Are We Being Scared to Death by The News Media

     I guess you all know about the Swine Flu Epidemic from Mexico and that it spread to human contact from the travelers returning back to their homes. I heard the death count to 100 in Europe and 50 in the US. Now, we are told that the strain of flu was not deadly to humans and with proper medication it can be cured. Huh, are you kidding me. Here I am a concerned citizen telling my friends not to travel to Mexico because what I read in the news and now I am hearing that the level has dropped from red, and they are allowing both cruise ships and visitors to enter Mexico. I read on the Internet that the news media had over hyped this situation. So, than the deaths reported in the US was not caused by the swine flu. Can you not get the facts straight?

     I would like to say to the news media that before you scare us all to death on your next story of disaster to, first, please have all the facts straight, second, please look over what you have and verify it with someone in the medical field who is a expert on this subject of diseases, and third, If you aren't sure in the first place, than don't write about it.

     I was annoyed by the news media who had said, "Oops, sorry folks, it was not so bad as we thought in the first place." Please, can I now scream and yell back, "Thanks for giving me something more to worry about." I don't think that anyone of us wants to be stressed out more, than we are already are. I don't know what to think about in the near future, when the news media has another story of pending doom. My answer to them is this, give me proof and statistics, before going forth with the news worthy story.

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D.Virtual.Doctor profile image

D.Virtual.Doctor 6 years ago from Europe

seriously, the media is turning to something else. All they are after is their professional gain and reputation and nothing else. They do not care about the damaging effect of some of the news they passed and do not even give regards to present situations in connection to whatever news they are passing. Believe me, this is not only in the US but also in Europe. Imagine the English media 'blasting' and 'exposing' their own players' private flaws just some days or even hours before a very competitive football match, and yet they expect them to perform well. No one is saying the media should not do their work or expose any news which needs to, but at the same time, they need accuracy and as well do it in the appropriate time. Great hub and thanks for the privilege to read something like this.


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