Living With Angina Pain. Stents and Angioplasty and Life After Stents

Agina - The Stent Strikes Back

There is a strong chance that, as you are reading this article on angina and stents, you either have a problem or you know someone who has a problem. Maybe you have had an angiogram, or perhaps you are due to have an angiogram. It may be that you have been told, or that you suspect, that you have a blocked artery.

I genuinely know how you feel. So, read my story, which began 10 years ago, in 2005.

49 years old. Heavy smoker. heavy drinker. A life full of stress

Any of this ring any bells with you?

This is one of those "Once upon a time" stories that ends with "lived happily ever after"

July 2005. My wife and I took our caravan down to Cornwall as we regularly did. We were camped at a lovely little caravan park and we had enjoyed a lovely break.

When it came time to pack up we followed our usual routine of packing and tidying away and loading stuff into the caravan, which included taking down and packing away the awning.

That's when it first started. The first twinge. Not a full-blown chest pain. Just a twinge.

It felt like I had maybe pulled a muscle so I just carried on but with a little extra care.

Over the next few weeks I started to notice these 'twinges' more and more until they were becoming frequent. When I mowed the lawn, put the bins out walked more than a short distance . . . . . . . .

I finally started to worry, so I went to see my doctor. He said it was probably a digestive problem so he started to treat me for acid reflux. Then, when the tablets diidn't work, he gave me different tablets and then stronger ones.

Still the twinges were there, only now they had developed into real pains and they were coming more and more regularly. Several times each day. I kept going back to the doctor because now I was becoming more and more sure what the pains really were and in my mind, it wasn't due to acid reflux.

They sent me for ECG and other tests, including treadmill tests. Nothing. No irregularities. And so the doctor was adamant that it was acid reflux.

An appointment was made for me to see a digestive consultant and in the meantime I was off work and struggling to function more and more with each week that passed. Then, in the November, nearly 5 months after my first 'twinges' I finally saw the digestive specialist.

The initial idea was for me to have an endoscopy.

The consultant spent about 15 minutes talking to me, asking me questions and then he finally said "I'm not a heart specialist but I don't think I need to be. It seems clear to me that your problem is not digestive but heart related and if its ok with you, I am going to refer you to a colleague of mine who IS a heart specialist"

"If there are 2 possible problems and one of them can kill you then I think we should look at the one that could kill you first before I start shoving cameras down your throat!"

And so, I saw the heart specialist who after a few questions asked me if I would mind having an angiogram. I said I had no objections.

He explained that it involved injecting a dye into the heart and then monitoring the passage of the dye through the blood vessels and arteries to see if there was a blockage or any damage.

I didn't really fully understand it all really but I agreed and so, about 3 weeks later I arrived at hospital to find that they were going to make an incision in the artery in my thigh and thread a sort of wire or tube up my artery until it was close to my heart and then, inject the dye.

They gave me some 'happy juice' which was like this beautiful warm sensation that swept through my entire body and within seconds, I didn't have an absolute care in the world. The whole procedure was exceptionally simple and, thanks to the happy juice and, of course the local anaethstetic, I didn't feel a thing. Yes, local anaethstetic! It turned out to be a fascinating experience.

I was watching the overhead monitor which they had turned so I could see it and there, on the screen, they showed me the blockage in my artery.

4 weeks after that I was admitted for the angioplasty procedure which was exactly the same as the angiogram except this time, the wire had a 'balloon' on the end and once it reached the blockage, they inflated it and it busted the blockage away and then, they deflated the balloon and inserted a chemical coated stent into the area where the blockage had been.

The stent is like a tiny wire cage which is coated in chemicals and it holds the artery open. The chemicals prevent any fatty tissue or other junk sticking to the stent and growing over it, thus keeping the artery open and clear,

I was in hospital overnight and was discharged the following lunchtime. I left hospital with statins, beta blockers and asprins. I will take these medicines for the rest of my life.

However, from that day to this I have never experienced pains again.

Since that time I have played 5-a-side football and cricket, I can swim 20 lengths, body board, go cliff walking and mountain walking and do all the things that I did before.

I have my life back.

My blood pressure is generally between 120 and 130 over 80(ish) and my cholesterol is 3.5. My doctor says I am in perfect health.

The point is . . . . before I had the angiogram I was petrified. Really, really scared.

I was afraid that something would go wrong and I would die.

I went to see the doctor and begged him to give me medication of some kind that would 'do the trick'. Anything, but NOT the angiogram or the angioplasty procedure. I wanted to live, not die.

He matter of factly told me that he could do that but my condition would remain as it is and although the trinitrate spray I was using would continue to help, I would never get better and, in time, the condition would finally worsen and I would have no choice but to have the procedure or die.

I cannot describe the fear when I went to the hospital.

And afterwards I cannot describe the relief once it was all over and it had all been easy. In fact, it was far more preferable to and pleasant than the dentist!

I went on a hospital exercise programme for 6 weeks and I was able to push myself to the limit and my heart rate never excceded 108 and my blood pressure was always normal and that gave me the confidence to live my life normally.

So, if anyone reads this and is in a similar situation. Fear not. It is really worth it.

If you do read this and you are in my situation and you are afraid or anxious or you have questions, leave me a message and I will help you. Talk you through it. Give you any information that you want.

Just go for it though. It is a life altering procedure and considerably preferable to death!

It is now 10 years since I had the stent fitted and, in a physical sense, my health has never been better.

I swim regularly and work out in the gym. My best swimming effort in one session is 70 lengths. I play cricket and football and I have surfing lessons booked for when I go to Cornwall next week. Quite often I play tennis with either or both of my twentysomething sons. We usually play 1 set and sometimes 2. I usually lose but, who cares? I give them a good game, which is more than most 59 year olds can say, stented or not!

And the greatest benefit of all is that I am alive and well and able to enjoy my new, baby granddaughter, Holly. Without the stenting procedure I never would have experienced the joy of knowing her and watching all the new things she does every week.

Having angina is a terrible, scary thing but having a stent fitted can be, quite literally, a life saver and not just from the cardiac perspective.

Not only has my stent made me physically well again, it has given me back my life, in the 'living' sense too.

I would love to hear and share your stories of overcoming cardiac problems by having stents fitted, so if you would like to contribute to this hub, please leave your comments and if you have found the article to be useful or helpful, please vote it up!

Update: March 16th, 2013

Since starting this hub a few years ago, I have received so many comments from people. Some people have written because they are worried or because they have had the procedure and are unsure about the after effects, medication problems or resuming their quality of life, so I thought I would do a quick update on my own situation.

I had yet another check up yesterday - I have one every 6 months and blood tests with BP check every 12 months and my doctor said my health is perfect in every respect.

My average BP over a 2 week period was 128/85 with an average pulse rate of 73. My cholesterol is 3.7, which is exceptional and my liver and kidney functions are all, according to him, at absolutely perfect levels.

I take Adizem, Lisinopril and Atorvastatin daily, plus asprin and suffer no side effects that I am aware of, except perhaps slight muscle tiredness.

So, stenting works and the medication works too. Well, in my case at least!

I say all of this not to boast but to reassure anyone reading that, life after stenting can be great and the medication involved certainly does help.

For me, stenting and the medication afterwards has been a way of giving me a new lease of life and I hope anyone reading this who is, maybe, in a situation where they have to consider stenting, will be reassured that stenting CAN offer a long term solution to a dreadful situation.

Further Update November 2014

Medical Insurance. I took out medical insurance a few years ago but, unfortunately, after my stenting so I had an exclusion clause in my policy, which was with Pru Health. However, I recently changed to BUPA and was pleasantly surprised that they said I needed no such clause, as it was more than 2 years (it is now 10 years) since I was stented.

I had a couple of lengthy chats with them about the fact that, although I had never suffered again since I was stented, I took medication for blood pressure, statins and another for heart rate and I was still monitored each year by my doctor, with blood tests and BP tests.

They said "Have you had any further episodes of angina?" No

"Is your doctor or a hospital currently treating you for angina" No, but what about my medication?

They said "Your medication is for blood pressure and cholesterol, certainly, but not SPECIFICALLY for angina. Lots of people take medication for blood pressure and cholesterol. If you have not had or been treated for angina in the past 2 years we don't want to know. There will be no clause in your policy and if you ever suffered a problem in the future, we would cover you"

So . . . . . . looks like, for insurance purposes, I am no longer classed as suffering from angina! I have to say, I like BUPA very much!

Thanks also to all the people who are STILL reading this hub and sending messages and emails. It really makes my day when someone gets in touch.

Bless you all.


December 30th 2014

And finally, as another year draws to a close, I hope that there are many people whose story appears in this hub who have good cause to look forward to the new year with a feeling of hope and optimism that they didn't have previously.

To all of you who have, so far, contributed to this collection of wonderful, personal stories and accounts, may I just take the time to say 'Thank You' and to those who have not yet discovered our wonderful, exclusive and supportive hub, but who are going to, at some time in the future, may I say 'Welcome'

But to all, I really want to say 'Happy New Year' and, if you are interested, or know someone who would benefit from it, I have just completed a new hub about my journey through the possibility of having prostate cancer, following a raised PSA test, last October. Just follow the link to My Prostate Cancer Diary


Do you have concerns or a success story? 186 comments

paul eddleston 6 years ago

sounds like i wrote it myself even the caravan and cornwall bit. i haven't had the angiogram yet but i feel much more comfortable about things


maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 6 years ago from UK Author

Believe me, Paul, A visit to the dentist is much worse than an angiogram! Good luck and keep in touch.

Therese 6 years ago

I should undergo angiogram tomorrow and I am scared. Your article gave me courage.

I am 58 and have been having pains on my left side, left arm, left shoulder and sometimes moving up the left jaw. The doctors query angina and the angiogram is to show where the blockage is.

I have the procedure explained to me and I read about it in the internet. I am scared.

I would be grateful if you would respond.

Paul 6 years ago

Hello Graham, I am also 48 (turned 48 today) heavy smoker and drinker. Having angioplasty with possible stent Wednesday. Terrified... Thanks for writing about your experience, lots of information on the net about the procedure but very little from actual patients. I actually do feel a little better about it after reading your tale. From what I understand, 99 out of 100 have great luck with this procedure and without it, eventual heart attack is almost a certainty. I think I like the odds. Regards, Paul

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 6 years ago from UK Author

Paul . . . Good luck. I will be thinking of you. Once you are back home, please let me know how it went. I understand the fear / apprehension. I was a wreck the night before the angiogram. Once I was in the hospital, though, and they gave me the 'happy juice' I didn't have a care in the world! After that I actually couldn't wait for the angioplasty procedure, which followed a few weeks later.

Believe me, the whole procedure is painless and afterwards there were no after effects at all. I went to hospital gym sessions twice weekly for a couple of weeks, which was great because it gave me the confidence to realise I could push my body once again and then I was playing 5-a-side football again, swimming, surfing, cliff walking, all sorts of things that had been beyond me before I had the stent fitted.

Bernice  5 years ago

Hi all, your comments are lovely to read. My Mum had all of the symptoms you describe and was told it was indegestion when I took her to the emergency doc two weeks ago! Unfortunately last Thursday she had a dreaded heart attack, luckily she got there in time and had the stent done and is on the mend. Having suffered a heart attack though she isn't quite a spring chicken yet but after reading your comments I am very positive :)



Dinesh Sinkar 5 years ago

I have undergone the anjio plasty 15 days back .no problems now.

martin 5 years ago

hi,im 47 heavy smoker,phsycally active with my job,at work i started to get an ache in my chest and shoulders ,because i suffered with anxiety for years i started to take notice of these aches and pains so i took myself off to the doctor,he put me on asprin ,beta blockers and statins straight away,he also made an appointment for a stress test.i dont mind saying i was very scared now,anyway i went to the hospital and saw a lovely nurse who talkted to me for a while then told me there was not any point in doing the tread mill test as it was fairly obvious that i had angina .so here i am waiting for the angiogram to see the full extent of the problem,and feeling very scared by it all, but your story gives me hope that this procedure will make things a lot better,so now i have given up smoking and have changed my diet ,will let you know how it all went



lee900cbr 4 years ago

Hi Graham, Thanks so much for your story. It has really helped as I feel I am going through this totally on my own. My name is Lee I am 45 and had no warnings at all before the pains hit. I had a sudden pain in my chest on Monday 19th December 2011, this lasted about 2 minutes, my wife rang the Doctor who said call 999, I was reluctant as i am too young for any heart problems!!

The paramedic arrived and ut the monitors on and said it was probably strained muscles, great I thought. The ambulance turned up and the paramedic sent them away, all good. My Doctor rang whilst the paramedic was still there and they were arguing over the phone about whether I should get to hospital. I felt terrible at this point and decide not to go. Less than 24 hours later I had a much worse pain that lasted 10 minutes. I was rushed to A & E and admitted for 4 days. Anyway I had the angiogram in January this year and they have decide to put 3 stents in, or maybe a by-pass. Just to let you know the nurse forgot the local and I felt everything during the angiogram, sorry if your going in for this but remind them to give the happy juice.

I feel more comfortable after reading your experiences as I have had trouble sleeping as I have thought I may not wake up, also the procedure seems to be fine. I am hoing to gat sorted as I have just not felt great for about 2 years. I am diabetic, fairly well controlled, not overweight dont drink much, smoke plenty, but generally OK.

I just want to get my life back as I keep thinking about dying young. I want to feel asgood as I can again.

Did you give up smoking? I am going to set the day on the day I have the op as I am too worried at the moment and as you know smoking helps the anxiety.

Anyway thanks again really helped


conradofontanilla profile image

conradofontanilla 4 years ago from Philippines

A better way to counter angina or heart attack, or prevent them is infusion chelation therapy. I am undergoing this for my angina and prevention of heart attack. It is similar to the administration of dextrose. You are seated. In fact, the set up is not even a hospital, it is a clinic. The principal ingredient of the solution is EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra acetate). You don't have to go through angiogram. EDTA erodes plaque, reduces population of free radicals that started artery blockage in the first place. I have Hubs "Framework of Treatment of Heart Disease: Free radicals (Chelation therapy), Risk Factors (Heart Bypass Surgery," and "Chelation and Stem Cell Therapies Completely Repair the Heart." In angioplasty with stent there is a possibility that plaque will grow on the stent. Besides blockage can grow on other arteries, which chelation can prevent.

Julie macmillan 4 years ago

Please can u give some more information on where the clinics are where u can have this done ,

I am due to have angioplasty and stent and i do not want this operation I am so scared

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Julie

I understand your fear, although there is no reason for fear. It is a very simple, routine procedure, nevertheless, I too was petrified when I had to have it done. Which area do you live in? Usually you have it done in your local hospital and your GP or consultant would explain about your choice of where to have it done . . . .

conradofontanilla 4 years ago

Hi Julie,

please access or Chelation/Oral EDTA Chelation Therapy/Cardio Review

mike freeman 4 years ago

Hi to all those who have to go for angioplasty and have a stent fitted.Let me start by saying dont be afraid.

I left it to late and took no notice of the pains until it was to late.I had a hear attack on the 12th of this month and had the stent fitted as everybody says there is more pain from the dentist.I to watched it all on the screens and felt no pain throughout.I thought my life was over but thanx to coventry unaversity hospital i now have a new and long life to live.Inow feel 95 per cent better than before and wont be long till im 101 per cent.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author


Thank you for adding your comments. I am so glad to hear about your success after what must have been a dreadful experience. I know the hospital well, too. It is my local. Great place.

All the very best of luck (amd health) for the future

diane 4 years ago

hi everyone ..i have just had an angiogram and am now waiting to have a stent fitted..i too was worried about this proceedure but now know it is nothing to worry about .it all went very smoothly you hardly feel anything so if this is what a angioplasty is then i am not abit worried about having this done ..i just want a better quality of life .so it will all be worth it.good luck to everyone who has to have this done ..diane

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Diane

I am so pleased that your angiogram went well. The stent procedure is no different. Good luck to you in the future. Do keep in touch with us all and let us know how things go for you. 4 years ago

Hello my name is Sandy I am 51 years old and I have angina and I am waiting to have stents fitted and yes I am scare. Last Friday I started having chest pains and I ended up in Blackpool casualty. The pains lasted for5 hours then they gave me morphine and I had a stay overnight. I came home and am still waiting for the stents they said if I have chest pains to ring an ambulance. Wouldn't you think they would get on and do the stents but no I am on the waiting list. So I am sat at home unable to do anything because I may get chest pains. I hope that when I do get my stents it will be has painless as you are saying. Kind regards to all Sandy

Alison 4 years ago

Hi I'm 54 years old do not smoke or drink and just waiting for a small stent to be fitted. Thank you for the kind words I feel more at ease. Just had a little cry when reading all the advice. Thank you

Param 4 years ago

I am 65 and been pretty healthy . Have not done any strenuous exercise for many years though I exercise daily for 15/20 minutes. Been feeling a twinge in my left shoulder last couple of days....not very painful but quite pronounced and that prompted me to Google the symptom . The posts here have been informative and reassuring. As I ve experienced this twinge only over the last 2 days its early days yet ....anyone with a similar experiece who had it diagnosed immediately ? If so please let me know prognosis. My email :

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Param. Have you sought medical advice yet? I am obviously not a doctor and these hubs are simply a way of sharing experiences and giving information but they can not provide medical guidance. I would have thought you should make an appointment with a doctor as we all read that with any health condition, early detection provides the best route to effective treatment.

I don't think you should rely on Google or articles to obtain a prognosis or diagnosis. Please, go to see a doctor

amirpukhtoon profile image

amirpukhtoon 4 years ago from pakistan

dear graham,

thank u for the details that u have given,its really helpful.i will be 42 on july 6th 2012.3 weeks before my angina was diagnosed with 4 narrowings in the arteries.on the 6th of march 2012 i have done my multivessel pain in the chest and short of breathness symptoms are relieved after the procedure but now iam feeling pain in my shoulders and sometime in the lower back area and in elbows.i have completey quit smoking and also on regulated diet along with medicines.kindly tell me if u have any understanding about my problem

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Amir

I am pleased that you have successfully had your angioplasty procedure and that your pain and shortness of breath have now gone away. As for your other pains, I can only say what I have said to others, which is to seek the advice of your doctor or consultant.

I do know that I was fortunate to only have 1 stent needed and I am sure that with multiple stenting there must be more factors to consider, as that is a lot of stenting. So, please talk to your doctor or consultant and ask them what they think.

In the meantime, good luck for the future. I hope you are soon able to move forward with life and enjoy it. You are still just a young man.

Thank you for sharing your comments.

amirpukhtoon profile image

amirpukhtoon 4 years ago from pakistan

dear graham,

thanks for ur prompt reply.i will definitely follow ur advice.morover if u have any idea about the onwards lifestyle,diet,exercise after stenting do share with us.



maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Amir. So glad you are going to talk to your doctors. As far as diet and lifestyle advice, I am a bad example! For a few weeks I ate all the right foods and did all the correct things and then, once I was sure I was going to be ok, I just took up playing 5-a-side football, cricket, tennis and surfing and other stuff and ate whatever I felt like!

I simply lived as if I didn't have a stent or any sort of problem. I wouldn't recommend that as an example for others to follow but I suppose the point is, I just got on with life again, and still do. The stent has given me back my life and so I am going to live it!

Good luck and keep in touch

Alison 4 years ago

Hello Still reading all the comments. Just been given date for stent, 4 weeks not long now. Thank you again.

Take Care everyone.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Alison

So glad you have the date for your stent. Once it has been done I really hope you have the experience as I have had, plus so many others, in that it liberates you and gives you your life back again.

Best of luck and do stay in touch

Mena 4 years ago

I had coronory angioplasty when I was 30 years old (I am a female). I had a few blockages and 3 stents were placed. My symptoms were pain in the chest, jaws and left arm and a horrible feeling in the chest which I knew was not indigestion. I was put on the treadmill for a stress test but only managed to do 59 seconds and the machines alarms went off. I am now 40 and am fine. My cholestoral is 3.9 I was placed on aspirin and statins when i was 30. I can honestly say that I am fine and there is nothing to worry about when having this procedure done. At the time of my angioplasty I was told by the cardiologist that I was the youngest person he has ever worked on.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Mena. Thank you so much. Absolutely lovely to hear of such a positive outcome. Exactly the sort of experience this hub needs, to provide hope and encouragement to all who read it. So glad that the stenting worked so well for you.

amirpukhtoon profile image

amirpukhtoon 4 years ago from pakistan

hello mena,its good that u r enjoying a healthy life after stenting.share ur experience of the last 10 years that is about ur diet,exercise,medicines.have u done any angio during this period or any examination of the stents.

indeed such experiences are very helpful for new patients like me.

S J Cox 4 years ago

I just went through this this week! I am 42yo 6.2 and weigh 315lbs and i was very active . I never had any problems and then last week i had a slight pain in my chest and jaw. Within a few days i was sure something was very wrong, so i went to the emerg room! And sure enuff they put in the hospital. I had 3 blockages 1 at 99% and 2 at 50% I now have 1 stent and a lot of meds to help and reduce the other 2 and help me for the rest of my life. It is so good to hear you are doing grate and this gives me a lot of hope for the future.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hello S J So good to hear that our hubs have helped. I am really glad you were able to be diagnosed and treated so speedily. Best of luck for the future. I hope you will stay in touch and let us all know how things go for you. After a short time the medication just becomes an everyday part of life and you don't even think about them.

mk 4 years ago

April 18, 2012. I just had 4 stents installed in arteries in the front and back of my heart 24 hrs ago. (Providence,Southfied,MI) It was a piece of cake. Less pain then the dentist. I was really worried going into the Heart hospital. I expected pain. There was no pain. I would call it painless. Now 24 hrs later I am very happy. I had over 95% blockage in my arteries at age 65. They told me I never would have seen my 66th birthday. The said the total cost to my insurance company was around $20,000.

feduchin profile image

feduchin 4 years ago from Sydney

Just for the record I thought I would add my 2 cents worth. maharg1956 seems to have done it the hard way; for some reason his first doctor never caught onto how serious it all was, which I think is amazing.

For myself, I was 63 in May 2004.

After parking the car, I used to walk up a hill to work; not a steep hill, just one where your heart is working harder without one really realising it.

Early in May it started to hurt, so I would slow down. Then I started stopping and walking very slowly the rest of the way. It was only 100 yards.

I'm no fool frankly (OK I'm pushing my barrow a bit..) but I realised what it was just about immediately - that's why I'm amazed at the problems maharg1956 suffered!

About the 3rd week of May I went to my doctor (in Sydney, Australia) and told him the symptoms and he had few doubts either. He simply said "well, I guess you owe it to yourself to get checked out by a heart specialist, right?" and booked an appointment there and then to see one mid July. The specialist did his tests etc, and confirmed it all and booked me into the 'cath-lab' of the RPA Hospital in Camperdown, Sydney (ever seen the RPA hospital series on TV? Same one..) for September 8, 2004.

THEY did the femoral artery bit, put the die through me, I watched the TV and in 45 minutes they found the blockage in my right coronary.

Seven days later they installed the stent, which took 20 minutes less than the original search, kept me in overnight, and the next morning I went to the nearest hill (a steep one) and gave it a test drive. Perfect of course.

I must admit that the whole thing, that took about four months, seems to have been rather casual, indeed I played tennis during that time, but I do want to point out a couple of things:

1) I never had much doubt of what was the problem, and

2) didn't waste any time going to the doctor.

Indeed I NEVER waste any time going to the doctor; I visit the poor bugger at least every month (I'm just coming up to 71) and I've never had any qualms going to the doctor. ANY guy who is worried by doctors is a BLOODY FOOL, and let me point out that if you are ALIVE, how can you NOT have a pretty good idea of what is going on in your body?? I simply make sure that everything is fixed ASAP - the SOONER the BETTER - because if it's left until later it's SURE to be WORSE!!

**Monitor your body: Nobody can do it as well as you!**

Best wishes to everybody.

sandra vines 4 years ago

i was told after having chest pain last year that i needed an angiogram. so after having this was told that i had a 90percent blockage and that it would be treated with medication :( two weeks ago i was rushed 2 hospital were i stayed for 9 days waiting for a stent 2 be fitted :)whilst my stent was being fitted i was in agony and had 2 be given morphine. saying that since my stent i have felt little chest pain :)

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Sandra. What a rotten ordeal you had to endure. I am so glad that now, though, you have finally got your stent fitted and that your chest pain has improved so much. I really hope everything goes well for you now. I have no idea which country you are in but your experience sounds a lot like the NHS in the UK!

Chix 4 years ago

My dad had his angioplasty 6 mos ago and i am afraid coz he's telling me that his heart is aching,hard to breathe and felt a little chest what is the meaning of so worried about u encounter or feel this too after 6mos of operation?

conradofontanilla profile image

conradofontanilla 4 years ago from Philippines

I have a close acquaintance who had one angioplasty then felt the same symptoms coming back. The hospital that did the first angioplasty scheduled another angioplasty so proceeded with another angiogram. Before the scheduled second angioplasty could proceed he met my lady friend who has been undergoing infusion chelation therapy for her arterial plaque. He said he had heard of chelation therapy before, preferred it, but could not find a chelationist in the Philippines. So the lady is like a Godsend for him. He cancelled his second angioplasty and came over for infusion chelation therapy. Before this, he was taking 15 tablets for his heart disease a day; he could not taste his food and he was catching his breath. After one session of chelation therapy his taste for his food came back and catching for breath stopped, meaning his breathing has been normalizing. His kidney had been damaged by the drugs his first cardiologist made him to take that is why he can be administered one chelation session for one week only. He has completed 10 sessions now and is coming on stronger in time. You may access the internet with the search entry cv chelation therapy cranton frackelton for more information. I have an earlier comment in this Hub. I have other Hubs: "Why Is Heart Disease the Number One Killer In the World?" "A Free Radical Theory of Heart Disease That Insures Effective Prevention, Treatment and Cure For it."

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Chix

I am sure that none of us can answer your questions and indeed, articles like this are not a place where any of us should attempt to give medical advice or opinions. I would strongly say that if you or your Dad have concerns then you should get him to go and see his doctor or the consultant who he was referred to when his angioplasty was done.

Lschlutt73 4 years ago

I had my first heart attack a month ago at age 38. I woke up with what I thought was heart burn. once I lit up my cigarette to start my day I felt horrible, I went to the hospital right away and I was told I was having a heart attack. Still a month later I'm just as scared as I was the day of the heart attack that my life might end soon. they put a stent in one of the arteries in my heart that was 90% blocked, the stent they used has medicine on it to shrink the inflammation. I felt great after and they put me on a baby aspirin and effient, 1 week after taking effient I broke out with a horrible rash on my back, doc took me off the effient and put me on plavix. now after reading the horror stories about plavix, i'm not so sure how much longer I will live. my doc told me plavix is a great drug, but when I told him about what I read online about the drug, he really didn't seem to care. All I heard was you need to be on this drug, which I understand I need a thinner but isn't their a better alternative? Since I was put on plavix, I'm tired a lot, just not myself, while I was on effient I felt great until the rash appeared. Can't win for trying I guess.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi, thank you for sharing your situation. I suppose the good news is that your angina symptoms are now gone (from what I understand)but then, you are having reactions to the medication.

I have been fortunate in that I have suffered no side effects from the tablets I am on, except for a tiny bit of muscle fatigue. I do read a lot though about people who react to the tablets differently, so I would think the thing to do is keep talking to your doctor about it or, if you feel that he isn't listening, see a different doctor or ask for an appointment with one of the consultants where your procedure was carried out.

One thing I have learned is that doctors (just like the rest of us) can be very variable in how they respond to our fears, concerns and questions.

BUT, it is your body and your life so you just don't accept the answers you are given until they satisfy you. Just keep on at it and make sure you explain how you feel. There is always an alternative. Sometimes you just have to pursuade the medical people to look hard for it!


For any given situation there will always be good stories and bad stories and it is our human nature to gravitate towards and take notice of the worrying stories!

If you have to read internet articles about medical things, look for proper medical articles and not patient groups and forums (which, really, is just what this is!!)

Good luck. Don't give up. Keep in touch

Lschlutt73 4 years ago

yeah I have to agree those internet articles are scary, what scares me more is the plavix ads from a lawyers office on tv saying if this and if that you are entitled to money and so on, next thing I know i'm on the drug. scary feeling.

diane 4 years ago

well i had my stent fitted yesterday and feel better already it wasn't abit painful although my arm is a bit sore today but nothing major i can put up with that.the whole experience was well worth it, i now hope to get my life back on track. and looking forward to a rosey future ..anyone waiting to get this proceedure dont worry it is well worth it and no more painful than going to the dentist ..good luck to you all..

lyn 4 years ago

had a angiogram, dr said nothing wrong, no stents, but the bad heartburn now,cant eat anything,am 59,must go back to dr again,in the past no heartburn,even after water,like to hear what you people say


maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Diane. I am so glad it all went so smoothly for you. Thank you for your comments which will, hopefully, reassure anyone who is currently going through all of this for themselves. Best wishes for your future!

Yakub 4 years ago

Assalamualalikom and Good Day All;

I have a heart attack on the 30/3/2012 and rushed to the Hospital. During the angiogram the specialist found out I have 100% blockage in my Right Coronary Artery. The pain was unbelievable. After the angioplasty procedure, I was admitted for 5 days and discharged with medications for daily consumption.

The medications are aspirin, brilinta, omeprazole, lipitor and metoprolol.

During the 1st appointment, I told the doctor that I experienced stiff neck and shortness of breath.

1 Medicine changed i.e. lipitor to crestor.

During the second appointment, the side effect still there the metoprolol changed to coversyl.

Two days after that, felt uncomfortable in the chest, headache and stiff neck plus shortness of breath. Doctor stop the coversyl and changed to concor.

Two weeks after that, Doctor advised my heart beat to low and stopped the concor.

I still have shortness of breath, stiff neck and flu running nose which now had been for almost a month.

Last month I was rush again to the hospital, after having difficulty in breathing and felling numbness all over my face, left hand and both legs. Worst are mostly on the left side.

Another angiogram done but no blockage found.

I'm now taking aspirin and prasugrel only. I sometimes experienced irregular and slow heart beat which caused my to have shallow breath.

Anyone experiencing this please advised what shall I do...I want to get back with my life. If it's not 100% as previously, 80% would be good also. Please give advice anyone.

My background. I'm a smoker and a long distance runner and always do hill jogging 3 times a week. Never experienced any pain or heart attack symptom, the attack just came suddenly...

Kg 4 years ago

I had my stents at age 40. Smoked exercised very little and I paid the price. 3 yrs later I've lost 20 lbs quit smoking exercise 5 days a week and live to tell the story of my3 stents!

Lyn 4 years ago

Hiya all,

I had a heart attack 7 weeks ago, was at work on a Thursday, didn't think for one minute it was a heart attack I'm only 44! Thought it was good old indigestion, but started to go clamy too, so went home took paracetamol and then the paid did go a little. Low and behold came back worse at around 7pm so decided and told hubby think I need to go hospital, still not thinking it was my heart. Got to hospital and all of a sudden rush rush, I'm in re-sus and they are telling me they think I've had a heart attack! I was lucky enough to have a stent put in on the Friday. I was so, so scared but I can honestly say it doesnt' hurt at all, I just wanted to get "better". I'm now on the re-hab programme attending the gym for 8 weeks and trying my best to turn things around. I gave up smoking the Thursday it happened and I haven't had one since, very, very hard but I just think, well if I smoke I die and it's not worth it. I'm also still at the scared stage going to bed and wondering if I will wake up, kinda having panic attacks but they are decreasing now thank god. Hopefully it onwards and upwards from now on. My best wishes to everyone who is going to have the procedure in the next few days/weeks and good luck to you all.

Larry August 4 years ago

Please help, i had 2 stents put in 12 yrs ago so i have an idea of how it works, i was fine up until a few weeks ago, then the shortness of breath and pain in my chest generateing down my left arm, i knew what was happening, my dr. put a drug induced stent, its only been a week but i still have pain in my shest, low grade pain, i was an avid fan of exercise and i got on my bike and immedietly got pain, it really never goes away, seems to be a low grade pain, is it to soon, will it ever go away, did the procedure go wrong, i dont have an answere, i will be seeing my dr. in a week, but so many things are going thru my mind,if there is anyone who can help me, i sure would appreciate it. thank you. Larry August

affan nadim 4 years ago

my dad had an angioplasty a month ago.....he says he feels slight pain now and then still....age 50,weight 90 kilos

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hello Larry

I am so sorry that you are still experiencing pain, following your stenting. I know you are seeing your doctor in a week but I would bring that forward.

Not knowing which country you are in it is difficult to imagine the health care situation but in the UK we have an accident and emergency department in our hospitals where people can go, in situations just like yours, so a doctor can see the patient immediately.

Do you have anything similar where you are? If you do then I would suggest you use it.

No one knows whether or not your situation is normal (given your own background) or not but try to see a doctor sooner than a week from now.

Loraine 4 years ago

On July 1, I had Left sided chest discomfort with shortness of braeth and diaphoresis. Called 911 taken to local ER where clot busters didn't work. So then I was transported to a Heart Center, taken right to Cath lab where the found the main 99% blockage in the left coronary artery with a clot and a stent was placed.I was discharged on July 4. Each day I feel better!I'm on too many meds but I'll have to go along with it.

My advice to not ignore symptoms,,,your body is giving you warnings!

