Athlete's Foot Shouldn't Be Ignored

Athlete's foot (tinea pedis) is a very common skin condition caused by a fungus. This condition is so common that at least 75% of the population has had it at one point or another.

One big mistake that people tend to make with athlete's foot is that once the symptoms go away they stop the treatments. This can cause a rebound effect and you may just end up with a much more severe infection than before.

Severe athlete's foot which is accompied by swollen toes and feet as well as weeping oozing sores is one condition that you're not likely to forget. If you do have a case of severe athlete's foot its very important to get medical attention as soon as possible. A condition this bad is not likely to clear up on its own and the longer you wait to get treatment the worse it may become.

athlete's foot shouldn't be ignored
athlete's foot shouldn't be ignored

Severe Athlete's Foot

Earlier this year my husband had a severe bout of athlete's foot. It came on him with a vengeance after a long weekend of golfing yard work. Apparently he'd noticed a little itching and burning but for some reason decided to ignore the symptoms, which was a huge mistake.

He woke on Monday with two very uncomfortable feet and by Tuesday they were even worse. By this time his feet were swollen and red with oozing blisters on his toes. We tried several different treatments to get relief such as soaking his feet in vinegar as well as using an anti-fungal soap and Lamisil cream but at this point the infection was just too strong and seemed to be getting worse.

So it was time to make a appointment with a Dr. The first Physician that we saw looked briefly at my husbands feet, and sent him home with a prescription for some antibiotics. Over the next day his feet seemed to be getting worse so we phoned the Dr. who said that as long as he didn't have a red streak going up his leg my husband would be fine.

This seemed to be a good time to find a new Physician, so we made a quick appointment with another Dr. Once there the first thing that the Dr. did was to take a culture of his feet. At this point it was obvious that my husband had some kind of bacterial infection, unfortunately by this time it was Thursday night so the results wouldn't be back until sometime early next week.

But they went ahead and started treatment which consisted of antibiotics via IV twice a day plus an oral anti-fungal and two oral antibiotics. Even with all of this it took at least 3 days before we saw any results. The tests results came back with the results that he tested positive for two types of bacteria strep and staph, so at least we knew for sure what we were now dealing with and could continue treatment.

The IV's continued for approx. 4 days and the oral anti-fungal and oral antibiotics for around 10 days. He also continued using the Lamisil cream for at least a month. During this time he also started taking 1 tbs of Manuka honey three times a day. Manuka honey is well known for its healing and infection fighting properties and at this point I figured that he needed all of the help that he could get.

It pretty much took a month for my husbands feet to get back to normal, although he still has some symptoms of the athlete's foot. So he is continuing to take the manuka honey and is wearing sandals whenever possible to help keep his feet as dry and cool as possible. He's also using Tinactin medicated foot powder in his socks and shoes and makes sure to change his shoes at least twice a day.


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