - I seriously didn't eat a single thing for almost 20 days - don't get me wrong I tried - but would burst into tears from the pain. Then the ear pain set in, I sneezed once and it was worse than labor contractions!

I'm doing better now, but I when I take drinks (still nothing carbonated - that BURNS) I feel like it's going to come out my nose! And it hurts horribly when I yawn - Also, my voice isn't 100% back. I'm hoping that by the end of the week this will be a distant memory!

Julie 6 years ago

I think Stacey is still doped up some. You arent supposed to have ibuprofen because it causes bleeding.. may wanna check on that.

My husband is allergic to aspirin, so the celebrex that they usually give- he cant have. He is on day 3 and is in pretty bad pain. When he takes a drink its everywhere but down his throat. Even while he is sleeping I can hear fluid in his nose.

He just sleeps a ton. And drinks as much as he can. Its hard to hear him cry out in his sleep though. (he is the type of guy that will cut his finger almost to the bone and just keep on working) He is not a whimpy guy when it comes to pain at all but this has knocked him flat on his butt.

stacey 6 years ago

I'm on day seven, and I have to be honest I think I'm over the worst day six was the most painfull day but! It wasn't that bad I'm 24 and I saw all these horror storys before going in for the op, but I feel there exagerated! Long as you drink loads of iced water and take your meds you be ok! I had toast on day 2 !!! I take ibuprofen every six hours and paracetomol every four haven't had trouble sleeping yes have woken in pain because mouth has gone dry but all in all no worse than a bad case of tonsilitus I'm feeling really positive, I wouldn't listen to all the scare storys!

Melissa 6 years ago

Me again (age 43). So it's been 14 days and it still hurts so much to swallow. Most of the scab is gone, there was no bleeding, and I no longer need serious pain meds aside from extra strength Tylenol. I am still sleeping with a humidifier (God bless whomever invented that machine), and able to eat more normal food now (I actually had a hamburger for dinner), although I am still avoiding highly acidic or highly sugared foods and drinks, which are excruciating (bummer, because I got truffles in my stocking on Christmas morning and I can't enjoy them). I am just so glad it no longer hurts to breathe or talk or exist. The worst now is when I swallow or, God forbid, yawn. Yawning still makes me want to cry.

If I had to do it all over again (which I would NEVER choose to do), I would be more intentional about ice packs on my throat -- next to staying on top of my meds every four hours, the ice packs kept the swelling down and made my experience slightly more tolerable. Chewing gum was only slightly useful, and I favored warm broths and teas over very hot or very cold choices. I never discovered any remedy for the ear pain, which is at least tolerable now. Finally, to keep from sleeping with my mouth open and drying out, I purposely slept with my hand under my chin to keep my mouth from popping open, or would sleep semi-upright in our chaise in the family room.

I agree with others: I would prefer childbirth to this -- yes it hurts, but you get a cute little baby afterwards and the pain doesn't last very much past delivery. I anticipate this hassle is going to last about a month -- it's been two weeks and the pain has probably reduced by about half. Blessings on those who visit this site in the future. May medical advancements arrive that create much faster (and less painful) recovery rates.

Lynz 6 years ago

I am on day 8. days 1 and 2 werent that bad i didnt even take the pain meds but i think that was because i was still on the morphine they gave me in the hospital after surgery when my blood pressure sky rocketed. I also had sinus surgery at the same time but that part is already healed and Im wishing i only did that and not the tonsils.

day 3 i started the pain meds and i just tried to sleep as much as i could waking up to take the pain meds then going back to bed to try to pass the time. day 4 i started to function a bit more and started watching tv. talking was nearly impossible and just made the pain worse so i tried not to talk that much. eating was miserable - for the first 5 days all i ate was clear soup broth, apple sauce (but even that kind of burned my throat), jello, and a little bit of oatmeal.

day 5 the pain increased a bit - i started waking up every morning at 4 am. i take sleeping pills on top of the pain med but i still woke up at 4. i have gotten into the routine of waking up at 4 taking the liquid hydrochodine which burns as it goes down, then i would suck on some ice, sip on some water slowly. i also heat up a heating pad in the microwave and put it on the back of my neck or ears to ease the pain as the pain meds kick in.

day 6 was similar to day 5 a bit more pain. my tongue was really swollen and cut up which i asked my doc about and he said it was from the clamp they used in surgery. some of the scabs have fallen off i think. eating is not getting better at all. im hungry and dream about all the food i cant eat!

day 7 i woke up in pain but it eased a bit as the day went on and i decided i was just going to eat thru the pain. i ate some nuts and a bite of pizza and then it started to kill so i decided no more being rebellious. i am taking pain meds every 2 hours - it says 1 - 2 teaspoons every 3-4 hours so i am taking 1 teaspon every 2-2.5 hrs. i cant help but not.

today is day 8 and it hurts even more to eat. when does this get better?? im over this!

Lauryn 6 years ago

I'm 16 and I got my tonsils out on December 20th. Like all the other comments, the first two, three days really weren't that bad. I have to be honest though, I'm now on day 9 and I'm ready to just breakdown and cry.

I wake up in so much pain because for some reason, I now sleep with my mouth open (as well as drool in my sleep, unlike before this), and my mouth is as dry as anything.

The one thing I've noticed only one person talked about was tongue sores. My tongue has hurt me probably more than my throat. It's so painful to eat because of all the sores, and that horrible bland taste. I really am starting to miss food. ):

Drinking water to rehydrate is the biggest pain. It jump starts all the sores, makes my tongue feel like it's being stabbed with nails, and causes that horrible scab taste to come back.

