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There are many health benefits of yogurt and should be considered for including in the diet. It would also be a great benefit to children if you get them acclimatized to the taste quite early. The many benefits of yogurt include regulating of the digestive tract and preventing osteoporosis.

History of making yogurt

It is believed that this dairy product has been around since 8000 – 9000 BC and considered one of the oldest dairy by-products in the world. In ancient history yogurt was made from the milk of animals such as horses, cows, buffaloes, goats, camels and the actual discovery was purely by accident.

Yogurt benefits were also discovered by ancient people, as Genghis Khan encouraged his people to consume it. Warriors discovered that consuming horse yogurt greatly improved their health so they consumed quite a lot while in the battle field.

The actual discovery of yogurt happened when the people stored milk in warm temperatures and discovered that the milk came out this way. Instead of throwing it out they liked the taste and also realized that when consumed their health improved. So since the beginning of time people have been consuming yogurt for health and wellness.

How yogurt is processed

Yogurt is a dairy product made from the fermentation of milk through a bacterial process. The lactose or milk sugar is fermented by this bacteria known as yogurt cultures, to form lactic acid. Lactic acid works alongside the milk protein to give yogurt its characteristic texture and taste.


Health benefits of yogurt

The nutrients and enzymes will determine yogurt benefits.

  • Calcium is one of the nutrients found in yogurt and it is a fact that this mineral plays a very important role on the development and strengthening of bones and teeth. Adequate amount of calcium on a daily basis can in fact reverse or prevent osteoporosis. Having yogurt for health of bones and teeth is a great choice.

  • Protein, another yogurt benefit. The daily consumption of protein is vital to our health as this nutrient is essential for building and repairing body tissue. Protein also plays an important role in brain function. One of the first nutrients needed from birth for proper development.

  • Potassium is another important mineral contained in yogurt. Potassium aids in balancing of sodium levels in the blood thus assisting in the lowering of blood pressure. Potassium is also needed for muscular strength and to balance water levels.

  • Vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and B12. B2 is a water soluble vitamin that is essential in helping the body convert food into fuel and also important in the metabolizing of proteins and fats. Riboflavin is good for hair, nails, skin and good liver function. Vitamin B12 also assist in metabolism, helps to make read blood cells and maintain a healthy nervous system.

  • Probiotics. Maybe the thing that yogurt is most known for are these microorganisms or good bacteria found in yogurt that is known to improve overall health. Our bodies contain approximately 500 different types of bacteria, some good and some are bad. Probiotics are these good bacteria that fight off the bad ones to help keep our digestive system in tact. They work on the intestinal tract to keep the walls of the intestines healthy. You cannot have too much good bacteria so having daily doses of yogurt can improve your health.

What is the healthiest yogurt?

The Greek Yogurt: It is believed that the healthiest yogurt is the Greek yogurt but maybe not so. Even though Greek yogurt has more protein than other yogurts it has less calcium. The process used to make the Greek yogurt breaks down the calcium and makes it less nutritious.

Dannon plain non fat: Sometimes when you buy this yogurt there is a watery settlement at the top. This is whey protein and it is good for you. It has essential amino acids that builds and repair body tissue so stir this into the yogurt for a more nutritious snack.

The healthiest Yogurt

Greek Style Yogurt
Dannon non fat plain
Serving size
Total Fat
10% DV
Total Carbs
Vitamin A
4% DV
Vitamin C
4% DV

There are so many health benefits of yogurt and it's beneficial to all of the family. It has become very popular as people are now beginning to realize yogurt's health benefits. This dairy product comes in fat free, low fat, unsweetened or sweetened, even frozen with a texture similar to ice cream. Add yogurt to your daily diet and you will be healthier as a result.

© 2011 Carolee Samuda

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Comments 31 comments

ktrapp profile image

ktrapp 5 years ago from Illinois

I had no idea that yogurt has existed for so long. We make smoothies with it using plain or vanilla yogurt, banana, fresh strawberries or raspberries, and then some frozen strawberries or raspberries too. It tastes really good, and is so healthy as you point out. It doesn't need any added sugar as the fruit gives it a lot of flavor. Thanks for sharing ~voting up and useful~

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thank you Ktrapp, in my research, I was amazed to find this out. Yogurt existed before cheese!

stayingalivemoma profile image

stayingalivemoma 5 years ago from Tempe, Arizona

Like ktrapp, I didn't know yogurt had been around that long either. How awesome of you to share this very useful information with us! I love yogurt so I'm all for it!

