Autism And Homeopathy

Autism and Its Homeopathic Answer!

Autism is the disorder in which there is affection of the child’s communication skills, social interactions, and the child shows a kind of hyperactive behavior. The milestones are delayed and most autistic children fail to talk at the desired age. Though the disorder is difficult to diagnose in first two years of life, later one can easily diagnose autism if paid attention to the child’s behavioral pattern. Most parents first find the problem with the child and even in first two years, parents may come with the strange non-responsive behavior of the child to certain normal commands.


At times the slight speech that was gained during first two years seems to have vanished suddenly and also the hyperactivity increases. By age three, any expert can easily diagnose autism. Basic defect lies with the disordered developmental pattern of these kids. Most of these children also interact differently with different individuals. With some they may exert highly calm and cool behavior while with some others; they may show extremely hyperactive behavior while throwing uncontrollable tantrums. Inability to comprehend what is being told or purposely neglecting such things also points to autistic features.


With the advanced studies on autism, it is now evident that there are wide variations in the child’s behavior pattern and no two autistic children exhibit same traits. But at early age, inability to do meaningful gestures like pointing to an object, disrupted hand to eye coordination, lack of social smile, poor eye contact upon striking conversation, and inability to speak even a single word by two years of age should guide one to the diagnosis of autism.


How homeopathy can help for autism?


Entire world is aware today of the amazing influences homeopathic medicines have on intractable disorders and autism is one of them. Rather, there is a close relation between autism and homeopathy, as the individualistic mode of therapy, the homeopathy, is capable to identify the uniqueness in each case of autism and treat respectively depending upon the symptom similarity. One thing is sure though. If the homeopathic treatment is started at earlier age, one will see remarkable improvement early on. Autism rating scale can be of good help while treating children with autism. Timely follow ups and strict surveillance of dosage pattern is must while giving homeopathic treatment. Here I would like to stress that for any autism case to respond positively, every homeopath must stress on finding the exact similimum by finding the exact constitution of the child. It is so very clear that those homeopathic doctors who can strike the constitutional medicine accurately will get faster and lasting results in cases of autism.


Though it is true that specific constitutional medicines are must while treating any case of autism, certain remedial traits are seen working marvelously because these traits carry the traits of autism in them. Some of these remedies include Carcinocin, Tuberculinum, Thuja, etc. Well, with correct remedy diagnosis, homeopathic case taking proves extremely beneficial to the child. Though the response from different children vary depending upon the innate capacity to react to the medicines, one can expect some changes right in the first fortnight after starting the homeopathic treatment. Obviously, you need many behavioral changes on part of parents too in order to attain positive effects in the child.


That’s why I stress upon homeopathic treatment along with parental counseling while treating any case of autism!


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