Apollo Hospital Should Tone Up Its Efficiency Still Further

Only Fortis Is Ahead Of Apollo Hospitals

Only Fortis Is Ahead Of Apollo Hospitals
Only Fortis Is Ahead Of Apollo Hospitals | Source

Huge Volumes of Business for Apollo Hospitals

Only Fortis Is Ahead Of Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals is now concentrating on building hospitals in tier 3 and tier 2 cities and towns in India in order to tap the potential. Specialised clinics will be set up in these places. Prathap C Reddy is the Chairman of the company. He is ably assisted by his four daughters. Apollo Hospitals is planning to invest Rs.2000 crore in the next 3 years in order to add around three thousand beds. At present Apollo Hospitals has 49 hospitals with 7838 beds. As against this, Fortis has 75 hospitals with 12000 beds, Manipal 15 hospitals with 4900 beds, Max 12 hospitals with 1900 beds, CARE 12 hospitals with 1700 beds and Vaatsalya 17 hospitals with 1200 beds. Only Fortis has more beds and hospitals compared to Apollo Hospitals.

Inappropriate Treatment

Recently consumer forum has directed Apollo Hospitals to pay Rs.1.5 lakh to a patient’s family for negligence. The patient was a 14 years old boy. The teen was admitted to the hospital for food poisoning and the hospital delayed the treatment and diagnosis. M Bhoopathy, Consultant neurophysician treated the boy in Apollo Hospitals, Tondiarpet in North Chennai. The doctor opened the boy’s skull. But the parents were not informed of the nature of illness for 20 days. Finally the boy was discharged but nothing was mentioned in the discharge summary. The boy was taken to Stanley Medical College Hospital where he was given proper treatment and recovered. Had the hospital given a simple stomach and bowel wash treatment to the boy, he could have recovered and discharged early.

Hospitals Make Patients to Cough Up Money

This is the bane of many corporate and commercial hospitals in India. Many ailments could be cured by simple medicines and treatments prescribed by a general consultant who has only MBBS qualification. But many people visit the so-called speciality hospitals and complicate the matters. These hospitals do not adopt simple treatments because that will not bring huge incomes to them. Instead they prescribe so many tests and give complicated treatments. Many times they prescribe surgeries which are very costly. Patients are made to cough up huge money.

Complications in a Bypass Surgery Went Unattended

I know one case that happened in Apollo Hospitals. A patient was admitted into the hospital for performing heart bypass surgery. An eminent surgeon Dr Girinath performed it. After the operation, the patient was discharged home. But soon complications developed. The hospital delayed attending on the patient for three full days. The condition of the patient deteriorated. What was unacceptable was the doctor who performed the surgery refused to look into the complications the patient had developed. Nobody else attended to it. Finally with great persuasion and outside recommendations, some doctors attended on the hapless patient. But by this time, it was too late. The patient expired after few days and the hospital charged heavily from the relatives of the patients running into several lakhs of rupees.

Why Did The Surgeon Not Attend To The Problem Immediately?

The question arises as to why the doctor who performed the surgery did not attend on the patient when complications developed. The doctor did attend after three days but by this time the condition of the patient had irrevocably worsened. Had the patient’s relatives been influential people, they would have dragged the hospital to a court case.

Sutherland Acquires Apollo BPO

Sutherland Global Services and StanChart PE have acquired Apollo BPO for Rs. one lakh crore. Apollo’s clients can make use of Sutherland Suite of services enabled by its analytics while Sutherland can make use of Apollo BPO’s domain driven technology. Sutherland will pay Apollo Rs.1000 crore for acquisition. Apollo will utilise Rs.620 crore out of this to clear its existing debt. Sutherland has piped Genpact to purchase Apollo. The deal will be completed in February. Hong Kong brokerage firm CLSA has sold 6.15% stake in Apollo Hospitals for $135 million.

Accreditation from Joint Commission International, USA

For the second quarter, Apollo Hospitals reported an increase of net profit from Rs.55.76 crore in the corresponding period of the previous year to Rs.83.24 crore. Total income increased from Rs.706.13 crore to Rs.850.69 crore in the same period. Apollo Hospitals has secured accreditation from Joint Commission International, US. This is a proof for quality improvement and patient care safety in the hospital. No other hospital in India or even Asia has even tried to get this accreditation. Patients all over the world are visiting the hospital for getting advanced treatment for their ailments.

Huge Volumes of Business

Apollo Hospitals admits around 7000 patients every day, treats around 6000 out-patients, deals with 200 critical care cases, 120 cardiac procedures, 400 dialysis, 50 neuro surgeries and 40000 laboratory tests. There is no doubt that the hospital management headed by Pratap C Reddy and Sunita Reddy are committed to excellence in treatment of patients. But the hospital has to hone up its services still more, plugging all loopholes. Recently Apollo Hospitals was asked to pay up Rs.1 lakh for not furnishing medical records to a patient’s husband V Govindan. When this news appeared in newspapers, another news that Apollo Hospitals had bagged G-20 Challenge award for its medicare initiative also came. It is like blowing hot and cold. Apollo Hospitals was also asked to pay compensation of Rs.1 lakh to a woman Premila Narasimhan whose husband expired during a treatment. The hospital was accused of wrong diagnosis. One can understand if a patient expires notwithstanding good treatment due to various factors like age, nature of ailment, food habits etc. But it is unacceptable if the treatment was delayed or neglected or involved a wrong diagnosis. Apollo Hospitals should plug in all these loopholes and weed out the culprits. Then its image will improve still further.

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