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Facial Yoga - No problem
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Facial Exercises

The face can greatly benefit from facial exercises to help keep the muscles and skin from sagging but also to retain one's youthful features. The Facial skin is the most delicate outermost layer of the epidermis. Yet it is often the most overlooked part of the body when it comes to keeping it tone and healthy. Facial exercises can prevent drooping and sagging face muscles and lose wrinkled skin. Just as a regular physical workout keeps the body fit, tone and healthy, facial exercise does the same for the face. Exercise or activity protects the body against aging prematurely.

The question to ask is. why are we neglecting to apply the same fitness regime to our faces? Facial exercises are relatively easy and simple to do. You don't need anything to start, it could be done in the comfort of your home or anywhere, you'll just have to reserve a little privacy for contorting or grimacing. So, why isn't the face being kept as fit as the rest of the body? Another advantage to a facial workout is, the skin under the chin retains it's tight youthful tone, because that's the area of the face that is most susceptible.

Youthful Facial Features

Facial yoga
Facial yoga

Face Lifting Exercises

Doing facial Yoga exercises regularly will prevent the skin, especially under the chin from sagging. It tones and firms the face muscles and keeps the skin tight and glowing with vitality. By trying the following simple facial exercises, you can benefit by keeping your face tone and fit as the rest of your body.

Smiling Faces

The smile:

Smiling is an exercise, I kid you not.. But, for the purpose of facial firming, a special variation of smiling will be applied. Closed mouth and set teeth firmly together but without applying any pressure, smile as wide as possible while maintaining the same position. You should feel the tightening, firming effort across most of the lower portion of the face. Do this to the count of ten and release. Repeat 10 times. In the "smile" position, open mouth as wide as possible, like when yawning, opening and closing the jaw while stretching the facial muscles under the cheekbones, as if having a smile.

The Grin:

With the mouth closed and lips pressed firmly against each other, move the mouth from side to side at least ten times or until there is a feeling of tightness from the effort.

Yoga Facial Workouts

Wendy Wilken's Facial Yoga
Wendy Wilken's Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga Funny Faces

The lift:

Another good exercise to reduce sagging jowls begins with the mouth closed, try to move the lips around in a circle following the same direction ten times. Relax, then repeat the same circular motion with lips going in the opposite direction. You should feel a bit of tension as you do this. Another exercise with the mouth firmly closed, begins by raising the eyebrows as high as possible, hold the position for five seconds, then release, relax and repeat five times.

The knead:

Facial exercises are mainly funny faces we made when we were kids. Needless to say, as we grow older, we usually stop doing most of the kid stuff such as making a monkey face, screaming, laughing loud, etc, Nevertheless, those childish facial expressions are exercises that keeps the face firm and youthful. A lack of facial activities causes the facial muscles to elongate just like any other muscle of the body.

This is a funny facial exercise that tightens the skin and muscles. Begin with mouth wide open, slowly close mouth while tensing, as if compressing all the facial muscles as tight as possible. The lips and teeth must be pressed firmly together as if experiencing pain but never hard enough to cause pain or to grind the teeth in any way. Repeat ten times. Repeat a second time with a wide grin added. This helps to release the tension in the facial muscles.

The Chin Lifting-firming Exercise

Double Chin Facial Yoga
Double Chin Facial Yoga

Important Tips to Reduce Sagging Cheeks

Nobody likes the look of sagging cheeks. These facial exercises can be done with or without a mirror. Remember that when the skin begins to lose youthful elasticity, it is important to place a little effort and energy into regular, consistent facial exercises. Conveniently, this can be done anytime, anywhere, Although, you may want to reserve a little privacy when contorting and grimacing.

There are a few good face lift Yoga programs on the market that can help anyone maintain youthful facial features. However, for the best results, a consistent effort is needed to achieve lasting, effective results. As with most skills, if you don't use it, you'll lose it. It's exactly the same with your facial features, if you don't keep it active then it will elongate with age or inactivity. Do not Allow yourself to be discouraged. if you do not see immediately improvement, be patient and remember that you are dealing with sensitive skin and muscles that take time to recover from a lack of proper exercise. A daily routine consisting of as little as fifteen minutes per day can make a big difference in reducing sagging facial muscles and lifting a few years of aging in the face.

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RTalloni 19 months ago from the short journey

Thanks for the tips on these exercises. I think I could do some of them while using my elliptical machine!

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phildazz 19 months ago from Toronto Author

You're welcome! Thanks for taking a read and I'm really glad you've found it useful.

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ChitrangadaSharan 18 months ago from New Delhi, India

Very nice and useful tips about facial exercises to prevent or delay aging.

Aging is inevitable but these suggestions would definitely help to delay signs of aging.

Thank you and voted up!

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Thank you ChitrangadaSharan, glad you found it useful.

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