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MY STORY IN SHORT: I suffer from severe neuropathy (nerve damage/pain). So, as a single mom not able to work more than part-time from home and living with this agonizing pain daily I was desperate for help, advice and understanding. Because with neuropathy it is nothing you can see so people act like you are exaggerating but believe me it can be and is agonizing, just depends on the severity of it.

Anyway, I got turned down from Social Security twice, it was unbelievable. I was told by Social Security that I could work an unskilled job.

So I hired an attorney (probably the worst thing I could have done). Because believe me they were little help but they cost me a lot of money.

I never got to speak to the actual attorney until a week before the hearing. From the time I hired the firm I had only spoken with a case manager (which changed on a regular basis). and never really received any kind of advice or information about anything. Everything was just general information.

Once when I called it took them hours to find my case and have someone call me back. Surprise! once again I had a new case manager. Had her for about 2 months and did not even know it. But they were kind enough to send me a Happy Birthday card shortly after.

It seemed as if they were in no big hurry. But of course the longer it takes to get approved the larger amount of back pay, the larger amount they received.

Once I was approved, Social Security paid the disability firm right away. But I had to have my back pay broken up and paid to me over a years time.

And you can be sure the disability firm received their pay in one lump sum before I seen anything. Had I known about the Disability Digest, I probably could have gotten approved sooner and without the worthless disability firm I hired.

So, I really could go on and on for hours about this, but my point of this hub is to let other people like myself, know that you are not alone and there really is a place you can go.

There are free resources for people (on or in need of disability). It includes a detailed section on qualifying for disability, getting through the approval process, how to find affordable housing, supplementing your income, making sure you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled too and much more.

The Disability Digest really has been a great resource for me and as I said earlier I wish I had found it while going through the process of applying for Social Security Disability. And if you are in the process you probably already know how frustrating, aggravating and depressing it can be. It is absolutely free so what do you have to lose. So, don't wait, go for it and sign up now.

Even if You Have Already Been Approved

Once you sign up for your free membership you will be amazed at all the information and resources available to you.

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