Allergy Free Dryer Sheets by Bounce - No Dyes or Perfumes

Bounce Free and Sensitive Dryer Sheets

Perfumes and dyes can cause allergic reactions

The perfumes and dyes in detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets can cause allergic reactions on your skin. Do you get itchy skin, eczema or a rash and you can't explain where it is coming from? Talk with your doctor or allergist about possible causes. One very common cause for skin irritation is the scented additives in laundry products. My legs itched for months before I found that fabric softeners were causing skin irritation. Learn more about chemical allergies at WebMD.

Dryer Sheets without Dyes

I bought the Bounce Free and Sensitive dryer sheets sold at local grocery. It was the only brand of dryer sheet I could find that eliminated perfumed and dyes that irritated my skin. These dryer sheets did not cost more than the regular Bounce brand dryer sheets. Bounce Free and Sensitive dryer sheets without the perfumes and dyes performed as well as any other dryer sheet I have ever used. Compared to store brand dryer sheets, Bounce brand does cost more. However, I have not found a generic store brand fabric softener or dryer sheet free of perfumes and dyes.

Looking for detergents and soaps free of perfumes and dyes that irritate allergies? Check out my list of other allergy free laundry items I am using!

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Good information and thanks for sharing!

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