Know, how far you are from Diabeties

Diet for diabetic person

Uncontrolled Diabeties doubles your risk of Heart Disease and shorten life by 10 to I5 years

It is seriously shocking when we realize that the doctor missed the opportunity to test people at high risk for diabetes.It is seen that very few people with pre diabetes have been told that they have a condition or symptoms that may lead to diabetes if proper care is not taken ,people go un diagnosed until some sickness takes place and your blood tests are done .so before it is too late lets give our self a health check up for diabetic symptoms

Check at home all by yourself -

the first question is :--

How old are you ?

  • under 40 : give yourself : 0 points
  • between 40 to 49,give yourself : 1 point
  • 50 to 59 years of age : give yourself 2 points
  • 60 years or older ,give yourself 3 points

The second question is :--

  • Are you a man or a woman?
  • if woman your point is 0 and if you are a man then your points are 1

Third question:-

  • Does family member (parents brother ,sister have diabetes ?
  • (if yes then you attain point 1 and if no then your points are 0

Fourth question is :-

  • Do you have high blood pressure or are you on medication for high blood pressure ?
  • No :- 0 ; yes :-1.

Fifth question is :-

  • Are you over weight or obese ?
  • Normal weight :-0
  • over weight :- 1
  • obese :- 2
  • extremely obese :--3

Sixth question:-

  • Are you physically active ?
  • No :-0 ; yes ;- 1

Your next step is to calculate the points you have earned after this quiz:

If your score stands 4 or higher ,there is a good chance you have a pre diabetes

If the score is is 5 or higher ,then you are at high risk of diabetes

Get your blood test done for diabetes and start taking special care as this disease harms other organs of our body ,like eyes.kidney ,skin and one is also prone to septic or gangrene,if you get hurt or have a boil.

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bestbuddy profile image

bestbuddy 6 years ago from Pakistan

great way of asking. great work LL

lotuslove19 profile image

lotuslove19 6 years ago Author

best buddy ,its a way to help oneself

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