Athlete's Foot Remedies

Athlete's foot is a common infection and finding an athlete's foot remedy that works for you is not always easy. It is caused by the fungus known as tinea pedis which affects the topmost skin layer. Fungus can infect any area of the body including hands, feet, the groin, the armpits and the scalp but usually occurs in places that are moist, so between the toes and in the groin area are very common places for fungus to grow and thrive.

Tinea pedis is a fungus of the ringworm class and can be picked up anywhere there are moist conditions so locker rooms and swimming pools are favorite places for it to lurk in waiting for a nice warm, moist foot to come along all ready to be infected! It will live for some time in socks and other clothing and can be spread directly between people or through infected objects including the floor. The swimming pool is an ideal place for the athletes foot fungus to lie in wait as the area is moist, warm and people walk around with bare feet.

Nearly everyone gets a bout of athlete's foot at some time in their lives. It has been estimated that at least 75% of us will is suffer at some time!

Athlete's Foot Symptoms

Although some people may be affected and not have any symptoms most people will find that they have itching and burning of the skin which may peel. For those severely infected there may be pain, and the skin may crack and bleed. The usual place to see symptoms of athlete's foot is on the sole of the foot where the skin may be red, very dry and peel. Peeling, itching and dry flakes may also occur between the toes and the flaking may spread to the top of the feet. in severe athlete's foot there may be large blisters, in which case it is called bullous tinea pedis, or red calluses or patches of very thick, red dry skin. Athletes foot can also affect the hand, in which case it is called tinea manuum.

Athletes Foot Prevention

Some commonsense methods to prevent being infected by athletes foot include washing your feet daily, drying the feet well especially between the toes, not walking around barefoot in public places and changing your socks frequently.

Athlete's Foot Remedies

Athletes foot medicines include over-the-counter creams but if you have severe athlete's foot you will need to see a dermatologist to prescribe stronger medicine. Treating athletes foot is fairly straightforward and you can even use a natural athlete's foot cure if the infection is not too bad. Some home remedies include using vinegar, household bleach, or Epsom salts. Over-the-counter remedies usually include antifungal treatments and can be bought as powders, sprays or creams but they're not always effective especially if the fungus is under the nails.


Treatment of athlete's foot is not always effective and it can take a long while to find athlete's foot cure that works for you.

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annvans 7 years ago

Yes, athletes foot can be a big problem. I have not had it, but know people who have since I lived in Florida for so many years. I guess the heat there helps it to get really bad. Great hub!

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