Alternative Healing: Depression And Mental Illness

Mexican Damiana
Mexican Damiana
Yerba Mate
Yerba Mate
Boji Stones
Boji Stones


Depression, along with many other mental illnesses are difficult to cope with. Today we often seek out ways to cope with it. Most of the time they place us on all kinds of different medications, usually making us feel all drugged up in the process. Along with the drugs we also seek out counseling. I know this because this is something I am currently going through. However I also have a few secrets. Things that help me when all else fails. Not to mention these things are natural. They are healthier for you and may even help you out more. You may just be surprised.


There are several different herbs that you may use for mental illnesses and their are several different ways you can use herbs. Ingestion is one of the main ways. However if you do use ingestion keep in mind that even though it is natural it doesn't mean your body won't react to it. You still need to be careful, especially if you are on other medication. So I still suggest you speak with your doctor or some professional first. Another way herbs may be used is in spells, especially in pouch spells.

Mexican Damiana is a herb that can help with panic attacks. If you're someone who suffers with high anxiety this is something you may want to try out. However if you are pregnant you should not use it for this herb can stimulate muscle contractions.

Yerba Mate is a herb from Paraguay. This herb is an altogether great herb for anything to do with stress and panic disorders. Do not use this if you are pregnant or nursing and in children under the age of two.

Lemon Balm can be used to calm your nerves, in turn relieving any kind of anxiety. This herb actually makes a wonderful tea if your prefer drinking it as a tea.

If your mental illness is one that plagues you with insomnia then perhaps you should try Cat Nip. Yes, that's right you've read correctly. This herb has been known to be able to help someone fall asleep.

I always like to add Lavender. Lavender is a calming herb. I wouldn't use this one to ingest but rather use it in a pouch spell or even in aromatherapy. In either case it may help quite a bit with whatever illness you may have.

Let me remind you that herbs are natural but that doesn't make them safe always to ingest. This means that you should talk to your doctor first. I am not a doctor. But I do suggest trying out alternative things. Especially when the medication you're on just isn't doing the trick.


Herbs aren't the only things you can use in alternative healing. I also enjoy using crystals. In fact I prefer using this method above any other method. Like with herbs there are different ways of using crystals in healing. You may choose to include them in spells in order to enhance them. You may carry them on you or in a pouch. Last but not least is my favorite method of healing. I like to rub the crystal around the area that is ailing. I always picture the pain or illness going from my body and into the crystal.

Now it's time for me to share with you what crystals can help with mental illness. With mental illness I suggest carrying the stones on you. If that doesn't help you may also rub or handle the stone around your mind. After all, a mental illness has something to do with your brain.

Clear quartz crystal can be used for mental illness. This crystal is a special one. It can be used for just about anything and everything you can think of. That's why it's my favorite and the very first one I'm bringing up now.

Amethyst is a crystal that helps heal the brain and nervous system. It's because of this that I feel that this crystal helps also with mental illness. Not to mention I also have personal experience with this stone helping with my own illnesses.

Boji stones are mood elevators. They, in turn, can probably help when you're feeling down and out. If depression has its tight grasp on you then perhaps these stones should be used.

Celestite is a gemstone that helps promote peace. It can help relax our mind, therefore keeping stress under control.

Chrysocolla is a stone that can help create an emotional balance and if you're one with a mental illness I believe that this is something that you'll need.

Chrysoprase is a stone that helps lifts our moods. It also helps relieve symptoms of stress and any kind of tension that we may have.

Citrine helps increase our confidence. I think that this is something we all need once in a while. For those who suffer from depression this is something that majority of us need.

Jasper is another stone that may help. It's a stabilizing gemstone so it will help stabilize our emotions.

Now I could continue going on and on. There are plenty of stones that help with mental illness and depression. These are but a few of them.

When using crystals with healing make sure you cleanse them prior to using and after. You should also charge them. It's important to do this because the crystals soak up all kinds of energies both negative and good.


There are all kinds of choices here that you can choose from. Whether you prefer using herbs or crystals they both can prove to be helpful. I suggest that you continue taking your medications. But when those just aren't enough and you feel as if you're falling try one of these. They can help. Try these on top of taking your medications.

However if you choose to stop taking your medications that's on you, though I don't suggest it. Keep in mind that herbs can react to certain medications, just because they are natural doesn't mean that they aren't capable of reacting to certain things. You still have to be careful.

I hope that this information will help you. I know that mental illnesses aren't easy to cope with. These methods help a lot though. Give it a shot. As I said before, you may just be surprised.

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denise.w.anderson profile image

denise.w.anderson 4 years ago from Bismarck, North Dakota

I appreciate you stating the importance of letting the doctors know when you are using natural healing practices. Having found a doctor that allowed me to use medications, herbs, and vitamins in the healing process, I know that they are out there. The majority of medications on the market today began in a natural state, and have been reproduced chemically in the laboratory. In mental illness, side affects tend to be high when the dosage level is off or the medication is not right for the body of the person being treated. It takes time and patience with both medications and natural healting methods to obtain positive results.

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 4 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

Denise thank you for reading. It does take quite some time to find the right medications to work on someone and no matter what whether it is natural or not it is important to discuss things with your doctor. I'm actually glad to hear that you have a doctor who allows you to use herbs and vitamins. I too have a doctor that accepts natural healing methods.

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