Affirmative vs negative, thoughts and words


I would like to present an opinion on this subject, as depending on the understanding of these two we make the quality of our lifes..

If you check the internet you will see that it is proven by the psychologists that, the effect of positive word is that our brain interprets exactly what we say. And by exposing to affirmative word determines our brain after time to do exactly the same. It is similar to TV advertisement which by showing same thing many times make us want to buy it. The same is with the pictures, if we see same kind of pictures, photos around us, the main idea of the pictures will be also present in our lives.

As an example,we can consider why many people want to lose weight, as the model imposed in media is the slim one, as the association of happy life is done with slim persons, when in fact the shape of our body is not as relevant for a happy life, like the perception we have.

Like this, also the words you say educate the way you see world, defines the way your life is, your beliefs, etc.

Think, Speak and do

It is better that we consider that the words have the origin in the thoughts. It is known, if we think in a direction, our speaking will follow after a while this direction and also our action will be done in the same direction.

As time passes, in our mind there are defined a lot of scenarios for situations, which become templates to be used in new situation. If in a situation we felt angry, then in a similar situation our mind will provide to us the same feeling. This is a mechanism in our mind try to help us, but this help is many times against us, as we may not want to have templates for each situation.

This why the title of this capsule is "think, speak and do", because in order to educate us, we need to educate what we do, by educating what we speak and first of all is necessary to take care of thoughts at first.

The effect of our thought can be tested, and was tested by different scientist, by thinking that a thing is nice or not nice, in time we will actually see it as we thought of it.

For changing the thoughts template we need first to identify them and to see if certain template is useful for us. If not, we need to find another thought to replace the old one, and use it. When we used many times (there is not a specific rule for the change of this), we create the new template (we need to use this new template and be aware that we used it, like this the change comes more easy).

How can we identify the thought template that we have?

We need to observe what are our thoughts in specific situation (this is defined by everyone for himself and it can be any situation we want), and it most of the case are the same for similar situation. One question which arises is: "Do I really want to think that way?"

By answering this question, we will know if we want to change something or not.

It can be the case that we find specific behavior (generated in the end by a thought), but the answer to above question is affirmative. In this case we may consider asking a second question: Do I really want this to happen?", but only after we already identified which thoughts are present in mind before the moment and also we need to know that the action done according to the previous thoughts.

When we visualize the impact of our thought it will be much easier to change it. If we consider it only as a thought, this might be harmless, but when we think at what that thought may bring, our motivation to change it will be bigger.

Bellow sentence we can consider, for seeing the impact of thinking:

  • By thinking good many times, we educate our way of thinking...and in time the words and action/feeling will follow.
  • By speaking good words we educate our way of saying, and in time action/feeling will follow.
  • By doing good actions/feelings, we will educate those and when all these are educated in the good/positive manner, we will see big difference in your life.

Negative thoughts/words

Impact of negative words is similar to affirmative words.

Thus if we use many negative words, think many negative thoughts, in time we will do negative facts.

For the thoughts/words there is the difference that our brains doesn't know to interpret "no", so if we say something like "I am not like", in our mind the sentence is "I am like" and if we think, speak, see this very often we educate ourselves in that direction and most of the time is not the direction we want.

This why is recommended to use affirmative sentence when you want to do something, even if you want to change some you don't like. If you use "no", "not" in a thought, word, this won't be considered, and you will focus on the opposite of what you want. And like this you get exactly what you don't want.

Another view over negative words, thoughts is that they also make you not feeling well. This can be seen on depressed people, which get sick much easier and the illness evolve very quickly on them. In latest years, there are many studies which show the impact of negativity in day to day life and the result are clear, a negative way of life, can lead to many diseases.

Thoughts template or not

Do you recognize thoughts template in your day to day life?

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Final thoughts, on thoughts

As conclusion I see no better, than to underline that saying, thinking, seeing positive is a good way to have a happy life.

And as most of us want to see a different world, a better world to live in, we need to consider the world's changing starts with each one of us, thus if we act as we would like to change the world, the world is already changing.

It is not easy as there are many thoughts template in everyone's mind and they appear each time a similar situation occurs. Also, there many financial interests of keeping the mind of people educated in such manner that it is important to buy new thing, that they do comparison with each other and want to be like other and also many other interests of keeping people thinking the same, living the same.

But this can be changed, that everyone think, speak and do as they please, if we become aware of what triggers everything in life, we may decide to change, and with patience and will it is doable.

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