Alcohol - A List of Diseases Associated With Alcoholism

Alcohol – should you drink it for your heart health?

Maybe, there is valid evidence that alcohol offers some cardiovascular protective effects when consumed in moderation - Moderate drinkers may well live a little longer and a little better from a glass of wine or two most nights.

But leaving moderation behind, few drugs devastate as systematically as alcohol when abused in large doses and over a long period of time. Here is a partial list of diseases and other medical conditions that are associated with the abuse of alcohol. These list items are taken from a document produced by SAMHSA for medical professionals.*

Alcohol…Does a Body Good?

Alcohol's effects on different systems or areas of the body


Increased rates of tongue, lip, larynx, stomach, colon, breast, liver, bile duct and esophagus cancers.

The Reproductive System

Impotence, sexual dysfunction, infertility, gynecomastia, testicular atrophy, osteophenia

The Endocrine System

Diabetes, ketoacidosis, gout

The Cardiovascular System

High blood pressure, heart disease, artery disease, sudden heart failure, heart attack

The Liver

Fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis

The Blood

Anemia(s), marrow toxicity, an iron or folate deficiency, leucopenia

Increased Risks of Infection

Hep C, HIV, tuberculosis, meningitis, STD's, pneumonia


Pancreatitis, gastritis, diarrhea (chronic) esophagatitis, colitis, acid reflux, parotid enlargement

The Brain

Seizure, Korsakof's syndrome, Wernicke's Syndrome, dementia, brain shrinkage, stroke, subdural hematoma, hemorrhage, neuropathy


Malnutrition from vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Only a Partial List

This is a very partial list (I left out any conditions or disorders that I had never heard of, which was more than half of all listed) but I think that even this partial list illustrates the damage that chronic alcohol abuse does.

So, a drink or two a day may do your heart good, but more than a few drinks a day greatly increases your risks of disease and death. You delude yourself if you accredit your heavy drinking to health preservation.

Happy holidays

(Sorry, I know this sounds a bit preachy at the end there…but I sort of mourn for my own lost health and function – lost to only a decade or so of hard drinking- and I wouldn't wish it on anyone else.)

*(Read the full SAMHSA document here, Figure 3-11)

P.S. – The holidays are a notorious period of excess, including excessive drinking. They are also a time of family togetherness, and a time during which you might come to wonder about the health and habits of a loved on in your family. If you suspect that someone you care about is suffering a lessening of health and well-being due to alcohol abuse, you would do them a great service to get educated about the problem and the possible solutions, and then to do something about it.

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Amy M profile image

Amy M 7 years ago from Manzano Mountains

I work in a nursing home and I have wished for a long time that I could bring teens in to show them 1st hand what the longterm effects of drugs and alcohol are. We get so many residents with alcohol related dementia, Parkinson's, and at such a young age. Someone 63 looks like they are 75. It is really sad. I wish I could get this message across to them.

Nwabuisi, kins 7 years ago

i am living in a soecity where drinking habit is the order of the day, i get irratated each day seeing bottles of acohol on the street, both the youngs and the old complete with this drinking habit, too bad.

i want to do some work on health dangers of acoholism.

Rezmelts Review profile image

Rezmelts Review 7 years ago

Alchohol is harmful for your health, that is right. No excuses. Full stop.I may admit it is OK to drink a glass of wine occasionally, but certainly not everyday.

kimh039 profile image

kimh039 6 years ago

Thanks RA. I'm going to link this to my hub on relapse prevention: holiday edition. Holidays trigger a lot of strong feelings of loss and pain from family conflict for a lot of people. I've seen people with "wet brain" and in the troes of withdrawal - not pretty pictures.

Clayton 6 years ago

It looks like there are tons of diseases associated with alcoholism. That's why people should get rid of it.

Stanley Arinze 6 years ago

Alcohol is a killer,flee 4rm it!

GALANDINA 5 years ago


Jonsey 5 years ago

Sure galandina you need a life dude!

GALANDINA 5 years ago


Jonsey 5 years ago

apologize at once!!

GALANDINA 5 years ago


Gigi 5 years ago

Stop Girls,this page talkes about alcohol,this is dangerous and you cant play with this horrible situation GALANDINA

Jonsey 5 years ago

thanks gigi

GALANDINA 5 years ago


Gigi 5 years ago

no,sorry but i enter hear for information,for my science fair proyect

GALANDINA 5 years ago


Gigi  5 years ago


Jonsey 5 years ago


no one 5 years ago

ur retards

forget it 5 years ago


Ada 5 years ago

Alcohol is a chronic killer and also a slow poison ,as you go into dis new year,ask 4 d Grace Of God to desist from it

tomoyo 5 years ago

u can take me instead of taking alcohol ..!!

GOD 4 years ago

You all are going to hell

brooke 4 years ago

wow this is dumb lmao

john 4 years ago

how is this dumb ?

brooke 4 years ago

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john 4 years ago

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brook 4 years ago

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tim 4 years ago

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