Basically put, I am miserable. I go back to school soon and I am NOT looking forward to it.

I've actually stopped taking my prescribed pain meds as often because they make me horribly nauseous. I've now switched to taking tylenol during the day and the pain meds at night so I can sleep. They really don't work that well because I don't sleep past 5 hours anymore.

I'm really just ready for this all to be over.. I miss eating food and actually being happy.


Nicole 6 years ago

I'm 17 and got my tonsils out exactly one week from today. I must say this past week was probably the most painful week I've ever gone through. The first couple of days were ok since I was on so much of the pain meds so I didn't really feel all that bad. It was when day 3 came in that i just wanted to cry. Lately, my throat isn't too sore so I can swallow with very little discomfort but my ear constantly throbs every once in a while which is most of the problem. I tried talking today too and I seem to be able to say a few sentences here and there before feeling like choking. It still feels a little swollen in the back of my mouth and I still have all of that white stuff in the back. Is all that supposed to be the scab? Because I'm confused as to what it exactly is....

and now i've started to have little coughs here and there and I think it's because the white stuff is making my throat really itchy....hopefully i'll recover quickly....

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sunfire530 6 years ago

I am 21 and I am getting my tonsils out this summer. After reading all of the comments I am not sure I want to have it done and I even have tonsilitis now and my throat and ears are killing me. I also have a deviated septum so I can't breath out of my nose very well it seems like this is only going to make the pain worse. Does anyone think this is really worth it? Im not sure it is anymore....

Brittany 6 years ago

Today is Christmas day, I'm 20 yrs old, and on Day 5 of having my tonsils removed. It hasn't been easy but i don't think I've reached the most painful days yet either. My doctor told me that between day 6-7 the scabs should be coming off..I'm scared but praying for a speedy recovery. I've learned that drinking a lot of cold water helps as well as so Gatorade to keep your energy up. Taking your pain meds every four hours def helps as well as the ice pack. I've been eating broth, mashed potatoes, watery scrambled eggs, mushed up pancakes, and mushed up beans. The pancakes and beans add some flavor to your diet so you don't have to eat bland foods all the time. Sherbert helps at times although it stings sometimes to swallow since it's so cold. Ice cream is not the greatest because it causes mucas in the back of your throat and is painful to cough it up. I have saliva build up too that I hate swallowing and have to spit in a cup. Sleeping is the worst by far. I sleep with my mouth open so it dries up my mouth and is even more painful. I wake up every few hours with pain in my ears and my throat. I try sipping on water to help and take pain meds as often as possible (but after 4 hrs) when I wake up from sleeping. I'm halfway through the process and can't wait until it's over with. It sucks with the pain, not being able to talk, and nit being able to eat normal foods. Good luck to everyone who has this done...the recovery is worse than you expect it to be.

Josh 6 years ago

Haha like jill i left the hospital high as soon as i got home and started pruning trees outside. the first 2 days were sweet as, then i started getting pain. Day 5-7 have been the worst with blot clots and bleeding from my adenoids i think which have stopped now. And currently day 7 at night has been the most extreme pain ever, christmas in 2 days! not gona be pleasant. haha. i think ive eaten 3 giant bags of ice. And yip ive been drooling alot expecially at night time

JILL 6 years ago

I had my tonsils out five days ago. I left the hospital as high as a kite, thinking that this was a piece of cake.. and then the pain kicked in! I've been forcing myself to eat normally, three meals a day rough food. I take the pain killers 20 minutes before to reduce the pain. I found that I have to eat because if i don't the medication makes me feel really ill. Today's been the worst so far, sat down to eat with my family and burst into tears at the sight of the plate of food in front of me! Hopefully it'll get better. oh and is anyone else drooling when they sleep? It's not so attractive!

meliss 6 years ago

43 years old, and on day 4 post-surger. My experience is similar to what others have stated: throat pain, ear pain, constipation, nausea, etc. Here's my frustration: the discharge instructions say "Rest quietly day of surgery, then return to normal activity." What exactly does this mean? I find myself whimpering and falling asleep a lot. Is THAT what they mean?

Kristin 6 years ago

I had surgery on Friday, it is not Sunday. So far the worst pain for me is in my ears. My throat feels closed because of all the swelling, and I have thick saliva. I find myself gagging on it and but mostly its annoying. I can no eat anything, and have to force myself to drink. Anytime I drink, it comes out of my nose. Hopefully the swelling goes down soon, and I won't have to worry about choking on my saliva.

GEOVANA PICOS 6 years ago

Hello everyone, I recently had my tonssils removed to exact 8 days ago, and to be sincere this has been the bes day so far.

Since I woke up from anesthisia my ears were the worst pain I had, the nurse gave me some pain medication which took the pain away and also I was still under anesthicia. I live and hour from where I had surgery, so all the way home was like 5 minutes but I remeber I had pain.

When I goy home I felt okay but with pain and all drowsy but still with little help went out of my car and went into the living room, I couldn't keep my eyes open so I went to bed.

After hours I wake up and took medicine and went back to sleep...and only drinking water and eating popsicles, mostly all of my days were like that and with ear and throat pain.

Taking pain medication from every 6 hours I went to taking them every 4 hours I couldn't handle having the pain, but my medication did worked very good and make me veryyyy sleeppyyy

Anyways... I don't regret doing it... my pain was like when I get a throat infeccion is kind of the same pain except that my ears were a lot difference .


