Avoid anxiety and depression


anxiety and depression

anxiety is a part of life and living.sometimes it is necessary to think about life.it means a fear for future -known or unknown. it is very normal and natural to have experience of anxiety in life. when there is anxiety without any true and logical reason then that anxiety is not natural it becomes a problem. it is not only a problem but also a matter of serious harm.

depression results from feeling of loss. when a person loses something he become depressed. depression is a kind of reaction which is a reaction of losing something which is very important.but the roots of depression lies in our past.when depression appears from time to time it becomes harmful for human thinking.then it should not be prolonged.

anxiety leads to depression.because anxiety destroys self esteem and self worth. as a result of anxiety depression comes. similarly the opposite side is a depressed person becomes anxious and get fear from the unknown future.the worse thing is both anxiety and depression affects our health.the expression of these both reflects physically. slowly human being starts to suffer from various diseases.

depression in a successful man affects him in a such way that the man lose his all confidence from his future. he starts to think that his future is totally destroyed.it happens from depression which has been felt only from one work.a depressed person starts to believe that his future has no value. from depression the feeling of guilt,worthlessness, hopelessness and helplessness starts to increase in life. these feelings are also the symptoms of depression. when these feelings awake in mind regularly then we can say it as a good indicator of depression.there are also some other symptoms of  it- like loss of interest in all the activities and a decrease of energy in work.

there are some symptoms of anxiety also. lose symptoms can be headaches, migraines,hyperventilation,palpitations, loss of sleep, irritability,shortness of breath, loss of sense etc.

nut the degree of anxiety and the depth of depression depends on the circumstances and personality of the individual.

there are some treatments of both anxiety and depression. the first and main step of treatment is the reasons of anxiety and depression must be understood.in case of depression a sufferer all time knows what is the reason for if. but in case of anxiety it is very complicated to understand the reasons for anxiety. because the cause of anxiety is mostly unknown. the treatment of anxiety is most likely psychological treatment which is combination of medication.

in depression the sufferer should think deeply about himself, he should concentrate in the matter and should try to understand that what is happening to him or what is going to happen.

medicines for anxiety and depression are mostly temporary basis. but there are not any special medicine for both cases. but the sufferer can con depend on those medicines fully.the most effective measures for treatment of depression is not being depressed or anxious.we all know one thing that is "prevention is better than cure".

there are ups and downs in our life. but it does not mean that one will be depressed and anxious after any problem. we all must keep in mind that problems create solution. but if we become depressed and anxious then we will not get any solutions


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hemelsiddiquee 5 years ago from bangladesh

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good info. this info has helped me to avoid my depression thank you so much

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great, hanks for such info, these info has helped me so much thank you so much.....

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