Why Super Green Foods Promote Health

Most people do not get enough vegetables in their diet. Even if you eat salad for all three meals you are still not getting the right amount of vegetables that you need to fight arthritis pain. Not all vegetables are the right ones to help you in this goal, and even eating the specific vegetables in large amounts, you will still not get the recommended intake of specific nutrients that will bring down the inflammation in your joints. Green super foods are the answer to this dilemma and by targeting specific vegetables and taking specific components from them; you will be able to start your journey for a healthier you.

You can buy concentrated forms of these vegetables online or at your local health food store. They can come in capsule or table form and some are even powdered to be consumed with water or milk. Green super foods include broccoli, carrots, beets, parsley, the grasses of barley, wheat, and alfalfa, and celery. You can either take the dry supplements are intake large amounts of concentrated juices of these vegetables to get that super punch of nutrients that your body needs to fight the ailment of arthritis. This with an increased intake of vegetables in your regular diet will be a great start in your life style change.

Why are these specific super foods so vital for your goal? It may not be the vegetable itself that is healing your arthritis or at least reducing the pain. What it could be in certain vegetables is a component within the vegetable that has these medicinal powers. For example, one specific element is selenium found in Brescia vegetables. Selenium has been known to be both anti-viral and also produces anti-cancer properties. In clinical trials selenium has been known to reduce the viral bombardment in HIV cases. Taking selenium also reduces the death rate in prostrate cancer patients.

So it is not the vegetable itself, but the element within the vegetable that helps to reduce the inflammation. The vegetable itself is an import source of enzymes that help boost your metabolism and help your body chemistry work the way it is suppose to. Vegetables also provide roughage that goes through your lower intestine and helps move along blocked waste. At the same time the roughage helps to scrap material from the inside wall of your intestine. This is important because these materials that are removed often contain things that cause cancer and other negative components that could impede your health.

As you can see, the green super foods are vital for helping specifically your arthritic pain, and generally helping maintain the health of your body. The recommended dosage of green super food extracts are three teaspoons in liquid form and 10 capsules in tablet or capsule form.

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frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 7 years ago from Central United States of America

VERY good and true information! The green foods supplement also alkalinizes (right word?) the body, pulling it back from acidity after high protein intake. This is fantastic help for our body. I take 'Green Foods' from Springboard and they are excellent! Everybody oughta! Thanks for your good hub!

lilmissbookworm profile image

lilmissbookworm 5 years ago

Very informative tahnkyou for the knowledge.

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