An Alcoholic With Heart Failure Healed by HIM

Roy and Baleegh after 2/3 weeks of heart failure only 16% of Roy's heart functioning

Baleegh(black guy) and Roy(white guy)
Baleegh(black guy) and Roy(white guy)

I Gave My Friend A Massage -Baleegh

I had a so-called friend that lives in Modesto, California. He was an alcoholic but you could not detect it if you didn't know him well. He was functioning alcoholic half his life. He's 40 years of age. I invited him to go Costa Rica with me . I planned to make a business investment and i needed his special skill. I was surprised when he offered to quit his drinking . So I borrowed money from family to make this business investment. I paid to have his passport expedited.

About 2 weeks later I got a phone call from a mutual friend telling me that Roy was in the hospital with heart failure and now only 16 % of his heart was functioning. Roy tried to kick without proper help and now he has 1 foot in the grave. Then he went on to say that the doctor said that maybe he will start getting better in about 90 days...maybe! This was bad news all across the table. He's half dead, I invested lots of money and no recovery for at least 90 days.

A few days later I went to see him at his mother's home. He was lying on the couch asleep, white as a sheet and skinnier than a Halloween skeleton. When he woke up to say hi to me, his voice was as weak as a 150 years old man. After seeing with my own eyes, I knew that was no hope in taking him to Costa Rica.

I'm thinking how this might have been my fault for inviting him to go with me yet at the same time, I'm thinking all the money I borrowed and invested into our plan to Costa Rica...days were turning into weeks and no sign of him getting better any time soon. I said to myself, maybe I am blessed with being able to heal but heart failure is far from healing someones back ailments but it's worth a try. The next morning I went to his mother's house to get him. I took him to my sister's apartment in Tracy, a few miles away and commenced massage his back. He moaned and groaned but I didn't stop until I gave him a thorough massage. [fast forwarding the tape]...2 to 3 weeks later He's swimming at the beach in Jaco, Costa Rica. Of course, he never attributed my massaging his frail body back to health or at least back to where he didn't appear to be half dead..

I've helped others even since Roy. Now I'm convinced that I can help others. Why I have this amazing gift is beyond me, maybe because I've never done drugs, smoke, drink ,done evil to others or gotten high. Maybe God has always had this plan for me to help others... I cannot tell you why i have this blessed ability but i can say that I'm very please at being able to help others.

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sallybea profile image

sallybea 18 months ago from Norfolk

One cannot help but feel interested in stories like this one. The gift of healing is certainly a precious thing.

bujoy83 profile image

bujoy83 18 months ago from Philippines Author

Thank u sallybea, I agree with u.

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