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

I love yogurt too and was surprised it has bee around so long.

GoGreenTips profile image

GoGreenTips 5 years ago from Indianapolis

Great hub, very interesting. Always knew that yogurt was good for the digestion, but never knew what the term was. Probiotics. Interesting!

ALUR profile image

ALUR 5 years ago from USA

Thanks for great info. My Arabic culture touts Arabic as well esp for digestive system. Funny how nowadays it's considered a big deal, when it's been always around. It also helps as an astringent for facials.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Go Green Tips, thanks for reading and commenting. Whenever you see probiotics on a yogurt container you know it's good for you.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Alur, thanks so much. People have been taking yogurt for granted, but during the last decade the nutritional benefits were re-discovered.

Josephine 5 years ago

Good info., taken yogurt since childhood, comes with the territory of having herds of cattle. Glad it is nutritious.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

I love yogurt too Josephine. I could eat it all day.

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

I love yogurt. I buy the chocolate. It's really good...

swathi180 profile image

swathi180 5 years ago

My meal is incomplete without yoghurt or buttermilk, Thanks for sharing its nutritious values.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Ruby, I have never seen the chocolate yogurt before.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

You are welcome Swathi180.

arusho profile image

arusho 5 years ago from University Place, Wa.

good hub!

profile image

mikeq107 5 years ago

Ok,Been on the Greek stuff too!!! of course would rather be on the islands... :0)

LindaSmith1 profile image

LindaSmith1 5 years ago from USA

Yogurt is good for weight loss. I read somewhere, 8 ounces a day will help lead to weight loss.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

..actually I put yogurt into my 'smoothies' with liquid honey, one egg, fruit of your choice, and a juice base into my blender - but I will only drink it with lovely Carolee in my bed - so that's blender in bed with a 'smoothie' like you - and then of course our BLUE MOUNTAIN coffee in the morning ..... lake erie time 2:09am

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

..part 2 comment - how about the amazing health benefits of being in love with Cardisa's hubs and of course the woman herself.

lake erie time 3:02am

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thank you Arusho.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

LOL...of course islands must be more appealing than the yogurt!

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Yes, it helps maintain a balance in your digestive tract but you also have to eat properly for that to happen.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Epi I would love that smoothie except for the egg part. Can't stand raw eggs. Blender in bed sounds so romantic and coffee in the morning!mmm mmm Really something to look forward to!

ComfortB profile image

ComfortB 5 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

Great hub! I'm just beggining to warm up to yogurt. My early experience with yogurt was as a kid in Nigeria. The yogurt back home had sour, tart taste that made it impossible to enjoy. But reading from this home, I now understand those to be the healthiest type. The sugared-up ones have got my taste buds though.

Time for change!

Voted up and useful. Thanks!

Cresentmoon2007 profile image

Cresentmoon2007 5 years ago from Caledonia, MI

Love yogurt. Thanks for sharing this hub. It was interesting.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

ConfortB, the first time I had yogurt it was the plain unsweetened kind it it was yucky. I moved on to the sweet fruity type but gradually started eating the plain one again. I have the yogurt with fresh fruit and a teaspoon of honey and I find I enjoy it and the added benefits makes it worth it all.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thank you Crescentmoon.

acaetnna profile image

acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

I am a real fan of yoghurt and sometimes make my own. A brilliant hub, packed with information.

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 5 years ago from Jamaica Author

Thanks Acaetnna, making your own yogurt will definitely save you on cost. Thanks for reading.

justmesuzanne profile image

justmesuzanne 4 years ago from Texas

I have never had Greek yogurt; although, I have heard it is fabulous! I'll have to try it! Great information! Voted up and useful! :)

Cardisa profile image

Cardisa 4 years ago from Jamaica Author

Hello Suzanne, Greek style yogurt is great but when it comes to nutrition, I actually prefer Dannon because it has more of the nutrients that I am interested in like potassium and basically fat free.

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