Graham this is a great blog...keep it going!

john d 4 years ago

About to have angioplasty done later today. Feeling a bit anxious but ok I guess. 39 years old and haven't been good to my body. Finally decided to be healthy now. Some lessons we learn late. My email is

Mia 4 years ago

Hi there what an inspiration you are to others & I am happy you are exercising & taking care of yourself. What I am curious about is how important is exercise & diet after you have this kind of procedure. Also would the medication you have to take for life effect your health in other ways....just a friend of mine had this procedure & he is not taking proper care & exercising or following strict diet. He also said he was worried the medication would effect his sex drive etc. I want to be there for him as a friend but just curious what help I can give or advice..kind regards

Philliprhodes 4 years ago

Hi All,

Having a stent put in tomorrow feeling very scared and nervous.


maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Good luck. We all felt scared and nervous beforehand. Just read all the success stories and look forward to to the future, once your stent is fitted. You have made the right decision, which woudn't have been easy. It really is a straightforward procedure.

Let us know how it goes.

Maritha 4 years ago

Two years ago I had 4 stents put in my navel. Is this considered heart

stents? My pain started in the back of my legs when I walked. I got tired of the pain and decided to go see a doctor. I was also told that the doctor flushed the artery in my left leg. I am in so much pain in my left knee. I have been trying to find out what my problem is..I have had an MRI and ultrasound, but they can't find what is causing the pain in my knee.

Lisa 4 years ago

Hello...and thank you for your blog...Just reading through I have already taken many notes on suggestions made by your fellow bloggers. I was hoping you had a first name as I feel "awkward" addressing an address. Anyhow, my boyfriend, George had a stent placed in November in his left anterior descending artery (it was blocked 90% and is often referred to as "the widow maker"). We ...and the rest of his family....were of course RELIEVED. However, he continues to experience jaw pain (to a lesser extent) and this coming monday (7/16/12) is scheduled for another cardiac cath. I KNOW that he wholeheartedly supports your statements about listening to your body and being your own advocate (when some doctors aren't listening). I also know that the ANTICIPATION of cardiac procedures (especially catheterization) is much worse than the actual procedure. This time George is not one bit anxious and is, in fact, relieved to know that someone is "checking on him" via the procedure. Not sure the reasons for his jaw pain but will HOPEFULLY find out with cath on Monday. Again, thank you for starting such a helpful (educationally and psychologically) webpage. God Bless....and I will keep you posted on George's outcome. Lisa.

Bib 4 years ago

Hi, thank you for your loving and positive sharing. I am non other than in the same boat. .. Very grateful and proud to all heart doctors in the world! Mine was done in January 2012 . Life is beautiful with this extended Grace to live on.

Sincerely , Bib

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Lisa

Its Graham and I am so glad that between us all we have been able to help, in some small way. I am sure that everyone who reads this blog will be wishing you and George all the best for Monday!

Take care and thank you for commenting.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Bib

Thank you for your comments and I am so glad that you have had your life changed! Best wishes to you


maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Maritha

I must confess that I have never heard of navel stents before. I wonder if anyone else reading this hub has any idea?

As we are always saying. Keep at it with your doctors. Don't give up until you get an answer. Be as much of a nuisance as you need to be but don't stop pushing and asking


Rob59 4 years ago

I am a 59 yr old man. In oct 2011 I visited my GP after having shortness of breath which would come on with no exertion. No chest pain. I just did t feel right. A strong family history of cardic problems involving heart attack and stroke with 2 of my siblings and a great grandfather. I was referred to a cardiologist who did an ECG which was slightly abnormal. He directed a stress test which was positive for a blockage in the bifurication point of coronary arteries. It was almost 100% blocked a din his attempted angioplasty a few days later he was unsuccessful in getting a balloon to open for a stent. He said it had calcified. He tried again at a larger hospital for surgical backup if needed. He tried the same method and failed. He told me I'd have to have bypass surgery. Then a more experienced cardiologist stepped in and used a Japanese developed technique to successfully insert it after a long angioplasty. He inserted 2 stents. I have been on plavix aspirin metroprolol and perindopril since. I had been on 20mg statins prior to this daily because of my twins heart attack 12 yrs before but it was put up to 80mg.

So...I had 3 angiograms in less than 12 days!! I was so thankful to the last cardiologist for succeeding. He said the odds were about 65% chance he'd get it done. He saved me from a by pass op. I don't get problems with my stents. But today I have had some chest pain which is mild. That's a nine month period. It's frightening and I can get easily paranoid. I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow. But the point of this message is to let people k now that if they strike difficulty in inserting a stent with one cardiogist it doesn't necessarily mean by pass. Some times another cardiologist who has accreditation to do more complex procedures is what is required.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Rob and thank you for your remarkable account. It does just show that persistence pays off and really makes the point of never giving up. Good luck with the visit to your doctor. I really hope everything works out well for you

Chand 4 years ago

My husband had a stent put in.At the start He had slight pain on & off but says not to the extent before the stent was put.

Doctor said if the pain is not the same as before not to worry. Discomfort more appropriate than pain. Its a kind of angina. comes & goes during his exercise routine, walking. Lot of people who had stents put in say the same. eases off as time goes. Now 3 months later it has not occurred again. Hope it continues that way.

Sandip 4 years ago

Hi Graham,

Great to hear about you and your experience.I am 31 yrs old and have had a stent placed for a single block a week ago.Food habits and fast life have made me land up in this situation so early.However I feel much better after the procedure and have decided to turn a new leaf in life.Am sure I will be in touch with you as you have made me feel a lot more positive about the way forward .

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Sandip. I am so glad that you feel better now. I am sure if this scare helps you to look after yourself a bit better then you will just go from strength to strength. I am just glad this blog has been able to be of some help to you. I wish you all the best for your future and hopefully, this episode will soon be a distant memory for you!

jenny200381 profile image

jenny200381 4 years ago

Hi, my dad was admitted into hospital 2 weeks ago, as he had been feeling very weak and sick for 5days prior to admittance. He had some discomfort in his chest he describes this as a ball in his chest that he thought was flem, and at the same time he could feel his heart pumping. He was very breatless aswell. At AnE they had discovered he had a lung infection, chest infection, kidney infection, stomach infection, and also in his blood. He got admitted to the ward where they prescribed him on antibiotics through IV and fluids as he was very dehydrated. 1 hour after admittance a cardiologist came round and explained to my dad that he had suffered a big heart attack 2 days prior, so they started him on aspirin and an ijection in his tummy that thins the blood. Day 10 the infection has finally cleared so he will be going for angiogram on monday to take a look at why he had the heart attack, i am really worried for him and hope his going to be ok. Reading these articles are quite reassuring and has made me feel a bit better but suppose i wouldn't stop worrying as i am so close to my dad. Any one every been through a similar story??

Any advise would be much appreciated


jenny200381 profile image

jenny200381 4 years ago

Hi, I just posted a comment on here but its somehow gone so sorry if u seen a message fro me twice. My dad had a heart attack 2 weeks ago and has been in hospital since he was diagnosed. He suffered a big heart attack 2days prior to the day he was admitted and got told by the cardiologist, my dad had no symptoms or pain, he describes that he felt a ball in his chest on the left side that he descibes as it felt likeflem, and he felt his heart pumping but that was it, he was very breathless so i got him to AnE zhich they did test and xrays and discovered that he also had a lung, chest, stomach, bowel and blood infection. They started him up on IV's and fluids straight away and luckily 10days later the infection finally cleared. Now his booked in for a angiogram on monday to hopefully discover why his had the heart attack, his been on aspirin dissolvables and the injection in the tummy everyday to thin the blood, Im so worried for him and hope his gonna be ok, but reading these posts it seems quite a positive and simple procedure and gives a piece of mind but nothing will stop me worrying as im have a close relationship with my dad.

Would be greatful for some advise if anybody been in a similar situation,

Thanx xxx

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hello Jenny. When I was in the same situation as your Dad I know that my own sons and daughters were really worried and scared, just like you. When you love your dad like you do, it will never go away, either!

My own Jenny (one of my daughters) still tries to stop me lifting heavy things or doing anything too energetic. Always with the words "But what if you have a heart attack, Dad"

I too had a couple of heart attacks prior to my stenting and everyone was worried. Me, my wife, my kids, friends . . . but believe me, the stenting has put it all right. The procedure is simple, quick and painless and it makes a world of difference to life afterwards.

The good thing is that the doctors and specialists are on top of your dad's situation and are dealing with it. Everyone I have ever spoken to or read about has had positive outcomes following the angioplasty procedure. If he does have a blockage and needs to be stented, it will relieve him of the pain and the breathing problems. If stenting isn't the answer and he needs a bypass, that achieves the same.

It is just good that the hospital are on top of it all and are doing everything to help him to get better.

Jenny, even when he has had everything sorted and he is back to his old self, you will still be worried for him, just like my Jenny! So, just keep on loving him and being there for him. Try not to show your fears and concerns too much just now. Reassure him and support him. He will know you are worried and he will want to get better for you, as well as for himself.

Dad's are lucky people when they have daughters who love them so much!

Please let us know how things go.


jenny200381 profile image

jenny200381 4 years ago

Thankyou Graham,

just hope all goes well tomorrow for him and hoping his out soon after it. Will update you in a couple of days.

jenny200381 profile image

jenny200381 4 years ago

Well Well Well, here's to another successful story.

My had his angiogram at 2pm this afternoon, found 2 blockages (dont know the percentage as yet) they successfully fitted 2 stents and he is doing well. His been admitted to the coronary ward for overnight stay and hopefully will be home tomorrow :)))) x

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Jenny, I, and I am sure everyone else who reads this, am absolutel delighted for your dad . .and for you, after all the worrying you have done and the stress you must both have felt.

Please pass on all our best to wishes to your dad, from one big band of stent people.He is now a fully paid up members of the stent club!

All the best for the future. Do keep in touch


jenny200381 profile image

jenny200381 4 years ago

Thanku, been to see my dad this evening and his doing ok, he had a complete block in 1 artery and 50percent blockage in the other. Very lucky man

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Well, Jenny, everybody needs a touch of luck in their lives. He has you, too, so he is doubly lucky! Stents generally work wonders so before you know it, he should be up and about and back to his old self again.

MszJames 4 years ago

Hello! I am glad that things went well for you. All too often things go south so quickly its often too late. I myself feel this way. I have been having this ache in my chest on and off for 9 months now. It goes and comes. I am almost 100% sure I have a blocked artery or arteries. But all the cardiologists I have seen tell me I'm too young for that. I have had every test known to man and none of them show anything there all negative. I have had Everything but an angiogram. I desperately want it because my mom died at 43 from a massive heart attack. I am 32 yrs old I'm morbid obese I have lupus and I have ahost of other non life threating conditions. I have a son and I am absolutely terrified of leaving him. I cry every night and pray constantly that got does not Take me from him. I barely sleep because that is when my angina strikes. My arm goes numb my shoulder hurts and then I feel as if someone put ice on my heart it beats rapidly then calms but the pain is still there. I don't know how to get the docs to listen and believe me. I know something is wrong! But none will listen. They have even told me that my moms death has traumatizied me. I don't know what to do! After going to 4 cardiologists all refusing to do the angiogram I don't know what to do! Your story gave me the courage to not be scared but I'm scared I will die before I can get someone to listen and just do the procedure.

Frances 4 years ago

Paul I am 34 dame problem I keep being told im fine and a heart catheterization isn't mecessary please help email me

grumpybunny 4 years ago

I am so sorry to bother you on such a positive website, but I am freaking out. My 46 year old husband had a heart attack on June 24th, it actually started several days earlier with what he self diagnosed as acid refux and indigestion. When I finally convinced him to go to the hospital it was full blown. They keeped him, did the angio, discovered a 100 o/o blockage taking up 75 o/o of one of his arteries, they proceded to put in two stents and he is doing well. He has always had a weight issue, however he doesn't smoke, drinks moderately, runs a 5k at least five times a week, since the attack has lost 40 lbs. But what is freaking me out is him having an other one. While in the hospital one of the nurses said he would be lucky to have ten years. Please help me with my irrational fear. Thanks

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hi Grumpybunny - great name. I should use something similar! I even have a 'Grumpy T shirt that my family bought me (3 actually!)

Well, up to the last 3 sentences it was a really great story. What a lot of positive things to tell everyone about.

Successful stenting. Doing well. Lost 40lbs, sounds like one of the great, classic success stories and then . . . .

I have no idea which country you are in, so I have no idea what the nurses and hospitals are like where you are, but . . .and this is where I am about to anger a LOT of people . . . .in the UK, within the NHS system, my own experience, gained from severe personal experience that goes well beyond my own stenting, is that there are some great, brilliant nurses and then there are . . . . . the others and all too often it seems that 'the others' are in the majority.

I am not really sure that a consultant would be able to tell you, with any degree of certainty, whether your husband has 10 years or 50 years. I am equally sure that if your husband's situation was that his arteries were so bad that he had less than 10 years to live, then the consultant would have told him so. I wonder what sort of expert cardiac training this nurse has that your husband's consultant does not have!!!???

If your husband's arteries were in such a bad state that he had less than 10 years left, I imagine he would have needed more than 2 stents. He probably would have needed a bypass or more serious heart surgery.

Sometimes, I think, there are nurses who simply have to appear knowledgable and who need to have some sort of self appointed sense of authority. This nurse sounds like one of those.

The fact is, none of us knows how long we have. I may be due to drop dead tomorrow or I may be destined to live another 30 years. I don't know and nor does anyone else.

Please, don't let what this one nurse said ruin your lives. She was just trying to make herself sound clever.

What is important is not how long we have left, but what we actually do with whatever time remains and that means you and your husband enjoying every day that those stents have given to you and not fretting over some daft comment made by a nurse.

My daughter had her baby by home birth, 6 weeks ago and do you know why? Because she didn't want to be subjected to the care of NHS nurses, but the REAL sting in that tail is that she has just finished her nursing degree and placements and has seen, first hand, what the nursing profession is like and so she preferred to have her baby at home than rely on hospital nurses.

I think that says it all.

Ignore what that nurse said. Just get on and enjoy every day you both have together now. Each one of those days is an added bonus compared to what you would have had if your husband hadn't been diagnosed and stented.

Good luck. Keep in touch. And now, go and relax, live and have a great time.


grumpybunny 4 years ago

Thank you so so much. We are in The USA, in one of the southern states. I feel so much better hearing from you . Thank you again! My husband says thanks also& thanks because now may be I will let him get back to doing some of these things he enjoys. Men....he should be taking advantage. Thank you. I love your format and I have learned quite a bit reading it.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hello Grumpy or Bunny! So glad to hear from you and glad to have been of help. Stay in touch now and again and go have a great life!

Best wishes


Maureen 4 years ago

I had stent in yesterday had a lot of pain when inflating the balloon but doc said it was normal back home. So hope to be back to normal soon

Beechie 4 years ago

I went to see my my GP on Tuesday 11 Sept 2012 with chest pains. He initially thought it was indigestion. Decided to do ECG and in view of abnormality arranged for ambulance to take me to Worthing Hospital. After checks being carried out and further monitoring went into my Angiogram, Thursday afternoon and at the same time fitted 2 Stents. Came Home on Friday. Here I am writing this nnote on Saturday morning. So far so good. Must mention as people have said in previous blogs it is more painful going to your Dentist.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hello Beechie. Well, that was a pretty swift response. GP to stenting to home in 3 days! Great news. Hope everything goes really well for you from here. Thanks for the post and good luck for the future.

Sandip 4 years ago

Hi Graham,

Remember me writing to you a month ago.Am well on my way to recovery.Only trying to cope up with minor scares(jabs,pains and aches in left side of chest as well as sprains in back and side) and anxiety bouts.Will need your advise on this.I have tried walking around and driving to get rid of my blues.However there still seems to be bad days.Is this the normal way to recovery.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

Hello Sandip

I am glad that you are now on your way to recovery but sorry to hear you are having the blues. I think we are all different and some people respond to what was a major scare and a massive event in a different way from others. I would think your doctor is the best person to see, as he may be able to prescribe something to help you overcome the way you are feeling.

It seems to me that you went through a traumatic event and we all respond to trauma differently, so I think it is understandable that you should have times when you feel different. Talk to your doctor, though.

There could be any number of reasons why you are feeling the blues and a medical professional really is the best person to help and advise you.

Very best of luck to you, Sandip. Try to focus on the fect you have been given a new lease of life. A new start. People like us, who have been stented and have been given a fresh start, are very fortunate. Try to focus on that and on the fact that you are now in a position to enjoy life in a way you might not have been able to enjoy without the miracle of stents.

Try to see things positively. You are well on the way to recovery, which means you are well on your way to a new life. Focus on that every day, but, see a doctor too.

Best wishes. Stay in touch


Sandip 4 years ago

Dear Graham,

It is really true.I actually have a cousin of mine who is a doc.I am in touch with him an he keeps on telling me that such things are common during recovery.I feel good speaking to him as much as writing to you.Am sure I will fight away the blues in a month or so as I cannot let this new lease of life go without giving it its due.As the famous liner goes"I walk slowly but I never walk backwards"!!!



Shyamin 4 years ago

Hi Graham,

I wish I had seen your blog before. I was 55 a housewife. I suspected I had angina last year (Sept.2011) but I was in denial. I found I was breathless every time I climbed stairs and also when I got emotional. On Dec 11 I decided to check my cholesterol and consult my doc who after listening to me asked me to do an ECG. Even though he was not a Cardio he suspected a block and directed me to a Cardio. On Dec. 13 I consulted one who did an echo test. She wasn't pleased with the results and wanted to do an angiogram immediately. I wasn't ready. She gave me some beta blockers and got me to promise I'll be back. I went back on the 15th, She put me on the stress machine and I had a heart attack. She rushed me into emergency, did a few more tests and did the angiogram and found a 100% block in the left artery. She got my husbands permission and within the hour fixed a stent right away. I watched the whole procedure without knowing what was going on. I suffered mentally not knowing what I should or should not do. I'm on medication and visit my doctor once every three months now.

The bad thing is since a week, I have been experiencing shortness of breath whilst climbing the stairs. Only last month I did all the regular tests and they were perfect except for my pressure which has gone up from 120/80 to 150/80. I wonder what it means. My cardiologist wants me to monitor my bp every two weeks. Any advise? Thanks

Jules 4 years ago

Hi Graham & all posters.

I'd like to thank you for sharing your experiences. I'm due to have an angiogram in 2 days time and I'm getting more and more nervous about it. I'm now sure which scares me most, the angiogram or the results but I do feel a bit better now that I've read your blog Graham, so thank you once again.

Best wishes

ernie 4 years ago

i can relate to a lot of these stories, i'm 57 yo suffered chest, throat and at times shoulder pain, due to first stable angina then diagnosed as unstable, got an angiogram that confirmed partially blocked right heart artery, but after my stent insertion 2 weeks ago, can't even begin to explain the elation i feel from feeling so healthy again, after 7 odd years of trying to stop going that bit to far and being hit by that awful pain.

Jacqueline R 4 years ago

Last year I found out I had a blockage in my Right Ventrical Artery, I had the best doctor in the world, literally, and he put in a mesh stent and put me on plavix. However, I was not clear exactly of the importance of this medication. Apparently, one needs to take it for a year in order for it to do it's thing with the stent. However, I had a couple of serious uncontrolled bleeding incidents, and since I thought the Plavix was just a blood thinner and responsible for the excessive bleeding, I took myself off of it without calling the Dr. DON'T EVER DO THAT! When they say take it for a certain time, do it. Because I went off a few months premature, I got a blockage again. It was in the same place as the stent. Well yesterday, I had a stent put in again, by the same wonderful doctor, this time it was the drug induced and I was told that I HAVE to stay on the Plavix for 1 year. I did have to go to an E.N.T. first though to hopefully take care of the problem on that end. I was told NOT to stop it without instructions from the DR. and that the Plavix worked with the drug in the stent to keep both the stent and the blood 'slick' so that plaque would not build up again. If I do have a bleeding problem again, I am supposed to let them know.

I can tell you I won't make THAT mistake again, for although the procedure and all was no problem, and I had no fear or discomfort, the stay in the hospital overnight was the pits!

I also have to change my diet some more, which is difficult as I am diabetic too and already on a fairly strict diet, but I am looking forward to getting exercise now that the weather is cooler and I feel back to normal.

Advice: If your Dr. gives you explicit instructions about your heart, then take it to 'heart'. It will save your life.

It will be great being able to sing in the church choir again. I just couldn't handle it as I got extremely hot under the lights, and the up and down, I couldn't do anything that consisted of strain, which wasn't even considered strenous in the life of a healthy heart.

I feel great right now, and looking forward to living healthy now.

Preventive medicine beats quadruple bipasses or death don't you agree?

Paula 4 years ago

Hi all,

I'm guessing I was very unfortunate because I had a stent fitted via my left arm last Thursday for a blocked artery and the pain was unbearable during the prodedure and my left arm is currently in more pain than it was before the surgery, the bruising is terrible and I am hoping that as it is only early days all will get better with time?

Bullet 3 years ago

Tnx for the blog I'm 33 yrs old here in the philippines and have 3 blockages, what is the best stent to use

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Bullet

Sorry to hear that you have 3 blockages. I am sure none of us can advise on your question. Your doctors and consultants will do that. But I am sure all of our best wishes are with you.

Sharon 3 years ago

So thankful to you Graham for such a positive blog. Was having panic attacks after reading all the negative blogs and was desperate to find one that would help me with a positive outlook. Just had my stent placed yesterday. Think the thing I worry about now is a blockage at the stent site. I am doing everything I can on my part: plant-based diet, don't smoke, losing some weight, taking my meds and listening to doctor. Have some anxiety about starting an exercise program. Will start with walking when doc says ok. So far, so good.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi Sharon. I am so glad to have been of help. Once time passes and you get used to the fact that the stent is working, the anxiety will start to fade. As always, if ever you want to mail me just for someone to listen, it is

Best wishes. Good luck


Maggie 3 years ago

Hi I'm 48yrs and 4 weeks ago I had heavy & aching arms on my birthday of all days ! As im normally fit and well and this was out of character, my friend insisted she took me to A&E where after tests they told me I had suffered a heart attack, a was scheduled to have a angiogram the following Monday but had another attack on the Sunday so I was immediately taken with blues & twos to the on call hospital, where I had an emergency angiogram which showed a blockage, I had a stent fitted there and then. The whole thing was a bit of a blur really and I felt not pain during the procedure. I was sent home 2 days later. I am currently waiting to start my cardio rehab to start next week. My only concern that I have had is a dull pain in my back which comes and goes with no obvious linked pattern. In my head I worry that the stent is not fitted correctly, and I am rejecting it, does anyone know if this can happen ?

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi Maggie

I think the best answer to your question about the dull ache in your back is to visit the doctor. Also, talk to the rehab people. The ones who looked after my rehab were excellent and helped me so much. Do keep in touch and feel free to email any time and all the best to you for 2013.


ann 3 years ago

Thanksgiving two years ago I thought I was having indigestion. Nothing helped the pain until I took an aspirin then it went away so quickly I fell asleep. This caused my DR to suspect heart issues which he wouldn't have otherwise since all my "numbers" were so good.

Turned out I had two blockages that were resolved with two separate procedures inserting bare metal stents. After a period of cardio rehab I am now on my own and seemingly doing well. A recent neuclear stress test showed no further blockages but I get anxious somsetimes wondering if the other shoe is gonna fall. I did quit smoking (surprising how easy that was after my trip to the ER) and try to watch my diet however I do backslide in the diet dept and often. My DR has me on the mediterannean diet but hamburgers and fries have my name on them.

Did/do you change your diet and how do you handle your daily life now. I'm hoping to sail thru the next years with no more problems.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Ann and thank you for your entry. Firstly, I am really glad that you are doing well. It is great to hear. Secondly, I am the bad example, I am afraid. For a short while I watched my diet and everything and tried to live a really good, clean, healthy life. After a while, though, I just slipped back into all my old ways of living and eating and, in 6 years, have never encountered a problem.

There is no doubt that we should be careful in what we eat and what we do but in my case, I have a stressful job and a reasonably stressful life and I am not about to change my job or my life so I just live each day and take whatever comes my way!

Audrey,Egypt 3 years ago

Hi Graham may God bless you for your encouraging & informative blog. Great work!

My problem started last November terrible pains in my neck radiating down into my chest. My son insisted I go to an emergency room where the doctor did an ECG & listened to my chest & said there was nothing wrong. I knew something wasn't quite right so I started taking a nitroglycerin tab before going out which helped. My sons weren't happy about this so they made me go to see a cardiologist last Sunday. Next morning he had me in the hospital for a diagnostic angiogram which showed a 99% blockage in my CAD and a 91% blockage in my LAD so he put in 2 medical stents and I'm feeling much better now. As you said the procedure was painless; no problem at all except for having to stay overnight in the hospital. Thank you once again for your great blog. Really appreciate it!

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Audrey

I am so pleased that you have had your blockages dealt with. Sounds like you have wonderful sons who obviously love you very much.

I really hope that you now go from strength to strength. Do stay in touch.


Pamela 3 years ago

Hi graham and all posters

I am a woman age 55yrs old. none smoker or drinker.

I also had a heart attack which came on very sudden at work, blues and two called and was admitted into hospital, test revealed all the symptoms of heart attack, was kept in over night and taken for an angiogram next morning where a stent was put in through my right wrist, a little unconvertible, the surgeon was great and told me everything what was happening. Was put into recovery room for a few hours then moved to the ward, slept great, upon waking they told me I could go home as long as I did what they said. I recovered very quickly and within three months I was back at the gym twice a week now increased to three times a week, there is life after a stent. So don't be worried people.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Pamela, what a wonderful post. Thank you very much. It is always brilliant to hear of such a great success story. What a great inspiration to others.


jenny200381 profile image

jenny200381 3 years ago

Hi all, dont know if u remember me i was on here back in August and told u all the story about my dads heart attack and stenting.

5 mths have past and my dad is doing very well, but 2 days ago he admitted to me that he has started to get a burning pain in his chest also his brathing can get heavy very quickly.

His been back to his gp and the gp has referred him back to the cardiologists as he will need more investigations.

Just wondering if anyone has had similar problems after their stents???

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi Jenny. I remember you and your Dad well. Glad to hear your Dad has been doing so well but sorry that he and you now have a new worry. I have had similar situations myself on and off over the past 6 years. Only now and again but it has happened.

In my case I put it down to a lack of fitness and generally getting older. I assume that a normal 56 year old, who doesn't exercise as much as he should etc. probably has this anyway!

I am really glad, though, that your Dad's GP has referred him back to a specialist.

I really hope all is ok. Please do let us know how things go.

Best wishes. Graham

Ann 3 years ago

I had 2 bare metal stints put in 2 years ago. My DR took me off Plavix after 3 months and the Beta Blockers right away due to shortness of breath. I was in cardiac rehab for the prescribed time then stayed on voluntarily through out the year. Not one to push myself I didn't break any records but did well enough with 30 minted 3 X a week on the treadmill.

Due to pressing issues at home I dropped out Nov. of 2012 and have been sort of a couch potato since then.

I try to be careful with my diet and stay with Mediterannean style eating that my DR recommended.

I continue to be a bit short of breath tho and find every little symptom I attribute to having another heart issue.

A nuclear stress test was done maybe 6 months ago and I was told all was well with no further blockages yet I continue to wait for the other shoe to drop. I would so like tofeel "normal" again. Maybe I will get there. Stories such as yours make me realize life can be even better after stinting. If you have any suggestions I'd be happy to hear them..

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Ann

Thank you for your comments. It sounds good news, to me, that you had your tests only 6 months ago and they showed no problems. I have no idea of your age but I am nearly 57 and, like you, suffer from being a bit short of breath now and again but, rather than worrying that it might be 'the other shoe about to drop' I just put it down to the fact that at 57, people do get a bit 'out of puff' from time to time, regardless of stenting.

Maybe you should talk to your doctor and get your cholesterol and blood pressure checked, just for your own peace of mind?

I have this done by my GP once or twice each year and it always works wonders for me. I monitor my blood pressure twice a day for 12 days (he gets to me to record my lowest of 3 readings, when I have rested, not when I have just been rushing around, morning and evening and I have a blood test to check my various functions. I then take the average for the 24 readings

I have just finished my latest set of checks and everything is absolutely normal, BP 123/83 and pulse 73, so I have peace of mind. Otherwise, every little twinge, pain, shortness of breath can be a worry.

I do wonder, though (and I am not being sarcastic or stereotyping) do women tend to let these things play on their minds more than men?

I seem to find that men I know, who have a headache for a few days see it as just that - a headache - whereas women I talk to who have a headache for a few days start talking about a possible brain tumour!

Relax. See your GP and talk to him / her about some regular checks to give you peace of mind and don't worry about the other shoe dropping until it actually does drop, which it will do for all of us, one day!

Please feel free to email at any time on


Rashmi 3 years ago

Hi graham,

My mum is 63 & is due for an angiogram in a couple of days. She is terrified & so am I... But I showed her your article & the change in her is amazing. She is confident & comfortable, you must see it to believe it... I hope that the procedure will also be as simple & that she'll recover soon. Thank you for sharing your experience.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Rashmi

I am so glad that this hub has been able to help both you and your Mum. I think that everyone is apprehensive (I was petrified) before the procedure. That is totally understandable. I, together with just about everyone who has contributed to this hub, would say that if we had to, we would do it again tomorrow with no hesitation. Obviously, we all hope that once is enough but the point is that the procedure is so simple, painless, quick and very effective.

Please let us all know how things go for your Mum. Very best wishes to you both. Feel free to email any time at all.


SGeorge 3 years ago

I am 38, I had a heart attack 3 weeks ago, the doctor confirmed one block of 95%, did an angioplasty , last couple of weeks I have a build up of backache after 45 minutes on my feet, and have to sit down. I went for a nuclear stress test and my blood pressure dropped after the exercise, although no pain, doctor has suggested another angiography next week. I was wondering if I should take a second opinion before the procedure?

sunil, india 3 years ago

Good Morning, thanks for your initiative, its really a helping tool for people like us. 1 month before I have undergone with angioplasty. It's really an uneventful experience for me as u said. I came from hospital with additional degree DM with IHD. During the hospitalization its newly detected diabetes. Ok but I take everything positively, I m 40 yrs old no any addiction pure veg but my life was lazy type no exercise, Ok

after this stent angioplasty now I hv action plan I got up early in the morning do thirty minutes meditation, goes for walk for 40 minutes and limited diet( because I have to take care my sugar as well) some light exercise now everything is under control. I have done happy thoughts course ( after doing this my approach towards life is totally changed and I take every event positively, nothing is bad, forget about past, every events teaches us. So take this event positive and changed my life style. Now life is so smooth, which is not even before. Thanks for your support its really a HELPING TOOL for people who are living with stent.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Sunil

Thank you very much for your kind words. I am so glad for you that you are now well, happy and positive. I think your own story will be an inspiration to others.

Very best wishes for the future


Janet 3 years ago

Hi .. I had a angiogram and have been told 40% blocked arteries (diffuse) whatever that means .. put on bisoprolol aspirin ramipril.. I still got pains so went to my GP .. I have now been put on Dilcardia as well but I am still getting pain .. I do not know what will happen next and am still very worried .. The Doctor mentioned that my angina was unstable and I may need an operation if it didn't settle down .. what kind of operation I wonder .. would be grateful if anyone knows what more can be done .. as thought stenting could only been done if the artery was totally blocked !! x Thanks in advance

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Janet

I have not heard of stenting only being for 100% blockages. Mine was 50% (I think) and a lot of people have written to share their stenting stories who have also been less than 100%.

I think the most important thing is to keep talking to your doctor. Remember, it is YOUR angina and you are the one doing all the worrying, so be assertive and persistent. Also, try to relax as much as you can. Stress doesn't help.

Do stay in touch. Good luck


sjt 3 years ago

Hi Graham,

i had 2 stents put in about 3 weeks back i suffered heart attack and they had to do the stents right away to avoid any damage to heart. i have to go for stress test and the one with radio active dye in a week. you mentioned you were a heavy smoker. did you quit or reduce smoking after the stent? i am 67 and was medium smoker around 9 to 10 a day prior to stent. i have not smoked since but have very strong urge. i live in Canada.


maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Shashi

If you have not smoked for 3 weeks then well done. Brilliant. I am sure that you will find the urge to smoke becomes less and less every day.

One sure fact is that if you don't smoke, you will have less risk of another problem in the future. I am sure many people will read that you haven't smoked for 3 weeks and really be rooting for you!


janet 3 years ago

Thanks for this site it is very reassuring to read other peoples stories ..I will keep you informed about my angina .. it has settled down a bit .. thanks Graham .. reassurance takes away some of the stress .. x

sjt 3 years ago

Thanks Graham ....

Yes, the urge to smoke is going down slowly. however, i wanted to know if you infact quit after stent since you were heavy smoker. i want know if i smoke once in a white will i end up in hospital. this is a great blog you have started and i really appreciate your promptness in replying.


Ray Harrison 3 years ago


I wonder if electronic cigarettes would be better for you?

I am wondering if anyone else knows if this would be safe for you.

I do know a number of people who have given up smoking for a long time now and the occasionally use electronic cigarettes. Just a thought.

sjt 3 years ago

conrad of phillipine.

are you a scientist or a chemical engineer or something? who gives a ...k about these chemicals for next 44 years. I am 67 now and do not want to love for 44 more years. just wanted to know if I smoke occasionally would i end up in a hospital? everybody knows about the chemical in cigarettes. the air pollution sometimes is worst than cigarettes. be helpful instead of being critical.


