Age at Which a Person Becomes Mature

Maturity, like youth, is a state of mind.
Maturity, like youth, is a state of mind. | Source

When my daughter was 3 she had a wide vocabulary and could carry on adult conversations without a hitch. She seemed very mature for her age--until she colored on the walls, picked her nose and pulled all the tape out of my cassettes. When this same daughter turned 13, she called me at work one day to inform me that she was a grown-up now, and I couldn't tell her what to do. In her mind, she was mature, but in my mind she had a long way to go. And so did I.

Maturity doesn't come with a certain age or at any particular level. A child, a teen-ager or an adult can exhibit some very mature behavior in one circumstance but regress to extremely juvenile behavior in an emotional moment. Crying is not a sign of immaturity, but a tantrum is. I have seen tantrums in people of all ages, from babies to senior citizens. Does that mean no one is mature?

No, it just means there are different levels of maturity and different instances in which one can be mature. We are all human, and though our bodies age and we grow and learn throughout our lives, we often don't feel older and more mature on an emotional level. I have many of the same feelings I did when I was a teenager, but I like to think I'm a lot more mature now than I was then. On the other hand, my grandson gave me a strange look when I was acting goofy one day and told me I wasn't like most grandmas. "Is that good or bad?" I asked him. "That's good!" he told me. And I was flattered, even though it probably meant I wasn't as mature as most grandmas.

And my daughter? She has grown into a bright, talented, personable woman who can still carry on an adult conversation with the best, but she definitely lives in her own world. She is more mature in many ways, but less confident in others. The curves life throws at us can make us conform in some circumstances and rebel in others, shaping our behavior and reactions to different situations. Each event in our lives causes us to act in a certain manner, or not to act at all. Whether or not our actions are mature is a matter of opinion.

Like beauty, maturity is in the eye of the beholder.

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ghomefitness profile image

ghomefitness 6 years ago from Chicago,IL

My teenagers think they have it all figured out until something goes wrong than they come to Mom and Dad for help. I think maturity is one thing and experience/wisdom are different. I'm sure your grandson thinks you are cool and wise.

catwhitehead profile image

catwhitehead 6 years ago Author

Yes, I think experience and wisdom are different than maturity, but I also think there are different levels of maturity, and being human, we can't be at the top level all the time. The older your teenagers get, the more they'll appreciate you. Thanks for your comments!

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