Its a Couples World Really..

Unhappy ...Ya think!!

It is not anyones job to make me happy,but I sure wish someone would apply for the position.

Somedays I don't bother to get dressed I just bathe and change pajamas. Weeks go by and I don't even crank my car. I don't want to visit all my married friends and be a fifth wheel it tends to make me even more lonesome when I come home to the empitness within. I wanted to take dance partner.....

Some say I am anti-social to a degree this is a fact. However it really is a couples world. I am not a couple. I prefer not to dine out alone. I certainly don't care to go sit thru a movie by myself..

There are so many things not any fun alone, it takes two to tango among other things and who wants to call out there own

I at times enjoy my privacy I'm not certain I should like to share my home after 6 years of having no one else to consider.

I shall have to evaluate my mental state for

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Christine P Ann profile image

Christine P Ann 5 years ago from Australia

It is difficult to be alone all of the time no matter how much we enjoy it. We still need people in our life. I have to have time on my own as I find it very emotionally fulfilling and even get angry If I am surrounded by people for long periods of time. Maybe you could try joining some groups, not necessarily singles groups. I know of a few people who have and they are having a ball, they do day trips and have dinners together, some are couples but not all. Might be worth a try. Take care. I enjoy your writing you always make me laugh :)

jorja kick profile image

jorja kick 5 years ago from southeast georgia Author

you are such a sweetheart..

wonder why we can relate to strangers?LOL

I enjoy all your comments and your writings as well.

thanks so much


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