TAKE PAIN MEDICATION EVERY 4 HOURS AND ASK DR POR EAR DROPS I didn't do that cause I didn't know but now I know tooo late, and don't forget nausea medication also

Do it is not as bad as they say their is worsts pains in life

Good luck GOD BlESS

Nikkilou 6 years ago

This web page is amazing! It is so on unlike many other pages! So thank you for that!!! I'm currently on day 7 and still requiring pain meds every 4 hours that I am allowed to take them. To others who are going through this or will be, I find the neck ice packs are very helpful!! Also, ramen noodle soup, popsicles, puddings, watery scrambled eggs, ice cream, and soupy macaroni and cheese I've found are the easiest thing for me to eat. I recommend stool softener if you tend get constipated which is common after anesthesia and pain medications. Humidifier's are a life saver...helps so you don't get too dry. Get drinks with electrolytes. You're going to be in pain, but remember why you had this done and think about how much better your quality of life will be. It helps to think those positive thoughts. Good luck to everyone!

Alex 6 years ago


I'm 14 just had tonsillectomy and feel bad! How long until I can feel

L normal again. I'm on school hols and feel rotten,, help!,,,

Jaime Centeno 6 years ago

Had a tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy 3 days ago. In excrutiating pain, swollen uvula, and mouth. Im on liquid antibiotics and hydrocodone, I can't sleep that much, am drinking ice water, and liquid soups. Sucks!

Lisa 6 years ago

I had my tonsils out a month ago, I am 42yrs. old, would go through labor again, over this surgery. Most painful surgery I've ever had to go through,very long and painful recovery!! Good luck to you all with your recoveries.

Devin 6 years ago

Reading all of these comments has both scared me half to death, and comforted me. I'm a 19 year old girl and had my tonsils out 6 days ago. The first 3 days weren't that bad...I was constantly drinking water and eating soup with baby noodles. On the 4th night, however, I was in so much pain that I completely lost it. My head was POUNDING, my ears were clogged and throbbing, and it was painful to swallow. I've been taking my meds (oxycodone pills) religiously and am dreading the day when they run out. This operation only brought me to tears once, but that's not to say that my experience has been easy. I wake up every morning with an incredibly dry throat and re-hydrating it sucks. I've been able to eat mashed potatoes, mac&cheese, and even tortellini. However, I've come to find that I pay for my mistakes the morning after, namely talking too much, and eating solid foods. My scabs are still in tact and I'm really scared for them to come off. On a side note, I'm just going to list a couple of things that I've experienced. 1. My uvula was SO swollen the first couple of days and it felt like I was choking on it whenever I tried to swallow. Luckily, it's gone down in size. 2. My medicine has made me constipated so I've been eating high-fiber oatmeal and fibrous bread which I recommend. 3. My headaches and earaches intensify at night and are sometimes unbearable. 4. I've been drinking ice water religiously. I just keep on refilling a quart-sized Gatorade bottle up and it's with me at all times. 5. Try not to laugh and talk too much, because as previously mentioned, I think that's to blame for my intense pain in the mornings. 6. Yawning and hiccuping were always unpredictable and not pleasant at all. That's really all that I can think of for right now. I hope that this pain subsides soon, because quite frankly, I'm so sick of it! I'm on Thanksgiving break and am supposed to go back to school on Tuesday the 30th AND give a presentation. Too bad it kills to talk and I have to coach myself through swallowing! Anyways, best of luck to everyone else out there...You're not alone and feel better!

MR. Ross 6 years ago

I had My tonsils out six days ago and this morning i woke up spitting out two blood clots about and 1oz each and then spitting blood about 10 minutes i went to the ER and the doc removed another clot it was fun. but i would have to say that my worse pain is tonight i keep waking up and wanting to cry it is horrible i am a healthy 22 year old man and deal with pain very well but this is just retarded i cant wait for it to start getting better.

LyndseyLouiise 6 years ago

having ur tonsils removed aint bad atall, its painfull yes, but its worth it having a few days off pain than a life time off tonsilitus!!

if u tke ur painkillers on time ull be fine ! onestly they work wondeers!!

im on day 8 and im eating normall foods, i still have a few scabs in back off throat but the pain is OK.

dont worry its nothing , the pain is bareable :D

anna 6 years ago

Thanks for the info. I am on day 8 of my recovery, and it has been excruciating since day one. By day 3-4 I was eating soft food, but then started to get a burning feeling everytime I try to swallow, so I'm back on a liquid diet. Loretab elixir and constantly sipping on ice water are the only comfort I've found. My doctor advised against it, but I have been taking ibuprophen which seems to help with the swelling and I have been able to breathe laying down, but I think the scabs are sloughing off which is as bad as everyone told me it would be. I've found luke warm soup burns less than anything sweet, but I'm only able to swallow the broth.

Last nite was the first nite I was able to get some sleep but still had to wake up twice to take more pain meds.

I have to go back to work on Monday, and my energy level is fine, just the pain of talking that worries me. but its nice to hear yalls experience so I feel like this is normal.

