Artemisia Pontica

The wormwood (Artemisia pontica, L., 1753) is a perennial plant of the Asteraceae family.

The name can be misleading: in fact, the scientific name does not match the name Artemisia pontica Pontic indicating another common Wormwood Artemisia species: Artemisia vallesiaca. Artemisia pontica, L., 1753 may be also called Pontic Common Wormwood. It is a herbal plant


Distribution and habitat

 Native to Europe and Middle East area of ​​the Caucasus, is an essence in cultivation, seldom grows wild in the Alps, escapes from the soil too wet or clay, the best results in land cultivation are sunny and cool.



The plant is about 50 cm high, hairy and with thin caul.




The leaves are thick and the lower side of gray, with petiole 1 cm long, lamina triangular in outline, 2-3 cm long, a large bit 'less bipennatosetta, a large lacini 0.5-1 mm long 2 - 5 mm, the petiole is often accompanied by two auricles at the base, laciniata.




The heads of gray, are grouped in clusters that form a dense panicle, almost hemispherical, 3-5 mm long 2-3 mm wide, scales with the outer herbaceous, the inner ones with a large margin scarioso. The numerous yellow flowers. The receptacle is naked.


Similar species


It can be confused with:


Artemisia vallesiaca white with shades of light blue, the leaves have lacini smaller and denser, the heads are smaller.


Active Ingredients


It contains an essential oil, artemisinin absintolo, cineole, terpenes, tannins and resinous substances.


The plant is grown mainly for the aerial parts, liquor used in the manufacture of vermouth. In essence this popular medicna was used for dysmenorrhea and amenorrhea.


 Biennial crops, which can be grown in simple files with double rows sixth 50x20 cm or 40x70-80 35-cm, grass is used to collect flowering, cut to produce cut or wormwood wormwood world. Absinthe world are hitting the plants to remove the leaves and buds from the stems, which are then discarded. Flowering occurs in May to August you can make another cut.

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breakfastpop 5 years ago

Vermouth? Interesting.

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German wine flavoured with wormwood

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