All About AFFF Fire Extinguishers

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AFFF fire extinguishers

AFFF fire extinguishers have slowly been making its name in the pool of fire fighting equipment.  But there are still some who are clueless about them.  Well for one, they are used to put off fire.  This is basically what fire extinguishers are for.  If you go over some fire safety risk assessment, complying with its requirements is a must.  Thus, if you want your business to have a smooth sailing operation, learn what these AFFF fire extinguishers are for and comply with all the fire safety risk assessments.

Use of Foam Extinguishers

The Best Tool

AFFF means aqueous film forming foam which is present in portable foam fire extinguishers.  There are a lot of individuals who are still new to this term.  But this is mainly the best tool for killing fire at home.  These fire caused by wood, paper, textile and other flammable liquids are the kind of fire that are compatible with AFFF fire extinguishers.  In fact, these extinguishers are highly recommended by fire fighter experts.

The Benefits

Apart from those fires that come from things at home, electrical tools that can trigger fire can also use AFFF fire extinguishers in the event when fire starts to burn the house.  The best thing about this fire fighting device is, it is versatile and can be used in every situation.  Learning about AFFF fire extinguishers is very helpful in strengthening the safety of your house as well as in your office.

The Mechanism

If you are wondering how this works, well this is basically how it extinguishes flames.  This fire fighting tool gives off foam that has lesser thickness which allows spreading out and covering the burned item.  It can kill the fire by the oxygen found in its content.  If you try to imagine, its foam will serve as the blanket that wills top the oxygen and burnt item from colliding which can result to burning.  AFFF fire extinguishers let them item cool off when the water present in the foam begins to evaporate.

Foam Fire Extinguisher Demo

The Packaging

The packaging of AFFF fire extinguishers has no major difference on typical fire extinguishers.  They are using red container and you will notice the cream panel on their directions.  The latest versions of AFFF fire extinguishers are lighter compared to old ones.  If you go over some of the fire safety risk assessment, one of their requirements is to fire-proof your business.  If they fail to comply with this, their business will have to end so soon.  Thus, when you have a business the best way to keep your operation alive is to befriend these people.  In this way, when you badly need their help, they can also pay you back.

Fire risk assessment programs

Fire risk assessment programs are sometimes taken for granted, for the reason that fire seldom occurs.  However, once it happens, the level of affected areas is so big.  So to avoid these things, be aware of the fire safety measures.  Read the fire safety risk assessments since their inputs and ideas are helpful and allow you to be aware of various fire safety measures.


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