Senida 3 years ago

Hi there, I'm 53 years old, female, non-smoker and non-drinker. However, I smoked years ago and drank moderately. I decided to get "healthy" and stopped smoking and drinking. I exercise twice a week for about 2 hours at a time, which I loved doing, low impact workouts help me with stress tremendously.

About a year ago, I started getting twinges of chest pain, I went to the ER thinking it must be my heart. The cardiologist checked me out, with extensive blood tests, EKG, blood pressure monitored, which came back a little high but I was released it was muscle spasms. The pains increased even while sitting, but usually while I was under stress, which has been moderate due to divorce, death of a loved one and financial stressors.

I'm not working except part-time because of a partial disablement with a foot facisia issue. Anyway, the pains started get worse with exertion.

Two weeks ago, I was admitted into the hospital for more intense chest pain that burned badly and felt like a horrible case of severe heartburn. I have read that women's heart angina may be much less intensive than a man's and some women ignore the pain.

I did for awhile, until the chest pain came so often that I wasn't sleeping well and started eating less food because I was being treated for GERD, the whole time I really thought it was my stomach!

Well, about 3 days ago I ended up with the worst of the angina pain after exercising, well, during then I made myself stop. I took the nitroglycerin that my doctor gave me after my first hospital stay, I had requested the medication myself, I had worked for a cardiologist and I had some knowledge of heart disease. I guess I was partially in denial that I could be suffering from heart disease at my age and I've never been a heavy smoker or drinker. I am fairly fit and maintain my weight, I always have.

I ended up driving myself to the hospital which is very close to my home, I knew the chest pain wasn't getting better. I was admitted for observation after all my tests came back normal. I had high blood pressure but not high enough for meds and I was taking Lypitol for high cholesterol which was about 200 total. This is fairly normal I guess for my age. Well, I was stress tested the next day and the treadmill started moderate chest pain, I had had an echocardiogram before and after the stress test. My doctor found my LAD 99% blocked, and I was rushed to get the angioplasty. I was slightly hesitate but I knew from other patients that I could be dead very soon without a stent.

I was given a choice but I knew it was the only way to go if I wanted to live. It wasn't a painful insertion of the catheter but my doctor had a problem getting it into my blood vessel because it was twisted around and my lesion was so large. It was painful for me because I suffered a lot of chest pain when the balloon was blown up, there was no blood to my heart for a few seconds, and that was agony. But deep down I knew this was the only way to save my life.

It's only been 3 days since my procedure and I strongly suggest anyone with or suspected blockage get an angioplasty. If I hadn't I wouldn't be alive today. It's been hard facing the fact that I'll need meds the rest of my life, but I brush and floss everyday and it's just maintenance.

Your positive story inspired me to write about my own experiences, so anyone who is afraid to get the angioplasty then the stent, to die from a heart attack is an extremely painful way to die. The pain can last for hours and the fear of not being able to control that pain is terrifying as well. Be brave and take care of yourself, do the angioplasty, it will save your life, it did for me. Now, carry on.


Ray Harrison 3 years ago


Great great story and so good to hear you are well.

You have a great attitude and I sense your desire for life as we all should.

Well done, and I wish you all the best.


maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

My word. What an incredible journey you have been on. it is amazing how often angina can be mistaken for gastric disorders and also, how often, especially in fit people, stress tests, treadmills etc. . . can reveal no problem when, in fact, there is a problem.

Your determination to take action yourself is remarkable and something we can all learn from.

I am so glad you wrote to tell us of your experience. Thank you so much.

Do keep in touch


caroline 3 years ago

hi all im 45 years old and fri 12/4/2013 i had heart attack admitted to blackpool hospital were i under went the stent procedure, i have also been told that i will need another stent fitted in about 8 weeks due to having 2 blcked arteries, im no home after spending 4 days in hospital i have stopped smoking since this procedue. ..

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Caroline

Glad to hear you have stopped smoking. That can only help. So, once stent fitted and one more to go. Sounds as if you are on the way to getting the problems with your arteries sorted out and then you can put all of this behind you and get on with enjoying life.

Best of luck to you. Please stay in touch and tell us how things go.

Best wishes


chiaw3nable 3 years ago

my father, 57yo this year, had his first angiogram last tuesday followed by balloon angioplasty after found out there is a 90percent of blockage of artery with 1 stent. he was prescribed plavix, aspirin and lipitor. everything seem goes smoothly until recently he felt angina aka chest pain/tightness, arms and legs and face numbness, no choice we had to go back to the hospital for diagnose. he was so worried and couldn't sleep well. after checking, all the results ie ECG,blood test are normal therefore he diagnosed as gastric.

any suggestion for us at time, or shall we approach for another cathologist?


btw, we are from malaysia...

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Chiaw3nable

I think that peace of mind is such a crucial thing, both for you and your Father. I know that in my own situation my angina was diagnosed and treated for several months as acid reflux and I think one of the problems is the similarity in the symptoms of angina and digestive problems.

like your Father, my initial ECG and treadmill tests, I was initially told there was no angina but then, when they repeated the tests, they discovered that there was a problem and stented me.

So, I know, from first hand experience, what you describe. I think I would go for the second opinion, purely for peace of mind, as well as ruling out any underlying problem.

It may well be that your Father is simply having a digestive problem but I always remember the words of the gastric consultant who identified my angina problem "let's get a heart specialist to check you out. It's always best to rule out the thing that could kill you before I stick a tube down your throat to look at your stomach"

Good luck. Please stay in touch


chiaw3nable 3 years ago

thanks for your promtply replied. after went for a follow up check up last monday after the stenting procedure, my father still having chest pain, and hand and feet numbness. however the doctor still stand his feet straight, and said it doesn't related to the heart which eventually revert my father to the stomach specialist who suggest him for a stomavh scope. wondering should we take other cathologist? now my father was prescribe plavix, grendis, lipitor and...some medic for reflux stomach acid and gastric

best regards

Pretty woman 3 years ago

Thank you so much for posting your story. I have been suffering horribly I went to Heart Dr. and stress test they says I don't have heart problem. My blood pressure is good cholseterol is good, weight is normal, I don't smoke or drink. Though I am diabetic but its control with diet and has acid reflux problems. Heart Dr dont believe me he expects that Gi issue. I am afraid some time I will die some where. It always worse pain when walk stairs. I also loose my voice to talk just can't even talk . Thanks so much.....

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Dear Pretty Woman

I really understand your concerns and how you are feeling. Like you, I was diagnosed with a reflux problem for several months and it proved to be a wrong diagnosis. So, if you are worried and not convinced you have a reflux problem, see a different specialist.

I know this can be difficult for doctors, as reflux is so similar to heart problems in the way the symptoms present themselves BUT, you need peace of mind and confidence that you are being correctly diagnosed.

In my case, it was actually a gastric consultant who diagnosed my angina, as he felt my symptoms didn't quite make sense for a reflux problem.

Do keep in touch and make sure you do all you can to take control of your situation by seeing another specialist and if necessary, see a gastric consultant also.

Take care


Sarah 3 years ago

Hi Graham. I, 44 years old, not overweight, had heart attack 1 1/2 years ago. Also have multiple sclerosis. Reall struggle with exercising & getting my heart rate up. Stress is bad for m.s & heart. Bit stressed at moment as trying to sell our house. Not sure what to do.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Sarah.

I have no personal experience of M.S. so I have no real idea of how it affects a person or how it reacts with heart problems. But I do know about stress, as that was, apparently, the primary cause of my own troubles and I know just how difficult it can be to manage stress. I used to have my worst attacks of angina when I was worked up and not after physical activity, so I understand how it works.

The trouble is, how do we deal with it?

I assume you have talked this through with your doctor? I don't know if he or she is prescribing you anything to help deal with stress? How about relaxation techniques / classes? Yoga, for instance, can we a wonderful way to deal with tension and stress and it does not have to be a physical thing. Many of the mental techniques within yoga can be a real help.

As I say, I have no knowledge of M.S. so I have no experience of how it restricts you physically but clearly it does, as you are obviously unable to exercise much, so, I would have to suggest that you talk this through with your doctor (you may have done so already) and that you seek a therapist who is skilled in relaxation techniques.

Maybe some others who regularly 'tune in' to our hub may be able to offer more helpful advice or suggestions?

However, I am sure that we are all here for you and please write anytime. Sometimes I find that simply writing about the things that cause me stress actually helps to relieve it, which is when I have gone through my periods of greatest stress, I have found keeping a diary has helped me to 'get it all out of my system'.

Good luck and please stay in touch. Write anytime you like.

Best wishes


Jeanette U.K, 3 years ago

Have just recently had minu heart attack after suffering chest pains for a fortnight ..had all the checks in hospital on aspirin once daily .Nicorandi twice daily..GTN under the tongue if further pain...I am a very active young 81 yr old...I have had no suggestion of you think this has to do with my age..maybe they think I'm not worth the bother !!!

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Jeanette

Thank you for writing in my hub. I am not sure of the answer to your question. I think that sometimes the doctors maybe prescribe the standard medication and then see if that relieves the symptoms. Maybe that is what they have done in your case, to see if the medication alleviates the symptoms.

I have heard of people of all ages having stents fitted. Having said that, with the current budget situation, I am sure that, regardless of age, the NHS are only carrying out procedures if they are unavoidable.

My son saw his GP a few weeks ago about a hernia. She advised him to live with it as it wasn't serious enough to warrant surgery yet. When he said he had private medical insurance and asked if that made a difference, her whole tone changed. She said it was best if he had a hernia repair and that, because of the NHS financial situation, they were told only to refer NHS patients if it was an emergency or really essential surgery.

So, maybe they are just watching the pennies, in your case.

Go back and see them again if you are not happy and ask them why they don't feel you need to be stented.

Do stay in touch.

Best wishes


Avi 3 years ago

I experienced some tightness in central chest. Went to the hospital with a view to getting my heart checked out. Cardiologist in the hospital carried out angiogram and found over 80% blockage. Immediately, a stent was inserted for which they had already taken my approval. I have been getting short of breath since then and some chest pain. Not sure if the pain and short of breath is the result of a new foreign body in my heart. I have a followp appointment in 6 weeks. Should I wait until then or go to the Emergency.



maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Avi

Apologies for the delay in replying. I have been away for a few days. I have to say that a site such as this cannot give you any advice about why you might be experiencing pains and shortness of breath. I would say that if you have any concerns at all, you should seek medical advice. A trip to the emergency or to your own doctor should provide you with the best advice.

Please let us know how things go

Best wishes


phil 3 years ago

hi all....just wanted to say i had my stent fitted on the 21st of june after having a heart attck,i was also told i had another artery 80% blocked and 2 weeks ago went for an mri stress scan, i am still waiting on the results from the scan to find out where i am upto at the moment.

A little bit about myself...i am a 53yr old male and had my heart attack on my 53rd b,day,i smoked 20 cigarettes a day never, touched alcohol and was always active in my job,never had high cholestrol welL slightly above 4 nothing major.

Since my stent i have never smoked it's been 10 weeks now, i am trying to get as fit as possible i did all the cardiac rehab thst i found was fantastic for me,i also cycle about 5 miles everynight,i still get the odd stiffness in my chest and get scared but these are few and far between,the thing is,,is to take your time whatever you do dont rush things like i do sometimes.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hi Phil

I am so pleased that you are doing so well. Thanks also for the advice about taking things slowly and not rushing. You must feel really proud of giving up smoking and getting fit.

Very best of luck to you in the future. Do stay in touch


Wayne 3 years ago

Hello all fascinating reads ,

My story in May 2013 walking up stairs talking to a friend I became breathless and chest felt tight ,went doctors who because of family history prescribed GTN Spray for angina ,on the 1st June 2013 rushed in to A and E severe chest pain monitored to take bloods 8 hrs later to see if had heart attack or damage to the heart seemed very busy place but ok,sent to the rapid response clinic so June 22 nd seen a consultant who put myself in for a Angiogram ,date of August 22nd on a Thursday found a blockage said could treat medically or did I want normal life and a stent fitted ,so opted for stent put on waiting list .Unfortunately the Saturday aftervsevere pain into A and E undecided as liver function very high so doctor was suggesting gallstones even tho chest pain ,in over bank holiday weekend ,first thing Tuesday into wrist stent fitted .Four weeks later going gym 30 mins walking fine ,terrible indigestion but because liver enzymes high could be associated further investigation ongoing.

My question to anybody one night felt sharp pain in chest took myself back a bit in heart position then went ,well mind starts panicking ,I am on aspirin statins and as they say super aspirin ,has anybody else felt these reactions after stent fitted ?? Great site by the way .

Maverick51 3 years ago

The site gives one hope, my best mate from work has developed a blockage, he looks terrible, ill I have seen better corpses in the morge, they will do nothing for him just keep giving him more pills, I have got to know the staff on the ward on first name terms through visiting him, he spends that much time there I think he has a personal booking and his own bed

My question is: if the NHS is that good why? is my mate with 60% blockage sat waiting and blocking NHS beds when they told him originally it would be fixed by September

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Maverick

It is so difficult watching someone else suffering. Who knows why the NHS works the way it does. I think that the bottom line is cost. I know of a few people who have been turned away by the NHS for treatments for different things but, fortunately, because they have private medical insurance, they have been referred for private treatment.

In every case they have been told that doctors and consultants have been told not to refer for operations unless it is absolutely vital. Which it clearly is in your mate's case.

I do know that we all have a choice of which hospital we are treated at now, so maybe the only thing he can do is ask to be treated at a different hospital. Maybe his GP could give him an idea of another hospital where he could be treated that has a lower waiting time or is a more proactive hospital. He also needs to really badger his consultant.

The other course of action, of course, is for a relative to lodge a formal complaint on his behalf (or he could do it himself if he is up to it). The NHS has a complaints procedure and I have found in the past that sometimes, registering a complaint gets things moving along.

I do hope things work out ok.


Maverick51 3 years ago

Hello Graham,

I both saw him yesterday and spoke to him, he looked terrible, and has being told, work of any kind is out, and to come of the treatment, if things do not get better he is going back into hospital.

He has just spent a week in constant pain in bed after going to Cardiac Rehab at the local hospital and his GP has told him not to go again as it is to much.

His local walk in clinic Doctor and Nurse are amazed he is walking about, they have told him he looks terrible. I think having seen him yesterday and he looked terrible, that I have seen better corpses in the morg.

cindy 3 years ago

Hi. Last year my husband at age 45 was mowing lawn when he felt a pain in his chest. It went through his chest into his back. We took him to the ER where all of the blood work, EKG were negative. They admitted him overnight for observation but then decided to do a cardiac catheterization the next morning as he had a stress test the year before that was normal. They told him at worst he might need a stent since he didn't have any risk factors and was not overweight, and very active. They did the cath and my husband was full of blockages. they rushed him for a CABG and did 6 bypasse grafts. A month ago, he started having chest pain again. he ended up with 2 stents and found out 2 grafts were already gone. he is still having severe chest pain and shortness of breath. they put him on Ranexa last week to help increase the oxygen in his blood. He is scheduled for another catheterization this coming week to see if the stents are working or not or if there are more blockages that they can stent. Heart disease is very scary. For some, the stents work wonderful. for others, it's a daily occurrence of chest pain and wondering what the next step will be. For my husband, it seems this will be a lifetime of procedures. We have 8 children and he is only 46. i pray that they can get him help.

Beverley 3 years ago

thank you for sharing this with us, I had 5 stents placed 2 weeks ago and need to go back into hospital at the end of the month to have a further 2 stents placed in another artery, like everyone else never for one moment thought it was a heart problem and was rushed in as an emergency when I could not breathe properly! smoked 20 a day for the last 40 years I am now 57 years old and have not had a cigarette since the procedure and doing well although still tired and now starting to go for daily walks and looking forward to starting the cardio rehab in a few more weeks, thank you all for sharing this with us all, it most certainly helps everyone to know that what we are feeling is not unusual and best wishes to everyone

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

Hello Beverley

My word, what a lot of stents!

Good luck with the cardio rehab and I really hope everything goes ok for you.

Best wishes


Lourdes 3 years ago

Thanks to you all for your comments on your experiences. I too had a stent in July and a couple of months later, had another one! I thought the first one did the job, but I listened to my body (really listened) thereafter as I was overwhelmed by the suddenness of my condition. It was the tight and full feeling in my abdomen and shortness of breath that led me to the emergency room for the 5th time after my first stent! Each prior visit obviously only looked at the first stent and all the blood work and EKGs showed no damages and everything okay. I wondered "when" the hospital personnel would begin to consider that I could have another blockage. Well, the 6th time, they decided to give me a stress test again, and found another blockage, which was stented in September. I feel tired most days in the week than I want to, but I attribute this to the medications. My BIGGEST fear, however, is that another blockage will arise. I attempt good diet and exercise. I also stopped smoking immediately after the 2nd stent. Please listen to your bodies for things that are unusual and visit your emergency room as soon as you can. Do no wait to actually have a heart attack and weaken that muscle. My tests showed that I did not have a heart attack; my heart muscle is strong. It is those "darn" plaques! Keep working towards a healthier you.

Trublu 3 years ago

Cindy, I always get three opinions. Insurance Companies encourage 2nd opinions; and it is all covered. I looked for a surgeon and I got three opinions. Your husband is too young to have to keep going back in such short time.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello to all of you who read these hubs and especially to those who have contributed. I do hope you have had a very good Christmas and I also hope that you all have a wonderful New Year.

Can I just say, to those people who have left comments which I have deleted or blocked, that this is a hub for people to share their experiences and to help others who may have to face up to angina and stenting, by providing encouragement and understanding which arise from their own situation.

It is not a hub for any of us to make a diagnosis concerning what is wrong with any individual nor is it a hub that has been designed for people to provide an opinion on what medication or alternative therapies will provide a cure.

That is for a medical practitioner, who has actually examined a person and who has a thorough knowledge of that person's medical history.

I mean no offence when blocking those people who attempt to give medical advice. There is nothing personal. I simply believe that internet forums and information sites can be extremely dangerous places when they give out medical advice to complete strangers.


davestan 2 years ago

I had 3 stents 2and half years ago in dundee during nstemi mi , no problem saved my life dont be scared of this procedure its painless and safe. However post stenting or angioplasty be aware you may get niggling pains for a while.My current problem is not stents, but my consultant. Cardiac pains identical to previous mi have returned last 2 weeks and getting worse but i have no changes to ecg,stress test is good and no raised tropins which is just the same as history before my previous mi. I only get cardiac symptoms at rest that present atypically in my back between the shoulders, in my jaw and teeth.Last time before mi with these symptoms no one believed me then had mi and on angiograph discovered l.a.d closed, so already had previous undiagnosed mi.I now find myself with same symptoms,believe me i know them aching jaw, weak arms, pain between shoulder blades,pain in teeth ,really tired all the time,probably restenosis of stent but the consultant thinks im just being neurotic/difficult patient and discharged me with ongoing symptoms and told me not to come back but would do angiograph as an outpatient whenever that might be. What do you think i should do. Can a cardioligist discharge you when you are complaining of worstening angina and say dont come back? This may seem incredulous but its true.

TinHanze 2 years ago

Hello, does anyone have any ideas about the most simple way to get their infant to sleep through?

I have read quite a few websites with suggestions but I am still struggling.

Best wishes

synsun 2 years ago

Appreciate the zeal to share information on the available media for common man that is the internet. You get thousands to read and hundreds to get benefit and relief to their own unresolved questions.






brian 2 years ago

thank you for this post. i am in the hospital now after just having a stent placed and scared to go home. you made me feel much better about going home and knowing my life can go forward.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello Brian.

Welcome to the club!

Thank you so much for reading and for being part of the great community of 'stenters'.

Go home, relax and enjoy being alive.

Best wishes to you. Do keep in touch


Tammy 2 years ago

how did you quit smoking

Richard 2 years ago

Just want to say , after reading all the stuff on angina , stents , angiograms , it was very refreshing to read and article written by one of us ....the patient .I would like to say that I am in that uncomfortable position of going for an angiogram , and after reading your words feel a comfort, that could only come from a fellow , so thank you for taking the time for all of us


maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello Richard

You are very welcome and thank you for reading and contributing.

Please stay in touch and let us know how things go. Try not to be too anxious - easier said than done, I know - the outcome will put you in a better position than you are in right now, where you have so much uncertainty.

Best wishes


the other half 2 years ago

my husband too also had a stent put in on Dec 19th...his major artery was 80% blocked & he is still having problems...not with the stent but the side effects from the beta blockers.. hives/rash & no energy. We are continuing to see the cardiologist every 4 wks & hopefully the medications will get figured out so he can get back to normal. I found this site very helpful & mind easing as it was a constant worry before the surgery..thanks again

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello 'Other Half'

Glad to have been of some use! I have been very fortunate to have not experienced any real side effects with medication but I have heard of and read about people who do suffer from different problems. I know that there are many alternative types of medication and I imagine it is a matter of the doctor prescribing an alternative and then monitoring that until he finally gets something with no side effects or very minimal side effects.

Do let us know what your husband's solution is when they come up with one.

Many thanks for writing and all the very best to both of you for the future.


suej 2 years ago

I was diagnosed with angina a few years ago, rarely have attacks....had one today, can't have stents as my arteries are apparently naturally narrow on each side of heart, I'm 57 and feeling sad at the moment, wishing i could have stents! The angiogram wasn't bad for anyone having it done .....just relax, hope they sort you all out.

mary 2 years ago

Well I have two stents. I have angina my question is why doesmine . Act up when I'm at rest or wakes me up.

Prakash 2 years ago

Does Drugs need to take for life long after angioplasty?

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello Prakash

I think you will find that the medication is a lifelong thing. I don't know what medication you are on but I have tablets to control blood pressure, control heart rate and statins for cholesterol and an asprin each day.

Only 4 little pills and the benefits, in my mind, are massive

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello Mary

The simple answer is I have no idea but it is something you should talk to your doctor about


Prakash 2 years ago

Thanks for your response maharg1956.,

I need one more clarification ..?

Angioplasty (Drug Eluted Stent) versus Heart Surgery

Which is best for my DAD Position...? My Dad Had an angiogram and doctors found two Blocks (One Main LAD with 90% & Another one in Branches with 99%).,

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello Prakash

I would love to be able to answer your question but I cannot. You just have to take the advice the doctors give you. I am sure it stands to reason that the stenting procedure is a lot simpler than open heart surgery, so you would obviously hope they could take that option if it is a viable one.

The question though is which option provides the better solution for your Dad? And only the specialists can answer that one.

I have had friends and known people who have had open heart surgery and all recovered extremely well.

I hope your Dad gets what is the best outcome and result for him.

Best wishes

Graham 2 years ago

I was rushed to the hospital a week ago this past Saturday. My blood pressure was 202/108, I was sweaty and had a burning sensation in my left shoulder blade in my back. MD at the ER informed me I was having a heart attack and I was sent via ambulance to another hospital where they were going to do the angiogram. When they did, it was discovered I had a blockage in the anterior portion of the heart and a metal stent was inserted. Doc later said I was very fortunate because most people with a blockage as severe as mine dont make it. I am on a multitude of medications and they are still being adjusted. My probelem was not due to cholesterol or hypertension as they have never been a problem. It was due to smoking primarily. I am smoke free now and dont miss it. I enjoyed your article because I was concerned with what to expect now that the procedure is completed as far as recovery and lifestyle. Thank you again for sharing your story.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello Cathie

I am so glad that you are recovered now, smoke free and on the way back to enjoying life again.

Very best wishes to you for the future.


Peggy Ann 2 years ago

In 2005, at 48, I had a heart attack, followed by a quintuple bypass. Being diabetic, I developed an infection in my leg where they harvested the veins for my heart. I was back in the hospital for treatment of that 2 weeks after my bypass. Several weeks later, one of my grafts blocked, and I went in for angioplasty. The open wound on my leg continued for 3 years. During that time, I was having angioplasty after angioplasty. At this point in time, I have had 11 angioplasty procedures in which I have had 6 stents placed in my heart. During the last angioplasty, which was 2 years ago, as a stent was being place in one of my coronary arteries, the artery was torn. I felt it when it happened, told them it was hurting and they just gave more more pain medicine in my IV. This particular procedure was done by a different doctor as mine was out of town. When my doctor came back into town 2 weeks later, I called him and told him something wasn't right. He met me at the hospital, went in with a cath, and found the artery was torn. He repaired it, and I lost a partial branch. Now I have scar tissue where the artery was torn, and I have pain in that area. Lately, I have been getting angina at night, which seems to be after I have been out and about and had a busy day. I have an appointment in 2 days with my cardiologist. Needless to say, I am terrified to be cathed again. Sometimes you don't have a choice, be cathed or die.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello Peggy Ann

I am sure that anyone who reads your story will be saddened that you have had to go through such an awful time. I really hope that at your appointment your cardiologist is able to do something positive for you.

While you have had a terrible time and are still suffering at night, I suppose the only consolation is that, thanks to the various medical advances, you have had 9 years so far and a lot more to come. A generation ago, before stenting and bypasses were as routine as they are today, a person wouldn't have got those 9 years.

I am sure all our thoughts are with you. Good luck and very best wishes to you. Please stay in touch and let us know what your cardiologist recommends and how things go


KM Cummings profile image

KM Cummings 2 years ago

Hi, My name is Mary I am 28. I stopped smoking a week ago today, I have been having the same symptoms you say you were having serve chest pains, then they went to my shoulder, now up my neck. It started out as a small pain and the became more frequent and now there is always a dull pain and when it hits feel like someone is stabing me in the chest. I went to the doc. 2 days ago and they did a small ekg. She said I have an angina and recommended that I go see a cardiologist for a 24 hr.ekg. My appointment is on Tuesday and I am absolutely terrified. I have 4 children and a husband they are my life and I am not ready to lose that!! So I guess my question to you is there anything that you did to take the pain away until you went to the doc.? They have me on muscle relaxers which help but I can only take at it at night. Did warm baths help, any type of heating pads, ect. I am really scared!!

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello Mary

Thank you for writing. I understand your fear. All of us do. I didn't find anything to help with the pain until I was given the correct medication, but I do know what made the pain worse and that was anxiety, stress and sometimes exertion. So, they key thing is to try to relax, which is not easy with 4 children!

Tuesday is only 4 days away so you have 4 days where you need to be as calm as possible. When you go on Tuesday, talk to the consultant about your fears and describe your pain in detail and ask for medication to help until they are able to rectify the problem. The trinitrate sprays are excellent as is the medication for dealing with blood pressure and heart rate.

Mary, we have all been through what you are going through and we understand how you feel but we all know that there is hope and a normal life waiting once this is over. You are young and giving up smoking was the best thing you could have done. Very well done.

Now, try to relax, physically AND mentally. Angina is very easily treated and very successfully treated.

Good luck and please stay in touch.

Best wishes


chrissy 2 years ago

I have been having chest pain for about 2 months now and went for 4 ekgs an thelast month and all the doctors say that the tests were normal, but I have an appointment with a cardiologist on August 25/2014... how can they tell through a ekg if you have blocked arteries or angina?

Raul Rodriguez 2 years ago

After a massive heart attack last week and having 2 stents placed, I feel fine but still so apprehensive whether I will last. This article has given me hope and courage. Thank you.

carlwin Aiseia 2 years ago

Well my condition was too similar to yours......just discharged with an angina(CHD). Prescribed aspirin and statins to take as my life......looking forward to see more . This is marshall Islands very poor compare to yours, but thank God I'm back. Thank you for the wonderful and helpful story of yours....

Peter Laurence 2 years ago

Brilliant story thanks! My situation was very similar to yours only 47 year old. 40 B+H a day and far too much booze! I have been very lucky to have Broad Green Heart and Chest Hospital on my doorstep. I have had 4 stents fitted (the last being a week ago). The final one has made me feel alive again literally. If you need them get it done, relatively painless procedure and out the same day. More modern day procedures like laser with stent makes it very quick.

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

Hello Peter

So glad you found the hub to be useful. You have certainly been through it, having 4 stents fitted. So glad that your last one has made such a difference.

I hope you have a great Christmas and a wonderful, healthy New Year

Best wishes


Diane 23 months ago

Thank you I am a nurse myself may be that's why I am so sceptical of my own profession.I had my stent fitted 3 months ago ,and I have found your blog the most helpful.I am by nature optimistic and positive but I did find my original diagnosis of heart disease disappointing and then when I realised I was heading for an emergency stent fitting ,very scary indeed. Now I am determined to get fit possibly for the first time in my life.I had thought being active was good enough, but now I know it wasn't I am determined to at last get myself really fit.

Thank you again for this wonderful blog.

for comfort

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 23 months ago from UK Author

Hello Diane

Thank you very much for your kind comment. I am sure, as a professional medical lady, you can imagine how tricky it is to run a blog on something medical when, like me, you aren't a medical person.

I think that being a nurse must be very difficult indeed. So much stress to deal with and so many emotions to switch off from.

I am just grateful that this blog and all the wonderful people who have contributed to it, have been of some help.

All the very best for the future. I do hope you will keep in touch and let us all know how things go. You are our first medical professional so it would be lovely to hear from you from time to time.

Stay healthy and do try to find a way to relax and ease the stress.

Best wishes


Michele 22 months ago

My husband had a heart attack in Oct 2012. They removed a clot from his,LAD and placed a drug eluting stent. This past fall he started having chest pain and got very tired. He would miss 1 to 2 days of work a week and would take nitro tablets often to relieve the pain. He just had another cath and they placed another stent just above the first one and said he was 80% blocked and his pumping function is down to 40%. He was in overnight and came home Wednesday. He felt pretty good Wednesday & Thursday. Friday he felt really good then yesterday and today he is back to having chest pressure and is exhausted. Could things have closed up already?

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 22 months ago from UK Author

Hello Michele.

I am sorry to hear about the difficulties your husband (and you) have been through with this. The simple fact is I have no idea. I can only suggest that you take him to see a doctor or specialist to find the answer.

Best wishes to you both. Perhaps once you have an answer you can let us all know. Maybe others who have contributed to this hub have experienced this before but, not being a medical person, I have no medical knowledge to offer you, unfortunately.

Kind regards


Stentman 22 months ago


I'm sorry to hear of your husbands situation.

In 2001 at the age of 48 I had a pretty bad heart attack.It runs in my family...My mother died suddenly at 52 and my brother passed at 41.. All of the same thing...and very as I lay on the floor with my own heart attack, I remembered that they say aspirin can save your life, so I had someone bring me a bottle and I chewed a bunch...I don't even know how many...and it did help a bit...I could breathe anyway...I was rushed to the hospital and they installed a stent, but I was not very stable, so I waited in Intensive care and they completed the procedure the next day.I received a total of 3 stents. After about a month or maybe 6 weeks, I was in pain again and like your husband, showed a diminished ejection and had to go back in seems they can and do close up again sometimes...they called it re stenosis ...they performed a procedure and reopened my blockage....since then I've been back in many times and the most difficult one to fix and the most uncomfortable(painful) was my LAD.?..Im not a candidate for bypass surgery as there are just too many areas that are compromised. To date I have a total of 9 stents...I have'nt needed a procedure since 2004 and I feel please be comforted by the fact that the cardiologists have the knowledge and the tools to work wonders and while your husband may be going through a bad spell now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Having a heart attack sucks, and the LAD is an important vessel, he is fortunate to have survived and hopefully after some rehab he'll be back to his old self...

Amit Raje 22 months ago

Hello, lying on the bed. It is my second evening home. I got a heart attack on monday 9th feb'15, the next day had to go through angiography and subsequent angioplasty. I am 38 yrs old

I was wondering how things going to be moving forward. Just thought of typing " life after angioplasty" on my cell.

Bingo :) , any amzing blog sir. Appreciate the time you have been investing all these years. The is the first link I accessed after my roller coaster ride :) and this helped me with postivity and hope. Regards; Amit

maharg1956 profile image

maharg1956 22 months ago from UK Author

Hello Amit

Glad that my little blog has been of some help to you. I am sure that you will have read the stories of many wonderful people who have been through the same as you and have gone on to lead full and normal lives afterwards.

You will be anxious, uncertain and worried for a while. That is natural but hopefully, in time, your life will return to normal and, like the rest of us, you will eventually forget that you have a stent and live happily, for a very long time!

Best wishes to you and thank you for taking the trouble to write. It is greatly appreciated.


Zeeshan 20 months ago

My dad us done with the angioplasty but he sometimes feel very dizzy and weak , can u please help? Keeping in mind he works for an airline as an engineer and sometimes a hard working too .

David M 18 months ago

I'm due to go into the hospital on Monday for my checks. Fingers crossed I do not have to have any s tents. Reading this blog, some of the other experiences and speaking with my father in law who's brother had a stent 15 years ago has reassured me no end. There is so much doom and gloom on the internet and I have been worried and stressed since the past 10 days when I first walked into my gp's surgery, aged 45 and complaining of chest pain brought on by exercising at my local gym on the treadmill. I had an exercise stress test yesterday and they found an abnormality during it. Regards Dave

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    TC 4 years ago

    My mother will be 81 today birthday. She has gone through alot in the past 3 years.

    5 or 6 stents. Not sure 2 from the aorta to the stomach thru down the leg. She is doing well but very tired and thin. 85pounds

    but eats well. i try to make plans on doing things. She has not been in a pool for

    the last 3 years. Should I encourage or be concerned this might not be a good idea?

