All You Need To Know About Healthcare Reform

What To Expect From The New Healthcare Plan

      Healthcare reform is coming if you want it or not.   Usually the President gets what he wants almost every time.  Anyway healthcare reform will not be so bad for everyone.   The patients will not probably be very happy, but they should be taken care of as well as the HMOs (health maintenance organizaions).  The doctors will not be happy overall either.

      Doctors will earn less, but it will still be a good living for all of them.   The only problem is that a heart surgeon will not earn as much as he does now.   I have heard that if healthcare passes about half of the doctors will quit.

     Patients will also probably get less care, but it will be sufficient.  The main problem is that the system is so expensive now that something has to be done.

      Health insurance companies except for HMOs are not making a huge profit.  They only make about six percent profit. 


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