As A Living Flute: How to Live in Harmony

This is a six hole Native Flute, made of Cedar, by Odell Borg.
This is a six hole Native Flute, made of Cedar, by Odell Borg. | Source

Made of fragrant Cedar, with both beauty and structural integrity, my Native flute has a deeply resonant and stirring voice, when played according to its design. Found in nearly all the cultures of earth’s earliest peoples, the flute is an ancient design, with timeless appeal and ingenious simplicity which produces rich and satisfying sounds.

This flute was designed and created by Odell Borg, and it is truly a work of art. It is a six hole flute with a leather tie in the center (covering one hole), which I play as a five hole flute. In order to produce sound, the holes not being played must be completely closed or a squeaky sound is produced. When that occurs an adjustment needs to be made by making sure the fingers are completely covering the holes. The amount of breath is also important. As Borg explains, “The sound you are listening for is a nice deep, even tone, pleasant to the ear. If you get anything else, it is because one of the holes is still slightly open or you are blowing too hard.” The other key factor is that you always want to move up the flute, lifting one finger at a time and then back down again; you don’t want to move down or the sound is discordant.

The openings are designed so that air, one’s breath, may flow through them in order to animate the flute and create its sounds of life, called music. This fulfills the design and purpose of the flute and gladdens the hearts of those who hear it.

When God breathes the breath of life into us, we are animated and able to bring forth the actions we were designed and created to do, to be and to become. If we live according to the laws of nature and the will of God, we are in harmony. If not, we are discordant, unhappy and need to make some adjustments. We have a lot of say over what we think. And our thoughts fundamentally influence how we feel, the actions we take, and the results we get.

It’s usually quite obvious when I am out of tune, or out of sorts. When this happens the very best, quickest and most surefire way to get back into harmony is to begin acknowledging things for which I am grateful. Expressions of gratitude immediately open me to the inflow of God’s Spirit once again. When I allow judgment, anger or fear to create squeaky, discordant feelings in me, finding and focusing on love is the adjustment that enables me to recognize the good that is always available to me. And it helps me get back on track and recognize once again that flow of energy, the law of love, which is the highest and best rhythm that is always seeking to fill me with harmony.

The strength and flow of air, as well as properly adjusting my fingers, determines the quality of sound in my flute. So too, the flow of energy and properly adjusting my thoughts to be in harmony with the laws of nature and God’s will readily determine the quality of my life.

In her inspired and inspiring book, The Healing Light, Agnes Sanford states, “…if we wish to receive more of the inflow of God’s love, we must learn to give more of the outflow of God’s love.” She explains, “The flow of energy that we call the law of love is the rhythm for which our beings were created, the thought-vibration in which we live and move and have our being. Every thought of anger, therefore, throws a contrary and destructive counter-vibration into the body, and places us in danger.”

The Native flute is a marvelous instrument and a meaningful metaphor for me of the beauty and the power of being in harmony. When the flute is played the way it was designed to be played, it is wonderful. When we live in accordance with the laws of the nature and the will of God, our lives are richly blessed. And just like five hole flute fingering for the minor pentatonic scales, these precise and elegant laws can be learned, practiced and powerfully expressed, thereby gladdening the heart.

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