    Some doctors say it is O.K. others say stay away from the pools and water. What to do?

    She must have a fun life while here but I do not want to encourage if this will be a factor. I encourage a glass of red wine, she was never a drinker. She is on coumidan

    forever and she is scared now. Use to like a glass of alcohal now and then, use to love to go swimming when on vacation. Now she is so afraid and cant do the things she use to enjoy. I tell her do it and enjoy but yet I do not want to send her into a pool and then go to the hospital for an infection again. Seems we go every 3 months. Would this be commom to swim or extreme case?

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi TC

    I suppose the first thing to say is 'Happy Birthday'! Given all that your Mother has been through, how wonderful to be able to celebrate her 81st birthday!

    As for the pool . . . . how can any of us say? If the doctors cannot be consistent with a view or opinion, how can any of us offer advice?

    Does your local doctor's or hospital do any form of sessions for people who have suffered from angina or heart related problems?

    I know that when I had my stent fitted, I was really scared afterwards about what I could and could not do but my local hospital did a series of what you would call exercise programs for people who had recently had stents or bypasses.

    Doing those sessions with trained hospital staff gave me the confidence to do things I was unsure about and from there, I regained my life.

    Maybe you should make enquiries to see if anything is available in your area?

    All the best to your Mother on her birthday!

    Steeliestlion 4 years ago

    I don't know how I came across this but I am sure glad I did. I am a 49 year old woman and for about 3 years now I have been having chest pain when usually doing something outside, i.e. walking, mowing lawn, generally anything that entails activity. To sum things up...heart disease runs in my whole family. I went to a cardiologist who did a stress test which I passed but my blood pressure went to 210/109. That was when I was put on BP medication and the Cardiologist wished me "luck". Well a year and half ago I ended up in the hospital for something different and they did an ECG to which they found a Left Bundle Branch Blockage so off to that cardiologist again. This time he did a few more tests (stress test where I didn't have to go on treadmill but they induced stress, I've had a mio cardio infusion test, echo, oh gee I can't remember them all) Anyways the doc decided I have angina. Well this was over a year ago approx. and now I can hardly do anything. I immediately get pain in my chest which leads up to my jaw. I am on a nitro patch but it doesn't seem to be doing much. My mother went through the same thing (doctors not believing she had a heart problem) until she just about died from 3 blockages. In reading all these posts I am thinking I should ask to see a more compassionate and understanding cardiologist and hopefully he will keep checking until we find out what the problem is. I am thinking maybe I do need an angiogram cause something just is not right. :(

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hello. I am so sorry that you have an ongoing proble that your doectors have not been able to help with, so far. I think that the golden rule always has to be if you are not happy with how you are being treated, complain. Just keep on asking for help. When all is said and done, it is your body, your health and your life.

    Ask to see a different doctor or consultant or specialist. And do it straight away. As you will read from all the posts, angina is very easily and quickly treated and people should not have to suffer when there is a straightforward solution.

    Stay in touch and let us know how things go. Take good care

    David Sneath 4 years ago

    Retired at 65 two and a half years ago. Gave up smoking over 40 years ago and have avoided the bad foods for years. Since retiring I've walked at least five miles a day at a really brisk pace, 7 days a week, every week. I monitor all this exercise precisely and have calculated I would have walked from Leicester (where I live) to New York by now. But still I developed angina, because it's built into the genes and you can't buck the system. I had my stent fitted the day before yesterday (25th May 2012)to correct a blocked cardiac artery. I had the angiogram two weeks ago. There was a period between the two processes simply because drug I could have been taking (but wasn't) was not prescribed in time. Some of the guys on the ward were prescribed the drug up to two weeks earlier by their doctor simply on the strong suspicion of what the condition was and that the two jobs could be done together once the drug was in the bloodstream, the angiogram and stent fitting completed at the same time. If you have the classic chest pain and confuse it with indigestion, clever doctors administer the angina spray under your tongue and the pain stops immediately if it's angina. One chap on my ward had the pain and FOUR days later he had his angiogram and stent fitted together. More often these days they enter through the wrist and not the thigh (I've had both methods)- result, you're on your feet, dressed and ready to go home in a couple of hours. Funnily enough, I stopped smoking in 1972 and the specialists still termed me an ex-smoker! If you live in Leicester and your hospital is the Glenfield (like me), then you're almost literally in for a real treat and a happy talking point for years to come So truly don't worry - I did, and it's a waste of time, believe me. Good luck.

    conradofontanilla profile image

    conradofontanilla 4 years ago from Philippines

    Your doctors might have forgotten to explain that tobacco or cigarette smoke contains radioactive materials like polonium 210 and lead 210 which has a half life of 22 years or a whole life of 44 years. If you stopped smoking 20 years ago there are still 4 years more that lead 210 will stay in your body. Lead 210 decays into lead 206 which is stable; while it decays it generates free radicals and x-rays that damage DNA. Damage may result in several diseases, cancer and heart disease among them. Polonium has a half life of 138.4 days only (Encyclopedia Britannica 2009). Angiogram reading is an art and science, meaning readers can make a mistake by 32% according to Dr. Elmer Cranton, MD in his book Bypassing Bypass, updated 2nd edition, 1995.

    Gemma 4 years ago

    Hi I'm 28 , I visited the doctor today with left chest pain when exercising, I'm going for ECG and X-ray tomorrow! Then when them results ate bk a stress test.... From what iv read about my symptoms it seems like angina..... It's reassuring that there is poss something they can do for me if it is.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Gemma

    It is rassuring to know that where you live, the doctors act so swiftly. I am really pleased that you are receiving such speedy attention. I know from my own and a lot of other people's experiences that there can be a number of reasons for chest pain and not all of them are angina or heart problems.

    But, if it is then Yes, there is plenty that can be done.

    Best of luck. I hope you will let us all know how things go tomorrow

    Gemma 4 years ago

    Hi, I had the ECG yesterday. I wasn't told anything but the nurse immediately shown the doctor and was asked to come back in a week rather than two, so seems they want to speed up the process ! Had the X-ray but again not told anything (I suppose the lady was only trained to take X-ray, not read them) so I'm back on Friday to find out if anything shows on those tests. But I expect it won't as it only happens during exercise. I should add that the pain in my chest is on the left of my breast bone and is like a tightening stabbing pain, never felt pain like it! But it does ease off when I stop jogging, and is not muscle pain as I would feel pain when I do weights which I don't. Fingers crossed they find a cause and it's not too serious.... Also im not aloud to train until we get to the bottom of it all which is a bummer as I'm running race for life next month, looks like I'll be walking it :-(

    Sue Swiss 4 years ago

    Hi, i am a 58 years female schedule this Friday for an Angiography, i'm a bit scare and have being trying to look for all sort of answer from the net. it is a very helpful to read those experience of yours. I am feeling much more calm now and all ready for the procedure this Friday the 29th June 2012. Thank you.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Sue

    I am sure that all of us who have contributed to this hub know the feelings you have about your forthcoming angiogram. I am sure that all of us who have previously been through it have also felt afraid beforehand.

    Just read through the comments and stories on here and see all the positive outcomes that people of all ages have experienced.

    Fell free to email me any time. And stay in touch with us all. It will be nice, once everything is all sorted out, for you to add your positive story to the others on here.

    Take care.

    Sue Swiss 4 years ago

    Dear Maharg,

    I've passed the Angiography exemination on the 29th June 2012 and they told me i have a healthy heart and send me home on the same day. i wonder why from all the previous check-up with my family doctor and the specialist with ECG, Ultra sound and stress test indicated that something is wrong with my heart left valve and i was given medication like Isoket and Cardio 100 prior admission to the Heart Clinic for Angiography! on other hand i am glad i went through this procedure without pain and given all green light to go home. unfortunately my chest pain remain for further medical investigation.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi. It can be so frustrating at times, can't it. Just keep on top of things and push the doctors and specialists for answers. I am sure they will look into everything and get to the cause of your pains. In the meantime, look after yourself and try to relax. Hope they soon find out more for you.

    john delatorre 4 years ago

    Hi, I had two Stents placed last night after doctors discovered 2 blockages at nearly 100%. Thankfully the procedure was not as bad as I had scared myself to be. To be fully honest, the only discomfort I felt was my lower back from laying on that table. Day two, i feel good overall. This blog is so helpful.

    Akeel Akhtar 4 years ago

    hi , i have had a stent put in 2 weeks ago ,and it has scared the hell out of me,im 42yrs old and i work out everyday ,i box,lift weights. i did smoke alot before the stent procedure,now that i have stopped smoking completely ,i am worried about,being able to continue a normal life style again?? I have not able to go back into the gym as i am am still waiting to see the cardiologist. i feel that i have a time bomb in my chest ,and it is only a matter of time, before my life ends. how long does this stent stay in my chest for ??. Does the medication cause other problems that i may not be aware of?? and will i able to live a long life as my father did ????

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi. I think your fears are understandable but with time there is no reason why

    You should not be back to normal. The stent remains forever. Mine is 6 years old and has never bothered me. The medication works differently for each of us but again, mine causes me no problems at all. Listen to the advice of your doctors and try to relax. You have had a scary time but the stent can give you your life back

    wendy 4 years ago

    I had a heart attack 9 years ago and with medication have had no problems until recently. I had bouts of breathlesness and a pain in my left arm. (when I had my heart attack I thought I had indigestion as I had no other symptoms) Thought I'd better go to Dr. to get checked he increased my atenenol and arranged for an appointment at cardiac unit. I went on Tuesday to have an angioplasty (dye in the arteries) and it was shown that I had a blockage in one of the veins of the heart. I went home and then returned to the hospital on the Friday to have a stent fitted. If anyone is worrying about the procedure don't, I thought I would be asleep when they did it but was amazed that I was actually awake and could follow the procedure on the screens. Stayed in hospital overnight and have been home 2 days now, looking forward to a new lease of life found the stories on here very helpful.

    Eddie 4 years ago

    I am having a angiogram done next monday i am 53and I am very scared but after reading your story i feel a bit more confident & hope my outcome is as positive as yours.....

    Doug 4 years ago

    I just had a stent put in my left side artery. Like everyone else I was scared to death. I am encouraged by you experience. Thank you

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Doug and thank you very much for your post. I am really glad we were able to help in some small way. Good luck to you in the future. Hope everything goes smoothly for you now.

    lesley 4 years ago

    hi guys, i had heart attack in march, i'm only 44, but artery narrowed last few wks., on waiting list to go in for stent. i had an angiogram in march, i had to be given morphene, it was one of the sorest pains ever lol, i cant wait to get my life back, cant even go up my stairs, i stopped smoking, n have always been fit. mine is genetic, its just your luck really, hope you all stay healthy xx

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Lesley

    So sorry to read about your situation. I just hope that from reading the stories of so many people who have kinldy made contributions to this blog that you get a real sense of how good the stenting procedure is. I really know how worrying as well as frustrating it is to be in your situation. The good news, though, is that when you read about the experiences of others you can see how good stenting is. It really is something that can give you your life back and it is also such a simnple and painless procedure.

    After being so scared of it I was amazed at how quick, painless, simple and effective it is.

    mine was 6 and a half years ago and I can honestly say that I have never experienced a moment's problem since and now have my life back

    mismazda profile image

    mismazda 4 years ago from a southern georgia peach

    Wow..what a story. So glad that you are doing better. It is always the best to listen to your body when you start feeling pains that dont go away. Great and interesting hub.

    vishu 4 years ago

    Dear All,/Maharg, I havebeen fitted with 2 stents recently, but after that I always feel heavy chest, pinning pain at times in the chest. my first doctor told me after TMT test that i am fine, no need of angiogram, he even stopped my pentazole, & Plavix. but when sought other opinion from another doctor, he told me that i need angioplasty, without even checkin any thing on me. he did the angiogram first tru my arm, he could not find any thing, then very next day tru my groin, & told me 2 blocks, need to put 2 stents, which he did. now after stent i can not even walk for 5 minutes where as i used to walk 30 minutes earlier. so any one ... doctor or ...please guide me. i m going tru lot of stress. its clear that its a doctors error.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Dear Vishu

    As this is simply a blog where people write about their experiences, I am sure that none of us are able to give you medical advice about your present situation. But you are clearly worried and feel that your situation has become worse since having your stents fitted.

    I can only suggest that you seek medical advice. If you believe that your health has now become worse then you really should arrange to see your doctor and explain that things have become worse or, if you feel your doctor has made an error, then see a different doctor to get another opinion.

    If you have access to a hospital with an emergeny unit you could always go there for assistance or, if you feel that you have chest pains that worry you, then you really should call an ambulance.

    Other than being a place where we all share our experiences, though, none of us here can give you medical advice or help beyond that which is published everywhere, which is, see a doctor or, if it is an emergency, call an ambulance. 4 years ago

    I am due to have angiogram on Tuesday 4th of September .. have been so scared .. my symptons were pain just under the left breast and heart palpatations .. After a stress test been told arteries showing signs of blockage or blockages in the left ventricul . I am due to go on holiday on the 4th of September and really looking forward to going but worried about what the angiogram shows up .. I am having palpatations now just thinking about it ..I really want to go away on this holiday as I have been looking forward to it for so long ..

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Janiebee. We all know how you feel. We were all scared too, when we were in your situation but once you have had the angiogram you will have a clear picture of what your position is. Just make sure you talk to your doctor or consultant about your holiday and what it involves. Mind you, you are cutting it a bit fine, having the angiogram and then going on holiday on the same day! Did you really mean you are having your angiogram AND going on holiday on the same day?

    Do keep in touch and let us know how things go and remember to read all the entries that have been posted by people who have had a positive outcome and who were relieved at how simple the whole process was.

    Best of luck


    janet 4 years ago

    thanks for the quick reply .. no my holiday is on the Saturday.. I had booked it before this problem started.. I have still been working.. I have been told that during my stress test there were signs of blockage or blockages in the left ventricul.. I have found a sense of peace reading the stories on here and I appreciate this .. I am still worried but mainly about my results .. I am 57 .. my Mother is 84 and has lived with Angina for 40 years .. Thanks once again and I will keep you informed x

    Vishu 4 years ago

    Dear Mr. Graham, Thanks for the reply. I went to the same doctor again who did my angioplasty with my after effect problem, but he just increased my medicine dose which is ouble concor, then included nitrite medicine, which both has side effects. I am working in a country(Saudi Arabia) where not much options available, I dont know how to over come this stress. Once again thanks for your time and appreciate your advise. Vishu

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Vishu. I know that people talk of side effects of the various medicines. I was fortunate to never suffer any, except the occasional headache after using the nitrate spray which, thankfully, I haven't had to use for 6 years now.

    I wish I knew how to advise you of how to overcome stress. I am sure there must be some really good articles on the internet which give advice on how to manage stress.

    Good luck to you and if things don't improve, go back to the doctor again or, if you can, find a different one.

    Best wishes to you


    janet 4 years ago

    Hi Graham,

    I am so pleased to tell you I have had my angiogram.. diagnosis is mild diffuse coronary desease.. Now on Ramopril, Bisoprolol, aspirin and simvastatin .. I can go on holiday .. I am so happy .. Thankyou for your support .. will keep updating on my lifestyle changes .. cholestrol now 4 was 10!!! .. Swimming is good for heart disease .. I wish everyone well who has problems and remember Check any pain out or other symptoms that may affect your heart .. there is a lot that can be done today .. Thanks again ( I was terrified ) it was a painless procedure xx

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Janet. I am so glad that things are working out well for you. We all are. Really glad you can now go and enjoy your holiday and thanks for letting us know how it went. Do keep in touch. Best wishes


    Krulewitch 4 years ago from USA

    One morning in May of 2011, at age 48, I felt an ache in my abdomen that seemed odd. When the pain spread to my shoulder, arm, and jaw, I knew I was having a heart attack. An angiogram was performed where they discovered I had 80% blockage in my LAD (the "widowmaker") from a blood clot that had formed after cholesterol plaque had ruptured. A stent was put in and I've been fine ever since. Had I not had obvious symptoms to alert me I would've died. At 6'1" and weighing 175lbs, with an active lifestyle and a vegan diet, I never expected such an event to happen at my age. The only problem I have now is more mental than anything else. How do I know another glob of cholesterol plaque won't rupture again? My cardiologist thinks I'm doing fine, but how could he really know without me having another angiogram? As far as i know, angiograms are not routinely given, there must be real symptoms. Are there any ways to measure one's risk for a cholesterol plaque rupture?

    leonard 4 years ago

    had 3 stents fitted,,,and now get a repeat pain in chest,,,worrying me away,,seen gp,and advised to continue with medication,,,but real worried,it apeares gp is not interested,,,dont know what to do....can anyone advise please,,,thank you..

    afroz khan 4 years ago

    last week i had angioplasty what r the diet i have to take and upto what time? please advise me

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Krulewitch (great name by the way!)

    I have no answer to your question. I know it is one I toy with now and again. I suppose the reality is that, once we have suffered some form of problem that meant we needed stents fitted, we can never be sure whether that problem will arise again.

    I suppose my own attitude is that, if it should ever happen again, well . . .they fixed it once so they can fix it a second time! But I have no idea if anyone can tell whether or not you will have another rupture. I do know, though, that all of us who have had a stent can feel relieved and happy that there was a solution to our problem, so I suppose the best idea is to just get on with life, enojy!

    That might seem like a flippant attitude but I just think that all us stentees have been given another chance so, why spend too much time worrying? Take care of ourselves, yes but beyond that . . . . .take that second life we have been given in both hands and make the most of it!


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Leonard

    I think in your situation, if you feel your GP is not listening, see another GP. A private referral to a consultant is not that expensive either, so if you are not convinced by what you are being told, go to a consultant privately. It is well worth the couple of hundred pounds that it costs. Alternatively, see a different doctor and explain that you want a hospital referral.

    It is your life, your health and your body. Don't take 'No' for an answer and if needs be, pay for the consultation yourself.

    This link: is for a brilliant site through which you can find a consultant. It gives you all the details about consultants & hospitals.

    I have found it to be invaluable in finding consultants and specialists when I have needed to, privately.

    Once you have selected one or two, contact his / her secretary and find out about the cost for a consultation and what the procedure is. Generally, you then go to see your GP and ask for him / her to send a referral letter for you, which they have to do. You are usually seen within a week or two

    Good luck. Keep in touch


    Krulewitch 4 years ago from USA

    Thanks Graham, good advice. I have periods where I don't worry, but then I'll get some palpitations or a twinge in my chest (both harmless) and I'll think that maybe it'll be lights out any second. I need to surrender/trust and forget about it already. Thanks for the compliment on the name, that doesn't happen very often. Generic-Slavic for 'King's Son".

    Krulewitch 4 years ago from USA

    I'm not seeing any new postings although I'm getting notifications of new postings. Can someone advise please? 4 years ago

    wow, i can't believe this. so many people who have gone through the same as me. some stories are like i wrote them myself. i feel great today (2 weeks after 3 stents). my only problem is that they tell me there is little chance of a reacuring heart attack, but i'm still very worried. will this pass? does anyone have a "self talk" that i can use. i feel lucky that i had the heart attacks because of the tell tale chemical release. take care and thank you all for sharing, and thank you to maharg1956 for initiating this place to be together.

    Jack 4 years ago


    2 years ago a stent was set at the age of 43. I discovered my problem while doing a sprint with some collegues to not get wet by the rain. I felt dizzy, could hardly stand, felt sick and a pain in my arm.

    I did not know what to do, but all the collegues told me to go to the doctor. I few days later I did, in the meantime I tested myself by doing some simple excercises to see if the feeling of dizzinedd came back, it did.

    I did my homework before going to the doctor and insisted to be refered to a cardiologist. The cardiologist did 2 times a ergo test (biclycle) . First test was okay, but I still was not happy and insisted another one. All ecg's in rest were okay. (be warned, an ecg in rest being okay proves nothing). Second ergo test, had to be stopped and I had to go immediately to hospital.

    I was afraid, for the procedure, but it lees painful than the dentist. But still a scary thought that something is put in my artery and pushed to my heart. I felt also scared taking up life again.

    Now 2 years later, suddenly, on tuesday on the 11 of sept 2012, out of nothing a start feeling a pain in my arm, breast and back. I never felt this sick making feeling before. It started just after considerable efforts, but on thursday it was already more severe. I called sick and went to the doctor. She doubted an told me to come back monday if it's still there. But on sunday I felt sick and ha pain just after showering, my wife couldn't wait anymore and took me to the emergency room. Also there all ecg were okay and tin the weekend a bicycle test was not possible. On monday, the doctor spoke to me and set me for an angiogram, it was clear to him. Tuesday (one week after the first pain) the angiogram was made and 3 places were found. On thursday another angiogram was done now by a doctor who also can set a stent) and 2 stents were set (LAD, RCA) and the third place proved okay after doing a FR test (blood pressure test).

    Now am again okay, no pain and I feel fit.

    Only my right underarm hurts (completely purple) like hell, but that will go away.

    I am now aware that is not just bad luck having needed a stent. There is something with my arteries that makes cholecterol and fat clinging to it.

    I take al lot of medicines,like betablocker, a statine and some pill to make the blood thinner and reduce the possibility to blood clots.

    After the first stent I quite al but the ascal medication because I thought it would not happen again. The statines mad my muscles ache and the betablocker made me a bit light in the head on some occasions.

    But I am no fool, it will probably happen again, and I will take every medicine that helps to prevent it now.

    There is a lot of things changing in the cardio field, at first it was only necessary to lower the total cholesterol, now I read the HDL must be higer (also the cardiologist says it isn't proven yet). Maybe they'll find something that makes the plague go away easily without eating all those pills.

    Regards, Jack

    Sushil Kumar Saraf 4 years ago

    I shall be grateful to know, can angioplasty be done within few days of angiography.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author


    I am sure there must be various factors that affect this but I have certainly heard of people who have had both procedures carried out at the same time.

    Once someone has had an angiogram, though, if the angioplasty procedure is not carried out there and then, I don't know if there is then a minimum time before it can be performed. Perhaps someone reading this will have a view. Have you asked your doctor or consultant this question? They would seem the best people to answer it.


    carol 4 years ago

    Just found out today my dad may have this, I'm very worried as I'm not sure what it entails, but glad I've read ur post.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Carol

    I hope that all the various posts in this hub will give you lots of information and, hopefully, a lot of hope and reassurance. Most of the people who have made contributions to this hub have suffered from angina and had it successfully treated using stents.

    The whole process is so simple now and the stenting plus follow up medication is so effective too.

    If you have any questions, though, just let us have them and I am sure that we will all do our best to tell you what you need.


    Kim 4 years ago

    Hi Have about your twinges did it feel like indigestion at first, then like pressure on your pectoral muscle and also in your back ? I have had twinges for a few months now but now its daily. My cholestrol levels are off the charts going for a stress test in two weeks. I am going back to see my doctor Monday now.... worried its unstable agina based on what I have read is that would you had? Thanks for sharing your story.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Kim. I am sorry to hear of the trouble you are having and I really hope that when you see you see your doctor it is the start of getting things sorted out for you. In my own case, there were times when I had a discomfort that felt a little like indigestion and for some time my doctor treated my problem as an acid reflux problem.

    There are so many references out there that mention the fact that heart / angina problems are often extremely similar to indigestion or bad heartburn.

    I cannot recall having pains that radiated into my back. They were very definitely chest, neck and sometimes down my arm and into the fingers. And always after some form of physical activity or stressful situation.

    After the event, I wished I had been more assertive with my doctor becausae, when I checked out the symptoms of angina, mine matched the classic symptoms exactly but, when he kept saying no, you have an acid refulx problem, I just thought "well, he is the doctor and he knows more than me, so . . . . ."

    Remember, though, we can all read a lot of things on the internet about symptoms and then make a diagnosis of our own and get it totally wrong! I think the internet, whilst a wonderfully useful tool, can also be one that can lead to a lot of us reading things and making our own wrong diagnosis and causing ourselves a lot of stress in the process!

    Good luck on Monday. Do keep in touch


    Pieere 4 years ago

    In sept. 2010 went to the VA Hospital in Iowa to get a complete physical, was having a lot of gas and had stopped smoking for the 3-4th time. I was 59 and got sick of spending that much for a pack of smokes and I also was going to be working for a large shipping warehouse the end of Oct. I was treated with Tagament extra-strength and was told to watch my salt and fatty food intake by the MD. I was unaware that the chloresterol level was as serious as they gave me a electrocardiogram and my heart was fine. However I started feeling more tired and thought it was because of being older.

    I went to work at that stressful warehouse temp. job for 7 weeks and then performed 2 more seasonal jobs including the one in Iowa.

    In March of 2012 I returned to a previous one and noticed my energy was getting worse; by the last week of March I thought it was from the work. I was working under a riding mower that afternoon and went home completely exhausted.

    Woke up around 4:15 the following morn and as i stood up I felt as though I had been on a carousel, went back to lay down and the pain shot across my neck and shoulders; got up got a drink of water and sat in my easy chair. It felt like an elephant had sat on my chest. Then it went into my arms tingling and I got to the ER about 3 hrs later. What I thought was pulled muscles in my neck was the onset of the Heart-attack. I had three stents and one balloon angioplasty. It was done over a period of three days and the first up my right arm and the second procedure up my right groin area. It was less pain than having a tooth pulled and i watched the procedure which was very new to me.

    I am on zocor; lisinopril, plavix and aspirin. It has been six months; I haven't still got all my energy back. Maybe never will. I am just thankful I am still alive. If I would have been 7-10 minutes later I would not have survived.

    Ankita 4 years ago

    Hi Graham:

    Thank you so much for narrating your experience and filling us with hope. My Dad had a angiplasty done 3 days ago with 2 stens being placed. Living in a differnt country than him and not being able to visit him immedialte left me terrified about the whole process. He is recovering fine now and your post has certainly helped to alleviate some of my concerns.

    I have a question though, with my Dad's 8-7 job he hardly gets time for physical activity (which I belive has been the primary reason for the blockage in the first place). After this procedure do you think he needs to somehow find time to walk/workout at leats 30 minutes eveyrday? Will that be good? I am planning to buy him a treadmilll at home. Is treadmill advisablef or cardiac patients.

    Thanks much

    From a Daughter!

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Ankita.

    I am so glad the article has been of help. Also, I am delighted that your dad is now recovering well. I am sure that being able to exercise is an inportant part of the recovery process and also a part of staying healthy. I honestly don't know about a treadmill and whether it would be a good thing or not.

    In my case, following my procedure, I was fortunate to be able to go on a hospital rehabilitation program which gradually pushed me, physically, whilst educating me at the same time, so I was taught not only how to exercise correctly and for how long, but also how to take my heart rate accurately and how to monitor my blood pressure.

    That means that not only do I exercise but I also, even now, nearly 7 years later, still do those checks.

    Maybe where your dad lives his hospital does something similar or maybe there is a fitness centre he could use, with people who are trained.

    I would suggest that starting by taking it very slowly and steadily is a good idea. Gentle walking. Then longer walks. Then maybe walking a bit more quickly. Build it up bit by bit and get him to monitor his heart rate. Find the pulse in the wrist, get a steady count going and then, count the pulses for 10 seconds and multiply the answer by 6. more accurate is 15 seconds and then multiply by 4 or 30 seconds multiplied by 3.

    There are a number of good, informative internet sites for Target Heart Rate. Some include a calculator.

    I think that exercise is really important. However, it has to be useful, intelligent exercise. The wrong amount, type or intensity can be as bad as no exercise, in my opinion.

    All the very best to you and your dad. DO keep in touch


    Grant 4 years ago

    I'm 83, had my first heart attack 6 years ago, another 9 months ago.

    They placed two stents the first one years ago, only one this time.

    The procedure is painless. I'm on plavix, aspirin, statins, etc. for life, no problem, able to do nearly everything, eat better, exerecise, enjoy life tremendously, expect to live 11 more years!

    Major Baleegh 4 years ago

    I am 42 years of age and I had my angioplasty done on 10th Sep 2012. I have one stent placed in my artery. I had a severe pain in my left upper chest and went to hospital; the stent was placed on the date mentioned above. I was a chain smoker and used to smoke almost 40 cigarettes a day. After the placement of one stent I have reduced the smoking to around 20 per day. I have no problem now, my arteries are clear and I have no chest pain at all. I still not able to start an exercise plan which I hope to start within a week. I tried to quit smoking but failed miserably. I started drinking excessive lemon juice on daily basis. Question I need to ask here is after the stent HOW MANY CIGARETTES can I smoke in day if I am unable to quit it. Furthermore; for how long I have to take the drugs on daily basis with the stent as my stent is Xience Prime 2012 model stent. I am from PAKISTAN and a serving military officer. Thanks

    asad 4 years ago

    mine did in Aug 12, 36 years and put one stent ,since my angeoplasty reading and searching about this discease , dubai based pakistani ,we have to quit smoking no other choice wht i reading may be i get some thing which allow me to smoke on & off. but i dont think so smoking is not acceptanble with this you ve to quit it .

    Amy 4 years ago

    I have been having this chest pain that goes all the way to my left arm & shoulder for a long time very much like your case. Gone a merry go round by doctor diagnose as muscle pain, gastric,etc..

    Finally 2days ago, I decided to consult a heart specialist & was immediately out to do the angiogram. One of my artery 50% blocked. No stent being done as doc wants to try with medication first

    My advise to anyone with the s,ugh test chest pain please see a cardiologirst

    bren 4 years ago

    Right, don't worry, last year I a heavy smoker and loves a drink. Had a sudden pain in my arms as I was going upstairs..waited 2 days..Day 2 was really bad,had a shower,got on my bike and went to Doc's..Doc done tests, in ambulance,hospital...Heart attack..I am hospital for 12 days ...then moved to Glenfield for stents...Please people I am the biggest baby in the world..Had them put in never felt a thing..Hope this helps all who worry's..god bless xx

    maureen 4 years ago

    i have just had 2 stents put in on the 29th october they had problems geting thm in due to ma arterys being 95% blocked now one week later i dont seem to feel any better still got back pain an slight chest pain what i want to know is this normal or should i keep going back?

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 4 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Maureen.

    I would certainly go back to your doctor or to the specialist who was in charge of your procedure. I have no idea whether or not your symptoms are normal. None of us do. I am sure how each of us feels after the procedure is a very individual thing but the fact that you are asking the question tells me that you need it answered professionally.

    Make an appointment as soon as you can. Your symptoms may be normal for someone who had a 95% blockage, in which case they will be able to reassure you. If not, they will be able to deal with it.

    This is a great place for people to share experiences and thank you for writing on here but it isn't the place for sound medical advice :-)

    Good luck and please let us know how things go.


    dal19990 4 years ago

    i had a stent fitted 5 weeks ago i thought my world had come to a end but slowly i working threw it reading you letter as made it easy but i still get pain all over but i think i am reading to much into it i just want life to get back to normal was wondering when will that be

    Glenn 4 years ago

    For the persons that are afraid of have a Stent installed in their system, I have at least three of them inside me now, the only trouble I had, and occasionally still have, is I get shortness of breath, and some chest pain, I ask my doctor about why would I get chest pains immediately after having a good meal. My doctor said the it was a normal reaction, as the heart was working a little harder in pushing blood through the Stents, and had me start taking a Nitro when it occurs. It has stopped giving me pain after eating, but I still have a small bottle with me wherever I go.

    The pesron who wrote the very first "comment" on this subject, nailed everything down to a perfect number 10. Everything he said was letter perfect as far as I am concerned. And by the way, I am nearly eighty three YOA.


    seema 4 years ago

    thx for moral support

    Charles 4 years ago

    I am 47, started having chest pains a year ago. Went and had some tests done that showed there were problems that could indicate a blockage, was set up for cath lab but got scared and didnt follow threw, i began taking meds and excercising and the pains left, now a year later they are back and I will make arrangements to get stented in January, the fear of fatal heart atack has overpowered the fear og getting the stent.

    Roden 3 years ago

    Just had 3 stents done at Halifax I like meany other people was very scared of what would happen while I was haveing this done but belive me you feel nothing the Doctors and nursers who did this was fantastic I carnt thank them enuff for the way they trated me If anyone who is reading this is going to Halifax to have this done take it from me dont be scared you will not feel anything after you have had the happy juice and you will probebly find it interesting the Drs talk to you all the time to make you feel at ease the nurses are amazing and careing so to evey one going to Halifax Dont be scared lay back and just think at the end of this Im going to be a diffrent person.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Roden

    Thank you so much for your story. Sounds exactly like my own experience and I really hope it will give encouragement to others who are facing the same situation. Really hope it all works out for you now.


    Karen 3 years ago

    Hi Graham, while on holiday in PV Mexico last week I experienced a pain in my chest, in between my shoulder blades then later on in my jaw. I'm a 48 yr old women , luckly for me the group that I was with had 2 nurses in it one being a cardio nurse, anyway a long story short I ended up having angioplasti that night in Mexico because I was having a heart attack. My left artery was 99% blocked, although I feel so much better I was just wandering if any one else has problems with being anxious, last night I was even scared to go to sleep. I would be most grateful if anyone else has experienced this too,cause I'm really hoping its not going to last for long . Thanks

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Karen. I do know exactly how you feel and I am sure that loads of others do too. I remember being scared that the stent would come loose and move into my heart and I would die, or it would be unable to handle the pressure and explode!