Good luck, and I hope its going to get better from now on. The only advice I can give is ice water and egg drop soup :) good luck

Jade in Australia 6 years ago

Hi Guys, I want to thank you for making me feel normal! I only wished I would of looked this up earlier. I'm on day 7 of having my tonsils removed. I am 27 and have gone through a difficult child birth and would happily do that ten times over than go through this again. I was in instant pain the minute I woke up in recovery and had a swollen lip and tongue as well as the pain in my mouth and ears (i'm assuming they were clamped). I was on morphine but they had to give me something else with that to even curb the pain the slightest. The day I went home was worse I basically laid on the lounge and couldn't eat, speak or anything. Just counted down the hours I could take my next lot of pain killers. I did cough up numerous blood clots which scared me a little but I was assured this is normal. Day 3 was bearable and days 4 and 5 I felt a lot better. The pain medication was working a treat. But yesterday and today (days 6 & 7) I am wanting my tonsils back! I am in excruciating pain and every time I swallow I feel like i'm swallowing glass. One side is worse than the other. My ear aches are beyond ridiculous and my jaw is acheing and my tongue is still swollen and i've given up talking as it hurts and I can barely be understood anyway. I agree that the mornings are worse! Even though i'm only going the four hours between medication I still wake up bad. Showers and baths help as does tea. I called my doctors surgery the second day and the receptionist said I need to be tougher and that a guy that had this done the same day as me was eating a KFC zinger burger the day after!!!! I don't know how as I still cannot eat properly. I'm hoping I start to come good soon. When they first said i'd need to take two weeks off work I thought there is no way it'll take that long to recover. Now i'm beginning to think I may need longer. I have had tonsillitis 8 times this year to the point where they go mucussy and bleed and at the stage i'm at now i'd want that over this. I really wish I was informed more about the aftermath of having this and beg anyone with a child that gets recurrent tonsillitis to get them taken out early!!!!! Glad to know i'm not the only one suffering. P.S Brittany- you say you are going back to school 9 days after, there is no way you wil be recovered by then :( and Val I have the thick saliva too. Speedy recovery everyone! I'd like to find out if anyone else is having issues with a swollen tongue etc :)

Amanda in Montana 6 years ago

Wow, I'm so glad I'm not the only one in excruciating pain post-op. I was feeling like a big baby but your comments all made me feel better. I got my tonsils out 1 week ago today and It's still pretty awful. The first few days I was talking to my "babysitters" off and on and felt OK but uncomfortable. After that it was worse. The 5th day after my surgery was the worst so far but that's probably because I ran out of pain pills that morning and couldn't get ahold of my doctor until the next afternoon. I kept wanting to cry but was afraid it would make things worse. A week after surgery, I've just stopped talking all together. It just hurts too much.

I've been avoiding dairy but my mouth is still full of the thick sticky saliva. I'm sick of popsicles and my stomach wants me to throw up some of my liquid diet. My ears started hurting a few days ago but I get some relief when I put a heating pad on my ear and a bag of ice on my throat. Sleeping is becoming more and more difficult and waking up is the worst. I have been using Orajel for the tongue sores and it numbs my throat long enough for me to chug some watered down Gatorade.

I thought I was prepared for the pain. I've been run over by a car and broke my pelvis. I would rather do that again. There's no way I could function at work right now but I have one more week off.

Good luck everybody! And thank you for sharing your stories and making me feel normal :)

help me85 6 years ago

Yea that can happen kirsty. One of the sides for me was more sore. It was the side where my tonsil was larger... they may have been more to cut out on that side. my tongue is still sore and hurts to talk after 7 days. Hang in there. I am finally feeling a lil tiny bit better the scabs are coming off. Any tricks anyone knows to help get those off quicker???

kirsty 6 years ago

i am having a lot of sharp pain on the left hand side of my throat when i drink or eat and the other side seems to be okay. has any one had this? it hurts to move my tongue on that side too.

help me85 6 years ago

I am 25 and I had my surgery on fri. I am on day 6..the pain is ridiculous. I have cried so many times. I am nervous about the scabs coming off. they dont feel like they are ready. they are still really sore. How do you know when they are ready to come off??

I am glad people are saying the pain is normal, cause i was worried my throat was infected or something.(the pain is so bad). I know everyone says it will get better, but I am almost outta hope. :( the best advice I can give you is drink lots of water(vitamin h2o) and take your pain meds on time. I have been taking mine religiously every 3 hrs. CAREFUL cause they can lead to constipation....that was not fun. I had to do an at home enema and my rectum started bleeding. Eat some prunes with the pain meds to avoid this. trust me not what you want to go through since ur already in a ton of pain. I JUST WANT THIS TO BE OVER!!!!!

Jason 6 years ago

I am 37 years old had my tonsils removed on wednesday and have had virtually no pain until the 3rd day quite a bit of ear pain now its day 4 and im almost pain free I dreaded this surgery ive canceled having it done twice i'm really glad i finally had it done ive never felt better I know there are a lot of horror stories out there about this surgery I thought i would share my somewhat positive experience

PrettyMiller profile image

PrettyMiller 6 years ago from Sugar Land Texas

I'm Shy one week of 28 years old, and I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who've had or having such a hard time!

Before the surgery: Everything was Great, I've had always problems with breathing, eating, and talking normal for a year now. I've had Strept throat 1 a month, along with tonsilitis few times (yes there different..) I've always had problems before when i was a kid, but never got them out because the doctor said "One more time and there coming out." naturelly being a kid, I never had them again! till now.

SURGERY: October 14th 7 am. (thank god I didn't have to wait all day!)

Type: Tonsiles, Uvula and Anoids Removed (spelling)

Day 1: Not so much pain DOPED UP.

Day 2: Wouldn't drink because it hurt just laid around doing nothing not even swallowing my own spit.

