An Apology to Readers

Before Therapy

Obesity and obvious gynecomastia prior to beginning regimen.
Obesity and obvious gynecomastia prior to beginning regimen.

During Therapy

70 days after starting the regimen outlined.
70 days after starting the regimen outlined.

An apology to readers

Over the course of the last three months I have been posting articles about andropause and anti-aging without giving the readers an idea of the results that they can expect; for this I must extend my deepest and most humble heartfelt apology. I have seen several people enter the "how to reverse aging" article, yet not leave comments or read the weekly guides that are referenced in it. It never occurred to me to provide the reader with a before and after picture. Seeing is believing and I should have taken that into account.

The first photo labeled "Before" shows a clear case of obesity with associated gynecomastia due to aromatase activity. Impotence and lack of energy were also symptomatic.

After seventy days, fourteen inches were lost from the abdominal circumference, gynecomastia was not evident, fifty pounds of weight had disappeared. Wrinkles and under eye bags shrunk considerably. The energy level and outlook improved.
The steps outlined in "How to reverse aging" are responsible for these changes. It is with my sincerest hopes that anyone wishing to experience this kind of improvement in their overall health return and read .

Again, I apologize for not having the forsight to make this comparrison available to you, the gentle reader.

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