    Time deals with all that. After a while you realise that it is working and it isn't going to fail and bit by bit you gain confidence.

    If you are able to take part in a cardiac rehabilitation program then do, becauase that was what gave me the confidence to trust it. Fell free to email any time.

    Best wishes


    MikeinNYC 3 years ago

    Perfect Health - but ate junk food always. At 45 years old got 2 drug eluting stents in my LAD. I became an expert on health issues and stenting. Heart Diease is 99.99% reversable with Plant Based diet!!!

    Just because you got a stent(s) does not save you... YOU 100% MUST change your diet or be restented every 6 years for life.......

    Stenting gives you a second chance but that chance is gone if you eat RED meat, NUTS, and ANY OILS.... only plants and white meat period!

    I hope I can save anyone from being stented (again). If your 70 blocked where you just started to feel shortness of breath after exercise... you can do it yourself. DOCS and Hospitals tell you Stenting is the only option BS! It is if you go to 100% like me and were going to die then yes. I passed out cutting my lawn.

    In Short, 99% of people fall off the wagon and go back to thier bad habits within 6 months. If you don't make a LIFE STYLE change you better get use to STENTS. If you have 70% or less you can take Blood Thinners, Meds for cholestrol, diet and exercise and reverse this but agin only if your in the 1%. The question is will you do this? Will will give up Pizza for life? Moderation means Failure. Not one Pizza slice ever? If you can do this you can truly reverse heart diease forever but at least you know you have a problem. Sadly, some people never get

    Major Baleegh 3 years ago

    Hello Graham

    Hi, I am Major Baleegh from Pak Army, PAKISTAN, I have under gone angioplasty in Sep 2012 at a military hospital in Pakistan and a drug eluded stent was placed in my LAD artery. I developed chest pain on 8th Sep 2012, and after the stress test a drug eluded stent with the name of Xenix prime was installed on 12th Sep 2012. I used to go for jogging on daily basis which was stopped by my physician. He directed me to go for evening walk which is still failed to do so. I was a heavy smoker i.e. 40 to 50 cigarettes a day which after the procedure has been reduced to 15 to 20 cigarettes. I have a blood sugar problem as well which is taken care of with the use of Neodipar on twice a day usage. I was overweight but now I have reduced a bit and I am almost within range. I develop pain a couple of weeks ago on my upper part of right foot, in my left wrist and left forehead, could you please guide me something regarding these issued; more so I tried to quit smoking but failed miserably, how to quit do advise something for this issue as well. My cholesterol remains within range but my triglycerides are way up the limit; do advise something to control them as well. I hope I have taken a considerable time of yours but if you reply with some details I will be highly obliged. Now; as regard my breathlessness was concerned I have no problem at all and there is no problem in the stent as well. I am taking Lowplat Plus 75 (1 x Tablet), Neodipar 500 (1 x Tablet) and Carsel (1 x Tablet) in the morning while in the evening I am taking (1 x Tablet) of Neodipar 500 and (1 x Tablet) of Lipirix 10 mg. Apart from all this I am heaving constipation and gas in my body, hope you can help me with this. Thanks once again, take care.

    Major Baleegh

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Major. Thank you for your post. I think it must be the most detailed post with the most information that we have ever had! In short, I think you need to talk to your physician or a specialist about the range of issues you are experiencing.

    I do know that different medications that are prescribed as part of the stenting procedure can have side effects and it may be that some of what you are experiencing could be explained by that. However, the only way to be sure is to take proper medical advice.

    One thing I would say, however, is that I do understand the smoking aspect. There is no doubt that smoking is a major problem and I say that as a person who s moked 20-30 a day. I still smoke now but have made a firm commitment to stop. ASAP.

    I have recently started to use electronic cigaretts (V-Lites and nicolites) and have found them to be excellent. There are disposable ones, which are probably best but also rechargeable ones, which are also very good.

    As a result I am now down to about 5 'real' cigarettes per day and well on the way to quitting entirely. I am confident that if I don't stop then I will experience further problems at some point.

    So, talk to a medical specialist but also make a firm commitment to quitting smoking and, perhaps, try the electronic cigarette route.

    Please do keep in touch and let us know how things go.


    Ozyris 3 years ago

    Hi Graham,

    I had the usual symptoms which led to five stents being inserted about 7 years ago. Since then I have tried to be careful about diet and been normally active. I am now almost 58. In recent months the symptoms have been returning and three days ago I had another angiogram.

    The procedure was, as is well noted here, very straightforward and not in the least unpleasant. My NHS nurses were great and the Watford unit was great. However, my prognosis is not good.

    It turns out that two of the stents are 100% blocked and the rest are over 95% blocked. I will probably have to have a triple or even quadruple bypass. It seems that they cannot re-stent me.

    I found your blog because I googled "Why have my stents blocked up?"

    I guess you can all understand exactly what's going through my head now...and I live alone...


    PS: Just as an addendum. I gave up smoking 15 years ago after being a heavy smoker most of my life. I never drank alcohol from the age of 22. Except in Xmas pudding and the odd medicine. Go figure.

    Lancashire Lad 3 years ago

    Hi Graham,

    Great thread, your post has generated a lot of positive comments which give hope and reassurance.

    One of the main things for me in reading these comments is how many people have needed this treatment while in their 30s and 40s.

    I am 44. Smoked just one cig a day (really! though occasionally if with smoking friends I might have had 4 or 5 in an evening). But I have a family history of angina and clogged arteries and I have high cholesterol, even though I take statins. I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago after being diagnosed with angina.

    I first noticed a pain in my left shoulder a couple of years ago when exercising and like many people was told by my GP that it wasn't anything to do with my strawberry tart. However, that pain got worse and more frequent, and just walking across town could bring it on. A treadmill ECG showed the problem clear enough.

    Today I have just had an angiogram and have been told my left anterior descending artery and right coronary artery have severe lesions requiring angioplasty and stenting. I expect to return to hospital in a couple of weeks or so for the stenting.

    The doctor was quite blunt with me; she said my arteries are those of someone 20 or 30 years older than me. She said that stenting is not a miracle cure, that I have to do the best part of the work and that means quitting smoking altogether and cutting out the McDonalds.

    The bummer is that at present I've been told not to do any exercise, like you they want want me to measure the state of my heart and build up a gradual exercise programme. That means that even though I am spending less at KFC and more on salads (yawn) I am still putting on weight!

    Oh well. Your post and those of others on here is inspiring though. The doc did explain that if I can get my cholesterol down to a normal range (because even with statins it is still high) then by the time I get to my mid 60s, my arteries will be the same as anyone else's my age.

    But as I say, I have to honour my part of the bargain, and that means no more cigarettes at all, not even the one a day which I miss like crazy, and no more Quarter Pounders with cheese and large fries. Or not many. I will have the odd one...

    Thanks again.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Ian

    Thank you for writing. I am glad that you did, although I am sorry to hear of your problem. I really hope that all goes well with your stenting and that, once it has been done, you have a new lease of life.

    Although everyone who has, very kindly, contributed to this hub is in the same boat (or has a relative who is), we all have one other thing in common - we have all been given another chance, or at least we have been given the opportunity to extend the chance we were born with.

    That is a wonderful miracle. I have had an 'additional' 7 years so far and I am truly grateful for that.

    It is a great thing that the consultants are able to diagnose the problem so easily and correct it so simply. Not too many years ago, that wasn't the case

    So, I hope that, once you are stented, and have your very own extension on the wonderful life you have, you quickly return to normal and are able to, like the rest of us, get on with your life once more.

    Keep in touch

    Good luck


    bionic 3 years ago

    During and after my angioplasty procedure, I had extreme bladder pressure and back pain. The doctors insisted I lay flat on my back for a two hour procedure to place a stent in the upper part of the right coronary artery which was 99% blocked. After the procedure I found it difficult to pass urine for at least 12 hours. I did not have any sensation of sweet juice flowing through my veins or arteries. Two of the medications, plavic and metoprolol, cause diarrhea, stomach cramping, and gas. Are there alternative medicines one can take in a post-angioplasty life? I have many titanium implants in my teeth, so I am wondering about the life of stents and implants before they have to be replaced. My stent has some kind of coating on it though I have not been given much information. A friend told me to get the certificate number and register the stent with Medic Alert. Thanks Bionic.

    bourne2011 profile image

    bourne2011 3 years ago

    male just turned 50..10 mnths ago i had a heart attack.3stents fitted.after a 6week after treadmill test i have angina so i have been told..i am very grateful to the skills of the surgeons for saving my is my do i live now i have a fear of another one..not waking up.and all the thoughts that go with all seem positive so i apologise for the negativity of it all..i am seeking counselling but i feel alone in the fact that my mind does not know how to cope with the impact of the well as losing the job i loved which was driving around europe with a coach...i am lucky to be here but if anyone can help shine a light at the end of the tunnel i would welcome...other than that i am doin ok i think

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Bourne

    I am not sure how to reply, really. I wonder if, maybe, we all live with the fear of "what if" and "Maybe it will all start again tomorrow." I am sure it must be in the minds of most people who have been through what we have all been through.

    For me, I simply try to be thankful for each one of the days I have had since February 2006. Had I not been stented back then, I am sure I would have had the heart attack which would have ended my life long before now.

    I know that those 7 years I have had have been an added bonus, just as tomorrow will be an added bonus. Today and tomorrow are the days I never would have had if I had not been stented and I try to focus on that, not what could go wrong.

    I know for sure that, one day, it will be my last. Will that be tomorrow? Will it be 25 years from now?

    Who, other than god, knows the answer to that? So, I ijust enjoy each one of those additional days I have been given and, should I wake up tomorrow with chest pains, then I will deal with that tomorrow, when it happens but I won't worry about it today because I am too busy being grateful for the fact I am actually here today.

    So, that's my way of dealing with it. No idea if it helps or not but, I suppose what I am saying is, just LIVE and worry about what happens when it all goes wrong, when it all goes wrong!


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Bionic

    I think my own short answer is that I have no idea. But I do know that a lot is written about post angina medication and it seems that there are many options, as far as medication goes.

    I am sure, however, that a good, in depth conversation with a specialist (a doctor or consultant) would not be a bad thing. I think we can all get into a routine with our medication but I know that I have had aspects of my medication changed, over the last 7 years. So, talk to a professional who knows much more than any of us do.

    Good luck


    bourne2011 profile image

    bourne2011 3 years ago

    thank you.i do understand where your coming from.i know people are worse off than me.i have an appointment in 4weeks to try to adress my issues..i do have fun times as well as down times.i suppose i am just waiting for if,s and maybe, father died 28yrs ago december and i watched it all unfold in front of me..stents were not around then..i just not ready to follow him yet.i do have a wonderful daughter of 22yrs and i will miss her as she will me.this page today has helped me to find loads of people like me.what a find.i will try to be more positive and i know time is a healer.many thanks for replying too.

    Bullet 3 years ago

    Hi graham i asked what is the best stent to use, i had my procedure done a week ago, i decided to use the new stent of abott called absorb, i had 4 stents fitted and the total occlusion in my rght artery was opened thanks to the good doctor here in the philippines, my issue rght now is i feel a pain in my back, sometimes numbness in my left arm, and sometimes shortness of breath, my co worker told me that it is just natural, because he himself had undergone the procedure itself, he had a heart attack. I called my doctor, and told me it was just muscle pain, he gave me celebrex, and pariet or omeprazole for the shortness of breath or what i call choking sensation, can anyone please tell me what is happening to me, my doctor said the stents was fitted perfectly and i have nothing to worry according to him. Tnx and may all the pain we feel subside

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Bullet

    Firstly, it is good to hear that your stenting was successful and that your artery has now been opened again. I know several people have written with similar comments to yours, about back pain and other symptoms following stenting. As none of us are medical people (just lucky souls who, having suffered a blockage, have had it fixed by stenting) I am not sure that any of us can give you a medical opinion.

    If you have a worry or concern, I always think it best to see the doctor again and talk to him or her. Try to get an appointment with a specialist consultant who can give you a more in-depth check up.

    I don't think other people's past experiences necessarily help too much, though, as each person had different circumstances and we each respond to the procedure and subsequent medication in different ways. So, see a professional in order to set your mind at rest.

    Good luck and do stay in touch


    hi my name is alan 3 years ago

    i am 57 i had a stent fitted 3 weeks ago. which was a plain stent.

    not a drug eluting stent. i was feeling good for 2 weeks. but this last

    7 days i have been getting angina pains as before.

    so i am concerned whether it has failed.

    Thomas mccreery 3 years ago

    Hi Graham just a note to let you know how much help you have been to me and my family.Went or a stress test last Sept paid private so we could go to Europe motorhoming the following week.The test showed something up so in for angiogram then angioplasty had stent in 95% right artary.After six weeks we went on our belated holiday had a great time so grateful to the medical team but also grateful to you and this forum.I get wee pains from time to time and me being me think its curtains.Getting on with it going on another motorhoming trip in four weeks to Croatia.Got my medical insurance for less than£ 100 for a year great .presto

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Thomas

    What a wonderful story. I am so grateful that you have written to tell us all. I am sure it will give a big boost to anyone in a similar situation who is worried about what the future holds.

    Thank you once again. Hope you have a great holiday. I have fond memories of my own motorhome when I had one!


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Alan

    I think that if you are having what feels like angina pains you should seek medical advice. It is great that you felt well for 2 weeks but if you now think you are having a recurrence of your previous angina, I would strongly suggest you speak to a health professional.

    If you are suffering from angina, a doctor or consultant is able to do something about it and if you are not experiencing angina, but something else, they can set your mind at rest and treat whatever the cause is.

    If your pains are bad and causing you concern, you can always go to your A&E unit.

    Best wishes


    Lohet 3 years ago

    I am a 22 year old who's jus finished my education,few weeks back i had a chest pain when i walked briskly or did sumthing whic wud require effort....i consulted a cardiologist and he told me that i hav a block in one of my arterties,a 100% block.....i was speechless and my brain froze,he wanted me to get admitted immediately....even before i could come to my senses in was already in a hospital bed ready for angioplasty along with stenting....the process though is not tht complicated it was a bit painful for an hour or two after the procedure,it am still not sure why i had a block at this age.....i dont smoke,i dont booze and my stress levels are not alarmingly high....although my dad had undergone angioplasty n stenting 5 yrs ago....i hav to admit i am very slightly overweight and wasnt very active over the past few months....could this be the reason for my blockage ????

    And i intend to hit the gym and goto yoga classes to maintain my physical health hereafter.....Is it safe for me to gym after angio???

    will i ever have a normal life ?????

    plese help me...

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Lohet

    It sounds so scary to have experienced what you have at just 22 years of age. We all associate angina with older people and especially those of us who have had a lifetime of stress and bad health habits. But, there are always exceptions and it looks like you were one of them.

    I have no idea what sort of follow up facilities your health provider offers but I would recommend that you contact the consultant cardiologist who first saw you and ask him about gym and exercise programs. Many hospitals offer excellent guidance and support after having an angioplasty procedure. My hospital put me on a rehab course, which involved a gym session regularly for a few weeks. That really helped me to have confidence in the stenting procedure and allowed me to push myself. They also taught me how to calculate my ideal BP and how to monitor my BP and heart rate properly. It was all a real confidence boost and helped me get back to playing sport again and generally being active.

    I also have 6 and 12 monthly follow up checks with my own GP

    Secondly, though, I would ask if you can have tests or a consultation to assess why this happened to you at such a young age. You do need to know the answer to that, plus what sort of preventative steps you can take, to avoid any future problems.

    In short, Lohet. Thank god that your problem was spotted quickly and dealt with swiftly. Enjoy the rest of your life with renewed enthusiasm and don't stop asking questions of everyone in your healthcare system (depending on which country you are in) until you get the answers you need and want.

    It is YOUR body, YOUR life and YOUR health. Be assertive and keep on and on until you get your answers.

    Do keep in touch. Good luck to you in what we all hope will be a LONG and happy life. A generation ago the solution to your problem would not have been as swift and simple as it is today. So, keep looking on the bright side, try to be positive and try to enjoy every single day now.


    Ray Harrison 3 years ago

    Terribly worrying isn't it?

    Mine started a few days ago now, last Sunday to be precise, so only 5 days ago. I had a martial arts grading to go for, Choi Kwang Do and this was my first grading after taking this new martial art up 7 weeks ago. I was training 3 hours a week religiously in order to get the right standard and get the hours in that are required to grade.

    On Sunday around 2.30 pm I commenced the grading which was pretty concentrated with not as many water or rest breaks as usual.

    After the grading, in which I gave it everything, I just couldn't catch my breath as quick as I normally did. One I got home which was half hour or so later, my partner became concerned as I was seriously agitated. The pain wasn't excruciating but dull and annoying but constant.

    After trying to chill out and relax for a further half hour or so, my partner drove me to the A&E department of Frimley park hospital.

    Within 5 mins I was in with triage and then a further 5 mins later was in with the nurse lying on a table being wired up for an ECG.

    The first ECG was normal, but the second one send the nurse scurrying off to speak to a colleague.

    Within 30 seconds, I had a team of people surrounding me pumping me with aspirin and a special spray under the tongue and was advised that I was having an attack.

    At this point I thought my world had collapsed and a reality drew in that I was in trouble. HOWEVER, the staff had me at such ease with their caring approach that actually I was convinced I was in the best place and was told that the senior team in the catch lab had all been bleeped to attend.

    Within the next half hour, I was looked after very speedily and the problem was diagnosed and fixed there and then. One stent fitted, oxygen mast donned and me made comfortable for a day and a half on the resuss ward. I came home yesterday and am still anxious about the odd twinges am getting, but these are due to bruising I think.

    Tablets are all set now, but I have been looking for information on when the best time is to take some of them.

    6 tablets in total is no big deal.

    I am chilling out for the first week home with only 5 minute walks and pottering around.

    Will need to make an appointment with my GP this week to go and see her next week.

    Work can wait for 4 weeks until I am happy with my progress as I want to be ready for sure before returning.

    I have already outlined my regime to the family and made lists of no go foods etc. a new beginning with new hope starts.

    Just to re-iterate other posts, the angioplasty procedure was no problem at all. You will be worried naturally, but rest assured, it's not that bad and YOU WILL BE IN THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD TO GET FIXED!

    Good luck to all of you and I wish you all the best.

    Happy living!

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Ray and thank you very much for your great contribution. All the very best to you for your return to normal life. I am sure that with such a positive and focussed attitude you will overcome this small hurdle with ease!


    Ray Harrison 3 years ago

    Thank you Graham. It's great to see lots of positive comments and feedback.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    That's only because so many people, like you, take the time to get involved. Thank you.

    hiddysonday 3 years ago

    Hello. I have had a stent done on 3 March 2013. I am back home and feeling ok, except that my blood pressure drops to about 111/76 and the I feel a bit dizzy. I was fairly fit and was preparing for a half marathon. Now I will have to build up slowly, but there are things that are worrying me. Its the heart/pulse rate. I have been walking every second day for about a kilometere. My resting pulse rate is 57 to sixty, which is great. Yesterday I just tried to jog a little - slowly and my heart rate went to 150 (I have one of these fancy watches). This is worrying me.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Hiddysonday

    So, mainly good news. I am really pleased that the stenting went well and that you are generally feeling ok. I have no idea why your heart rate would go to 150 but I am sure a doctor would give you good advice. Same with the blood pressure. I know that our blood pressure is a very variable thing, depending on the time of day and what we have just been doing etc.

    My doctor asks me to monitor mine and he gets to me to take 3 readings when I have been at rest for at least 10 minutes. I then take the lowest of these 3 readings and record it for him. I do this in the morning and in the evening. he stresses that I must take the readings when I am rested.

    So, maybe you need to consider the actual time and circumstances when you are taking your blood pressure. I would simply talk to your doctor, though. he or she should be able to tell you whether or not your heart rate is ok and the same for your blood pressure.

    I have no idea about the watch you are using but maybe either an electronic blood pressure monitor which takes pulse as well as blood pressure would be a good idea? Who knows how accurate your watch really is.

    I still favour the old fashioned way, which was taught to me by the hospital when they did my rehabilitation program. Take my pulse at the wrist for 15 seconds and then multiply that by 4 (or 10 seconds multiplied by 6; 20 seconds multiplied by 3)

    Have you been put on any medication to control blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol etc.?

    Please stay in touch and let us know how things go and what your doctor says.

    Best wishes


    Ray Harrison 3 years ago


    I feel the same as you.I am now a week today that I had my stent done, and out of the last 4 sleeps here at home, 2 have been okay and 2 have been a little restless due to blood pressure I think and a little due to feeling anxious and uncomfortable.

    I am due to see my GP next week in order to discuss things and a rash I have developed. May just be a reaction to one of the tablets am taking as I have never taken any tablets previously ....

    I am also eager to get back to excersize as I study TaiKwonDo 3 nights a week so am not used to sitting around and doing the odd short walk.

    I think the secret is that we have to be patient and not demand too much of ourselves to begin with.

    The fitness and normality will follow I think.

    Stay positive all the time as I think a healthy mind contributes a lot more to recovery than we give it credit for.


    hiddysonday 3 years ago

    Hello Ray

    I hope you are feeling less anxious. Its over now, now we have to concentrate on getting better. One must take it slowly. I have started jogging slowly and hope to carry on in this slow manner. Good luck and I am sure there is nothing to worry about.

    luxmi 3 years ago

    Is It O.K. Ato have casual baths after two days of stenting

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hi luxmi

    I honestly cannot remember how long it was before the hospital said I could have a bath. I should ask your doctor.

    Ray Harrison 3 years ago

    Hi Luxmi

    I was told that I could shallow bathe after a few days but to be careful with the groin area due to the wound from the surgery.

    A week on and I am now bathing as normal.


    hiddysonday 3 years ago

    Hi Luxmi

    I had a shower one day after my sheath was removed.

    Chandra 3 years ago

    Hi Friend ,I did not even had the thought of some Heart problem with me as i am a non smoker,non drinker,pur vegetarian .My parents and grand parents did not have any heart issue and lived upto 90 Years .On one day morning when i was addressing a meeting ,had a feeling of some hot gas inside my chest( I did not have any chet pain ) and was becoming unstable .Immediatly I took a glass of Hot water and every thing gone .still i went to Appolo clinic nearby and consulted a cardiologist ,went through series of ECG,cardio aetc and all showed negative .Then advised for TMT stree test which showed positive for inducible ischemia .Then advised angio gram which showed RCA blocked for 90 % and advised stent .It was not that pain full and had the stent but still feel some discomfort after 15 days .Told that it will take a month before everythoing become normal .

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Chandra

    Thank you for telling us about your own situation. I am so pleased that you took notice of the warning signs and went to the clinic and that they were able to identify the problem and get you stented.

    Just goes to show how crucial it is for us to take notice of what our body tells us and that getting medical advice early is such a wise thing to do.

    Good luck to you for the future


    Nijil 3 years ago

    This made my day....had an angioplasty with biodegradable stent 2 weeks back...absolutely zero problems so far....but still was a bit worried.....but this article took even my slightest fear away.....don't know how to thank you...

    Thomas mccreery 3 years ago

    Morning graham

    Was telling you about six months ago got a stent in 95% blocked the surgeon left another artery 62%it wasn't worth the slight risk of stenting it there was other small vessels blocked he said nothing could be done for these.So off I went for motorhome holiday no problems.I asked him a couple of weeks ago should I have a stress test to see if alls well although as usual I had no pain.He gave me a good examination and said we would have the stress test but you heart seems grand.Had the stress test now I am told there is an abnormality not as severe as the last one but I only stayed on the treadmill six min Sam as last time so in again on tues for angeagram .Bit concerned because the last six month have been wonderful we were looking forward to an extended holiday with all my children and grandchildren in July I am 68 yrs old want to keep going for awhile. Thomas

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Thomas

    Well, I am really glad that the last 6 months have been so good, so lets hope that once you have the angiogram your situation becomes clearer. At least if it shows you need another stent, you know from the last one that afterwards things do get better, so you have good cause for optimism.

    Don't give up the thought of the wonderful holiday just yet . . .

    Please let us know how things go and all the best to you for Tuesday!


    Thomas mccreery 3 years ago

    Morning Graham,

    Thanks for your support I think the worst thing at this stage is not knowing .I hope I still to make the holiday as not to go would effect all the family but in the end being healthy is better there can be other holidays.I will let you know the results.


    Thomas mccreery 3 years ago

    Evening Graham,

    Said I would let you know about my dye test.After having a abnormal tredmill test my cardiologist wanted a angeagram .Went in to hostiptal this morning at 7.00 am.The test was at 9.00am.Everthing was fine when he looked at the pictures in fact one of my arterys that was slightly closed seemed to enlarge its self .The dodgy treadmill could have been something that was not important .So of on holiday with the family in two weeks.If anyone out there is worried about negative treadmill results it don't have to be sinister,thanks again for your support.Thomas

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Good morning, Thomas

    Well, what a great result! Just goes to show that it is always best to take action and get things checked out because the news isn't always bad. In your case you now have peace of mind and you have learned that one of your arteries actually seems to have improved.

    I hope you have a wonderful time and I hope that anyone who reads your contributions is heartened by them.

    Thanks for writing


    ywagent 3 years ago

    I truly enjoyed reading all the posts. I had mine done in February 2013 and still trying to get used to all the meds. How long ago did you have yours done and what meds are you taking? Have you been able to quit smoking?

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hi ywagent

    Thanks for your comment. I had mine done in 2006 and now, the medication doesn't bother me or cause me problems. Atorvastatin, Lisinopril, Adizem and asprin. Not really much.

    I managed to cut down the smoking but never gave it up. Absolutely ridiculous, really. They should open me up and take the stent back out!!


    Aadiitya 3 years ago

    I had an angioplasty with 3 stents(2 of them biodegradable) on 25th March 2013.

    I am on a strict diet regime since then and though I have been travelling a lot, I took extra care about what I consume.

    I feel fine but I have problems walking long distances. Even a mile seems like a marathon. I feel uneasiness in my left side- arm, shoulder and jawline. The problem vanishes after I sit for 10-15 min.

    Another problem is that I cannot seem to sleep at nights. My left side is uneasy even then. Once asleep, everything goes well.

    Its been 3 months since angioplasty. Is it normal? Is it a part of recovery process?

    I planned to exercise regularly after the procedure but have not been able to coz of these issues.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Aadilitya

    In my own experience, it took a little while before I felt fully 'normal' after my stent was fitted. Having said that, I would have thought it best to see a specialist and talk these things through with him or her.

    The various types of medication can sometimes cause side effects and in some cases these can be muscle pain and problems sleeping, so it could be as simple as that. Nevertheless, just to give you peace of mind, I would go and talk to the people who initially diagnosed and/or treated you.

    Do keep in touch and let us know what happens.


    Marcie 3 years ago

    Hi and thanks for your information and post on here. My b/f of 5 1/2 years just went through this not quite 2 weeks ago. Had the stent on the 8th(Monday) and is doing great. However....he also has diabetes and is not sure what foods he can and can not have. He did meet with the diettision but is still not sure what all he can eat. Any ideas or you know of anywhere we can go to get this information? It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. He is not old by any means. He is only 49. Any help will be appreciated.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Marcie

    Thank you very much for your comments and for your question. I am so glad that everything has gone well for your boyfriend.

    From everything I read it seems that poorly controlled diabetes can have an adverse effect on angina, so it would appear that following a diet which is good for diabetes should also be good for the angina. It seems that one of the biggest impacts that diabetes has on angina is that excess glucose in the blood causes hardening of the arteries, so maintaining a good blood sugar level should not only be good for the diabetes but also it should be good for the arteries too. It makes sense, really.

    There are many sites which have good advice on diet and angina / diabetes and I am sure that if you have a look you will quickly find some that give excellent diet sheets and advice on good and bad fats. I am sure a chat with your doctor would be a good idea too.

    Good luck to you both


    Gordon Moir 3 years ago

    Hi, my Dad had stent fitted on Wednesday last. He is due home over the next couple of days, he was hoping to be out today but has low blood pressure. He is 67 years of age and has led a physical life swimming up to 50-60 lengths a day. So it was comforting to read that you still live a normal way of life, a worrying time for everyone involved especially as we are a close family and still feel our pops is a super hero. Thanks for our honesty and I can show your words to my Dad and hopefully he will realise he is going to be ok

    Charles 3 years ago

    I want to thank you for your article which I find informative. I am 60 and had an angioplasty procedure in April this year. One artery about 90% blocked. The procedure went smoothly. Now I am on aspirin 100mg, Plavix 75mg, Lipitor 20mg and Metoprolol 50mg each day. Everything is fine now except that sometimes I have a tired feeling after a short walk or after climbing up a flight of stairs. I do play games twice a week. Easily got tired while playing but the recovery is fast after a short rest. The doctor could not find out anything for now. Will see him again soon.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Charles

    Thanks very much for writing. It is always great to get people's experiences of angiograms, angioplasty and angina as every person's story helps the next person who is facing up to the whole issue. I am really glad things went well for you and that you are playing games with a good recovery time.

    Very best of luck to you in the future


    Sylvia 3 years ago

    I had my Stent/Angioplasty April 23rd, 2013. Now it is August 27th, 2013. I went through the cardiac rehab program at the hospital, and I feel like that helped me a lot - especially with the anxiety. I felt like I could move around and exert myself a little more without fear of dying. Now, I work out at the gym and swim laps six days a week. I've lost 68 pounds and feel better than I have in a very long time. I can even walk uphill without getting short of breath. I suspect that the blockage had been creeping up on me for a long time and the crummy feeling I had all the time was from that. I still have some issues with anxiety, and am sort of afraid of being alone, so I have not gotten back to my work yet, but hopefully that will happen soon. I have not had any chest pains since the procedure. None. So that is a big improvement. I had been having a lot of chest, neck and arm pain. All that is gone. I just turned 58.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Sylvia and thank you so much for telling us about your stenting experience. It is an absolutely wonderful account to read and I have to say, if I could pick just one post to share with someone who is facing up to angina and stenting, yours would be the one I would show them. What a fabulous success story!!

    It really is wonderful to read such a story as yours. I am sure the anxiety is a perfectly understandable side issue that will ease with time.

    If ever you want someone to email about it, just to get it out of your system, please feel free and email me, as several others have done, at

    Thanks once again. Very well done and all the very best for the future


    Sylvia 3 years ago

    Thanks Graham. I truly believe that without this stent I would not have lived to be 58. The whole thing was a wake up call, and now I'm getting my health back on track. I have a lot more weight to lose, but now it seems like something I can do. I monitor all my food and exercise with an app on my phone, take all my meds, and stay away from the bacon and fried foods that almost killed me. And this weekend I'm getting a new puppy to keep me company on my walks. I'm hoping I can take him to my studio too, to keep me company while I work.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    And what are you going to call the puppy?!!

    Sylvia 3 years ago

    His name is Bruno. That's the name he had at the shelter and it seems to fit him. He's a cutie!

    Phil 3 years ago

    Hi Graham...

    I cant seem to find the post i sent and the reply you gave,or am i missing it somewhere?

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Phil

    At the bottom of the article and before the first post is a link that says 'Go to last comment'. If you click that it takes you to yours. I don't know why your post didn't show but it happens sometimes


    Kevin 3 years ago

    Hi all this my story about my stents,I was on holiday in Benidorm 30/07/13 -21/08/13 first week of the holidays didn't really want to do a lot,just sitting around and floating in the pool,on the 08/08/13 I woke up at 07.45 with some chest pains and pains in my left arm just passed it off it was still there at 10.45am so I thought I better go to the Clinica and have it checked out luckily a member of the hotel staff came with me and as he was explaining my symptoms I got a tap on the shoulder and they took me into a side room and put me on am ECG,half an later a doctor came and said I think you need to go to the hospital,so off I trampled to the hospital Clinica Benidorm (as in Benidorm ER) on tv,they gave me tests and told me that I had a small Heart Attack,my wife contacted the insurance company and everything kicked in straight away I was admitted to intensive care for 6 days by the third day they gave me two stents,I have never felt so good at the moment I am feeling a little dizzy but the doctors have taken blood and sent away for testing to see if the medication need adjusting,I agree with some of the posts on here you get more pain from the dentist,so please don't be afraid think positive and enjoy you second chance because we are the ones who are here to tell our stories.

    Great blog site lets keep this going as I know some people will benefit from the blogs on here.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Kevin

    What a holiday!

    I think you are our first 'holiday stent' blogger! It sounds as if you have been really well looked after in Spain. I am not sure our doctors in the UK bother to take blood tests to see if the medication needs altering.

    All the very best to you and thank you for another angina / stent story with a happy outcome.

    Take care and keep in touch


    maverick51 3 years ago

    Hello, it sounds like my best mate,

    He suffered chest pains, shortness of breath, sickness, sweats, and passing out. He finally got a Doctor to give him an angiogram having failed a stress test, the Doctor told him he had a Myocardial bridge, Angina, damage to the tricuspid valve and low blood pressure. He was placed on Aspirin, Alpha and Beta blockers, Statins and Anti Depressants. He is admitted to hospital every week same ward, same bed, he even knows the staff by their first names.

    Last week a new Doctor carried out a blood test, and said he has no heart condition of any kind, no Angina, Myocardial Bridge, Damage to the Tricuspid valve, or low blood pressure, but to keep taking the drugs. My mate said no as he was told he had not got a heart condition and it would be a waste of NHS money, the Doctor said he had too or suffer the consequences. He was rushed in again as the local walk-in centre said he was very ill and placed him on oxygen and morphine. the Doctor said all tests are normal and its in my mates head.

