How to Get a Free Cremation and What Happens When You Donate a Body to Science

This page is not for everyone. It serves up the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; and it is not gentle about it. Here is how to donate a body to science and get a free cremation.

Free Cremation by Whole Body Donation to Medical and Other Science
Free Cremation by Whole Body Donation to Medical and Other Science

How to Get a Free Cremation by Making a Whole Body Donation

There is a fairly new industry now in existence. It is the business of whole body donations. This is an information article for anyone who is considering making a whole body donation of either themselves or of a loved one. It is the industry standard a whole body donation entitles the donor to free cremation, free transportation, and generally free everything else relating to the cremation.


It is illegal for you to sell your body or that of a loved one. However, if you make a whole body donation; the company will pay all transportation costs, the cremation fee, the cost of the urn, and all other incidental costs. This is the industry standard, but each company may be different; so it is imperative to read the contract to be sure.

The company will work with one or more local funeral homes. The funeral home will pick up and transport the body. The company will make all the arrangements. Once the body is at the funeral home, the company will make a final determination as to whether to accept it. If they decide to accept it, the body will then be transported to the company's facilities; often this will be in another state. After one to two months, the remaining remains will be cremated and returned to you or scattered at sea.

If the company rejects the body at time of death, the body stays at whatever funeral home the company happened to have selected. You are then liable for whatever the funeral home wishes to charge you for the transportation costs, cremation costs, etc. This seldom happens; each whole-body-donation company has their own rules; so be sure to read the contract.

Not Just Organ Donation...

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

The company will inform you the donation of your body or that of a loved one will contribute to the causes of science, education and research. In actuality this means the body or its various parts can and will be used for practically anything. You are not allowed to restrict how the body of you or your loved one may be used.

Once your body or the body of your loved one is at the company's main facility, the sales frenzy begins. Although it is illegal to sell a body or any of its parts, the whole-body-donation companies have found a way around this. As an example, suppose the company gets an order from a customer for a liver; the company will donate the liver, but will charge fees for everything related to it; such as extraction, preparation, and transportation.

First and foremost is the use of dead body parts to cure and heal the living. This is not the usual harvesting of organs immediately after death. Cadaver materials such as skin and bones can be processed into products and materials which are sold to hospitals to treat patients.

The next best scenario is when the cadaver's organs and tissues are harvested and sent to various institutions for medical research. This is the image most of us picture and is indeed many times the case.

However, the company has many different customers and many different types of sales orders...

  • Medical teaching facilities, especially colleges and universities, are steady customers of whole-body-donation companies. Your body or that of your loved one may very well end up at one of these institutions. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Contributing to the education of future doctors and researchers is always a worthy cause. It is possible, however, you or your loved one may end up as the guest of honor at a frat party. Another less pleasant scenario is when the body is chosen as a semester-long project. This is where the body lays on a table for a few months and is gradually cut and picked apart piece by piece; usually rock music will be playing in the background as the students crack jokes.
  • The United States Military is an avid customer of whole-body-donation companies. The military likes to use the bodies for researching and testing their new protective gear. You or your loved one may also be used to test the destructive attributes of new ammunition or explosives. No doubt other government agencies are also customers. One can only speculate as to which agencies. And what the bodies are used for.
  • Many non-medical biotechnology and other companies are also regular customers of the whole-body-donation industry.
  • Believe it or not, most of the above scenarios do not cause people to reject the idea of whole body donation. However this last scenario does seem to be a deal-breaker for many people. It has to do with the following sentence you will find in the Donor Consent Form Contract: “I am consenting the body to potential segmentation and disarticulation.”. In other words, the company rips the body apart; piece by piece and day after day. Here is a typical scenario: Minnesota orders an arm; it is removed and sent. Next day Nevada orders a leg; it is done. Sooner or later the inevitable order for a head floats in; off it goes. Soon all that remains is the torso (probably minus the organs). This is not the image of a loved one many people want to carry around for the rest of their lives.

The Future Is Now...?

How to Get a Free Cremation by Making a Whole Body Donation
How to Get a Free Cremation by Making a Whole Body Donation | Source

Whole Body Donations and Free Cremations - The Hopeful Future

As the industry matures it is hoped someday you will have the right to specify the fate of yourself or your loved one. Hopefully, the time could be soon. In fact, since the industry has been around for awhile; it could literally happen any day now. Be sure to ask what options are available and if there are any restrictions you can impose.

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North Wind profile image

North Wind 5 years ago from The World (for now)

This is amazing. I never really thought of it on every level. Sure my mind went to medical research and harvesting as well as colleges but it did not occur to me that a donated body could be sold like car parts are sold. You have enlightened me on this subject. I think that if it has to do with me, I'd be gone, I wouldn't really care but I don't think I would like that to happen to a loved one.

joe bautista 5 years ago

Is this available in the Philippines? If so, who/what organizations/individuals are involved and how can I contact them?

Thank you.

georgethegent profile image

georgethegent 5 years ago from Hillswick, Shetland, UK

I have intended to donate my body for research for some time now paradigmsearch. I have never believed in god so there is no point taking part in religion but I have gained great benefits from the medical services so anything that I can give them, in any way or form, will possibly benefit humanity. I won't change.

mwilliams66 profile image

mwilliams66 4 years ago from Left Coast, USA

I agree with georgethegent, anything to benefit humanity. I have long planned to do this and was quite surprised to hear the displeased comments by some of my family.

This is such a taboo subject for many. Thank you for posting. Voting up, useful and interesting.

Diane pennamen 2 years ago

I don't have any money for a creamation and my husband has no objection to this at all. I would like to know who to contact in Everett wa,

Nichole Geer 2 years ago

Can you still donate your body to sience when the person has died from a drug overdose?

Sue Adams profile image

Sue Adams 2 years ago from Andalusia

Interesting. I have made enquiries in my region. Here in Spain, bodies are donated to the nearest teaching hospital. So I presume the system here by-passes private companies who sell body parts on demand. Doing it that way seems a bit more dignified.

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 23 months ago from Home Sweet Home

wow, interesting. Do they give free cremate in malaysia? I don't think so

Cathy Wills profile image

Cathy Wills 22 months ago

This is great. I have had Epilepsy for over 45 years and wanted to donate my brain for seizure research. Other parts can be used to test the results of being on certain medications for all of these years, seeing the damage they may have caused to certain organs. I know one can cause liver and bone damage. This may help others in the future and it would help my family saving money they would have to spend for a cremation.

Jack Hagan profile image

Jack Hagan 18 months ago from New York

I am not a supporter of the cremation of human body but I must admit that this guide is beautifully shared. It can be a great source of information for the people who want to donate the body but don't know how to do it.

marjorie smith 13 months ago

i would like to know which hospital is available to receive cadavers nearest to Mojaca Spain / for complete body donor

colorfulone profile image

colorfulone 9 months ago from Minnesota

I had no idea a person could arrange for a free cremation by donating their body to science, but it makes sense after reading this. Once we die, we are not in the body...that's just an earth suit, but if it can help someone else in someway, why not.

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