Answers - Is Laser Eye Surgery Painful?


Laser eye surgery is an alternative from wearing glasses, or using contact lenses, making every day life that little bit simpler for the person undergoing the operation. The procedure for Lasek Eye Surgery is relatively fast and effective and is performed with the patient completely awake. A flap is cut which allows access to cornea. Lasers then reshape the cornea and the flap is placed back on.

So how painful is laser eye surgery?

If you had to put the pain on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being an ich, and 10 being shot in the heart - Laser eye surgery would sit at a 2 or 3.

The initial procedure is pretty much pain free. Whilst the operation and laser treatment is being performed you will hardly feel any pain whatsoever.

After the surgery you may begin to feel a slight ichyness for a couple of days afterwards. This can be slightly irritating and annoying, but it is not a terrible pain - In most cases a couple of painkillers could pretty much stop you from feeling it.

Can I get laser eye surgery for free?

Unfortunately not at the moment. Laser eye surgery ranges in price, depending where you are in the world. Sometimes it is worth getting done on your holidays because you save some real money. At the moment the best offer is Optimax Half Price Laser Eye Surgery.

Safety and Risks

It is a relatively straight forward procedure without many risks. However the surgery should be performed by highly trained eye specialists and professionals. In surgery the surgeon will use a laser device, which will allow him/her to make permanent changes to the shape of the cornea. A range of different lasers can be used depending on the person.

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