Are You Taking Too Many Vitamins?

Do you take a lot of vitamins? I used to until I found out that your body only uses what it needs and gets rid of the rest in your urine. Does your urine smell strong, feel thick, or look a bright yellow. You have probably been taking to many vitamins.

Talk to your doctor and see what your body really needs. Your doctor won’t prescribe vitamins and they make no money from it so you can trust their advice versus a prescription medicine. My mother was taking over 2000g of Vitamin C a day. I found out that your body can only digest and use only 18% of that. The rest of it is going down the toilet along with money you spend as you overdose yourself.

When seeking advice on vitamins do not look on vitamin websites where they sale them. Seek advice from real medical websites or from your doctor. After you get the correct information, then go to the vitamin sites to find the best deal. A vitamin website article could just be placed on the web to draw them to their site, so beware, but be healthy.

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Deltachord profile image

Deltachord 7 years ago from United States

I don't think that a doctor is a good source for getting advice on taking vitamins unless the doctor is pro vitamins.

Sometimes people need higher amounts of certain vitamins to get rid of a particular illness. Vitamin C is water soulable and hard to overdose on.

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