    He has stopped seeing the Doctor or attending the local Hospital, it is quiet marvellous that one blood test tells all, no need foe expensive test

    Gary 3 years ago

    I had burning feeling in my chest and visited the doctor, my ECG was clear and scan was also clear. doctor suspected muscle pain as I recently started gym after 6 months training. I decided to visit a heart specialists and he did ECG and said from results he was 99% sure the pain wasn't from my heart, however to be 100% sure he recommended and angiogram, I ended up with two blocked arteries and two stents. All I can say to people experiencing chest pain, take what's needs to be done to find the cause. Thanks to my specialist for being so meticulous Dr Materson Durban Westville, SA.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Gary

    I am so pleased that you persisted and eventually got the outcome you needed. My case was very similar, with all the routing tests showing nothing and then, finally, an angiogram revealed, as it did in your case, that there was indeed a problem.

    I go on and on about people not giving up when they believe something is wrong and yours is a classic case of that.

    I really hope all goes well for you now. Best of luck and do stay in touch from time to time


    Wayne 3 years ago

    From the previous post I am 50 and live in the uk ,my brother was treated for twelve months with indigestion but lucky for him on e

    particular Doctor advised an Angiogram and to his amazement found numerous blockages but one in particular where he needed a triple bypass and as he was private done three days later. I actually work in the NHS and it is pot luck of how treatment is different to one person compared to others but if you pay (private) you jump the que .Life is a lottery they say .

    Regards to all

    Do not give up

    billy 3 years ago

    had a stent put in ,had a laugh with the nurses and doctors,never once did i get any pain from the entire time i was in the hospital.I feel great now,no pain in chest ,my kids were worried but what put them at ease was when i said ,'hey,i was broke ,now im fixed' dont worry you are in amazing hands in hospital,and a few hours of being uncomfortable is worth your life i would say,,.

    Will 3 years ago

    Hey, thanks for the brilliant post. My story is pretty similar. I am 48, pretty fit, moderate drinker, ex smoker (10 years).

    I got a very dull chest pain on the treadmill at the gym and went for a check up. I then went through a calcium score scan (mildly elevated calcium apparently) and Myocardial Perfusion scan (where they inject you with radioactive stuff and film your heart). The MPS showed a problem so I am now going for and angiogram.

    To be honest when they told me I was completely devastated. This kind of thing makes you face up to your own mortality. This post helps though, so thanks. It's nice hearing things described in a personal tone, rather than all the clinical doctor-speak I have been hearing.

    I would like to add one thing to anyone who reads this:

    You MUST take control of your own health. If you think something is wrong, follow it all the way through until you know exactly what is going on. I was fobbed off a couple of times with this (eg oh the treadmill test was fine, so you're OK etc). It's your body, so trust your own instincts, and it's your life, not theirs.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Will

    Sorry you are having to go through what we have all been through. I am sure everyone who reads and contributes to this hub feels for you. But, I am sure that by now you have gathered that there is life after stenting!

    Thank you for reinforcing how important it is to be the master (or mistress) of your own destiny and not allow them to fob you off.

    Please let us know how it goes.

    Best wishes to you


    muditha 3 years ago

    i was stented very recently . i want to know the year you were stented.

    do you feel ok since that day.

    thanks Muditha

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Muditha

    I was stented in February, 2006. I have felt absolutely fine from that day to this. Never had an recurrence of chest pains and other than the normal coughs and colds occasionally plus a bout of food poisoning, I have enjoyed great health for the past seven and a half years. How about you? How have you been since you were stented?


    Tangaraj 3 years ago

    Dear this is Tangaraj from Bangalore in India i have done angiogram on 12/06/13 & i would like to get married can u please advice me either to marry or not & what are the safety things to taken &

    PaulF 3 years ago


    Reading your story really is something I can directly relate to. I have had all the same symptoms that you have had and initially been prescribed reflux medication. However, today I am having a stress echocardiogram, to try and rule out possible angina. Without being dramatic, I know it is not a gastric problem and would hope that my actual diagnosis is swift and can be acted on rapidly. My concern amongst other things, and quite selfishly as I have a loving and worried wife and son, is that I wouldn't be able to carry on playing sport and be active with my son and so lead a normal life. Your story therefore leads me to believe that IF I do have this then I will be able to do most things . Again, I am obviously hoping above all that it will not be so. Just reading your story has helped though mate.



    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Tangaraj

    I hope your health has been better since June. Did you have a stent fitted or did you just have the angiogram?

    As for getting married . . . . . . .I have no idea whether you should or shouldn't get married! What I will say, though, is what a wonderful thing marriage is - provided you are married to the right person! So, looks like a question only you can answer.

    Best wishes to you. I hope all goes well for you in your future.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Paul.

    I know how you feel and I have no idea about what stenting will or won 't do for other people but once I had my stent fitted I was back to playing sport again in next to no time. The hospital physio rehabilitation sessions helped enormously, though. They gave me the confidence to push myself once more.

    Please let us know how things went today.

    Best wishes


    Gokulpsgmz 3 years ago

    Hi maharg,

    I was desperately worried about my father who was diagnosed today with coronary block. I read your story. Let me tell my fathers story is exactly the same. My father had pains in chest when he went for a walk in the morning continuously for two days. He met the doctor and was diagnosed for acid reflex. Further he was sent for angiogram and the block was found. He was man with healthy practices. he exercises daily. Smokes very less. But the block threatened me . He is to under go surgery in 24 hours (stent). Need to speak to you..

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello. I can understand your worry for your Father. The good thing is that his blockage was found and he is now about to be stented. As you will have read from all the posts, stenting helps so many people to become free of the problems caused by a blocked artery. Feel free to email me at


    PaulF 3 years ago


    Following up from my post to you a week ago, I had the echocardiogram and have been told by my consultant that an angiogram and angioplasty are required. This is planned for the next few days at some point. I feel a little apprehensive, but again and quite selfishly, I think that is down to how things will be after the procedure and how quickly I can hopefully get back to an active life etc. I know far worse things can happen and in some respects this has been found BEFORE anything else more serious had happened so I consider myself to be a little fortunate. I also have to say that this forum and your comments have helped massively and my wishes go to all in the same boat. I have been given a chance and I am going to run with it to the full.

    Best of luck and thanks to you all.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Paul

    Sounds like you have such a great attitude. You are right. This has all been found before anything bad has happened and if all the experiences on here are anything to go by, you have a future to look forward to now.

    Very best wishes. Write again once you have been stented and are feeling better


    Michael in Topeka KS 3 years ago

    You all have great stories. I too am 48 yrs old and have been smoking since I was 10 yrs old. Last year I began feeling very strong pains in my chest. Never having heartburn or knowing the syptoms of a heart attack I assumed I was getting old and beginning to get heart burn. I went and bought myself some heart burn medication and oddly enough the pain would go away every time I took a pill. This of course was probably just coincidence. I took heart burn medication for a week. The next week I started to have numbing sensations in my arm and my fingers. Once again i put this in the getting old category and would just ball my hand in to a fist and open and close my hand until the pain would go away, along with taking more heart burn medication. By the end of the week the numbness would occur more frequently and I was beginning to experience pain along my back in the left and right shoulder areas. This I knew was not heart burn and I started to investigate on line and put my symptoms in "search" and started asking myself if I was having a stroke or a heart attack. Sadly enough some of the syptoms I was having were listed as those being similiar to having heart burn. In fact some articles even suggest that a good percentage of people who go to the emergency room in fear of having a heart attack are treated for heart burn. This gave me some very dangerous relief and I continued to write off my symptoms as heart burn. Finally I woke up one day took a shower and readied myself to go to work. When I woke i had a strong burning in my chest as if it were on fire. Thinking this was heart burn, once again, I decided this time I would hop in the shower and run hot water on my chest until the pain went away. My shower is on the 2nd floor of my house and i have to climb quite a few stairs to get to the second level. The burning was even greater by the time I reached the 2nd floor. It was beginning to become very painful and burning at the same time. I hurried to get in the shower and put the shower jets on the strongest setting there was and just stood there whincing in pain while the water slowly began to subside the burning. I got out of the shower and went down the same amount of stairs and by the time I recahed the lower level the burning and the pain had tripled and I was in agony.

    I like to consider myself a fairly tough guy. I was a roughneck on oil rigs and had worked construction most of my life so I was in descent shape for a 48 yr old smoker who started at the ripe old age of ten, and who had been shoveling massive amounts of red meat down his throat for most of his life. ( I am a sucker for a great steak) and had been eating steaks 2-3 times a week when I was not eating fast food and drinking 3 pots of coffee a day. Anyway.... I am at the bottom of the stairs in agony and I make my way to the couch and sit down. I am holding my chest wondering what the heck is going on and telling myself to go get back in the shower and do the hot water treatment again because I knew that this was just heartburn. I get up and start back up the stairs again. So that is up the stairs, down the stairs and starting back up again. This I find out later is the last thing I want to be doing at this point. OHHH! I forgot to mention that I really never liked going to the hospital or doctors and never went to one unless something was falling off or broken. I even sawed off my own cast in my 20's to save a buck.

    In my 48 years I had only been to a doctor 5 times. Mostly work required physicals. Back to the story..... So I am on my way back up the stairs and the pain is unlike anything I had ever felt. I hear some people describe their pain as being equivalent to having an elephant sit on their chest, as being a heavy smothering feeling. OH NO this was not good enough for me. I had to have the chest burning on fire from the inside out., with excruciating streaks of pain running all the way acrossed my shoulders. I stopped mid stairway and decided to try and make it back down the stairs to the couch. I make it to the couch and sat there holding my chest moaning loudly in undescriptive pain. I finally thought to myself "This is not heart burn.This is something else" Still being stubborn I walk around the house putting my clothes on for work, and trying to find my car keys so I can take myself to the hospital.


    I made my way back to the bottom of the stairs clinching my chest in pain and as I go to take the first step I looked up the stairs and literally said, out loud, "These stairs are gonna kill me!"

    Lucky for me, my sister lives in the house directly across from me. I open the door and she is getting in to her vehicle with one of her friends to go shopping. I yell at her and she walks across the street to see what it is that I am wanting. As she approaches I can tell that I am not in good shape by the concerned look on her face. We hop in her vehicle and we run all the stops to the hospital. Although the hospital story is much more laughable I must say that they were very expediant after the initial stop at the receptionist desk in the emergency area.

    I am still 48 yrs old, the first words out of my doctors mouth, when I first opened my eyes, after having 2 stents inserted to open my arteries that were 85 and 90 percent clogged was,"You smoke another cigarette and you are gonna die!"

    Thanks Doc I just had one nightmare only to wake up to another. He's right of course but is that the first thing I wanna hear? So much for a pleasant bedside manner Geesh! You just survived a traumatic illness but now your gonna die. Easy on the drama Doc!

    Here's the deal. Its one year later I am on 8 different medications including one to soften my stools so I do not have a heart attack while I am attempting to have a "movement" I am afraid to have sex, I am afraid to exercise, My job is just as stressfull as it ever has been.(Upper Management) I have had two more stents inserted in my legs because they found more blockage in my legs in the main vein that supplies blood to the left leg and the hip and penis area. The medication affects me in weird ways,some days I am very weak for days and other days I am right as rain. I pop nitro pills instead of seeing my doctor, which is not something I recommend. If you can get anything from this story it would be do not be stubborn/hard headed. If you do not know what the problem is then you should go see a doctor. I like to think that most of us feel that we can handle just about anything, especially when family and work issues need to be taken care of. We put our own needs on the back burner to make sure we are doing everything we need to, for everyone else around us. If this is you, remember, you cant take care of the ones you love from 6 feet under!.......................I know! Easy on the drama Mike.

    Take care of yourselves and be good to the ones that love you!

    The hospital story is much more pleasant and for some one like me who hates being in the hospital to begin with, me and the nurses had a very laughable three days. Laughable for me anyway.

    Take care!

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Michael . . . I don't know what to say! Your story is a whole hub in itself! Clearly, if you have had all those stents and yet you are still taking the nitro pills (they haven't given you a spray?) then you really should be seeing your doctor again, I would have thought?

    The point you make near the end is very valid, though. The graveyards are full of indispensable people.

    So, don't keep living with it. See a doctor.

    Take care. Hope all goes well


    Chuck 3 years ago

    Good Day,

    The widow maker, the silent killer. I feel I've dodged a bullet that had my name on it.

    Appearance wise, I was the model of fitness. I'm a life long gym goer and bicycling enthusiast. I knew about my family's history of heart disease. As a result, two decades ago, I gave up dairy fat, egg yokes, and rarely consume red meat.

    At the age of 48, I sustained an overuse right hip injury after cycling too many miles too soon. That injury slowly turned into a sciatic irritation. During that same period, I vacationed in Australia and sustained a blood clot in my right leg presumably from the long jet flight. Although an inconvenience at the time, these two issues probably saved my life.

    A year into being treated for the blood clot, I mentioned to my doctor a sensation I was feeling in my upper chest during exercise, walking vigorously, or cycling. My doctor immediately - that evening - sent me for an MRI of my chest to rule out a lung embolism. After ruling that out, I was given the name of a cardiologist.

    The cardiologist scheduled me for a stress test. I passed the stress test, passed the ECG, but a funny looking squiggly line on the EKG gave pause to the cardiologist, enough to schedule an angiogram.

    The angiogram quickly became an angioplasty as two coronary arteries were at least 90-percent blocked! My cardiologist went into the artery of my right wrist instead of the groin. A huge band-aid was all it took to seal that incision. I was out the next day by noon with a Halloween bag full of heart meds.

    I must have had an angel looking over me. The overuse injury and blood clot got me off my exercise regime long enough for a reduction in my aerobic conditioning such that oxygen deprivation could be felt. During that period, I believe the anticoagulation meds treating the blood clot may have saved my life as it reduced the chance of a blood clot going anywhere in my system.

    The heart meds have been a challenge for me as I've developed a rash over the months that comes and goes. We think we've narrowed the trigger to a dye in the Warfarin (for the blood clot). I'm now taking the no dye Warfarin which has allowed the rash to become dormant.

    I'm back on my bike at 100 miles per week and back to 5 AM gym workouts with no pains in my upper chest. I've also modified my diet to a mostly plant based diet with the exception of egg whites as my primary protein. That diet change and the statin meds have my cholesterol at 135, with the LDL at 70!

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    PaulF 3 years ago

    Hi Graham,

    I have now had my angio and subsequently had the stent fitted last week. I actually think that I have dodged a a bullet . Physically I don't know how I feel, it's a bit weird. On the one hand I really want to get going and get completely back to normal, although I do get the odd twinge and ache occasionally, but it also feels like like I am constantly under scrutiny. I know people are concerned, particularly my wife who as you would expect has been fantastic and I have been looked after very well. It has been a very worrying time for her and my family and, following the letter I received from the consultant about the extent of my problem, the worries were not without reason. I am not being ungrateful by any means and I would be exactly the same, if not worse, but I just want to be normal and get back to OUR life again. I am full of contradictions, as you can tell by this because I do know how lucky I have been , and taking it easy for a while has been exactly what I have needed. Its just the ramblings of a 48 year old who still thinks he's in the spring of youth.......... Just to finish off though, for all those out there who are just getting on this bus, the process for me has been swift, relatively pain free and totally life affirming and has been a wake up call for me and quite a few of the circle of friends who are now re-evaluating their lifestyle. And that can't be a bad thing...........

    Graham, if I can help with this in any way , as this site has helped me then I would be only too happy.

    Good luck one and all.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Paul and welcome to the stent club. I know what you mean about being under scrutiny. My daughter still keeps an eye on me now, 7 years later and comes out with things like "Don't let dad lift that, he might have a heart attack!" I have to remind her I am now fitter, stronger and quicker than she is. That's the problem with having people who care for us - they take it to heart!

    I think it is usual to feel a bit weird for a while. It will go and before you know it, you will have put all of this behind you and it will just be a distant memory. And you already have helped, by writing about yourself and your own story.

    That is all any of us can do. We can't prescribe or operate or diagnose, all we can do is share and in doing so hope to inspire others and provide some sort of reassurance for those who are about to make the stenting journey.

    Thanks for all you have given to everyone who reads these hubs, through your openness and honesty and most of all, through sharing a bit of yourself and your life with us all.

    Best of luck to you. Take good care of yourself and do stay in touch every once in a while


    Sandip 3 years ago

    Hi Graham,

    Am touching base with you after close to 15 months.Hope you are going great guns.The energy and optimism is so infectious everytime I read your blogs.Now all that you siad makes sense.As in your case it was a case of single stenting however the trauma made it look like "game over".Slowly however I am feeling great and much in control of life.Have bounced back in accepting my mistakes and moving on to take charge of life.Have not been advised to take severe physical exertion for close to 2 years by the doc.However have started all other activities going full throttle.Trust me,getting stented at a young age of 31 does put you down but in due course you realise "We are special people who have been warned much in advance,change before you cannot change yourself".Thanks for bringing smiles around Graham.Whenever you come to India gimme a buzz.Mail me


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Sandip

    Thank you for getting in touch. It is so nice to hear from you again and to also know that things are going well and that you are in such a positive frame of mind. That is so pleasing to hear.

    India is a place I would love to visit when I retire so . . . . look out for that email in a couple of years time!!

    Very best wishes to you


    bulent 3 years ago

    ive just done my agioplasty 2 days ago,like what other say here i felt pain in my left chest till my left jaw,first i thought its only acid flux but letter on pain came 3 time a day till the time that i was awaken with hard breathing,i was rush to the hospital and found out thru angiogram that i have 3 block arteries that need to be address infact i saw it also in the monitor while my doctor perform the angiogram,on that moment angioplasty was performed,after 24 hrs stay in the hospital i was discharge with some medicine to maintain,i thanks GOD that i survived because as what the doctor says im into heart attack already,now im still in my house but GOD knows how i feel better now than before,just my piece of advice see the doctors when this chest pain occur in you,the earlier the better,dont be afraid to see the result,reality makes you worry free,thank you

    Stephanie 3 years ago


    I'm only 19 and have been diagnosed with angina. It's very rare and I feel my youth has been taken away from me as now I am on diltiazem hydrochloride twice a day, every day for the foreseeable future. Because of my age, they would not operate on me in case something went really badly. I realize it is probably not as bad as some of you have it, but I'm finding it very hard to cope now being at university with literally no energy (the medication makes me feel very lethargic) and unable to drink and participate in social events that everyone else enjoys. Any advice? It does help reading your stories so thank you for sharing.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Stephanie and thank you for writing.

    I am so sorry that you have to suffer at such a young age and I am sure we can all empathise with your struggles at Uni. Goodness knows, university is hard enough as it is without having the added problems that you have.

    I am not a medical person, just someone who has been through angina and stenting, but I have to say it seems odd to say that they will not operate because of your age. You would think that your youth would be on your side, as opposed to the rest of us who were, in the main, ancient when we had our angina dealt with.

    I wonder, have you sought a second opinion? If you haven't, it may be worth considering finding another consultant to see. The Dr Foster site is a good way to find a consultant

    Please keep in touch and do let us know how things progress. What are you studying at Uni?

    Take care

    Best wishes


    mike 3 years ago

    Thank you for the article. I had a heart attack last week and spent 3 days in an induced coma. Woke up in in ICU and now have 2 stents. I am scared of how to get my life back together, but you have given me courage. Thank you very much, Mike

    LisaTrublu 3 years ago from Boca Raton, Fl

    We all appreciate your words; my husband had a stent back in 1999; then he had other arteries clogged 2yrs later; bi-pass needed. He is currently not taking care of himself. It is frustrating; and we are both just 46yrs old. He has diabetes since 12yrs old. I think its because his eyesight is so bad; he was told he can lose the ability to see within a decade. He also can't keep his business running, because he needs his eyes to work. Been waiting for disability for over three years. All this causes him not to care. Update: My mother just had an angiogram; it was a good experience. She will be telling my husband Robert to take care of his health by keeping active and adding healthy foods to his diet rich in bad fats and bad carbs. Thank you for sharing your history.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Lisa. What can I say . . . . Men!

    We really can be a pain at times. If only we were as conscious of health issues as women then maybe we would be a lot better off. I am so glad your mother has had a good experience. Let's just hope she can help to influence your husband in taking better care of himself.

    Thank you for writing. I hope you will let us know how things go with your mother and with your husband.

    Take care


    sshirleyks 3 years ago

    I had a stent back in April and now have to go in for another heart cath next Friday. I had a stress test which showed a blockage. They aren't sure if the original stent closed up or a its new blockage. The original stent was really long, and the doctor said they sometimes kink like a water hose when they are that long. So, I'm a little bummed about it. I had been doing great with diet and exercise and have lost 84 pounds and had all kinds of energy. I could even climb stairs and go hiking uphill. I was swimming laps every day, doing other cardio and doing weight training. Then in October I had some neck and arm pain after working out and went to the ER and told them I might be having a heart attack. They put me in a room, shut the door and left me there for over an hour without even checking on me! So I left in a huff and went to the cardiologist's office. They did tests, tests and more tests, ending in the stress test last Friday. So I'm going 100 miles to have it done in a bigger hospital with a better reputation. I hope that's not a mistake. Now I'm having tightness in my chest and occasional neck and arm pain, weakness and just generally feel crummy. They told me not to do strenuous exercise till after the procedure, and I really miss my swimming. I hope I don't have to go through this every 6 months. It's not fun.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Sylvia

    I am really sorry to hear what you are going through and like everyone else who contributes to these hubs, I hope that everything goes well for you next week.

    I am sure that you cannot be doing the wrong thing by selecting the hospital with a good reputation. Try to relax and take things as easy as you can until then. Relaxing and not getting worked up can only help to reduce the pains.

    Best of luck to you and please let us know how it all goes for you

    Best wishes


    yashika 3 years ago


    My name is yashika has

    Got one artery blockage which is of eigthy percent before two days he has went through angiogram test they hv sugessted him angioplasty iam realy very afraid I cnt be without him we leave in blore can u assist me sm gud doctor with afforadble fee as our financial conditions are nt so well I wil be very thankful to you sir even u can contact me

    yashika 3 years ago


    My name is yashika has

    Got one artery blockage which is of eigthy percent before two days he has went through angiogram test they hv sugessted him angioplasty iam realy very afraid I cnt be without him we leave in blore can u assist me sm gud doctor with afforadble fee as our financial conditions are nt so well I wil be very thankful to you sir even u can contact me

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Yashika

    I am so sorry but I have no knowledge of doctors where you live. The only Blore I can find from search engines is Blore in Staffordshire, UK. Is that where you live? If it is then the NHS will take care of all your treatment which will include a good specialist. When they suggested angioplasty did they tell you what you should do next?

    Please go to your local GP and talk to him or her. Otherwise go back to the hospital where your boyfriend had his angiogram and talk to them. If you are in the UK you don't need to pay for this treatment

    Best wishes


    Khoja 3 years ago

    Many thanks for sharing your experience, I have been quite active, don't drink or smoke, been eating healthy diet apart from some days treating myself with a burger and fries.

    Last Saturday I was out jogging, and when I got tired I started walking till I got my breath back. I was walking up a hill and got pain in the centre of my chest which I have never come across. I took a rest for around 1/2 mins and started walking again didn't get any pain then. When I came to a smooth stretch of road I started jogging again and suddenly felt the pain coming back and was a mile away from home.

    I got home told the mrs and we drove to AE, they took my ECG, and they weren't happy about it and so done some blood tests and found there's was some enzyme present and the told me I suffered a heart attack., prior to that I went gone in June 2013 for a stress test and nothing was found, and I was really surprised .

    They made an admission at the heart specialist hospital, and had the angioplasty procedure done and found one of my arteries was narrowing and they fitted a stent. I got discharged on Tuesday and was sent home with some medications, I still do feel discomfort in my chest but not all the time . Is that normal, and drugs give me headaches cause I have never been on any medications before. How long before can I go for a long walk?, cause I have been out jogging for the last 15 years and i feel very scared, plus I have been playing traditional volleyball for the last 12 years every Sunday for 4 hours, can you please suggest how do I start with my exercises!, really appreciate it



    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Khoja

    Firstly I am glad that the doctors found the problem and have been able to treat it with a stent. Hopefully you will start to feel better and better in time.

    I know different people react to the medicines in different ways so I would talk to your doctor to see if you can be prescribed any alternative medication. There are many different types which all do the same job and I have read that people often have to try more than one before they find the one that is best for them.

    Of course I cannot tell you about the discomfort you feel but I would suggest that you talk to your doctor about that too or arrange a visit to the consultant who performed the angioplasty. You should also ask your local hospital if they have a cardiac rehabilitation program. Many hospitals do and they can be very helpful.

    Good luck to you. Do keep in touch

    Best wishes


    lohet 3 years ago

    Hi Graham.How are you ?

    Hope you remember me. I am that 22 yr old who underwent angioplasty, Your words were very comforting.Thanks for your prompt reply. From them onwards I always look at my life in a positive way. Well I have a question , Its been 8 months now since I had my stenting process done and I am planning to go on a trek with my mates next month, Is it safe considering what i have been through ?

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Lohet

    I am so pleased that everything has gone well for you. I would think a chat with your doctor would be the best idea but in general, if you have had no problems and you are able to do all the normal things you would have done previously, I can't see why not!

    I think that if the stenting has worked, then it has worked. I certainly haven't let stenting stop me from doing things, like body boarding, cliff walking, swimming and playing sport. Have you had check ups to see what your blood pressure and cholesterol are like etc. ?

    Go and have a chat with your doctor and then, hope you have a good trek and enjoy yourself!

    Thanks for writing again. Good luck


    eskiemama 3 years ago

    Hi, I just read your hub and I'm really glad I did! Last week I went to the ER with twinges of pain up near my collar bone. A few weeks prior, I'd have to say is when it all started. Although looking back now there were probably more signs than I realized! Come to find out I had a 99% blockage which they did stent surgery for. I also have 2 more is 70% and the other is 20%..........those 2 they are hoping the meds will help take care of. I may also have had a mild heart attack, but will find out more when I see the cardiologist this Friday. Since the surgery, I've had extreme high anxiety, which I'm told is perfectly normal. And of course have been wondering every since my surgery, if I can live a "normal" life again!

    I had all the doctors I saw at the hospital stumped while I was there. Reason being, is that I'm 43 yrs old with no family history that I know of. I don't have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I did, however, smoke about a 1/2 to 1 pack of cigarettes a day. Since the day I went into the hospital, I have not smoked another cigarette! I do have an E-Cigarette that I use with a 0% nicotine cartridge.

    Just curious, have you talked or known anyone who over all was not your typical candidate for this to happen to? Meaning, no family history, no high blood pressure or high cholesterol? I know smoking is a contributing factor, but it just doesn't make sense to me that that is the only factor for this to happen! The Dr's I talked to in the hospital couldn't believe that I didn't already have a cardiologist and that I wasn't on any medications prior to going to the ER. When I asked them what I need to do with my diet, I was amazed that I really don't need to do much to change my eating habits! So that also has me a little baffled!!

    I would also love to hear how anyone else coped with the anxiety after all of this! Seems like every little twinge I anywhere in my arms, neck or collar bone area, I find myself trying not to go into a panic attack! I sure do hope that with time that subsides!

    Thanks for listening!

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello eskiemama

    Thank you for writing and what an interesting situation you have. Your situation does sound a little different from the usual blocked artery problems.

    I think my own situation was very similar, with the exception that I DO have a family history, so I am sure some of my own problem was / is genetic but like you, no need for dietary issues and I was told that whilst smoking is unquestionably bad, that wasn't the cause of my blockage.

    One thing you haven't mentioned is stress. Did they mention that at all? Do you suffer from stress?

    I ask because in my case, I was told that was the major contributor to my problem and, looking back, I realise that my worst pains came not when I did physical things or when I smoked, but when I was worked up and that was also when my blood pressure was at its highest.

    So, I just wonder, whether or not stress is an issue with your angina?

    The panic attacks are understandable and I do think that, for a lot of people, that anxiety goes, with time.

    Do stay in touch and let us know how you get on and do pursue the stress angle.

    Take care


    eskiemama profile image

    eskiemama 3 years ago

    Hi Graham!

    Yes, stress! I guess my life has got a lot of stress. I wouldn't say it was out of the ordinary stress of everyday things in life! We have 3 adult children, one of those children is my oldest daughter who has a 3 yr old granddaughter! So yes it can get a bit stressful here! Although I wouldn't change having my granddaughter living with us for anything! And if I look back at the last few years, before the kids got their licenses, having to drive them everywhere on top of working myself was stressful! But I never actually "felt" stressed!

    So along with working on making my diet better, I will also be working on not letting the small things get me aggravated, as I do tend to let those little things aggravate me!

    I'm anxious to see what the Dr has to say when I go see him this Friday! While reading my discharge papers when I got home, I realized none of the dr's at the hospital (and I saw at least 3 or 4 different dr's while I was there) gave me any restrictions or when I can go back to doing my normal routine!

    I will keep you posted on how my first visit with this Dr goes! And thank you again for being here! It's nice to read and get advice from people who have gone through similar things!


    David Sheasby 3 years ago

    In the last week of July I had what I thought was indigestion, I had been getting it on odd occasions over the past year or so, irratating but not unbearable, kept me awake for a few hours then would disappear.

    The next day at work it returned after I had eaten lunch, my shoulders ached and I had a slight pain in my jaw, again nothing to severe, nothing resembling what I had read about heart attack symptoms.

    two girls from the office nagged me until i agreed to go to the hospital, feeling like I was wasting their time.

    Tests were done and blood tests taken identifying that I was in the process of having a heart attack.

    I have no family history of heart disease, I have low cholesterol, blood pressure usually a tad below average. I am 5'11 and 72 kgs and active. I did smoke and was leading a pretty stressful work life, I am 59.

    I was given an Angio three days later and a stent put in two days after that.

    Should have been end of story but I still kept getting pains, more severe than those I had when I had the heart attack, out of breath and unable to do any of the normal activities I used to.

    Back to the GP who did an ECG and then referred me straight back to emergency, again heart irregularities showed in the test, another angio identified a small artery which was 70 odd % blocked and in an area which was not conducive to having a stent put in.

    The specialists have said that because of the medication I am on that it is putting more pressure on that blocked artery which is causing constant angina. The medication I am now on to control it is changed regularly as it has caused blurred vision, plummeting blood pressure etc. etc. I am currently on heart failure medication.

    sorry I have been waffling on, but I just want to get back to normal.

    Raj 3 years ago

    Thanks for your blog ... I feel very happy to learn that I can lead a normal life after angioplasty as well...

    I am 40 and only recently a TMT revealed that there is a block in my heart. Although I have no physical discomfort whatsoever and moreover I gym regularly and hence was slightly depressed that this has happenned to me.

    The GP has suggested that I go for a CT Angiography this Friday. Your blog has given me lots of encouragement and I am looking forward to getting my life back right after.

    Thanks and God Bless...

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Raj

    I am so glad we have been able to help in some small way. Good luck for Friday and do let us know how you are once you are back home and feeling better.

    Best wishes to you


    shah 3 years ago really helps reading your comment. I had an attack in feb at my workplace. Rushed to hospital and yhen later to specialist. The same night underwent angio and found right main arteri 90% blocked. Placed a stent and rest for 45 days with proper diet and daily exercise on treadmill walking for 30 mon. Last month I had a palpitation just before bed. Lasted for an hour or more. Rushed to hospital again but found all was ok. After 2 weeks again palpitation same time. Stayed in hospital did all rest and found that heart beat sometime goes fast and sometime misses. Did angio again and found all good. No new block and the previous sten still in tack. This page had brought a little positive outlook for my goodself. Keep sharing experience and one thing for sure.......look forward for a better tomorrow. Anyway I'm from Malaysia.

    shah 3 years ago

    Just to not miss your medication. Listen and talk to your doctor. Sometimes supplements works....but be carefull. To name one which helped is tasly product danshen plus ..... ask your doctor for advise. Quit smoking if you are still smoking........

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 3 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Shah

    So glad you are ok and also pleased we were all able to help just a little.

    All the best for the future


    Andrea 2 years ago

    40 year old female normal weight, normal diet, smoked a pack a day...with 100% LAD have a stent and multiple meds for the rest of my life however, the procedure and doctors were amazing. This is scary stuff and articles and people like you all help!!!

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Andrea

    Hope your health has improved as a result, though. How are you now? How long ago since you had the stent fitted?


    eskiemama profile image

    eskiemama 2 years ago

    Hi all!! Hope everyone is well. Just returned from a follow up with my dr. I had a nuclear stress test done and all was good with that! I also had an ultrasound done on the carotid arteries. There is a slight plaque buildup but its very minimal! I still have a 70% blockage and a 50% blockage. They are watching them both and if the twinges I feel occasionally continue he will be doing another stent. It makes me wonder why they didn't put that stent in when they were doing the other one! I would actually rather get it done and over with instead of "watching" it! Anyone have any thoughts on weather or not I should suggest to maybe getting it done instead of waiting? I would love to hear other's opinion!

    shah 2 years ago

    Hi guys.....just got out from hospital having chest discomfort. ...due to simvarstatin 40mg. Doctor changed to crestor 20 mg and feeling much better. Anyone heard of the garlic+ginger+lemon+apple vinegar+honey mixture. It seems to be working for a lot of people who are in the sane boat as us. Try and maybe could benefit you guys.