Day 3: Was ABSOLUTLY MISSERABLE.. I tried to Drink but felt like it was going up my NOSE and I Choked Every time, Should have went to the ER eventully because i was so Dyhdrated to the point where i had fever. Then My mom Came over and she wasn't taking "I don't wanna drink" for an answer made me drink a whole milkshake. YUCK.

Day 4: Slightly the same, my jaw hurt more than anything, my ears started to hurt and I kept getting muse at the back of my throat, they tell you not to clear your throat, but I did because i felt I was going to choke... (bad idea # 134) It hurt more than anything to tears many of times... For Some reason walking around made me feel better, although drove my poor husband nuts. I found myself Making him food for every meal, he felt bad but it made me feel better. At this time my stomach is compleatly empty and I know i've lost weight because my rings don't fit. (I'm fat, so this is a hell of a weightloss, my doctor told me come back every week i'll burn a little in your throat n you won't need a lap band, yes i was thinking of getting that but not for a while now.) You don't relize how much you love food till you watch EVERYONE eat it, and every comerical is a food add. REDICKLOUSE!

Day 5: I wake up SO DRY Mouth where it feels like someone is burning me, (the normal Strept throat feeling for me) I go to take pain killers, but they burn more. I tried eating mash potato's but there so BLAND tasting I can't stand it makes me sick... So i'll just stick to Drinking. I've Been putting Ice on my neck n ears for the past four days HELPS ME SO MUCH, more so when it starts stinging. I've noticed I keep burping alot, and coughing, the Bad ideas Number 130 and 131. I was Suppose to go to work by now, but thats a NEGITIVE.

Day 6: I woke Up dry this morning, I go straight to the shower. I'm going for a outing today for the first time in a week. I can talk a little better, and drink COLD tea, I tried to eat some, but Still a No go for that Houston. Applesauce maybe later. What I would Kill for some Taco's right about now. I'm Up and Moving more today, still no Work, i don't have the strength for that. I'm coughing a little more and my nose is just draining more I bend down, not being obstructed by my anoids anymore seems "weird" My tounge on the right side is still Numb, I've asked a few people n resurched online but its from the tube for my troat. Hopfully it comes back soon because my taste is soooo off.

*I've Cried alot, and its VERY PAINFUL! More you cry the more it hurts so try not too. Humidfyer is a must after Day 3. ICE pack on my neck worked really well. Some of that Aroma Theraphy put some on my nose helped sooth sometimes. I don't know how many times I said "GIVE THEM BACK, I CHANGE MY MIND"

We'll see how it goes

skylar02 6 years ago

I got my tonsils removed on September 24th and it has been hell for me! After i got it done i felt okay, but it turns out that the meds that they gave me to put me to sleep made my bowels fall asleep also. And me taking tylenol with codine didn't help it wake up either. So I had to go to the hospital for 4 days and get my stomach pumped from a tube that they put through my nose and down my stomach. It was extremely painful because it constantly rubbed up against my scabs from the surgery and caused it to bleed almost continually. the majority of the fluid that was getting pumped from my stomach was blood. I got out of the hospital yesterday and my throat is still killing me and its day 8! but the worst pain for me is in my jaw! i think that i have inflammation of the jaw from when they did the surgery, they opened my mouth as wide as it could go and it is NOT adjusting to that. I also have frequent awful earaches. I've gotten to the point where my scabs are coming off but my throat is so raw that it hurts to swallow anything. water is killer and so is ice chips. It feels like the pain is never gonna end. I wish i had read up on how awful this surgery would be cause then i wouldnt of gotten it.

edwina 6 years ago

i am 14 years old. i had my surgery on the 22nd of september. i woke up feeling ok. today is day 6. the 1st day was alright. when i woke up from the operation, i COULDNT swollow. when i tried, the water just ran down my throat. thankfully, that only lasted for around an hour. i ate a lemonade iceblock. it was good because it was cold and numbed my throat. day 6 is ok. my mum woke me up last night to have MORE medication and when i tried to swollow, it felt like razors cutting my throat. luckly it didnt last for long and now i can swollow quite normally. the pain hasnt been too bad. the only time it really hurts is when i swollow and try to talk. i still cant talk!!! i dont think the scabs have fallen off yet. im not sure how i will know when they do. i can eat soft foods like jelly, ice-cream, iceblocks, soup, samon, and i am going to try noodles soon. at the moment i dont regret surgery as my tonsils were really annoying me before surgery. i still am really looking foward to feeling normal though because i am really craving sushi, nachos, cheese, chicken... and i cant eat them at the moment!!!!! i find that rinsing my mouth with cold water helps and it also cleans my throat.

E.F  6 years ago

i had my tonsillectomy on september20 and i have to say days 3 AND 4 are the worst ones so far i mean nothing could help the pain at all. the first day they gave me some pain meds through the iv i don't know what it was cause i cant have amoxicillon because i am allergic. today my throat does not hurt so bad. the voice change thing is true mine has changed and i can barely talk. other than that i hope this works for me because i really do not want to get strep throat anymore. i have to sleep with my head elevated other wise i wake up coughing and choking on my spit that i cant swallow cause for some reason i throw it up. i hope i feel better soon.

profile image

stephdean1116 6 years ago

I too had my surgery on Sept 10th... the first two and a half days went fairly well.. after that the swelling started along with the more severe pain. my doctor at that point told me to crush 3-4 motrin and eat with applesauce... Makes 100% difference, it knocks out the ear pain and also the razor type pain that Robert had explained.... seems to work about 4 hours , and so far the only thing I can get the motrin down with is the applesauce.. as the scabs get thinner the worse my throat burns, I am back to pretty much just liquids as everything I eat burns like crazy.... even ice cream burns....I did lose my voice after day 3 and have yet to get it back, today is better but still difficult oh and I am still sleeping out on the couch as I can prop myself upright . even the slightest reclined position and I feel like I'm chokeing...well, thats about it....I look forward to feeling normal again soon...

