The Many Beneficial Types of Ayurveda Massage

Ayurveda Massage - Types & Benefits

In Ayurveda, a natural medical practice from India, massage is used extensively for various health purposes. There are a number of different types of massage within the Ayurveda practice. Each type of massage provides a benefit to a different aspect of the body. The purpose is to support the balance and harmony of the functions of the body and the three Doshas, which make up the constitution of a person. The purpose of massage is to help the body to remove toxins from the system. It also helps to relieve stress and bring the body back into balance.

There are some main components that will be found in every form type of beneficial massage within Ayurveda. There is usually always the use of an herbal oil compound. This compound is designed to help in promoting the removal of toxins and help to bring the Doshas back into balance.

Types of massage found within Ayurveda

Abhyanga - This is a full body massage, it can be self-done or it can be done by a second party. The process is basically the same. Warm oil is prepared. The type oil is dependent on the Dosha of the person receiving the massage. These oils are filled with herbs and are designed to help bring the body back into balance. This type of massage helps to improve circulation and lubrication, it can help to strengthen and tone not just muscles but the joints as well. This type of massage is also used in the purification processes to release toxins, which may have become deeply seated within the tissue of the body.

It also helps the skin by providing both nutrients and moisture; it helps to relieve stress, which in turn helps to keep the emotions balanced, the mind calm and helps to promote alertness as well as focus. Massage also can help to increase the energy of the body by promoting better energy flow; this helps to keep people going during the hectic day schedule and provides them with a sound restful sleep at night.

The Process

This massage can be done daily. The self-massage is easy to do but does take a time and a few materials. You will need massage oil, a bottle to use to squeeze and heat the oil. A bowl or container of warm water, a towel, some paper towels and a room where the temperature is comfortable are also required.

The oil can be obtained through an Ayurveda practitioner or can be purchased online through a number of fine shops if a practitioner is not available for your area.

Once you have gathered all the materials take some of the massage oil and place it in the bottle. Once this is done, place the squeeze bottle into the bowl or container of water. You can use very warm or hot water depending on how you like the temperature. Wait until it reaches a comfortable temperature and begin application. It is very important to work down the body and use up and down strokes on the limbs, circular on the joints, chest and abdomen. It is important to apply a lighter pressure to the torso than used on the extremities. The process takes about 10 minutes or so. You can also apply a scalp massage at this point, if you wish. Apply oil to the crown and then work in outward circles. Next, pat the excess off and clean with a non-soap gentle formula cleanser. Traditionally this is a morning massage to help release toxins from the night and to prepare for the day. These types of massages are part of a daily routine.

More forms of Abhyanga massage

The second type of this form of massage is done by trained professionals and is for the use of disease management. It is an important part of the Panchakarma. This form of the massage takes about 45 minutes. It can also be done with one or two therapists depending. Foot massages are an important part of this form of the Abhyanga since the foot is tied to a number of internal organs. Nerve points are particularly noted.

There are seven major positions that a patient may be asked to recline in. There is an upright-seated position, a flat on the back, right side, flat on the back, left side, flat on the back again, and finally sitting upright again. Laying face down can also be used.

Part of what creates the effectiveness of this massage is the fact that pressure points called marmas are used. This makes it an ideal massage for the relief of pain and pain in the various parts of head actually indicate where the problem may be within the body.

There are techniques of this massage that have been developed for babies to help promote the same wonderful results in them as appear in adults while taking into account the delicate body and system of a baby.

The warm scalp massage helps to nourish the roots of the hair, promote mental clarity, focus, it helps with balance and nourishing the emotions. This is also done with a special type of herbal massage oil, which is specifically designed to promote these aspects.

There is also a massage, which is used specifically to help promote sleep. It is performed with a combination of herbs and only certain areas of the body are massaged. This is designed to give the body a chance to receive the right amount of rest by promoting a longer rejuvenation cycle.

The Garshana massage

Another form of daily massage is the dry Garshana massage. This is done with light vigorous strokes and without oil. However, this does require the use of raw silk gloves. It is said to help in the break down of fat though the process of increasing blood and lymphatic circulation. The can also help to clean and exfoliate the skin, which makes the massage oils more effective and the absorption rate higher. Since this can be done daily, it may be worthwhile to do this prior to the oil massage.

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Amazing information is given regarding Ayurveda massage.

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Ayurvedic massage is the best massage I often offer to my client because it´s not only good for the balance of your body but also for your mind.

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This is wonderful. Even many spas all over the world are providing these traditional massages. I think it is a great way to rejuvenate the body and a great way to relax our body and brain.

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Ayurvedic Massages are a great way to rejuvenate the body. Human body gives a vibrant and radiant look with this therapy if followed regularly. Ayurvedic oils with medicinal value give the body power and agility.

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