Anti Aging Products- Where To Start

There are literally thousands of anti aging products on the market from small one room, home based manufacturers to large brands like Clinique and Neutrogena. As the baby boom generation enters their late forties and fifties the women and some men want to look younger. Many resort to Botox treatments, plastic surgery and laser surgery. The majority flock to the multitudes of anti aging skin care products in the form of proprietary creams and ointments with names like wrinkle reducer,resurfacing peel, sleep reform serum,perfecting night cream, night repair, and the list goes on. Of course this is huge business as baby boomer and younger women try to find the one solution to their wrinkles. Every cosmetic company under the sun has a complete line of natural anti aging products. They try to incorporate anti aging into almost every type of product. 

Finding The Best Anti Aging Products

 Just to give you an idea, they even have makeup removing towelettes that have anti aging benefits like L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Radiant Smoothing Wet Cleansing Towelettes, Bioré Refresh Daily Cleansing Cloths and Pond's Clean Sweep age defying Wet Cleansing Towelettes. Pond's claims smoother looking skin in two weeks with using their towelettes. As you can see the scope of these types of products is huge so good luck trying to find the best anti aging products on your own. You'll have to poke around on the web for anti aging products reviews to get some sense of the kinds of products out there and what people who actually use them are saying. Of course everyone is different so what works for your skin may not work for someone else.

Anti Aging Skin Care Products As Seen On TV

The as seen on TV anti aging beauty products are a testament to the power of TV to create a compelling story and illusion. I would say that most people who have ever bought anything on TV have been disappointed because the items promoted are cloaked in superlatives so they end up over promising and under delivering. They'll introduce the anti aging creams as the best anti aging skin care products to hit the market when they are anything but. I sometimes have to argue with my husband when some of these commercials come on and he is pointing away at the product demonstration and scurrying to get a pen and paper to take down the number. Of course the number never gets called if I can help it because it is game over once you get online with one of these powersellers. 

Freeze 24-7- Is This A Top Anti Aging product?

I've noticed the product Freeze 24-7 being heavily promoted. The storyline and demonstration are quite convincing as far as anti aging skincare products go and you can feel your arm reaching for the phone as the actors try the product. Of course television is like a magician. They can make a mediocre serum look like one of the best anti aging skin products ever to hit the market. I always go online to check for actual customer experiences and I never fail to find the whole truth. In this case people who bought the Freeze product complained that it felt like they had super glue on their wrinkle and that the product began flaking off within a couple of hours when it was supposed to last the whole day. After reading a dozen or so reviews I got the idea that the product actually coated the skin and "faded" the wrinkle temporarily by either stretching out the skin or pulling the "valleys" of the wrinkle up to surface skin level. I'm not sure how they achieved this but most everyone reported that the effect lasted no more than a few hours and for some the effect lasted less than 20 minutes. That being said I'm more inclined to trust top anti aging products that are wholly marketed and sold online by a manufacturer that has no reason to be on an infomercial because their product actually works and will sell by word of mouth or in this case from positive reviews online.

How To Compare Anti Aging Products

When trying to compare anti aging products, its always best to compare similar products across similar categories from the same class of manufacturer. This way you'll be comparing similarly priced items so you can figure out where to get the best bang for your buck. For instance, you may want to consider beauty products grouped by active ingredient. For instance many creams use vitamin c as their active ingredient so if you'd read something about vitamin c and were convinced that this ingredient was key then you'd go looking for products that had this as their active ingredient. So you might find Prevage Anti-Aging Treatment by Elizabeth Arden, for $155.00, then you might find BORGHESE Cura-C Anhydrous Vitamin C Treatment for $67, Naturopathica Ultra-Lite Vitamin C Complex 2 FL OZ for $58. Department store do offer free makeovers on a limited basis where you can sample as well as experience free anti aging products like these.

You can also look for supplements that contain Resveratrol,the miracle red grape skin extract that contributes greatly to anti aging according to Oprah and Dr Oz. You can also look at all night repair creams and gels as another group rather than looking at active ingredients. It all depends on what you are looking for in an anti aging cream. Some women need something for their crows feet, other women don't care about their face as much as the wrinkles on their cleavage or on their necks. The best anti aging medicine is not some miracle cream or pill, it's you, yourself. It is your attitude toward aging and the steps you take to nourish your body from the inside out with a practical beauty regimen, a wholesome diet, daily exercise,fresh air, limited sunlight and a positive attitude. 

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