    Andy 2 years ago

    Hi, i have been reading most of these and now feel as if i can get on with my life.Five weeks ago i had a heart attack and had two weeks later a couple of stents,i am 49 yrs of age and a gardener so plenty of excercise,this came as a complete shock,i did like a drink and i was a smoker but we all think it wont happen to us right !!! My family have been superb but my emotions have been so up and down towards everyone, but as i said earlier i now feel i can move on thank you for this page and thank you everyone who has posted. Good luck to you all.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hi Andy and good luck to you as well.

    I really hope your life just gets back to normal now and that, before long, you have forgotten all about stents and heart attacks.

    All the best and I hope you have a great Christmas


    Peter 2 years ago

    I had 3 medicine stents put in in Florida 3 years ago as I had 3 blockages at 85% Witch were totally missed by my doctor even after three different stress test. Since I had the stents I have had two maybe three more angiograms as At one point I was going into emerge with horrific chest pains and in my left arm once a week only being told it was not heart,having gall bladder removed didn't help. Finely after a lot of research on here I read that statin drugs can give you muscle pains I complained to my doc and he said your cholesterol is 3.5 I want that under 2 so he doubled my statin two weeks in more chest pain then ever also high kidney function as I read statin will plug your kidneys So I went of my statin and two weeks later my pains left I take krill oil instead at the moment my LDL is 3,2 and I know that has to be lower but hoping it will with the diet I am on my triglycerides were down and perfect.I had another angiogram a year ago and was told no problem seen but being I had all total about 5 angiograms the dye is very bad for the kidneys also I only had one angiogram that was not painful and how come I don't get any sedation for that?? Last week after I used my snowblower and it was not hard work as I just walk behind it like walking my dog I got chest pain across chest and in both arms went to emerge my BP was up to 190 over 95. one spray of nitro and my pain left was sent home. So why after my angiogram showed ok am I having what seems like angina? Also having a lot of stomach problem and burping a lot so like the person before me having the samething but I don't think my tummy would spike my bp that much my normal bp is 115 over 70 I suppose because I went into a panic my bp could have gone up also. So right now I don't know wich way to go. I love being active but scared to bring on chest pain????

    k.raju 2 years ago

    i had fitted stent on 29th dec 2009 yesterday i went to the doctor he prescribed clopivas ap 75, zivast 10mg, and korandil 5mg please give suggestion for good diet and physical exercises

    eskiemama 2 years ago

    I was taking 40mg of Lipitor and after reading about some of the side effects, I decided to call my Dr to ask if maybe some of the things I was experiencing were in fact from the Lipitor. Well that was over a week ago and I'm still waiting to hear back. I've called back a few times, only to end up with their voice mail because of the high volume of calls!!! Still no call back!

    I decided to try stopping the Lipitor to see if anything would change! Well it's been almost a week and I actually feel so much better. I was having sever muscle/joint pain in one of my shoulders and my urine was a very very dark color, especially in the morning! I also noticed I wasn't urinating as often as usual, in fact some days I wasn't going all day long! I was also having a lot of collar bone pain which the Dr was telling me was nothing. But that too has subsided since I stopped the Lipitor! I was thinking of only taking 1/2 the tablet until I can actually talk to the dr, but I'm not even sure if the tablets are ones that you can take 1/2 of . If it's a time released tablet, then I know you can't break those in 1/2 as they won't work properly!

    Now I've tried to call my dr again and again, as I know I need to be taking something, but I still can't even get ahold of anyone even to make an appointment! Does anyone what I could suggest he put me on when I call? I really have no idea what to suggest and I've read so many things about statin drugs that I'd much rather he put me on something else!

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello eskiemama

    I know that there are side effects with various medications that are prescribed and I have read a lot about muscle tiredness and pains are among the commonly reported ones.

    If you have tried calling your doctor a couple of times without reply, I would suggest you actually visit the surgery and ask to see him or, if he is not available, another doctor. I don't think anyone would tell you that it is a good idea to just stop taking medication that has been prescribed for you with a specific purpose in mind, nor is it the best idea to decide what you think you should be taking instead.

    I think it is good to be well informed and to read up on various medications, as long as we don't then start to self diagnose and prescribe.

    I agree that there has been such a lot written about statins that at times, it can all become quite confusing. One day they are good, the next day they are bad but it is the same with just about everything in the media. White bread good then white bread is bad. skimmed milk is good one day and the next, it makes you fat! Apples are good for helping to control cholesterol (apparently, according to recent press stories) but bad for your teeth!

    It is so difficult to get an accurate and reliable view on anything, which is why it is dangerous to pay too much attention to what is written in newspapers and on the internet.

    So, go to your doctor's surgery and talk to someone.


    eskiemama 2 years ago

    Just to make things clear, all the info I got on the medication I was taking was in the patient pamphlet I received with the prescription!

    I could have handled the muscle/joint pain, but noticing I was having symptoms all pointing to kidney problems, was the reason I stopped taking to see if things changed!

    Things have definitely changed........... so now I know what I need to talk to the Dr. about! My goal is to talk to someone this week, even if that means calling them every hour!!! Hopefully he can find me something that works for me!

    I actually hate reading anything about the medication I'm taking. All the side effects bring on so much anxiety, so I try not to read them unless I really have too!

    shah 2 years ago

    Hi's me again. I had palpitation and rushed to hospital. Sdoc put holter to observe for 24 hours. Result was good. Cholesterol was 3.5 and blood result does not show anything serious. But I wonder how and why did the palpitation happened? Any ideas.....I quit smoking for two months but recently have been taking a few sticks daily. Is it becoz of the smoking. It means NO SMOKING for the rest of my life....anybody experience palpitation and how do you guys overcome

    Doc gave me additional medication lexotan 1.5mg to take half in morning and half before bed.

    Kerry 2 years ago

    I am a 66 year old female who for the past month and a half has been experiencing mid sternal chest pain, even when resting. Had an echo stress test on 1-9-14 and the very same day the radiologist called my Dr. to say it was abnormal, I see my Dr. Monday. I live in a rural area where there are no cardiologist and would have to wait another 2 weeks to see one who comes to the area intermittently. I plan on going down state to see heart specialists where I used to live in the hospital I used to work at but all of this will take some time. I am very nervous as I do not know what is wrong but can only assume at this point it is CAD, feel like I am walking on eggs and just knowing something is wrong with your heart is enough to drive one crazy. . .anyone else feel this way?

    eskiemama 2 years ago

    I had a stent put in back in October, as I had a 100% blockage. I still have a 70% blockage somewhere, which they are watching! All I can say is that since October it's been nothing but anxiety, anxiety and more anxiety!!!! I swear I have pain somewhere every damn day! Dr keeps telling me there is nothing wrong, that I should feel good with the 100% blockage taken care of! And of course any pain............ whether it be collar bone, chest or arm.......... it puts me into a frenzy! Which I'm sure most likely makes the pain worse!!! I'm wondering when this anxiety will go away!!! Even when I'm not thinking about it, I'll get a twinge and that's all it takes.............. then I get pain for days!!!!! I just want to get back to normal and stop thinking everything I feel is going make me end up back in the hospital!

    treds87 2 years ago

    Hi, my Mum has had angina for over 10 yrs. She already has stents in place but recently she's started getting pains again and her blood pressure is crazy high. tonight he had pains so bad she called me a 4am, but wouldn't let me call anyone, and we just end up having an argument.

    Help me, tell me what I should do? Can I call her gp and get them to get her to go in...

    I don't know what to do.

    Michelle 2 years ago

    Hi all, I just want to encourage everyone out there to see your doctors at the slightest discomfort. My mom, age 69, has been suffering stomach pains for a while now. She is a smoker, never ever sees a doctor no matter how hard I try to force it. Well, last week we were moving her into my home as my father passed and I walked into her living room after not seeing her for a few mins and she was face down on the couch. I started chest compressions til ambulance came. She died twice in the ambulance but they say my compressions saved her life. They ultimately put 3 stints in her and told me they cannot believe she was walking around. They did not know how long her brain had been without oxygen so they lowered her body temp by icing her and then put her in a drug induced coma and paralyzed her as well. She was taken off the sedation a few days ago and she finally woke up. She is currently experiencing memory loss which I hope is temporary. I have not slept in almost a week. Whatever care she needs I will be there and take care of her but I know had she gone to the dr early on, we would not be in this position. If you will not go for yourself, go for your children and your grandchildren. Please, I cannot express the fear and pain I have experienced over the last week. My mom is my life....I am not ready to let her go.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Treds87

    I honestly don't know the answer to this. I am not sure what you can do for someone who refuses to allow you to call a doctor. I am sure that having an argument will do neither of you any good, especially your Mum, although I am sure anyone can understand why you would have an argument.

    All I can suggest is that you call her doctor and speak to him / her, explain the situation and ask for their advice about how you should handle the issue. I suppose that if you thought her chest pains were so bad that they constituted an emergency, then I assume you could call for an ambulance.

    But the best I can think of is to talk to the doctor or talk to your own doctor and seek their advice.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Dear Michelle. Yours is the most remarkable account of love and devotion I think I have read. As a parent, all I can say is that I imagine all parents, everywhere, would pray for a daughter (or son) who would be as incredible as you were in their hour of deepest, darkest need.

    I am sure that once your Mum is on the way to recovery and learns what an amazing daughter she has, she will be filled with so much pride . . . . .

    Thank you for writing and also for your advice to everyone. I am sure that anyone who reads your words will be moved to take them seriously.

    I hope everything works out well for your mum, and for you also.

    Do keep in touch

    Best wishes


    Rowena17 2 years ago

    Hi I am due to have an angiogram done in 10 days time, never had one before and I am absolutely terrified. Have enjoyed reading your account and all the other comments and they have helped me. The only thing I am still very frightened of is the fact that they will be going into an artery and what happens if it starts bleeding again when I get home. I am so worried that I might somehow knock the wound site when I am asleep and it starts bleeding and eventually bleed to death in my sleep!! I know it sounds dramatic but can't get this awful feeling out if my head. Did you heal okay afterwards? I just think that I too am going to die and I can't sleep for panicking.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Rowena

    I am sure we can all empathise with your fear. I had that many worries and concerns before my angiogram!

    I healed perfectly and everyone I have spoken to also healed perfectly. Very soon afterwards I had a little pea sized lump where they made the incision and I still have it to this day. It isn't as dramatic as in the horror films and murder films where the artery is cut and blood spurts onto the ceiling or anything like that!

    All I remember now is that I lay on a bed for a couple of hours with a dressing over the area and then the nurses checked the incision, which was tiny. It was healed and that was that!

    It all heals remarkably quickly and once it is healed, that is that. It stays healed!

    Best of luck and get in touch whenever you need to.


    Rowena17 2 years ago

    Hi Graham

    Thank you so much for your reply, it has really helped to put things into perspective. You are so kind and patient and incredibly dedicated to reply to all these posts - I am just so glad I found this link. I will post again after the angiogram (which, thanks to you, I am now thinking of it as just another necessary diagnostic test that will hopefully give me some answers, instead of some dreadful nightmarish experience that has to be endured under incredible duress!!)

    Thank you again, I feel so much better.

    All the best


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Dear Rowena. Thank you too!

    You are very welcome


    Major Baleegh 2 years ago

    Dear Graham

    It's been over 16 months from the day when I had one stent placed in my blocked artery, afterwards some days later I experienced pains in my left foot which after a while fades away, then I developed pain in my left shoulder which also faded away, now after all this time I still not been able to quit smoking. Frankly speaking, I never tried to quit and there is no shame in saying that never I had thought of quitting as well. So any word about life after stent with smoking, any guy having the experience who would like to share please does notify me. I am living in the city limits and there is so much traffic and there are no parks or recreational places available close by where I can go for a walk as advised by my physician which I think is a great problem with me. I do often experience pains in my left arm with very rare intensity and frequency, I do have itching in my chest hairs but that too is not so frequent.

    Dear Graham do you think that quit smoking is the only solution to have a peaceful life after stent is placed in the artery, or there can be any other way to have a perfect joyful life after stent while keeping smoking as part of daily routine, I tried to use e-cigarette but its taste is quite different than the regular cigarette. Furthermore I uses laptop in the position where it is placed in front of me and I lay in front of it in a manner that I lay upside down, do you think is my position is wrong in using laptop that causes pain in the chest I intended buying a desktop to use chair instead of lying down on the bed to use my laptop. I think that might cause pains some time in my left arm which can be avoided by change of posture, please do reply for that a well. In overall perspective life is quite good after stent and no chest pain of any sort at all, but some minor pains do occur time to time which I think is negligible as compared to the main chest pain which is over for good.

    My medical tests reports are up to the required standard, I had my cardiac CT scan a couple of weeks ago and it was revealed that all my arteries are fully open and there is no blockage of any sort. My blood pressure is 130/80 and my pulse is 75. My cholesterol is well below 200 and it is around 125-130. My triglyceride which used to be too high that was around 700 with maximum range of 200 has now come down to around 300 which is quite low as it used to be, moreover my blood sugar during random test is approx 140 where as during fasting it is above the limit and it ranges from 160 to 180. After from all this medication and all stuff life is quite good and I am enjoying with my wife and kids and I wish all guys who have stents passed should enjoy this life to the fullest, Thanks.

    Chooky 2 years ago

    Hi! I am older! 70. Was stunted after I had a heart attack during chemo for Non Hodgkins, 10 yrs now. Was doing well, then got breast cancer 5 yrs ago-- still doing well. Got that pain in centre of chest. Unstable angina. It comes, it goes, so my dr sent me to hope cottage in Penrith about 3 yrs ago -result great, stent fine. But the pain keeps on & I am beginning to feel that I know it is my heart. I am no wimp! I fight like there's no tomorrow. See heart specialist in May. Any suggestions??

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Chooky

    My word, what a battler you are! To have had to endure so many setbacks and still come back fighting. What an inspiration you are.

    The only suggestions I have are either to see your doctor and talk it through with him / her or try to get your specialist appointment brought forward or arrange a private consultation with the specialist which, in my experience, would mean less than a week's delay and cost £150 - £250

    Please stay in touch and you just keep on fighting!!

    Best wishes


    Henry 2 years ago

    Hi Graham

    What a relief to read something positive about stenting in the sea of Google horror stories.

    I am recently diagnosed 70%+ blocked CAD (single vessel disease) and about to go Angiogram/Angioplasty+stent on Tuesday (I am an Englishman Abroard living with my wife in Melbourne Australia).

    Henry 2 years ago

    (Hub system would not allow me any more words in previous post?).

    One of the many depressors for me is that I got my BP and cholesterol down to good levels partially using supplements and now I am reading that most supplements will be contra indicated post stenting because of their negative interactions with the various blood thinners?

    Any shares in this area? Many, many thanks, Henry

    rehan 2 years ago


    My husband have undergone angioplasty last months .he is just 37 years old.His BP,cholostrol level all are OK.But had a chest pain and pain in the jaw..After doing angiogram,came to know he has major 4 block and undergone angioplasty..My concern is .he is just 37 and worried abt his lifespan..he doesnt smoke ..does not take junk food and excersise told its all gentical as his father had heart attack in the age of 57...

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Rehan

    Thank you for writing and sharing your husband's situation.

    I do understand what a worry this must be. I am 58 and my Father died of a heart attack aged 63 so when I got angina I wondered what might happen to me also.

    I think you must try to look at this as positively as you can. Your husband had 4 blockages BUT, they have been discovered and treated and now that they have, the stents plus the medication he is on, to help prevent further problems, should help him to live a normal life.

    None of us knows how long we will live. For all I know, I may live to be 80 or 90. On the other hand, I may die tomorrow. This is the reality for every one of us, so we must simply live each day and not worry about what might happen in future years.

    Some people have no warning. They just have a massive heart attack one day and die, while others develop all sorts of other problems which kill them. People like your husband and the rest of us were fortunate. We were given a warning and as a result, your husband, like me, has been given the treatment of stents and medication plus, crucially, a warning.

    I can see no reason why he, or any of us, who were lucky enough to be given a warning should not live a normal life span.

    Enjoy your time together. Live for today and forget about worrying how long he may live. Just look forward to spending the rest of your lives together and be grateful for the warning and the cure that followed.

    Best wishes to you both


    Seymore 2 years ago

    Recently had some chest pains of my own. Noticed them while walking with about 20 pounds of weight. Went to my DR. and he noted that my BP was high. 179/110 so decided to have me take an EKG that came back as moderately abnormal. The abnormal part was that my heart "might" not be getting enough blood. They sent me to Cardiology for a stress test the next morning. Cardiology gave me blood pressure and cholesterol medications and said to come back in 10 days for the stress test when my BP was down. They said that they werent sure what to make of it. My heart sounded find. No swelling ankles, no shortness of breath or fainting, no fatigue. Just occasional periods of what I would call slightly painful palpitations and sometimes slight pressure located in the upper center of my chest just below my throat. They showed up when I was carrying weight as I said and "sometimes" when I am eating. They also took a blood lab and it came back with everything in range. So I guess its a good thing that they didnt throw me into ER and that my cholesterol is in range. My stress test is still ten days away. This has been working on my mind pretty hard as Im not sure where this is going. I am 53 and have always been pretty healthy. Ate right and worked out until about three years, but have been under "heavy" stress seven days a week since then. Just recently had stress subside then this shows up. Any comments?

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Seymore

    I have heard of several people in your situation, which is similar to my own in many respects.

    In my case, all the tests were fine because, apparently, my heart was in excellent shape due to my being extremely fit and because I was really fit, it was able to perform well with a lower level of oxygen, hence, when I took the treadmill test and other tests, including ultrasound, I showed up as normal.

    It wasn't until I had the angiogram that the blocked artery was discovered.

    I think that makes sense because I imagine that a person who is very overweight and unfit and who is subjected to treadmill and stress tests will very quickly encounter difficulty whereas, someone who is very fit and healthy will sometimes not show any problems during that type of testing.

    I think we also have to remember that not every type of pain that is in the chest results in a cardiac type problem, some are rooted in a digestive problem and other issues.

    I hope you will let us know what the outcome is when you finally get a conclusive answer.

    Best wishes


    Favre73 2 years ago

    Hello Everyone,

    I am 40 years old and suffered a Heart attack on Jan. 23,2014 this was a Thursday Morning.

    Wednesday I was working in New Orleans La. and noticed a burning sensation in the center of my chest. It sort of felt as I was breathing in cold air with a touch of Heart burn. I called my Primary Care Doctor on the Mississippi Coast and explained what was going on and I was told to come in for a visit.

    Upon speaking with my Doctor and telling her the symptoms I was having, she told me that there was no medical term for the symptoms I was describing. She told me that it was probably effects of the bronchitis that I had been diagnosed with back in September and that I needed to go home and put a humidifier in my bedroom. This "diagnosis" seemed a little strange but she is the doctor so I did what she told me to do.

    That night, I went to bed with a humidifier in my room, only to wake up with more chest pains and even worse than they were that day. I sat up for a bit and finally laid back down, hoping the pain would subside.

    The next morning I wake up, not feeling as bad as I did the night before, but still had a slight burning in my chest. So I decided to drive to my office in New Orleans, which is about an hour to hour and thirty minutes from my home (according to traffic). When I arrived, I still felt the same as I did when I left home.

    An hour or so later, I stepped out of my office to visit the Field. I walked about 20 steps and the burning pain seemed to get a little more intense; so I stopped for a minute, took a few deep breaths, and walked back to my office to sit down.

    I started putting a timeline of some sort together to see what was triggering the pain. I did a few more short walks and noticed the pain would come back. If I was sitting down, the pain would go away.

    Thinking I could have a severe chest Infection, I drove myself to Tulane Hospital, Lake View Clinic. Upon entering, Triage asked what was going on with me. I explained my symptoms and immediately I was rushed to the back.

    ER Team gave me an EKG that came back "Very Scary" said the ER Doctor, so i was given a 325 aspirin to chew and a Plavix and was told he was waiting on blood work to come back.

    Once the blood work came back the ER Doctor explained to me that I had a Heart Attack and that I could possibly have another.

    As you can imagine, I was pretty scared and confused because all the stories I heard of others having heart attacks was nothing of what I experienced.

    The ER Doctor told me I needed to be transferred to Tulane Medical University to the Cardiac Care Unit!

    After arriving at Tulane University, I was cared for like never before. The nurses were so nice and professional and the entire staff of the hospital was very helpful and cared about my well being. Things seem to move really fast. Nurses and doctors in and out of my room doing test and drawing blood. I was told, first thing in the morning they would be taking me to the Cath Lab. They also informed me that they would fix my blockage if they could, if they could not fix it, they would come out to let my family know that they would have to perform open heart surgery. Either way, they assured me, they would help me.

    Not going to lie, I was very Scared entering the Cathe lab!!

    After surgery was completed The Chief Cardiologist visited my room and explained that I had 2 Blockages; a small artery on my right side was 100% blocked and he could not correct it at this time, but the artery had made what they call collateral arteries on its own , and the left side of my heart was getting no blood flow as it was 90% blocked. He did fix this one by stinting the artery. I felt no pain during the procedure .

    Today, I feel like I am 20 again. I can walk or run without pain. For years I have complained of pain from my shoulders to my feet and today I have none of these pains.

    Please anyone of you above that is experiencing the slightest of pain or discomfort. Go the The ER. If needed, Get The Stent! It saved my life and it could save yours too!

    Something the Chief Cardiologist told me, "Everyone experiences a heart attack with different pain. No two people are alike." "If it doesn't feel right, get it checked, your body is talking to you!"

    I wish you all well!

    Diane S. 2 years ago

    I had a catheterization a month ago. I was having chest pains while exericsing a few times. I went to the emergency room to have it checked out. It turns out I have 20-25% blockage in my LAD artery and some blockage in another. The catheterization did not hurt AT ALL! No pain afterwards either. They put a sort of "plug" where they inserted the tube in my artery and it will gradually dissolve over 90 days. It totally prevents bleeding. I started reading "Reverse Heart Disease Now" a book written by 2 cardiologists who have had massive success reversing and preventing heart disease, kind of the opposite of what mainstream cardiologists say. Read it and see for yourself. Also read the "Anti Inflammation Zone" by Barry Sears. He says the same thing that it can be reversed.

    Shelley1741 2 years ago

    I also have had chest pains that started as twinges and over a few weeks got progressively worse. I was sent for a CT cor artery calcium scoring which I thought was an angiogram but only a normal CT scan was preformed. Is this normal? I am going for a echocardiogram tomorrow. I was hoping for some advise as I have been off work for 10 weeks now but have had no pains in the last 2 weeks and unsure as whether to return to work or not as I have been told the test results will be at least another 2 weeks. Has everyone else waited this long? Any advise would be appreciated.

    My pains do not happen when exercising or walking but the day after doing things.

    thank you

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Shelley

    I have a colleague who recently had a CT scan for suspected angina as a CT scan, apparently, shows up and problems very clearly. Personally I have no idea as to the benefits of CT over angiogram. I know that when I was diagnosed I had an echocardiogram performed to check the condition of my heart, to see if any damage had occurred.

    I would think a chat with your doctor would be best as far as work is concerned. I think the length of delay is probably down to the country you are in and whether your treatment is funded privately or not, which always seems to be a factor.

    I suppose the reality is that you are the best person to know how your body feels and whether or not you are up to going to work. I know that when I was in that situation, I took the cautious approach until I had a proper, clear diagnosis.

    Best wishes


    Shelley1741 2 years ago

    Hello Graham

    Thank you for your reply. I live in Newcastle in the UK and my treatment is not privately funded!

    I thought about asking about going back to work on here as my doctor can not give a definite answer to the quest as they had no results from test yet. Was wondering what other people have done in this situation .

    I was thinking along the same lines as yourself and waiting on results as although the chest pains have subsided I still get breathless when walking up hills or stairs, and the worry is that once back to fulltime activity the pains will return.

    As you said the best person to judge this is yourself, and to listen to what your body is telling you.

    Hope all is well with yourself and thank you again.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Shelley

    I think the going back to work question is a very difficult one. In my case, because no one could tell me exactly what the problem was and because my job involved a lot of stressful situations, I didn't return for 5 months, until my problem had been identified and sorted out. I just couldn't keep going in, feeling unwell after a day or two and being off and so on. Also, as I had no idea what the problem was, I didn't want to be exposing to myself to stress which might make the problem worse. In the end, I am confident I made the right choice.

    I have a colleague going through exactly the same situation as you (and the same as I went through). He keeps coming in to work then, feeling unwell, battling on and then after a few days, is signed off for 2 - 3 weeks, then the same cycle starts all over again. His doctors, like yours, are going down the CT scan route and blood tests.

    So, it is a difficult situation but I would definitely say that you need to consider your health before your job. I just wonder why doctors are now seeming to all they can to avoid an angiogram for people who they identify as having angina? I can only guess at cost.

    The key thing is that you make a decision that you are comfortable with and one which gives you some form of peace of mind. It is YOUR life and YOUR body.

    Best wishes


    moff100 2 years ago

    hi graham, first time on this site. I went for cardiac catheterisation last week, turns out I have a 100% blockage in my right artery, I'm now waiting to go and have angioplasty done, but the doctor told me it will be in 4 months time, that seems a long time to wait to me, he also told me that another artery was 50% blocked, has anyone had 100% blockage, any message will help calm me down as I'm now petrified I have been told that they will go in both groins one to go under and the other to go over, I read somewhere this can be dangerous, any thoughts, anyone had this done. this all started when I had a pain in my chest and went to A&E I was monitored and countless test for 36 hours and was told its defiantly not your heart and sent home, 2 weeks later I was back again this time for 12 hours, more test and told again its not you heart, on my doctors insistence I had a stress test that's when my blocked artery showed up, if my doctor had not insisted seems like I would be a walking time bomb for a heart attack.

    regards moff

    moff100 2 years ago


    Heart specialists from around Britain learned about new techniques to treat patients with blocked arteries, at The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre (CTC) at Basildon Hospital. Senior cardiologists from The CTC demonstrated the innovative procedures via live screening to colleagues from other major heart centres, such as Papworth Hospital.

    Blocked arteries restrict blood flow to the heart and can cause heart attacks. The patients who agreed to appear in the live training film all have a chronic total occlusion (CTO), meaning they have a completely blocked artery that can be difficult for cardiologists to open.

    A procedure called angioplasty is commonly used to open narrowed arteries. Guided by x-ray monitors, the cardiologist inserts a hollow tube, or catheter, into the blocked artery, via a small incision in the groin or arm. A thin guide wire is then fed through the catheter, over which a small balloon is delivered to the affected area, which is inflated to open the artery. In most cases a stent is also inserted which acts as a scaffold and keeps the artery open.

    If the artery is completely blocked, it can be impossible to insert the balloon to open it. But Dr Paul Kelly, Dr John Davies and Dr Kare Tang, cardiologists at the Essex CTC, are using cutting-edge equipment, such as the Stingray Balloon, with a flattened head that allows a guide wire to by-pass the blockage.

    Dr Abdul Mozid, Specialist Registrar in Cardiology, who helped organise the training event, said: “The Essex CTC is one of the few centres in Britain to use these new techniques and our aim is to help other national centres learn how to do the same.

    “We have acquired the specialist equipment and the knowledge to treat patients with CTO and we are keen to share our expertise.”

    Patient case study

    One of the patients whose procedure was filmed on the study day was Roy Hammon, 72. A former self-employed builder from Ware in Hertfordshire, Roy had a heart attack at the age of 45, and has had two more since then.

    Roy said: “I had a quadruple bypass in a London hospital, but within six months my arteries were getting blocked again. I gave up smoking, and carried on working in my 50s and 60s, but I had two more heart attacks and my ill health really slowed me down.”

    Roy got married in December last year, but was feeling increasingly unwell and short of breath. “The pains in my chest were really bad, and it was so much worse in the cold weather,” he said. “Three more of my arteries are blocked, one completely. I thought the specialists at my local hospital might suggest I had another bypass operation but they said I was not suitable for that because I have too much scar tissue. Then my cardiologist said he would make inquiries with the team at The Essex Cardiothoracic Centre, as they are always coming up with ingenious new ideas. I came here and met Dr Mozid, who explained that there were some new procedures that might help me.

    “I am one of life’s busy people; I always want to be active. My wife Vicki is a lovely lady and I want to share some more good years with her, so I am grateful for anything that could make that happen.”

    The procedure to clear Roy’s CTO using the Stingray balloon was carried out by Dr Paul Kelly, Consultant Cardiologist. It completely restored blood flow to the blocked vessel and Roy returned home the following day. Two weeks later, he says that there has been an improvement in his condition. “I am definitely feeling the effects of the procedure, in a good way. Every day I seem to be getting better; today I have been out in my greenhouse all morning, pruning and watering plants.

    “Everyone at The CTC looked after me very well before and after the procedure, and I am very pleased to be feeling better.”

    regards all, moff

    Last Updated on Tuesday, 04 March 2014 12:56

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello moff

    Thank you for writing and for providing such a great article which has such a lot of really interesting material in it.

    Firstly, yes, I have heard of people with 100% blockages. I am sure we have had some contribute to this hub before now. Certainly, we have had many who have had very severe blockages in both arteries. 100% in one and 50% in the other is enough to make you worry and anyone would understand you being petrified.

    Have they given you any medication for the time being to help manage / control your situation, including a trinitrate spray, or something similar?

    4 Months is a long time, which is why I would hope they have given you something to ease things until then.

    I have not heard of the particular double procedure you wrote about but I do believe that the medical staff are now so practised at performing angioplasty procedures that, my perception is that they are almost routine.

    Remember, you can always get a second opinion and I have no idea of your financial situation, but most private consultations cost in the region of £150 - £250, so you could always pay to see a different cardiac specialist for a second opinion, which usually takes just a matter of days. There is an excellent website for finding consultants, which I have written a hub about:

    Don't worry about being petrified. It is absolutely normal but do make sure you are getting all the relevant medication for cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rate and the trinitrate (or similar) in case you have further angina attacks.

    Do keep in touch.

    Best wishes


    moff 2 years ago

    yes graham I have lots of meds at the moment, atorvastatin, clopidogrel, bisoprolol, aspirin, chemydur and yes the famous nitro lingual spray. graham I must say this is the best site I have seen or read concerning stents and ops etc, sounds like it come from everyday people who tell the truth and tell you what to expect unlike the hospital and doctors, don't seem to get a lot of information here in England until you are in the operating theatre that's when you first see you cardiologist. to all you bloggers please keep this site up to date, it really is a fantastic site for people like me who are waiting to have a stent fitted, it helps to calm the nerves. thank you all and to you graham for starting this blog.

    regards all. moff

    Eddie 2 years ago

    Thank you, all for this wonderful information. I had severe chest pain leading into a heart attack it was very painful luckily I live close to a hospital within minutes my brother drove me to the ER. I am 42 years old and never did I think this would happen to me, everyone in the ER were great and worked fast on me prepped me and that is when I had a stent placed inside my 99% blocked artery. I was scared I prayed during the procedure and thank God it all went great! I am feeling great I feel brand new again!

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    You are most welcome, moff, and thank you for your kind words. Keep taking the tablets, relax and stay in touch.

    Best wishes


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Eddie. Thank you for writing and so, so glad you are feeling great.

    Now you can get back to life and, hopefully, God will bless you with a lot more of it in the years ahead!

    Take care


    joe1975 2 years ago

    Hi ,

    Im a 39 yr old male and 2 yrs ago I started getting pain in my left shoulder. Over the next few months the pain (which was is not severe more like an ache) would fade from one spot and move to my jaw, neck or arm or chest randomly(only the left side ) .The pain would always fade from one spot before it appeared in another . I have been to the doctor so many times and have had scans for muscle and joint problems, reflux , heart scans and even the dentist for teeth issues, all of which havent helped.I do have high blood pressure and my heart beat goes out of rhythm every few weeks or so often for maybe 2-3 minutes and then settles back down. I dont smoke ,drink in moderation, am quite thin and have a physically active job.

    Mentally I am wearing out from this almost constant aching but dont know what else to do . I questioned my doctor about the possibility that I could have circulation issues but due to my age,weight etc... he said it was highly unlikely .

    I try to block this out of my mind and get on with life but every so often I really worry.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?Could I have angina?

    Thanks in advance,


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Joe

    Thank you for writing. I know how something like this can be a worry and can wear a person down. The only thing I can suggest is what I have said to others, either see another doctor for a different opinion or, pay to see a cardiac consultant privately. If you are in the UK (and I have no idea if you are) it typically costs between £150 and £250 for a private consultation.

    Go to the website for your local private hospitals (Spire or BUPA, usually) and they have a consultant list. Look through it and get a 'feel' for the one you think seems most suitable.

    It is your health and your body and sometimes we have to be assertive and take some control. I am sure your doctor is making his best diagnosis but if you are unhappy and worried, then you need to see someone else.

    I went through 6 months of misery before I finally saw a consultant. 3 different doctors had diagnosed me as having a digestive problem when, in fact, I had angina as a result of a blocked artery.

    I wish now that I had known then how easy it is to see a consultant, if prepared to pay a relatively low sum of money.

    Do stay in touch.

    Good luck


    MV 2 years ago

    I had all the symptoms you have mentioned above and with family history also but my angiogram couldn't find any blockages but i still have pain in my chest the doctor who did angiogram said i need to go for ultrasound of the heart it might be pumping issues...hopefully they can find something

    Chrissy 2 years ago

    I am 31 yr old female with 6 daughters, I recently quit smoking about 4 months now, but recently have been getting chest pan and went for 4 ekgs in the past month and each time the doctors said that the tests came back normal, so how can I tell if I may have angina? My dad had angina and had the stents, he had it done 3 times... Im so scared, I have an appointment with a cardiologist but not until august25/2014...

