Am I Stressed or Depressed?

How do i know if i am stressed or depressed?

Depression should not be under estimated. It is a chronic condition that can have many other things linked to it. For example depression can sometimes be a chemical imbalance within the brain and can sometimes be genetic. This can make it very difficult to tell the difference between stress and depression.

Similar Symptoms :- Lack of sleep. Do not want to eat. Feeling down. Panic attacks. Impotency. Difficulty getting up in the morning. Find it hard to focus and concentrate on things. Loss or gaining of weight. Lacking usual emotion.

In many cases stress is usually caused by something that is happening in your life, or has been happening over a period of time that you are unhappy with. Whereas depression is not so easy to diagnose. Therefore it is very important to look in to a patients lifestyle to try to determine what it is that they are suffering from. If you believe that you might be suffering from stress or depression then you should book an appointment to see your GP.

Perhaps you have been feeling stressed for a long period of time, but don't really know why then there is a chance that you could be suffering from depression. It can make you feel as if ou do not want to face the world, and want to stay in bed, on your own where you can not be seen.

Are you suffering from panic attacks? If so then you should click on the links provided to gain more information on what might be causing this.

For some people it can be very hard to come to terms with the idea that they may be suffering from depression, but at the same time coming to terms with it can also be a relief. There are many different types of prescription for depression - the most common being anti-depressants. There are different types and strengths of anti - depressants and it depends on the patient to which ones will be right for them. You should never use somebody elses medication.


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