Aloe Vera the Natural Healer

The Natural Healer

Everyone knows the Aloe Vera plant, as the burn plant and its healing effect on the skin. Most everyone has used Aloe Vera topically at one time or another because of its therapeutic healing effect on burns, bruises, blemishes, cut, stings, acne and eczema. Aloe Vera is also used in many of the personal care products, cosmetics and hair products as well as for internal disorders such as ulcers, colitis, hemorrhoids, constipation and all colon problems. And it has been successfully helpful against infections of all kinds, including skin cancer, arthritis and even in the treatment of aids.

I've just mentioned a few of the many uses here...

…however, to see the full scope of the powerful effects of this remarkable plant, just click on a couple of my previous Aloe Vera hubs. You'll be amazed at the numerous disorders this miracle plant, without question, has more often than not, been able to be completely heal. Just with the use of a pure therapeutic grade stabilized Aloe Vera solution.

In some of my previous hubs, I've covered the effects of stabilized Aloe Vera and how it remarkably gets the high marks needed to convince the nay Sayers that when consistently used, the researchers have found through double blind studies and test, that the successes of the topical use of stabilized Aloe Vera treatments have been well documented.

As for the internal uses of stabilized Aloe Vera...

... in my previous hubs, you will recall, that when stabilized Aloe Vera is taken internally, it activates the immune system and goes about the business of policing the trouble areas and fixing them.

Known as the natural healer, stabilized Aloe Vera goes on record... the successful treatment for many challenging internal conditions such as Crohns Disease, ulcerative colitis, spastic colon, ulcers, hiatal hernias and a number of other conditions.

Lets not forget about the intensive use of stabilized Aloe Vera's effectiveness in treating a number of pernicious conditions in our friends …dogs, cats and the other animals of the farm, including FLK (feline leukemia virus). Good news, because of stabilized Aloe Vera, there is now a very effective vaccine for FLK, one that contains its patented acemannan derivative and is approved for veterinary use by the FDA.

In the past, I've always shared the effects of this miracle plant with its topical and internal treatments. So, today lets journey in another direction for a while. Lets deal into such pathological personality manifestations, as depression, anxiety, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, loss of energy, anger, withdrawal and lowered self esteem.

These conditions are termed personality disorders when dealing with behavioral problems such as substance abuse.

This is interesting.

With a test group of 25 patients who was administered daily doses of two ounces of our stabilized Aloe Vera and a control group of 25 who had therapy...without the stabilized Aloe Vera …over a 26 week course. The Aloe Vera group tested showed marked, dramatic improvement within two-five weeks (usually two weeks) while the control group, without the Aloe Vera, didn't reach an improvement until the 25th or 26th week.

One of the ironies in the discussion is that with all of these conditions, it is highly reassuring that stabilized Aloe Vera was a treatment with success, predictability, effective, non-toxic and non addictive. It proves in every case and every indication that stabilized Aloe Vera should probably be placed in position number one for the treatment of choice.

Soooo, drink plenty of clean, fresh, filtered water with two-four ounces of the "best tasting Aloe" Vera everyday.

And of course, know your supplier.

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gjcody 7 years ago Author

prasetio30 ...thank you for coming by ...  I know you are very interested in natural health!  My best to your health!

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prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

thanks for share. nice hub .

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gjcody 7 years ago Author

Chaser4 ...I knew you would appreciate the cute puppy. Don't we just love him ...Glad to see you around ..My best to you and your health!

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chaser4 8 years ago

Hey gjcody....good to see you made it back. How was Las Vegas this time of the year?? Very interesting hub...thanks for the information about stabilized aloe vera and it's uses. It's amazing what the plant can do, if only people would give it a try. I believe you're getting the word out there with enough information, so that people can make the positive choice and take charge of their own health.

And oh, bty...nice picture of my dog Sam at the heading!

Keep the hubs coming, we all enjoy them.

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