Arthritis Self-Help - Ease Your Day

Useful Tips

1. Child-proof medication bottles can be a pill! Place the bottle in a door, closing the door until it firmly holds the bottle. Place your palm over the lid, press and turn. Be sure to angle the bottle so the medication doesn't spill. You can also request caps that are not child proof from your pharmacy.

2. If change from a vending machine slot is an aggravation to retrieve, use a pencil eraser to slide coins out and drop in hand.

3. Driving can be challenging when joints aren't flexible.

  • Wide-angled rear view mirrors can be easily installed.

  • Swivel seat cushions can help you turn to get in and out of the car.

  • Lumbar supports help with back pain.

  • Steering wheel covers afford easier grip on the wheel.

4. Carrying laundry baskets or grocery bags can be painful and even dangerous. Wheeled carts or four-wheeled walkers can offer easy transport of items through the house.

5. Delivery can be a relief! Not only do many pharmacies and grocery stores take phone orders, but many also take online orders today and deliver directly to your home. Meals can be ordered via phone or internet for delivery as well. Order clothing, household items or gifts through mail-order or online ordering.

6. Clothing can become a hang-up. Look for loose, comfortable clothing with elastic and velcro features. Front-fasteners are easier to manage. Small buttons and snaps should be avoided. If tying shoelaces is difficult, get some elastic shoelaces and your tennis-shoes are slip-ons!

7. Is your car door too hard to close? Use a belt looped through the inside door handle. After you are in the car, put you arm through the looped belt and pull the door closed.

8. Wire twist ties and plastic clips can be a nuisance on bags. Try using small bag clips or spring-loaded clothespins instead.

9. Sitting to shower makes bathing easier. Shower chairs are a good way to stay safe in the tub/shower.

10. Carry some non-slip material with you to open knobs and flip switches when you are away from home. It's also handy for opening jars and lids. Non-slip material can be placed under cutting boards for increased safety, or under seat cushions to prevent shifting.

11. Serving plates of food at home can be arduous. Serve buffet style - it's less time you have to spend grasping spoon handles.

12. Felt-tip pens require less pressure for writing than ball-point pens. Another trick is to use the pen between your 2nd and 3rd fingers (index and middle) instead of between your thumb and index. This greatly reduces the amount of pressure used by the thumb for writing tasks.

13. Prolonged, repetitive activity can cause stiffness and pain. Take rest breaks, alternate hands, or even alternate tasks.

14. Card holders can allow you to stay with your bridge club and still enjoy the socialization. Even a hair brush with bristles can hold cards for you.

15. Use 2 hands to carry cups and plates. Drink from cups that have a textured or bumpy surface to make handling easier.

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Zsuzsy Bee profile image

Zsuzsy Bee 8 years ago from Ontario/Canada

All very good pieces of advice

regards Zsuzsy

marisuewrites profile image

marisuewrites 7 years ago from USA

Great tips for us all!  I like the placement of your ads as well...hope it works!! =))

I would like to add that Fish/Krill Oil also is helpful when taken in the right dosages, and IF the person has checked with their physician, always.

Jerry 6 years ago

If grabbing laces or velcro on your shoes is becoming difficult, check out a new device that acts like an instant on/off switch for laced shoes. It's called lace-amatic and requires little strength or dexterity to use.

Tom 21 months ago

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