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More than ever before people are suffering from migraines. There are several different causes of this ailment. Even something such as the slightest bit of stress can trigger one of these painful episodes and if your someone who suffers from migraines on a constant basis it's not that great of an idea to constantly be popping aspirin, tylenol or any other kind of painkiller. It's not healthy for our bodies to be taking medicines such as those as often as we need to. In this hub you'll discover natural things such as herbs that can help ease the pain of migraines. I will also share with you different crystals that also are said to aid with migraines. Hopefully by the time you finish reading this hub you will have several different choices of what you can do to help with these painful episodes besides what you have been doing.

Herbs and Food

You may be surprised what you can eat that will help with headaches. Keep in mind that what may help for others can make things worse for others too. For example Coffee is something that is said to help headaches. However because of the caffeine it is also said to make headaches worse. I guess it depends on the person.

Cola, no Coke and Cola but the actual Cola part helps with migraines. The stuff that is not carbonated. Again this is another thing that has been known to make it worse for others but has also been known to help others too. Again, depends on the person.

Lavender is a flower that has been known to not only relax us but helps us fall asleep and is great for our circulatory system. Well Lavender also can help us with Migraines.

White Willow is yet another herb that is said not help just the slightest headache to the most painful of migraines.

I always like to add a little note to my hubs that I write about herbs. They may be natural and more healthy for your body but that does not mean you do not need to be careful. People do still react to the natural stuff too. It is important to talk to your doctor or natural healer about this before adding stuff to your diet. Especially if you are on medication because even the natural stuff can react to medication.


This is my favorite part. I've always enjoyed crystal healing and so I will enjoy sharing with you what crystals can help you when it comes to your migraines. There are different ways of using crystals when it comes to healing. You may use them in spells, you may use them by massaging them or adding them to your aura. Some people will use crystals and gemstones as elixirs. My personal choice of crystal healing is rubbing the stone around the inflicted area.

For migraines rub the crystal/gemstone around your head. As you do so picture the pain leaving your body and entering the crystal. Now let me share with you what crystals and gemstones are the best to use for Migraines.

First of all you can always use a clear quartz crystal. If all else fails this crystal is like the wild card. It can be used for anything and can prove to be quite useful. I actually feel like it is a must have when it comes to healing.

Another one that is well known that I'm sure you have heard of is Amethyst. This stone is well known for it's uses in helping those to sleep. Well it is also great with migraines.

Emeralds have been very useful in healing the nervous system and that is why I must add this stone to being able to help with migraines. After all isn't migraines all to do with our nervous systems anyway?

Pearl is one thing if worn a great deal can help with chronic headaches and migraines. Just wearing pearls can help. However I also suggest using pearl by rubbing against your head as well on top of wearing it.

These are just a few crystal and gemstones that may be used for Migraines. I am positive that there are a few others. These are just my favorite to use. The ones that have proven to be the most useful with Migraines and ones I have personally used myself so I can vouch for.

Keep in mind when using crystals it is important to keep them cleansed and charged. They absorb energies while you use them. After a while it is important to cleanse them. I actually suggest cleansing them after each use. However this is up to you.


Migraines are horrific. I suffer from them a great deal. Sometimes they get so terrible that my day will be absolutely ruined. It's gotten to a point that honestly taking pain relievers over the counter really doesn't touch them. Now these are just a few suggestions, a lot better than just the ones that are over the counter. And if you are into the alternative medicines then believe me these are a few methods you should try.

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YogaKat profile image

YogaKat 4 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

Hopped this Hub and although I don't get migraines, I found the use of crystals for healing very interesting. I'm glad they work for you CrescentMoon. Voted up,useful and interesting.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 4 years ago from the Ether

Wonderful advice here, Cresentmoon. Never knew that pearls could aid in the relief of migraines, but that totally makes sense. Blessings and we've missed you! :)

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 4 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

YogaKat, I am glad you found this information useful and interesting. I find that crystals work very well with healing. My boyfriend isn't even really into stuff like that but even he will admit it helps him when I use the crystals to help us body aches.

Kitty, thank you for your comment. Glad you found out another little fact about the stones.

Thundermama profile image

Thundermama 3 years ago from Canada

Very useful hub. My daughter and I both suffer from migraines and I am very open to alternative methods of healing. I will be trying one of these the next time I am plagued by a headache.

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 3 years ago from Caledonia, MI Author

Thank you I do hope they prove to be helpful.

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