The First of its kind Alkaline Water Store - Palm Desert, California

Alkaline Water Stores are starting to take off. This is a new technology that may put some water stores out of business.

With new technology comes new eras of growth and development with the elimination of old ideas outdated technology. MP3s technology and players is a perfect example of this. The Cassette replaced the 8 track tape, The C.D. replaced the cassette and the MP3 replaced the C.D. I guarantee you that there are no companies producing 8 tracks and very few producing cassettes although there is still a market for this technology.

The same technology, I believe, is happening in the water Industry. Water is no longer just water. Take for example the bottled water Industry. The bottled water industry has grown into a billion dollar business offering every perceivable type of water available on the market. As a matter of fact, Coca-Cola™ sells more water than they do Coke. However, even this industry is experiencing a change and a change for the best. There have been many articles written about the problems associated with the bottled water industry and how it is fact unhealthy instead of healthy not including of how bad plastic bottles are for our environment.

The good news is that this new water technology is now made available in our homes in the form of a water ionizer that hooks up to ones faucet, producing a healthy Alkaline water that has a high negative ORP.

Along with residential homes, Doctors offices, Chiropractic offices, health stores and even water stores are starting to incorporate this new technology.

Today's water stores use outdated technology such as reverse osmosis systems which produce pure water but water that is stripped of beneficial minerals that the body needs. As a result of stripping these minerals, the water becomes acidic and "dead water" as the Japanese refer to it. In some cases, minerals are added back to the water but that depends on the water store where one purchases his or her water from.

A better technology is available in the form of Water Ionizer machines which produce an Alkaline Water that is also an Anti-Oxidizing Water. The first store to incorporate this technology is called The Water Store in Palm Desert California (Be sure and sign up for our Health and Wellness Education Event every Wednesday night and Saturday morning at our Water Store in Palm Desert- click the link above!) and since then other "Alkaline" water stores have been opening up in Miami, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and long Island just to name the ones I am aware of.

This is a new technology that is expected to grow in the near future as more and more people are catching on to what is truly the healthiest water which one can drink.

Thank You -Phil Richardson

A few pictures of the Alkaline Water Store in Palm Desert, CA.

The Water Store is centrally located within the Coachella Valley on HWY 111
The Water Store is centrally located within the Coachella Valley on HWY 111
This was the official opening day back in July of 2008
This was the official opening day back in July of 2008

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Gray Thompson ( 7 years ago

My Dad has mesothelioma and I want him to try this water. He just started kemo yesterday. He lives in Yucca Valley. I understand that you give water to customers for 60 days to try it. Is this true? Will he be prompt to buy your filtration system? He doesn't like sales people, he would like to see what effects it has on his stituation. Thanks for your help.

Phil Richardson 7 years ago


We give the water away for free with no strings attached for 30 days and will extend that for another 30 days if your Dad will come to a 1 hour presentation.

We don't believe in being pushy in any way. We believe that once your Dad starts seeing the results, that he will want one for himself.

Again, it is free with no strings attached. Have your Dad or yourself get a hold of me and let's get your Dad some water. Just go to my link for my contact information.

Mary 6 years ago

I have never considered outside our home before, but I would be very interested in starting a water store in the Mayo Mecca of Rochester California. How many people could be helped without chemo.

Any suggestions on what I could do. Who do I need to contact? Where do I begin? Is there grants for funding?

Shawn 5 years ago

I have been drinking Kangen Water for 7 months now, and the results are outstanding.

Right now I am taking business at college, and also hoping to open a Kangen Water Store after I graduate. Either in Ottawa or Toronto, ONTARIO.

Sheri Allison 5 years ago

I am very familiar with the Kangeen Water i knew someone who sold the machines.I am a firm beliver in what it can do. I have several testimony's and have promoted it to several friends. I am wondering if your store is making any money? I lost my job 2 years ago and have been considering starting my own business. I'm not into the whole tiered in home sales thing. I live in Moreno Valley and was wondering if setting up a facility where people could not only buy the machine but could bring their bottles to fill for a price would be advantageous? Many people are interested in the water but are discouraged when they hear the price of the machine. I myself have been trying to find a place locally where I could get it. My son has suffered some serious health issues. I also have 3 or 4 frineds who would love to be able to take their bottles to a place and pay a fee to fill them and take them home just like the regular water places around town. You can reach me at

I look forward to hearing from you.


Thomas 5 years ago

I would highly suggest that you do Sheri. I've made a killing off of Kangen water in the last three years. Here's how you do it:

First, don't buy from Kangen. You can find the units for half the price or sometimes even less on Ebay. It seems that some people would rather make rent than be saved by miracle water. Buy a couple of units off of there to get you started.

Second, find yourself a cheap store front. This should be easy for you because Moreno Valley is like ground zero for the real estate bubble pop and forclosures are through the roof. This has to have translated into the business real estate market as well.

Third, go get yourself a bunch of water jugs from a wholesaler and set them up in front of the machines as they produce Kangen water. As business picks up selling it a jug at a time don't worry if your machines can't keep up with demand. Whenever I get low on Kangen water I just fill up a half dozen jugs with water from a garden hose and no one has ever been able to tell the difference.

Eventually this will translate into some sales of the units, which if you purchase off of Ebay and sell at Kangen's price point will produce around $2000 worth of profit per machine. It's like having the goose that laid golden eggs.

Anyways, hope this helps you get started. I wish I could help you with pricing but that really depends on the wealth of your clients. But remember, the richer they are the more gullible they are and the poorer they are the less healthcare they can afford and desperate they become. Play on their weaknesses and it's like they just want to give you their money.

Best of luck!


Margaret 5 years ago

Thomas must be crazy to admit to fleecing people. Kangen water will dramatically change peoples lives,but only if they get the real thing. Shame on you,Thomas for discrediting those of us who truly believe in all the health benefits of drinking Kangen water and not just thinking of the bottom line.

Igor 4 years ago

Do you think that it is possible to do this store in Slovakia in Kosice town?

Kerry 4 years ago

Thomas you are an absolute imbisul. You are a perfect example of why people are sceptical about making purchases outside of the "Norm". I would appriciate it if you would get even the slightest bit of education before opening your mouth again!!!

brown 4 years ago

los Angeles tiene una tienda y donde de agua

robert castro 2 years ago

everytime I call your store you never answere are you still in business please e-mail at thanks.

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