Anemia. Low Blood Count.

Anemia/Might Be Sickle Cell Anemia

Sometimes your blood flow may be disrupted by Sickle Cell Anemia when you are anemic.
Sometimes your blood flow may be disrupted by Sickle Cell Anemia when you are anemic.

A special case of Anemia : Sickle Cell Anemia.

Sickle Cell Anemia. What is Sickle Cell Anemia? Sickle Cell Anemia is red blood disorder in which many of the red blood cells have an altered shaped that hurts the red blood cell's ability to flow uninterrupted those the body's arteries and veins. There are two unfortunate consequences of this mechanical problem : (1) In the very small arteries and veins the flow can actually be slowed or actually stopped by the red blood cells abnormal shape.... this can lead to tissue injury or tissue death (ouch!) (2) When the red blood cells are injured by their abnormal shape the body's spleen will remove these abnormal cells.... this will lead to anemia.

For more information about Sickle Cell Anemia Visit this Site from National Institute Of Health :

This is an excellent site with excellent diagrams and a short video.


Remember God Loves You!

Remember God Loves You.  Just like a water fall "We Can't Stop"
Remember God Loves You. Just like a water fall "We Can't Stop"

Iron Defiency Anemia

This shows the lack of red blood cells.
This shows the lack of red blood cells.

Anemia. Low Blood Count. Low Blood.

Anemia is the condition of not enough red blood cells in the body. Red blood cells take oxygen (a type of fuel necessary for cells to function) to the other cells in the body. Red blood cells also take carbon dioxide ( a waste product from the cells and the red blood cells assist in expelling the carbon dioxide ). Red blood cells (RBC) are absolutely vital for life. Lack of sufficient RBC will lead to the symptoms of fatigue, tiredness, light headiness, lack of energy. Lack of RBC will cause significant dysfunctions in cells and organs (ie. heart attack, kidney damage, gut damage).

Anemia has multiple causes. One cited link reports 400 causes. Anemia can be caused by blood loss, such as heavy menses flow, stomach ulcers, slow bleeds through the kidneys, Anemia can be caused by destruction in the blood stream such as by viruses, parasites, medications, and genetic abnormalities. Anemia can be caused by lack of production such as low iron intake (iron deficiency anemia), low vitamin intake (vitamin B12 deficiency, folate deficiency), genetic abnormalities (sickle cell anemia, thalassemia, SC disease), cancer infiltration into the bone marrow,

Anemia has multiple causes; and three mechanisms by which it can come about: (1) Blood loss. (2) Blood destruction. (3) Blood not being made by the body.

Anemia's cause can be determined by a physician. The physician will do a through history, including travel history, a complete physical exam, blood tests, perhaps a bone marrow biopsy, and perhaps imaging studies.

Once the anemia's cause has been determined treatment will be initiated by the physician. Sometimes a patient will be so severely anemic that a blood transfusion will be necessary.

Please check the links they are very good.

The YouTube videos are good.


What is the most common diagnosis of anemia?

  • Iron-Deficiency Anemia
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Thallasemia
  • Cancer
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Anemia? You have questions about Anemia?

Questions? The following questions are from a link listed below. .

Answers are at this link.

This is a great link. I love the questions that are asked then answered.

The most important question is "how do I find out if I have anemia" : "Your doctor can tell if you have anemia by a blood test called a CBC. Your doctor also will do a physical exam and talk to you about the food you eat, the medicines you are taking, and your family health history. If you have anemia, your doctor may want to do other tests to find out what's causing it." Quote from on anemia.


There is a medication that is amazing. It is called Epogen. Epogen (epoetin alfa) is an injection medication given to patients with anemia due to chronic kidney disease. The medication "helps" the bone marrow produce more red blood cells. This will help prevent the need for blood transfusions.


Anemia discussed.

Anemia. This doctor informs.

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Storytellersrus profile image

Storytellersrus 7 years ago from Stepping past clutter

Great way to raise awareness, Doctor James. I had iron deficiency anemia when in college. I didn't have enough money for meat so I ate handfuls of granola, lol. Not only did I become anemic, but I also had terrible stomach aches! I was a vegetarian when my son was going through a purge diet and managed it much better. But anemia is not a pleasant experience. Thanks!

JamesBenjaminJrMD profile image

JamesBenjaminJrMD 7 years ago from USA Author

Thank you Storytellersus. It is great to hear from someone who had to battle this condition and won. College has many hidden dangers!

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