Robert 6 years ago

Wow...this whole ordeal sucks for me. I am a 30 yr old male and this operation has brought me to tears and to my knees quite a few times over the past 9 days. I had my surgery on September 10th. I remember when I woke up from it, I was in so much pain that the nurse gave me a shot of Demerol AND a shot of Morphene. I was finally able to relax after that and was able to go home. The shots lasted just about all day and so I wasn't in really too much pain the first day. The next 3 days up to day 4 were ok except for the non stop diarrhea from taking amoxicillin and hydrocodone on an empty stomach for 4 days straight.

The fifth day I felt a little better and the doctor told me to stop taking the amoxicillin so that way I would stop having diarrhea. I also stopped taking the hydrocodone cause I was doing ok from a pain standpoint as well.

Day six was OK until that night when I started getting real dizzy and light-headed. I called my surgeon and he said I needed to get to the ER as soon as possible cause I was dehydrated. So I went to the ER and got two bags of Salene and felt great on my way home.

The Seventh day, (Thursday, September 16) I went back to work. What a huge mistake. In the middle of the night, one of my scabs fell off and my throat felt so raw and tender. I was back to not drinking any fluids cause it just hurt way too much and it felt like there was a razor in the back of my throat and the pain would shoot straight to my right ear. This was by far the worst pain for me. It was worst then when I woke up from the surgery.

Day 8 (Friday, September 17) was the same exact pain and I went back onto the Hydrocodone taking 10ml every 3 hours, on an empty stomach. On this night, I was so frustrated that I hadn't been able to eat. I took my medicine around 830 at night, waited for about 15 minutes for it to kick in, and then went for it finally. I had about 4 bites of a corn dog, (almost the whole thing), and 3 bites of a cheese pizza from Little Ceasars. I drank an Ensure (Perfect drink for all your nutrients your body needs) and was so full. I went home and went to bed.

Today, Day 9, (September 18) I am definitely paying for eating last night. The other scab fell off and my mouth started bleeding. Not enough bleeding to go to the ER, but it was painful. It sucked, because I thought after last night and eating, I thought it was finally getting better. and now it seems to be worse all over again.

I hope I didn't scare anyone and it was nice to read what other people have gone through. I think it would be neat to talk to someone who is going through the same thing around the same time. Jessica, me and you were really close in our surgery dates. How have things been for you in the last two days?

I know the best things for me so far have been Ensure nutrition drinks, Applesauce, and jell-o.

Jessica 6 years ago

Hello, I’m 22 years old and I had surgery on September 7th. The surgeries I had was a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, septoplasty, and reduction of turbinates, it was Not Fun! Day one I felt GREAT! Luckily I have not had much of a problem with my nose, a few pains here and there but I think the tonsils over shadowed that pain by far.

My tonsils had been so huge that it cut off my air way and I could actually breath so I talked and talked. The 2nd and 3rd days I regretted it so much but the pain wasn’t too horrible, I could eat a little broth out of chicken and veggie soup but not much more.

The forth day was the killer; I got too dehydrated because it hurt to drink water and take my pain meds. So I didn’t all day, I had to go to the ER and get fluids, antibiotics, and pain meds. They gave me patches for the pain because I could not swallow the meds. The 5th and 6th days I still hurt pretty badly but the pain was getting better.

Now from the 7th to the 10th day my ears are hurting but I have been through really bad ear infections so this isn’t too bad for me, kind of a normal feeling. I am feeling really good comparatively.

I am slowly starting to eat normal-ish foods again, I love canned mushrooms, they aren’t acidic or spicy and they taste great to me. The left side of my tongue is still numb from the shots they gave me, and I think that is why for me I cannot eat any kind of sweet food without it tasting horrible. Popsicles, jello, pudding, apple sauce, ice cream, they all taste horrible to me.

I don’t know if the scabs have fallen off the back of my throat is still white but I pray that the pain won’t get bad again.

Becca 6 years ago

So I have never blogged before, but this surgery has been horrible. I am 30 years old and on day 7 of recovery. I am totally afraid of the scabs coming off early and it hurting worse again.I have just started eating mashed potatoes and mac N cheese and do not want to loose the food options.

After my surgery there was some extra swelling to my epiglottis, due to the heat of the instruments, and I could barely swallow water without choking badly. My doctor prescribed steroids to bring the swelling and pain down, but there is one seriously annoying side affect of them......They make you hungry! The swelling has finally gone down enough that I can eat some foods now and the pain is getting under control.

Sleeping is the worst. I cannot sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time because I am a mouth breather. This dries everything up and it becomes VERY painful. My advice to everyone......1. Take your pain meds!

2. Drink, drink, DRINK!!

3. And it will get better. Just hang in there! :)

Val 6 years ago

I'm on day 5 and obviously still in pain, but I don't feel it's as bad as most are making it out to be. Everyone reacts and heals differently. I'm 26 and have quite a high pain tollerance since always suffering from TMJ, strep, etc. I guess I'm used to some of these pains. Still the pain meds don't help as much as I wish they would. Ice water is my best friend and sorbet. It's about all I can eat so far. Mashed potatoes didn't favor too well. Sleeping is off and on. Anyone else suffer from phlem/ thick saliva? I stay away from milk to avoid this but it nearly chokes me at night. Lost 6 lbs already. Feeling more weak by the day unfortunately. Can't wait for it to be over!

