Pregnant? Is it a Fetus or a Baby?

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4 differences between the fetus and the baby from the Screen Play - The UNSEEN by BL TWEEN

From the movie - The UNSEEN by BL TWEEN

The Experiment - Is God REAL?

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Is it a Fetus or a Baby?

Below is one scene from the movie, THE UNSEEN. Where the difference of the baby outside its mother is compared with the fetus inside its mother. Kyle Meyer is a photographer/reporter. He has been invited to do a story on abortion and actually photograph the procedure. This scene takes place in a restaurant where Kyle is having lunch before going to the clinic.


So . . . what’s happening with you today?


Well as you can see, I’m eating lunch and then I do have an interview and photo set at the new clinic.



The new clinic?

That’s where lives are decided isn’t it?



I’m sorry? That is where a woman

is allowed to make a choice.



I stand corrected where a woman

can choose life or death is that it?



No, it isn’t a life, it’s just a fetus.



Yeah, It is a fetus.



It’s too small to be a baby.



Ooooh. It’s about size?

Well, Kyle, see that lady over there,

shot of Carol, of a well-developed young woman in her late twenties, rather tall too.

she is a lot taller than you or I, in fact you could say we are small compared to her, so do we have less rights as a human because we are smaller than she is? Is that what your saying Kyle? That small people don’t have the same rights as humans because they are smaller?

A midget walks by just as ELSHA DYE is saying this and gives Kyle a dirty look.



The midget has frazzled Kyle.

Of course not. It hasn’t fully developed.



Oh so it’s about development. Well look at her again would you say she is developed?



Oh yeah,She’s ah, she’s developed. She’s really developed.


Waiter arrives with Kyle’s order..



Oh so its about development? That little boy over there, he looks like he’s about 9 or 10, he hasn’t reached puberty, and he isn’t fully developed. So he must have less rights as a human because he hasn’t developed completely right? Does he have less rights then you or I?



No, no you just don’t get it.

The fetus, is dependant on the mother.


(Pauline and her party leave the restaurant, Pauline is arm and arm with her husband Nun and holding a blind stick.)



It’s about dependencies then.

One is dependant on the other yes?



Yes, that’s right.


Pauline accidentally stumbles over a Chair and is caught by ELSHA DYE,



Oh I am terribly sorry, I should watch where I’m going. He he.

It is quite obvious she is blind.



Pauline, are you flirting again? I can’t take her anywhere. He He. Please do forgive us.



Of course, no problem.



To ELSHA DYE, Oh yes please forgive her, She makes all kinds of jokes about seeing when she hasn’t ever been able to. She’s been blind from birth. very joyful outlook though. I dare say I probably wouldn’t be near as happy as she is, if I had been dealt the b l i n d card.



I know how to spell Pat, you are pretty funny yourself at times. I love you though.



No harm done, I think she sees with spiritual eyes.

True joy comes from the heart.


Pauline and her group leave restaurant.



So Kyle, we were talking about dependency, being dependant on one another. What about her? Pauline, she is blind and must depend on others to see. What about people who have to take blood pressure medicine, or diabetics that are dependent on their medications are they less of a human and don’t have the same rights as other humans. Ones who are not dependent on something. Is that it?




Look its inside its mother, the woman carries it in her body. It’s her body. She can do with it as she pleases.



So it’s the placement, inside and outside. What if we leave this restaurant we will be outside, we have changed our placement from inside to outside. Will that make you less of a human? What about if you were in an airplane? You are in the air you are not even on the earth. What about if you had left the state, the country? Would you be less of a human for leaving?



ELSHA DYE has gotten through to Kyle, he is really trying to sort out this Scenario


No. . . I guess. . .

I’ve just never thought about it like that.



Gets up to leave.

Got to go now, Sorry Kyle didn’t really mean to frazzle you. But just so you know . . . Fetus . . .

He places a fifty on the table for a tip.

It’s a French word... It means baby.


TIGHT ON KYLE – Pan out as Kyle looks around ELSHA DYE is gone, disappeared? Vanished! Almost everyone that had been in the restaurant is gone except pastor Matt and the Deacons. The Deacons leave followed by Pastor Matt. Pastor Matt stops at Kyle’s table.



Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation. I have some information on the subject that I would like to give you.

Kyle gives Pastor Matt the WHO ARE YOU look, I’m sorry, let me introduce myself, I am Pastor Matt Burns of Bethel Baptist Church here in Branchville. He hands him a pamphlet and his business card. My number is on the card. I’d be happy to discuss this with you in more detail.


Kyle just wants to get out of here! As the waiter walks by . . .



Check please.



Shakes his head no.

He paid the price.



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Remarks by BL Tween

I know of and I have several friends who have had an abortion. I have seen the suffering, hurt, torment, and regret these ladies have. I have written a movie, it is called "The UNSEEN" I would very much appreciate your prayers for this movie, as a large part of the movie is about abortion. Because this is such a contraversial issue with regards to the world. I am not sure I will be able to find anyone who cares enough to make the movie. The movie is written by a Christian, my self, there are no curse words in the movie, however, the war between good and evil is pretty ugly. I am expecting an R rating for violence. Your prayers are greatly appreciated. BL


Laughter is good medicine!


Focus on the Family TEBOW SuperBowl commercial

Laughing Baby Ethan

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Judah's Daughter profile image

Judah's Daughter 6 years ago from Roseville, CA

I enjoyed reading this, BL Tween. Some very good points. I, too know those who've had abortions that suffer extreme repression (and it comes out in other ways), or depression; they have a hard time receiving forgiveness from God and forgiving themselves. I pray this movie brings not only truth, but compassion to those who have made such a decision and are suffering. This is a huge issue in the world today and truly needs to be addressed ~ I pray blessings in your calling to do this movie!!

BL Tween profile image

BL Tween 6 years ago Author

Judah's Daughter,

Thank you,

"Quill" 6 years ago

Hi BL Tween...I have been reading in your profile and looking through a few hubs and I can you have a gift...consider me a follower. I particularly like this hub as it speaks of all that Christ has called us to be in regards to the protection of life.

The child is a true miracle of the Father and needs to be protected through life right from the time of conception.


DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

DeBorrah K. Ogans 6 years ago

B L Tween, You have made some Great points! I have counseled with women who have had abortions. There is sometimes a lingering pain that has often resulted in drug use,or depression and much regret...

Life is from the moment of conception! What wonderful videos babies are a real blessing! Thank you for sharing! Peace & Blessings

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    In the Bible Jesus describes the end of the world like a womans child birth pains.


     Matthew 24 :8

     All these are the beginning of birth pains.

    This is just the beginning of the end. Like a woman who is about to give birth, her contractions, or the wars, famines and earthquakes will come slowly at first.

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