An extremely odd dream.


Last night in my dream I found myself in a boarding house of some kind. The only way into the house was to squeeze under a raised train track. I thought at first I was New Jersey but as the dream went on the location kept changing.

There was a girl in the dream. She was 13. She looked like a full grown woman but I somehow knew she was 13 through that strange dream way of certain information being inherent. She was very mean. She kept taunting everyone else. I found myself in a playground of some sort. It was a dusty place and everything seemed to be in sepia tones. There was a fence, an old wooden one. very low to the ground. I couldn't for some reason figure out how to get over it. The girl kept yelling at me saying I was hopeless.

Then I was inside the boarding house again. I can't remember specifically who the people inside with me were but they were all very strange. Suddenly I found out that the girl was the daughter of the owner. The owner was a ghostly old man with glasses who wore a stained white T-shirt. I kept trying to ask him if I could use a phone to call someone to get me out of the place but he couldn't seem to hear me so I went to my room and sat on the bed. I seemed to fall asleep in the dream and when I woke up the scenery was different. It was dark blue in the room as if a television was turned on in the dark. I rolled over on the bed and there the girl was. She kept trying to seduce me but I told her I couldn't because she was 13. She wouldn't listen to me and kept trying to grab me and pull me close to her. I told her that her father would kill me if she saw us. I left the room and there was the owner standing against the wall. His glasses were at an odd angle on his face and he looked like he was confused. I tried to ask him a question but I couldn't speak. After a few moments he turned to me and told me I could never go home again.

Then I woke up. I had a headache when I woke up. I feel like this must mean something but I really don't know.


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