    Ernest 2 years ago

    I' m glad i came across this site with very interesting topic! I was deppressed after my 3 stents fitted.

    I thought after living a healthy lifestyle i wouldn't reach this stage, well put the blame on the genes!!!

    I'm okay now after reading all the comments!


    Paul 2 years ago

    Just thought i'd update Graham.

    Its been a year since my first 'episode' and 11 months from having my stent. For all those who are worried about life after stenting (and i certainly was) i would like to say this.......go for it. I am fitter, healthier, dropped a few stones and cannot believe how much better i feel. My worries were selfish in a way, would i be able to play sport (tennis, footie etc) and of course i took it really easy to start with but i am now playing about as hard as i ever have. Its about self management and being aware of what you eat and drink, and taking your medication etc but that makes it better too. I didnt ever want to be labelled and nobody would ever know that as a 48 year old, i have a stent. Ridiculous really to believe that ones mortality was in absolute jeapody. I have a family and i feel immensly lucky that having found the problem of a blocked artery (the widowmaker) and having it corrected and living life like i do, its bloody great to know it could have been a lot worse.........but i dodged the bullet.

    I can only say that for me it was a life changer for the better.

    Live long, one and all. And good luck.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Paul

    I am absolutely chuffed with your update.

    I bet that anyone reading your account will be impressed and reassured for their own future life after stenting.

    Very best wishes to you


    steve 2 years ago

    Hello, I just had a stent completed a week ago and I worry everyday. I am 32 years old.. While I was at work, I began having chest pain. I thought it was the way I slept the night before. I brushed it off and thought it would go away on it's own. But it didn't. When I was resting, their was no pain, but, when I would walk, I would have pain. I went to drug store to see if their was any drug they could offer me with chest pain. But the guy told, me that chest pain are serious. And he would recommend for me to go see a doctor, just for a checkup to make sure all was well. I didn't want to go to the doctor. Since I was little, always been afraid to see a dr. But, I noticed the pain wasn't going away as much I tried to relax. Finally, I went to the doctor. The said my blood pressure was high. and my enzyme was high. I ended up spending 2 days in the hospital. I met with the cardilogist who said that he would check my atteries and that their was a drug he can put in their which would take care of the pain I was experiencing. After the operation, the dr, told me that I had 99 percent blockage in one of my atteries. Never would I think, at 32 years old I would be going through this. But when I reflect my life, I was eating trash for last several years. Pretty much ate what I had a taste for. If it was mcdonalds, kfc, name it, I would eat it. I was exercising for a while, but with work load, I didn't make any room for that for last 5 months.

    Although I'm grateful that I am alive, as could have had a major heart attack at any point, I am petrified with the stents in my heart. Is this stent going to be ok? What happens if this happens to the stent, on and on. I worry. And the medicine, like you, have weaked in my muscle, and just wondering if this stents would have any impact in my life. Would I be alive 40/50 years from now? This was a wake up call. Since I've been discharged, all I eat is fruits, walk minimum 1 hr a day, and take the medicine as directed to. But, each day, I have fear. 32 years young is too myoung to die. All because of the neglect of my health. I took my health for granted. I'm grateful that I am still alive. But, having stents in heart and tkaing this medicines scares me. I will NEVER go back to eating trash food. This experience has been a wake up call. I have a metting with the cardilogist and I have lots and lots of questions. Even doubting that maybe I should haven't put the stents in and changed myy diet, maybe I won't worry so much today. But, would I have made it? Any advise you can give would be appreciated. How did you overcome the fear of something going wrong with the stent? thank you.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Steve

    Thank you very much for writing. Believe me, I and loads of other people who have contributed to this blog, understand exactly how you feel.

    Firstly, you had a 99% blockage. You could have done the most amazing things with your diet but you still would have had that blockage.

    Before I was stented I begged my doctor to suggest a different way; more higher dose medication, I would totally change my lifestyle. Anything at all but I was totally petrified of being stented.

    He said "Fine. I will give you the maximum dose of medication and you can eat the healthiest diet imaginable but you will still have the blockage. You will slow down the problem but it will never go away on its own. Then, one day, it WILL kill you. So, you are going to die but this way, it will just happen more slowly"

    Then he said "Just stop being silly. I know you are afraid but go and have the stent fitted. It will save your life"

    And he was right. That was 8 years and 7 months ago.

    At first I worried about a blockage forming on the stent. But they are generally drug coated to prevent that. I worried it might work loose, move along my artery, into my heart and kill me! Goodness, once I was diagnosed with a blocked artery I worried that anything and everything would kill me!

    At first I ate the healthiest foods that I could find. I had printouts stuck to all the kitchen cupboards listing the good and bad fat content of every food. I was obsessed.

    Then, the best thing happened. My hospital offered me a cardiac rehabilitation programme.

    I went to the hospital gym twice weekly for a few weeks. We did exercises. They taught me how to take my blood pressure, how to take my heart rate and how to monitor it properly during exercise and they taught me how to calculate my target maximum blood pressure.

    Before long, I was exercising hard and regularly and under their guidance I learned that I was fit again.

    I once shared my fears with the cardiac rehabilitation team and they said "Seriously, Graham, you are much less likely to die of a heart attack than we are now you have had your stent fitted"

    It is approaching 9 years now. My stent hasn't slipped and caused me a heart attack. I push myself hard at the gym when I want to. I am about to start playing squash with my son who is 29 years younger than me. In short, I am doing ok and so will you be.

    You just have to give it time and educate yourself.

    Sure, eat sensibly and healthily but don't become OCD about it. You had a problem and they fixed it.

    Celebrate. Rejoice. Someone gave you your life back again.

    The key thing about living healthily is to prevent a similar event in the future.

    Talk to your cardiologist about exercise programmes. maybe your hospital does something or maybe there is a really good gym or fitness centre near you with someone trained to work with cardiac patients.

    6 Months after my stent was fitted I had a review with a cardiac nurse. I told her that I had gone from being obsessive about healthy living to just living normally again. I said "I know I should be careful and only eat and do certain things, but, I have now sort of forgotten about the stent and just . . . . live my life as I would have done otherwise"

    She said "I should tell you all the sensible, healthy things to do but, to be honest, your way is best. Put it to the back of your mind, relax, forget it ever happened and just live your life and enjoy it"

    So, I do!

    Your fear is normal and natural but soon, once a few weeks have gone by and then a few months, you will forget too and just live your life and most of all, like me, I hope you will be just grateful for that little stent, stop being fearful of it, thank it for giving you your life back and then, go on and simply enjoy that life.

    The stenting episode has taught you how fragile our lives are and how, when we least expect it, our life can just be taken form us. It reminds us of our mortality.

    So, go and enjoy, savour, every moment with your family and friends. You have cheated the grim reaper. Well done. Great decision to go and see the doctor when you did.

    Give yourself a pat on the back for being smart (otherwise you WOULD be dead now and not reading this) hug your family and friends and then reward them by just being there. Just being you, because, you can be absolutely certain, they were even more scared than you while it has all been happening. They, like you, are still scared now. Show them and show yourself that there is no need for fear. Only relief and gratitude for being alive.

    Good luck to you. Live long and prosper!


    steve 2 years ago

    thank you Graham for talking some common sense to me. Sometimes, once has to hear from a bigger brother who's been there, done that, etc. I went to the dr today. And my blood pressure fell dramatically. Last week, when I went to the hospital, my blood level was 205/110. A week later, with eating fruits, walking 1 hr each day, and taking my medicine, my blood level today was at 122/80. How did I get so fat and obese. Never in a million year did I think I would be close to having a heart attack. That doctor saved my life. He even assured me that the stent was okay and that it will go along the artery walls and that with the way Im going, I might be able to get off my medicine in 3 weeks. He asked me if I wanted to sign up for cardia rehab, to whcih I said yes. This was a way up call Graham. I will always put my health first. Evem above making money. When one works at a stressful, the last thing on my mind is eating healthy fruits. Instead, I want to eat some burger and fries, kfc, . No more. It just damaged my body. I am grateful indeed. I will make this a great thing. I'm trying to do the plant base diet to make sure, nothig like this ever occurs again. I want to live to in my 90s - 100s. But to do so, I need to feed my body, good healthy foods as well as exercise.thank you for your words of encouragement. I'm just still shock by the whole thing. Yes this experience made me realize how fragile life is. We are here today and if we are not careful, could be gone that same day. thanks

    steve 2 years ago

    Your spot on with everything that happens,in my case i had a heart attack,i'm now not ashamed to say mine was through sex, me and the wife had just finished making love,i sat on the edge of the bed ,sweat was pouring from me and my chest was like an elephant was sat on me,there was pain in both sides of my jaw,and in my shoulders,i was also belching,the mrs said you ok i said ,yes just trying get my breath,she said steve you have turned white,should i get an ambulance i said no no,i didnt want to waste there time over nothing,i said leave me il be ok,,holding the wall i made it down stairs,and sat on the couch,still gasping,my chest tight,again the mrs said please let me get an ambulance i said no,after about ten minutes i looked at the mrs and said i think you best get one,,she phoned 999 and they kept her on the phone,but told her to open the front door and come back to the phone,luckily for me there was a paramedic parked about two minutes away in a layby,i remember him walking in asking what had happened i told him we had just finished making love i was so embarrased,he didnt bat an eyelid,after putting pads on my and an oxygine mask on he gave me an asprin,,then told me to relax,he walked over to the mrs and whispered im calling an ambulance he thought i couldnt hear him but i could,the wife whispered is he ok,and he said no hes having an heart attack,now that scared me more because i heard them,he said go and wait outside love and flag them down,,now this is where i stopped breathing i just remember it was so peacfull i placed my head back and that was all i remember,the next thing i came to on the floor and looked up at the roof and thought mmm im sure i was on the couch,and there was three people looking down at me,the paramedic and the two ambulance people,one was tapping my hand saying steven open your ,,steven ,steven,i later found out that my heart had stopped for a few minutes and they worked on me giving me electric shock treatment,the next thing im in a chair strapped in and placed in the ambulace,they told me what had happened and they was going straight to broadgreen hospital instead of my local one because it is the best for confirmed heart attack,,after being rushed on a strecher with medical team running along at side of the trolley,i was rushed in to theatre and everything you said about the dye and watching it on the monitor is spot on the only thing different was my stent went through my arm and not my groin,,the nurse at the side was fantastic she was stroking my arm and explaining every step of the way what was happening,i could see the blockage on the screen,she said as soon as the ballon in flates you will feel a rush of air in your lungs and boy was she right,fantastic i could breath again and the elephant was off my chest,after a week in intesive care i was allowed home,,i'm slowly watching my diet and have lost a stone,but getting there im fifty five years old,thank god for our fantastic paramedics and wonderful ambulance and nurses and doctors,because without them i wouldnt be here.



    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author


    Hello and what an absolutely incredible and gripping account. by far the most amazing yet, I think.

    I suppose the first thing to say is what a lucky devil you are. If a person has to have a heart attack, then what a way to have one!! Damn site better than after mowing the lawn!

    I am so pleased that you are recovering now and I am sure that just reading your account will be completely uplifting for anyone who does read it.

    I do hope you are back to full working order soon, I just hope your experience doesn't ruin your appetite for your love life!

    Take care and best wishes to you and thank you so much for writing.


    SerryJW 2 years ago

    I am your new friend from across the pond, in the US...I found you just surfing. I am 64 (female), have shortness of breathe for 2 years, chest constriction AND ANGINA. I am on diabetes, blood pressure,cholesterol lowing drugs,prevent heart attack or stroke and reduce angina attacks...I am schedule for an angiogram in 3 weeks, my choice. The cardiologist wanted to do it this week. I am scared to death....I almost think the angina pain is better.This blog has helped...but I am still very scared


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Serry

    Thank you for writing. Believe me, I do understand the fear you are going through. It is entirely understandable. As you will have read, from my own story and those of the other people who have contributed to this hub, we all feel desperately afraid before and angiogram BUT, it really is a very straightforward and pain free procedure.

    If someone told me, tomorrow, that I needed another angiogram I would not hesitate for one second to say "Ok. How soon can you do it?"

    The angiogram is the first step towards dealing with your angina. Once you have had an angiogram, your consultant will know the exact picture and how best to treat you and then, of course, once your treatment begins (whatever that may consist of) you are on the road to feeling a lot better.

    Serry, just do it. Get on with it. If the angiogram is the first step towards getting better, why delay 3 weeks? If you had the angiogram next week then in 3 weeks time you would be 3 weeks closer to feeling better!

    BY putting it off you are simply delaying the day when you have to face up to the angiogram. Maybe in 3 weeks time you will find a reason to delay it once more?

    Just re-read all the success stories on here. Read about all the people who were afraid but who now have their lives back again. Let their stories inspire you and then, swallow that fear, face up to it and then . . . .go for it!

    My email is if you want to email privately instead of in a public forum.

    Now, be brave and try to look at the angiogram as a doorway to a solution instead of as a barrier.

    Very best wishes to you. Do stay in touch


    SerryJW 2 years ago

    Maharg1956...You're terrific. Thanks so much for the advice. I am reading it at 9:30am Sunday Denver, USA. I am not putting it off because I am scared. I have get my Medicare done before just I go in, just in case something goes wrong...This could bankrupt me. RTD is my transit here and must be approved for door 2 door transit. It is almost winter here and cold brings on my angina attacks.

    I promise...I will keep you posted...THANK YOU!,


    3 weeks is fine...I've decided to do it...

    HT Jadhav profile image

    HT Jadhav 2 years ago

    Male 41, had chest pain, jaw pain on 7 Sept 14, admitted for angiography. Three blocks 100, 80, 80 %. Stented all on 7th and 20th Sept 14. Unhealthy food, stress and no physical movement made me to pay price at relatively early age.

    After 2 months I am not comfortable and I feel non-cardiac chest pain which is not persistent but come and go while at rest, walking, urinating etc. Doctor says not to worry since in his opinion "if person is walking and if it results in chest pain which doesn't allow to breath" then it is cardiac problem and cause of worry. I am watching my diet, walking 1 hour everyday and taking all medicines (aspirin, statin etc)

    Is there anyone who has been experiencing similar pain after stenting?

    Ikhwan 2 years ago

    Hi Graham and all,

    I stumbled upon this excellent blog on angioplasty which gives a lot of real life information of your own and by persons who have undergone the procedure. Thanks a lot.

    My purpose of writing here is to share with you all my own experience with angioplasty procedure in 2008, when I was 60 years old, and my life six years since then.

    In early 2008, on regular medical check up including on treadmill, I was advised by the doctor that my heart condition was not very good. It was not exactly a surprise to me as I did have minor chest pain and some shortness of breath upon moderate physical exertion. I took his advise to do angiogram for more detailed examination sometime in mid 2008.

    The surprise was the extent of blockage on two major arteries, one was 70% blocked and the other was over 80%. I didn't expect these at all as I did not have severe chest pain previously. The fact that I was undergoing angiogram was only as a follow up to my routine annual check up. Moreover, my cholesterol level was normal, though it did rise close to the celeing level in the final blood test just prior to the angiogram.

    The angiogram was painless and quite comfortable. Probably, I was just one of the few that don't feel much pain around the heart. I was looking at the monitor throughout the procedure and was fully conscious. The surgeon advised me to proceed with the angioplasty rightaway to avoid risk of heart attack in the event of any delay.

    The angioplasty using two drug eluting stents was a success. I was put on Plavix(anti coagulant) for one year; and Cardiprin(blood thinner) and Crestor (anti cholesterol) which I have to take for the rest of my life.

    The chest pain did not cease entirely as I still feel slight pain in the heart area now and then. But I can live a normal life. I play golf two or three times a week and go for morning walk of 4 km once a week. I also work as active as before running my own business and doing regular voluntary and other business activities.

    Early 2010, I had another surprise. My treadmill test did not show a normal result. I agreed to undergo agiogram which revealed that I had another blockage on a major artery. The surgeon sounded panick and excited. He was shocked as he did not expect a 100% blockage and probably excited as I did not experience a heart attack in spite of the situation. He did not know why I had another blockage after one and a half year of the first procedure and why I did not experience a heart attack as a result of it. However, I virtually never missed any dosage of my medicine since 2008.

    I did not have any incident since the last angioplasty in early 2010. All test results were satisfactory until mid 2013 when when the doctor advised to do another angiogram just to clear any doubts. I havent done it yet, but yesterday I had stress echo test which indicated a certain irregularity in my heart chart. I agreed to do the angiogram test next month, ie December 2014 just to find out for sure if my heart condition is normal or not.

    Till then I pray to Allah that I will be ok and continue to live a healthy life many years to come.


    20 November 2014.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Ikhwan

    I think that anyone reading your account of the last 6 years would also pray that you will be ok.

    Thank you very much for writing

    Good luck


    Ikhwan 2 years ago

    You are most welcome, Graham.

    Ray Harrison 2 years ago

    Hi Graham

    Long long time no speak.

    You are a real help to all of the people on here who are worried about things.

    You helped me too and this is now knicking on for 2 years ago.

    I had a single stent following a blockage and all is well.

    Cholesterol is under 4 and I now only have to go to the doctor for blood tests once a year.

    My advice to anyone is to excersize regularly and eat less fatty foods.

    Eat plenty of fish and chicken, but remember, you can have those naughty treats in moderation. Life is for enjoying.

    Well done, keep up the good work as always.

    I wish you all health and happiness.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 2 years ago from UK Author

    Hello Ray. So good of you to write.

    I can't tell you how glad I am to hear that everything has worked out well for you.

    Thank you also for your advice about diet and exercise. I hope that anyone reading this hub will take your words to heart.

    Wishing you all the best for Christmas, the new year and well beyond.

    Take care and thanks once again for writing


    Naresh 2 years ago

    Hi ,

    Its great to have lots of info and personal experiences of each and every one , However I would like to know one issue , which none had mentioned, Do you guys smoke after stenting , if so how many cigis a day compared to earlier and also what are risks , Pl

    Thanx Naresh

    Ikhwan 24 months ago

    Hello Graham and everybody there,

    Since my last posting, I had my angiogram on 3 Dec 2014, ie just over a week ago. The purpose of the angiogram was to examine for certain what caused certain irregularities in my stress test results, and also to check whether there was a build up of blockage at my existing stent areas.

    It was the third angiogram I had since six years ago in 2008. It was a smooth operation lasting for less than an hour. I had early agreed with the surgeon to place new stent(s) simultaneously in case of serious blockage which needed very urgent attention. The catheter was inserted through my right wrist, just like the two previous procedures.

    Alhamdulillah (praise be to God), all my three existing drug eluting stents still stood very well without any sign of deposition around it. The two stents placed in 2008 were Promus DES and the one placed in 2010 was Taxus Element DES (I was told no longer in production).

    The surgeon wasn't sure for certain what caused some irregularities in my stress chart, since the three stents stood very well.

    He, however, pointed out to me that I actually have a blockage in D 1 branch of my major left artery LAD. Unfortunately, the entrance to D1 ia currently obstructed by a stent running along LAD passing by the D1 entrance. The surgeon informed me that to get to the blockage site, he had to punch trough the wall of the existing stent, which to him is rather difficult but could be done.

    I told the Surgeon to defer placement of a new stent since it was not so urgent, located only in a branch artery and that the blockage had been there since six years ago.

    I need more third opinions before I would risk doing angioplasty on the above new site.

    For Graham and anybody who knows or having similar experience, I appreciate your opinions.

    Ikhwan 24 months ago

    Mr Naresh,

    Re your question regarding smoking, I wish to tell all that I never smoked. I did not have high blood pressure or diabetes, but I had a slightly raised Cholesterol level before my first stenting. Since the period of the first stent placement, I ate moderately including cholesterol food, but I never missed any dosage of anti cholesteral medicine and Cardiprin.

    Naresh 24 months ago

    Hi Ikhwan ,

    Seems u r case different from mine. I have been smoking for past 25 years , in recent time its around 15 sticks per day , I have undergone angioplasty with 2 stents placed. I had stopped smoking for 15 days from angioplasty , but now i have started again. I just wanted to know , what are the side effects of smoking with the medicated stents in , will there be any chemical reaction between them.

    I feel pulling pain in my left arm and some time jaw pain ,after angioplasty ,I was not smoking then. My BP is around 140/90 , I have lemon juice in the morning and one bulb of raw garlic in dinner.

    can any one pl suggest me .

    Thank you


    john 23 months ago

    Hi. i am 62 yrs old, non smoker since 1987..moderate drinker, physical worker. I had been suffering chest pains for some months and after 3 visits to A&E and being told it was just anxiety I was finally admitted for an angiogram. during this they found an artery to be clogged. I was diagnosed with unstable angina and I was given two stents at the same time. these are new dissolvable stents. after feeling weak for several days I improved tightness, no pain and I was able to lead a fit active life again. that was in march 2014. in September 2014 I started feeling unwell again..getting breathless and having chest pain. my doc gave me Monomax...this eased things a little..i saw a cardiac doc in November and he said that my arteries would not have clogged so quickly but couldn't explain why I was as bad as I was before the he gave me Beta blockers. after taking these for three weeks I developed tinnitus and they made me very unwell. my doc told me to stop them and doubled my Monomax. now three days later I am having constant angina tightness and have to use my spray often.. I am feeling desperate. I thought the stents would make me a new man for more than 6 months.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 23 months ago from UK Author

    Hello John

    I am so sorry that you are having problems. I obviously have no idea why you are having angina again but I would definitely see someone else for a second opinion.

    I can only say from my own experience and that of so many others who have written of their experiences here that stenting usually lasts longer than a few months. 9 years in my case. I have to say that I have no knowledge of dissolvable stents. I assume they are something new.

    You can get a private consultation with a consultant of your choice for only £200 or so. Just look at your local NHS site or Google cardiac consultants for your specific region or a particular hospital and you will get a list of them all. Then you can choose one you think might be best for your own situation from their personal and professional details. Alternatively, do the same thing but for Spire or BUPA.

    You don't have to be treated privately. Just have the consultation privately. It is usually just a matter of days.

    If you are experiencing a problem then I firmly believe you need to take control of it. Don't just be fobbed off by one doctor or consultant. Keep asking questions of different people until someone does something. I have heard of many people who have developed a second and third blockage after having a first one stented, but in a different place.

    So, my advice is to seek a private referral with a different consultant but at the same time, try to relax. You and I both know that stress and anxiety are major factors in angina pain.

    Good luck. Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Do keep in touch


    john 23 months ago

    Thank you Graham.

    I will investigate the private consultation though unfortunately my funds are limited.

    The stents I have are very new apparently. The Beta Blockers gave me Tinnitus as I said before and that has not eased even though I am no longer taking them.. that is giving me some distress also. constant buzzing and ringing and fuzziness in my head. plus disturbed vision.

    I am considering other natural Beta Blocking sources such as herbal tablets and drinks and also yoga to help me relax.

    Best wishes to you also for Christmas and the New Year


    John 23 months ago

    I meant to add that I do not take the statins either.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 23 months ago from UK Author

    Hello John.

    Did you consult with your doctor before stopping the Beta Blockers and the Statins and ask him for alternatives, due to you reacting badly to them?


    John 23 months ago

    Hello Graham.

    I was told to stop the Beta Blockers by my doctor but I decided to stop taking the statins on my own. I was having lots of cramps and joint pain...I didn't inform the doctor of this.


    John 23 months ago

    I am so desperately weary of it all....the last couple of months have been awful for me and the docs just don't seem to be helping...just pouring more tablets down my throat that make me feel head feels like it will explode.

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 23 months ago from UK Author

    Good morning, John

    Whichever way you look at it you need to see a doctor. Not all of them are the same. Try seeing one you haven't seen before or go back to A&E if the pains don't stop. Believe me, I do understand, it was several months in my case before someone said I had angina and during those months my life came to a standstill. It was a nightmare. But you just have to persevere. Keep going until you find the right answer. Keep trying different avenues. Different doctors.

    You must try to overcome the mental weariness. Focus on the fact there is a solution and you just have to keep going until you find it.

    Best of luck and do not give up!

    Best wishes


    John 23 months ago

    Thank you Graham.

    Your comments and advice are very helpful and reassuring.

    It's this damned tinnitus that is driving me mad more than anything... a complete brain fog too. and all brought on by those Beta Blockers.


    John 23 months ago

    I think I need another angioplasty....

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 23 months ago from UK Author

    Dear John

    If you haven't already gone to A&E by the time you read this, then go now. If you think you need an angiogram and you are having difficulties then don't wait. Go.

    Paul 23 months ago

    Hi Graham,

    I'm very happy I found your site. I just ended up in the ER last Friday night with terrible pains in my back and chest, cardiologist on call called in the Angio on call team and did an emergency Cath, found an 70% blockage in my LDA. They put in a Stent and keep me in the hospital for a day. The pain is gone but I can't get over this over whellming fear that I have a metal tube in a major artery that can clog or come loose and kill me instantly. I know the odds are small but the thought keeps me awake at night, it's been 4 days and I probably haven't gotten more than 4 hours sleep a night. I know I have to change my life style but right now I'm actually more worried than before I knew I had a blockage. Hopefully it just takes time to get use to the idea that this thing in my artey is going to help me not kill me. Trying my best not to smoke but the nicotine withdraw is just adding to my stress level. 57 year old male, USA, long time smoker, with very normal cholesterol levels, no high blood pressure, no other sickness. So I assume my heart trouble was completely due to smoking. Thanks for the effort you put into this site, I'm sure it's a great help to many people, thanks again.


    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 23 months ago from UK Author

    Hello Paul.

    Glad the site has been of use. It has been a pleasure to do it and to read so many wonderful success stories. One of which will be yours, I am sure.

    After a while you will start to forget the stent and you will just start to 'live' again.

    Just try to do a little more each day and then, when you see that you are not having any bad reactions and the stent hasn't exploded out of your chest, you will start to trust it more and more and, in turn, you will push yourself (sensibly) to do more and more.

    Good luck. Keep in touch

    Best wishes


    Paul 23 months ago

    Hi Graham,

    Thank you for the words of encouragement, and all the other members on your Hub page. It's been 5 days now and except for the lack of sleep and worry, I've been feeling pretty good, finally slept through the night last night for the first time, 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I'm thankful for that. I go see my cardiologist tomorrow and I have a list of questions I hope to get answered, like I have read some people do not metabolize plavix as well as others and I read there is a test they can do to determine if you do or not. Also as I work in the medical field we have an agreement with a health club that is owned by the Hospital and the have a cardiac rehab department that will put you on an exercise program that is monitored by cardiac rehab nurses, I think that might be helpful. I will definitely plan on being an active member on this site and am happy to be a member with all the other good people here. To everyone here, I wish you all good health and happiness.

    - Paul C.

    john 22 months ago

    Hi Graham.

    Well I went to A&E with my chest pains...3 times. first I collapsed after using gt spray whilst in the hairdressers with my girlfriend..paramedic came and ambulance took me bp had dropped very low. they stabilised me and sent me home. two days later taken in again in ambulance with chest pain into my neck..admitted to chest pain unit at hospital...passed out in reception. kept in overnight. had ecg, bloods, xray.. told that it was not angina and my heart was fine. said I had a viral infection of the chest lining..prescribed two paracetemol four times daily for 4 days and discharged. two days later had bad episode with palpitations and fluttering and irregular heartbeat..passed out at home. went to my GP. he did tests and found nothing. was sending me home when I passed out again. he called ambulance and I went to A&E again feeling very poorly indeed. after ecg and blood tests and being on a monitor for two hours I was told everything was clear but I had an ectopic heartbeat...nothing serious. doctor said he believes my meds are causing me probs..(I have 5 different BP tabs) so I need to get them reviewed and reduced. I just felt like I was banging my head against a wall...feeling unwell all the time and being told nothing was wrong but take another pill just to be sure. I have an apt for an MRI stress scan at Papworth hospital in two weeks so hopefully that may give some answers too. John

    aravind 19 months ago

    Hi,graham thanks for starting this hub for us , I am 31 yrs old my name is aravind from India I had stent 4 days before, I couldn't expect this is going to happen to me , just like that when I play foodball friday morning in ground I started feel pain in chest then I stoped went home then bro took me to hospital luckly I was in home that day most of the time I was away from the home. The fear I got its undescribed and I am worrying that I got engaged with girl the marriage is going to happen by next month.

    preethi 18 months ago

    HI, good to know more about the procedure and medication. My father had a stent on august 2013. he is doing quite well except the regular complaints of tiredness. He couldnt even raise his voice so loudly. sometimes we fear he is holding someother problem, besides the regular checkups and the doctor says he is ok, but he needs to take rest, we are always worried. is there something else that we should care about. he drive his bike atleast 20km a day. do u people suggest something for this? please. thanks for your time.

    Ann 18 months ago

    My husband is at this moment is in hospital having a angiogram, he has been having chest pain for over a year and didn't tell me. We are caravan,ers and having read your experience gives me hope for more years of caravanning

    gavin mccaffery 14 months ago

    i had stents put in 3 years ago . dont believe the scare stories im fitter than ever

    helenco 14 months ago

    Thanks for the great forum. I am 57, had bad jaw pain one night - which I fortunately had heard was probably a sign of a heart problem. It did disappear but came back the next morning which was the reason I went off to the Emergency Room. I live in Dubai and have private medical cover, so I was very fortunate that from the emergency room to having the stents fitted it was a total of 5 days! No waiting for appointments thankfully. The procedure was done through the wrist (radial artery) and was painless thanks to local anaesthetic. I was able to watch all the "action" on the monitor. I spent one night in the hospital and returned to work 4 days later. I now take crestor, Plavix, concor-co and aspirin. I swim every day and feel really well. I do get the odd "fluttering" feeling in my throat now and again, but I have been told it is nothing to be concerned about. Oh, I have also lost 15kgs in the last 5 months and stopped smoking.

    Thomas 14 months ago

    Had a sent put in four years ago I was so frightened before the procedure.I found this site and you Graham having had the same thing and recovered so well got me through it.I am 71 years old now we still go all over Europe in our motorhome,and when I am home cycle 20 k every morning.As you say Graham I very seldom even realise I have a stent. To anyone who is going to have the procedure please listen to Graham his advice was invaluable .Thomas

    irma 7 months ago

    Due for an angiogram tomorow after suffering chest pains x pains on my left jaw x arm woke up today with tickly cough x flu like symptoms should I carry on with procedure ? As pains are getting worse x more frequent I have used GTN spray on variuos occasions?

    maharg1956 profile image

    maharg1956 7 months ago from UK Author

    From my own experience of anaesthetic and operations, I talked to the surgical team and the anaesthetist and they made the decision about whether my cough was a problem - which, in my case, it wasn't. So I would say talk to them and let them decide.

    Steve 7 months ago

    I am 54 and had a stent placed in my LAD nearly 3 months ago. Although I am still scared, I am getting better mentally, but I see this is a process. I was running 40 minutes a day up to the day I had the stent, which makes me nervous that I did not know I had a 95% blockage. Maybe I put off some twinges because I exercised a lot and just thought I had a muscle pull? Anyway, I still get some twinges. I have been scared to run, but I think I have to start, so I know if it gets worse during exercise. For me, it helps speaking or reading about others with similar conditions.

    Mike 7 months ago

    Had my first heart attack when I was 48 ,in 2001.

    Was rushed to the hospital and they implanted 3 stents...over the years I have gotten many more...I think I'm up to 9 now.

    In my family everyone succumbs to heart disease...usually at a young age and I'm the first from a long line to actually survive.

    When I asked my doctor why we don't just bypass and get it over with, he responded saying he wouldn't know what to bypass first....but with great medical care, a good diet and exercise I am enjoying my retirement now.I worked until I was 60 and now I'm taking it easy.

    Everyone's case is different but from what I have seen I think everyone should participate in the cardiac rehab program after their heart issues if at all possible.I went through the program 3 times before I was well enough to return to work, and I haven't looked back since.

    Good luck to all and while the whole procedure seems a bit daunting, you need to know its going to make a big difference in your life!

    vwriter profile image

    vwriter 4 months ago from US

    I'm currently dealing with chest pain and shortness of breath. I'm taking a cholesterol med and a beta blocker. I've been through a series of tests that came out okay. But I still have the chest pain (I call it a stinging pain that happens when I something) and shortness of breath and a new occurrence in the last 6 months is my pulse rate is high, averaging 93 to 104. Anyway, after the cardiologist seen all the test, she wants me to have an angioplasty procedure that goes through the wrist. Well, I also had an appointment with the pulmonologist and he said I have a mild case of asthma. So, I asked the cardiologist if that could be causing my problems. She said it could, though she said. I will give you one month and if the pain is still there we will perform an angioplasty. Then she told me, if the pain gets worse call immediately. Okay, I will admit, that scared me. I'm questioning myself if I made the right decision. Anyway, my question, did you find after the procedure your blood pressure numbers go down, specifically your pulse rate.

    HT Jadhav profile image

    HT Jadhav 4 months ago

    vwriter, how old you are? I had similar problem after my stenting two year before. It took me around one year to come out of this problems. I think it is case with several people like you and me so need to worry. I will write more about my case however please let me know your age.

    vwriter 4 months ago

    HT Jadhav I'm 63.

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