Amazing benefits of cayenne pepper


Hot and spicy pepper is an amazing food additive to add to your meal as it gives meals a spicy and unique taste to it. In as much as the taste of the pepper is unique, have you ever stopped to think at just what the health benefits offered are? For those who can stand the raving heat produced by these peppers, they can rest assured of immense health benefits from the peppers.

The fiery heat from the peppers comes from an active ingredient called capsaicin. It is important to note that the hotter a pepper is, the higher the capsizing levels in that pepper. The cayenne pepper is a fruit of the plant, contrary to what common belief is that they are a herb. These peppers come from the nightshade family of plants which has the Jalapeno and the Bell peppers

Heart Health

Cayenne contains Vitamin A, B6 and Vitamin C. It also contains Beta carotene, Manganese and potassium. The health benefits of Cayenne are immense. To begin with, cayenne pepper is excellent for the heart. Cayenne pepper has the ability to stop a heart attack within seconds, mainly due to its effect as a vasodilator. Administration when in a heart attack condition should be orally or as tincture, both methods that deliver great results.

Antioxidant properties

Cayenne pepper also contains antioxidant properties. As mentioned earlier, the pepper comes loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both of which are powerful antioxidants and help in the fight against free radicals which research has shown to be the cause of issues like arthritis, bronchiolar asthma and cataracts. Cayenne pepper also helps stop nerve damage and damage to the blood vessels which have been shown to be caused by free radicals.

Pain Relief

Another benefit of the pepper is the pain relief properties that cayenne offers. Application of different formulations of cayenne whether as inhalants, pastes or even formulations have been shown to relive pain.

Cancer Prevention

One of the most unique benefits of cayenne has been shown to offer is cancer prevention. The mode of action of this action has been suggested to aid the cancer prevention property is that cayenne prevents carcinogens from binding with DNA. After prevention of carcinogens from binding with DNA, the carcinogenic cells undergo apoptosis (cell death).

Weight Loss

For those after weight loss, Cayenne peppers accelerate metabolism and in effect assists in weight loss. Cayenne induces heat production in the body due to its fiery taste. The heat production is a result of the body’s metabolism which is triggered by cayenne and regular use of the pepper is manifest with significant weight loss.

Blood Clotting

One of the most unique benefits that cayenne pepper offers is the prevention of blood clotting. If you have a cut, apply cayenne powder over the wound. Upon application, the wound will stop bleeding in less than a minute. Of course the wound area will sting a bit, but you can rest assured that the pepper will offer the desired properties.

Prevents Ulcers

Finally is the property that cayenne offers in the prevention of stomach ulcers. The exact mode of action has not been understood. Research however shows that the pepper aids in killing bacteria causing the stomach ulcers and helps in increasing blood flow into and around the stomach.

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Good hub with useful information. Great work!

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Thank you for your comments. Keep reading for more information on effective foods to improve health and well-being.

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