Melissa 6 years ago

Hi. I'm 22 years old. I had my tonsils out Tuesday so I'm currently on day 5. So far day 3 seems to be the worst. Today was actually the first day that I didn't feel like I needed to be drugged up all day. I don't tolerate pain very well so for me this was great. I have started experience a bit of ear pain which causes a little headache but nothing that is overwhelming. Of course I'm keeping myself hydrated and such. My doctor said it was eat to drink Gatorade actually so I've been drinking a lot of that. It's still difficult for me to swallow anything thicker than a smoothie though. It varies for everyone. It's a lot of pain the first few days but worth it once it's all done. Good luck to those of you who are soon to be getting it done.

Patty 6 years ago

I am 38 yrs old and is on day 10 of my tonsillectomy.I had a terrible time the past 10 days and landed myself back in the ER 3x in the first week. The first was from vomitting the night i got home from my surgery the next was the next evening my throat was so swollen I needed a steroid shot and more pain meds through the iv. I tried to prepare myself for this surgery but will not lie it is very tough and painful until those scabs fall off and the ear pain is so intense. Make sure your pain meds r taken on time drink drink drink I still did and ended up in The ER dehydrated. It hurts like hell to drink and swallow but theres no choice here. Dont be afraid to call Dr. and ask for stronger pain meds and anti nas. meds. Tk one day at a time u will get through it and will be happy eventually that u did it. Good Luck

Vanessa 6 years ago

Well today was day 5.

I really am starting to feel an improvement. Don't get me wrong though, the pain is still terrible but it's more of ear and jaw pain than throat. I feel like I got a chin job or jaw surgery. I still can't talk very well and everyone in my family has to say huh? a million times until they can tell what I'm saying. Being able to take my pain medicine has really helped me compared to day 2 and 3.

I can eat a lot easier now too. I think all the medicine takes away my appetite though. Macaroni and cheese is mostly what I've been able to eat and my moms making spaghetti for dinner so I'm going to try that.

I heard your scabs start to fall off day 4-8 and that is incredibly painful. I was able to see a little bit of the back of my throat today and I saw the grey scabs. I'm hoping mine will come off soon because I hate the feeling of them in the back of my throat.

Hope everyone feels better!

lindsey 6 years ago

I had my tonsils out last wednesday, so i am on day 7 of recovery. each day has been painful in different ways. 2-4 were bad, but days 5-7 have been equally bad and i am just so tired of feeling shitty. the novely of jello, and popsicles is far gone, and im ready to be back in full health again. the ear pain has also kicked in around days 6-7, and thats the cherry on top of the messy freakin' sundae.

my suggestions are to keep hydrated with watered down vitamin water for nutrients since you wont be eating that much. when ready mac and cheese was a good choice, although make sure it is not hot. personally i found/ find talking extremely painful, especially when reclined. stay away from dairy. the mucus hurts to cough up.

good luck to everyone. im right there with you.

btw- brittany: 9 days until rush is WAY too soon. im going bk for rush school 12 days post op, but i have 20 days before rush actually starts and even that may be too few. talking and singing is IMPOSSIBLE and im on day 7.

Vanessa 6 years ago

I agree completely. I used to have severe tonsillitis and strep at least 3 times a year and If I would have known the pain after surgery was this bad I probably wouldn't have went through with it! :/

Day 2 I started throwing up my pain medicine and that was when things started to get bad. I cried on the couch all night completely miserable.

Today was day 4 for me and I had excruciating ear and jaw pain all day. My doctor called me in pills that are anti nausea so I could start taking my pain killers again. That helped me a lot but the pain is still terrible. Ice packs of frozen peas have been helping me get through the ear pain. Stick them over your ears when you sleep and it will numb the pain. I was finally able to eat today which made me feel a lot better too. I had baby food (which is not that bad) and macaroni and cheese. Then I had some ice cream even though they say not to because it forms mucus. As long as you wash it down with water its fine! Eating and drinking helps loosen up my jaw and eventually feel better its just hard to get past that initial pain.

Warm showers and swishing my mouth with baking soda are also very soothing.

I really hope things will continue to get better from here and the worst is over but I can't speak too soon! Hang in there guys!!

Aysha 6 years ago

Hey guys i had my tonsils out wednesday just gone and I have read really bad things and really good things. But yesterday and today have by far been the worse days I have a quite sever pain in my ear and my jaw it is hard to swallow and I cannot speak. Most people said it would get better after day 5 well not for me! I am beginning to regret having it done. And i had very severe cases of tonsillitus. Sorry to put a downer on the surgery but this pain is beginning to become unbearable.

Vanessa  6 years ago

Lauren that sounds terrible! I'm 20 and I got my tonsils out yesterday and I've been in excruciating pain ever sense. They gave me liquid hydra codone and I've been taking 3 spoons every 4 hrs but it doesn't take away the pain. I'm forcing myself to drink water and have tons of popsicles but I don't know what else to do. If the first few days aren't the worst then I'm scared to see what's to come! Any suggestions??

