At Copenhagan it was nothing - And then It was trouble in China.

What happens at COPENGAGAN.

Global Warming.?
Global Warming.?

Air - Stereo Digital Music - Keep Speaker Volume Full.

Digital Stereo Music keep Speaker Volume Full.

Hot,Very Hot.

This is not the Hot that you think,it's the air.You have heard Air Pollution,Vehicle exhaust,Over population,Climate Change,Green House gases,Green peace,Global warming,Go green,Deforestation,Lakes getting disappeared,Slogans like 'Save Our Planet',do you know the air quality parameters,you know only what they show on TV not what is the air quality you need.Over TV they show how bad it is.They do not let us know what are the key parameters that we need.The Ambient Air Quality Standards ( National ),gives us these parameters as under:-

For (1)Sensitive Area - Sulphur - 15microgram per cubic meter taken as annual airthmtic mean of 104 measurements in a year taken twice a week 24 hourly at uniform intervel.For (2) Industrial area it's 80 and (3)Residential,Rural & Other areas it is 60. 

Sulphur Dioxide(SO2) it is for (1) 30,for(2)it is 120,for(3)it is 80.

Oxide of Nitrogen as (NO2) for(1)it is 15,for (2)it is80,for(3) it is 60.This reading is also taken 24 hourly/8 hourly values should be met 98% of the time in a year.However,2% of the time,it may exceed but not on two consecutive days.

Suspended Particulate Matter(SPM)-(1)Annual - 70,24 Hourly - 100,for(2)Annual - 360,24 Hourly -500,for(3) Annual -140,24 Hourly - 200.

Respirable Particulate matter(RPM)-For (1)Annual-50,24 Hourly75,For(2)Annual - 120,Hourly-150,For(3)Annual-60,24Hourly-100.


Corbon Monoxide(CO)For(1)8Hours1.0,1Hour-2.0,For(2)8Hours-5.0,1Hour-10.0,For(3)8Hours-2.0,1Hour-4.0

The Methods of Measurements are given in detail in the Standards.That is of interest to those who are in the testing area so its not mentioned as such.

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Our Minister who went to Copenhagen visited China and there he opened his mouth for fresh air and said his college and Home Minister has not tasted China's Fresh Air or Veg Boneless Chicken.

He came back to find the whole Press & Media had changed his statement and was in trouble.His Head Master(Manmohan Singh ) told the Class Monitor ( Abhishek Shingvi )to keep the class quite.

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