Aging and Pregnenolone

Pregnenolone (humorously sounding like "pregnant alone") is a prohormone that is a precursor to estrogen and testosterone and is a crucial part of the anti-aging process. As with other beneficial hormones, it declines with age.

This "mother hormone" is responsible for improving brain function and cognative abilities when it is not being cleaved into sex hormones. Interestingly enough, better brain function means lower stress, better resolution of emotional issues due to clearer thinking, and a better tolerance for stressful situations. It is not clear whether this effect is due to physical interactions with areas such as dopamine receptors in the brain or simply being a matter of thinking clearly and seeing solutions. Either way, the aging body benefits from lowered stress levels.

At the time in our lives that sex hormones begin to decline, youthful levels of pregnenolone gives our bodies the raw materials needed to restore youthful levels of androgens and estrogens. Another product, Progesterone, is also the result of the metabolism of this forgotten hormone. Progesterone is what triggers a posisitve result in a pregnency test and gives ladies that "mother's glow" when they are with child.

Pregnenolone also aids in regulating sodium retention due to its conversion to another hormone called Aldosterone. With such a rich and varied utility, it is truly a wonder that most people have never heard of it and blood tests are not usually given to check its levels. Though it should be on the shelf of every drug store in the country, it rarely is. Some chains of vitamin stores sell pregnenolone tablets over the counter and the internet is a good source if your access to local vitamin strores are limited.

Some people have noted an improvement from the very first day of use, especially when taken in conjunction with melatonin. If sex hormones are the front line soldiers in the war against aging, then pregnenolone is certainly the ammunition they need to carry on the battle. Let's keep them supplied!

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