Lauren 6 years ago

Hello. I am 22 years old and on day 7 of recovery after having my tonsils and adenoids removed. I can honestly say so far day 2 and day 5 were my worst days. I say day two because I ended up vomiting a milkshake and blood clots up. The pain was so horrible afterwards I had my husband take me to the ER. They gave me a shot of morphine and a shot of steriods to help with the swelling. They then prescribed liquid vicodin which has been a lifesaver. Day 5 was pretty bad, didn't eat all day and just sat motionless and drugged. Today being day 7 I feel a lot better (although the ear pain is horrible) I can swallow with minimum discomfort and talk some. I still feel like I am straining and my throat gets tired if I talk to much but it's some improvement! It's not as bad as it was laid out to be....but still stinks!

Brittany 6 years ago

I'm 20 years old and I'm getting my tonsils out next week. I read what everybody said and I'm so scared because I hate blood! I have to go back to school 9 days after my surgery and participate in my sororities rush which involves talking non stop all day to tons and tons of people for a week. I'm scared I'm going to be absolutely miserable! :/

Emma 6 years ago

I had my tonsils removed five days ago on Tuesday. I stayed overnight in hospital and then went home on Wednesday. I was in so much pain and having so much difficulty drinking and eating enough that on Friday I ended up going back into hospital again. I have only just gotten out now on a Sunday and I am still in so much pain. I had a septoplasty as well as a tonsillectomy so my nose is tender and blocked full of blood. So my mouth stays open and gets dry from all the mouth breathing which in turn makes my throat sore and dry. Hopefully my pain will soon decrease and I'll start to feel better.

sie 6 years ago

I'm 20yrs old and had my tonsils removed this past monday, the pain is terrible I wish I got this done when I was 5yrs,since younger kids recover quickly, I am currently on day 6 almst a week& the pain has been consistent since day 2, day 1 your prtty much still loopy from all the drugs, but once the pain meds gone you feel everything. I called my doctor and he said I shld start feeling normal around Day10, I pray to God every night i heal fast, i think ive lost weight, and im a petite person already loosing weight is the last thing on my mind...well i guess im almst done with this,I hope the pain gets weak by day8 :-(

sheri 6 years ago

i am 35, and am having my tonsils removed in 1 week, and i am absolutely petrified

katie 6 years ago

I was worried that I wasn't healing quickly enough because the pain has become increasingly worse as the days have passed. I am now on day 8, and I would have to say that the worst pain level I experienced was yesterday, on day 7. I have also experienced referred ear pain, and have experienced all of the symptoms listed on this page. Does anyone know when the scabs fall off?

Gwen 6 years ago

I am 39 years old had my tonsils removed seven days ago, I have never felt pain like this before, I am the mother of three, two being nature child birth. Day 1 and 2 were painful but I was ok,and able to sleep, day 3 and 4 I could not keep my mouth from drying out. The doctor gave me Lortab Exlair for pain it does not work I was taking a teaspoon every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. I applied ice packs and heat packs on my neck for comfort. On day 5 and 6 my ears started hurting as well as my head. I wanted to cry but couldn't because I didn't know if it would bring more pain. I am on day 7 and nothing has changed for yesterday, I still have not been sleeping. I have to rest on three pillows because I feel like I am going to die. Good luck to those the have to go through this and I pray for you. oh yea I can't keep my mouth closed at night, I think maybe they did something to my jaw.

Brendy 6 years ago

On day 5 and apart from some mild discomfort I haven't been too bad. Days one and two were easy, 3, 4 and 5 were uncomfortable. I hope the next few days aren't worse!

thims profile image

thims 7 years ago

OK, I'm sorry, but the Youtube video scares the daylights out of me! I don't know how Dr's do it! Very good information.

Danielle 7 years ago

Getting your tonsils removed as an adult is VERY different from a child. I am on day 6... Days 1-2 were easy, you're so doped up on pain medicine you don't feel anything. By day 3-5 the earache, sharp pains and irritation just get annoying on top of the hunger!

I have been blessed, but I think my trick was to take all medication every 4 hours and i drank water CONSTANTLY to stay hydrated, even getting up every hour to sip in the middle of the night. I had to pee A LOT, but it has been worth it.

TeaFor2 profile image

TeaFor2 7 years ago from West of NYC

I had tonsilitis when I was three years old. They had to wait a year until I was old enough to operate. All I could eat was eggs and carnation milk. I can sympathize with the 'getting very emotional' thing. I still have dreams about that dam' operation.

profile image

Ms Beaded Jewelry 7 years ago

Hi Maddison81,

What a relief - I'm so glad that I am at my peak and the pain should start weakening! You've given me some hope! =) I am seeing my Dr for a follow up and will definately ask about 'Oticaine'. Thank you I will definately take your advice and try some sugar-free deserts!

Thanks again!

Maddison81 profile image

Maddison81 7 years ago from California, USA Author

Hi Ms Beaded Jewelry,

Many patients suffer the ear pain you describe. You can ask your doctor to prescribe ‘Oticaine’ based ear drops. Day 7 is usually around the peak pain period so all I can say is that its unlikely to get worse. If you like custard, there are loads of other deserts which you can try however I suggest ones with less sugar as sugar sometimes irritates the wound.

Good luck!

profile image

Ms Beaded Jewelry 7 years ago

Hi Maddison81,

Just want to say THANK YOU so much for this information. I suffered badly with ear pain and I thought that was unusual - thanks for putting me at ease! I am on Day 7 and the pain is terrible. I never thought of eating custard and it really goes down well! =)

Great page! Thanks.

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