Aging - Age and Attitude

Aging - Age and Attitude

We are as young as we feel and we should all remember this! Age is not a matter of creams, lotions and cosmetic surgery; it is all in the heart!!

Reached 40 rather the big 40 as everyone normally call! what is the big deal? Most of us greet middle age with lots of depression, fear bordering on panic, fretting and fuming and disbelief as we try and con ourselves into thinking that we are going to cheat the years and emerge unscathed by the onslaught of time.

What an irony!

What a pathetic hope!

No one ever escapes the scythe of time it is only how we cope that makes the difference.

40 is over the hill. It is middle aged and boring ; it is no fun at all. This is what runs on everyone's mind when touch 40. Turning 40 is a nightmarish experience for everyone. It brings a dramatic change in the rhythm of life. Looking forward to the future with enthusiasm and being confident of one's potential to grow, keeps the vital spark within one alight. The challenge is to keep mentally and physically stimulated. Fear of losing our looks and appearance bothers us.

Film stars and rich people can go through the torture of cosmetic surgery, face lifts and plastic surgery. They shell out a hell of a lot of money, leave themselves a the mercy of various surgeons, and undergo pain and trauma- all for the sake of youth. But all of us cannot afford to spend so much money on preserving our youth? We worry about our midriff as well as our pension and the little hard earned money what we saved.

When we reach the 40s we start worrying about all sorts of things. We worry about our parents, our children, our health and our marriage. How are we going to cope with the fearful 40s? Our society pressures us into believing that looking your is all that counts. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learnt from the Eastern Society and Indian Society, which puts a much higher value on age and experience.

By this age, we have more to spend on beauty creams and beauty parlours. However, are we becoming just too obsessed with looking young? Its a big YES.

From the time we are born, our behaviour and our attitudes are influenced to a greater or lesser degree by the rules and attitudes of the society in which we live. As we grow older, we may feel that we live in an age and a society that is obsessed with youth, in which old age is associated with chronic disease, and being old is "unfashionable", unattractive and, at times, even frightening.

There is no magic formula for achieving a happy and constructive decade of the 40s, but it is important to seek ways of keeping up our morale for the coming years. Most important of all is to realise that mental and physical stimulation is both essential and possible. Whatever our age, it is never too late to learn something new.

Another essential of the positive philosophy is to confront fears about old age and to recognise that, if allowed to get out of hand, they can prove more diminishing to the personality than the aging process itself. The 4 principal fears common to most people are fears of loneliness, physical incapacity, senility and death. It may not be possible to banish those fears, but we must come to terms with them, so they do not overshadow our lives. Fear undermines and saps our vitality and resistance to disease.

Scientists all over the world are in search of more sophisticated drugs, creams and the like to arrest the aging process. People take their ages and disclosing their age in public is a real nightmare for some.

Hours are spent in gyms, at aerobic classes, in saunas and massage centres to sweat, squeeze, and scare the life out of all those ugly bulges! Not all these people can afford these fads. But even the not-so-rich are carried away in this.Their dressing table overflow with moisturisers, creams, packs and what have you. Keeping ourselves young and beautiful is not wrong but the degree of importance is the one questioned.

Spot a single grey hair and in comes the best brand of hair dye that money can buy. Vitamin pills are gulped down religiously every morning as they promise youthful looking skin, hair and teeth. All new types of diets suggested in beauty magazines are read and followed without any grouses.

Even the age old grandma's recipes for skin care are trotted out and tried. Some vegetables bought originally for meals find their way into use as face masks and hair care agents. Lemon, curd, cucumber you name it all have some or the other in skin care regimes. The laziest people are seen rubbing their eyes at dawn to wake up and go jogging or to do exercises. All the aches and pains experience d by untried and lazy muscles are ignored. Yes all this in the quest for eternal youth!

Don't get me wrong, as i said before there's nothing wrong with the above regime. It should be followed with a little positive attitude. Minus this attitude, there is no real use for the above regimes. with advancing age, we see our normal bodily functions declining and we experience the onset of various medical problems like arthritis, diabetes, obesity, reduced eyesight and hearing. Women experience menopause.

No one should be scared of reaching middle age, which is the most beautiful and rewarding period of life, both physiologically and psychologically.

There is always some misconceptions about losing beauty, charm and attraction. Don't forget, nature takes care of all this, if we forget the myths and tune our attitudes to the rhythms of nature. We should respond positively to the changes that middle age brings, we are at our best at this age, brimming with physical charm and mental satisfaction. Don't forget We acquire poise, grace and confidence, and these enrich our personality.

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TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

TIMETRAVELER2 4 years ago

The great thing about growing old is that our loved ones grow old right with us. Our eyes are bad, so we don't see each others flaws. Our hearing is poor, so we don't hear anything bad. We joke about our bodies and cry with each other about our health problems and losses. I left 40 behind many years ago and can tell you, it was no big deal. I'd love to be 40 it's all in how you view things. Lovely hub.

TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

TIMETRAVELER2 4 years ago

As a really "old" person I can promise you that I'd give anything to be 40 again! I don't consider 40 to be middle aged, but I guess it's up to the individual to decide something like that. Growing old is not easy and is more than just can hurt, a lot...and it can be quite frightening for many reasons. To the young I say...ENJOY! This one made me think, as you can tell. Nice job here.

eswar profile image

eswar 4 years ago from India Author

of course everything has got its own merits and demerits and the bliss lies on how we take it, nice comments. Thank you very much Time traveler, travel along the time.;-)

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