Ayurveda tips for weight loss

According principles of ayurveda imbalance of body fat (medhas) and body moisture content (kapha) , cause obesity or weight gain. Numerous tips have been provided in texts of ayurveda for a healthy weight loss program. Here are few.

Exercises or Vyayama: Rigorous exercises like walking, jogging, outdoor games etc, lead to a healthy weight loss. Exercises also help to reduce migraine headache.

Physical exertion: House hold works, walking a long way to fetch water- groceries- vegetables etc, gardening and climbing stairs contribute to physical exertion. These activities help to burn calories and cause weight loss.

Mental exertion: Stress, worries, puzzles solving, finding solutions to mathematical problems etc, cause mental exertion. These some times cause reduced intake of food and thus intake of calories decrease.

Sex: Vigorous Sexual activity is a good cardio. Regular involvement in vigourous sexual activity helps to burn calories, thus leading to weight loss

Honey: Regular consumption of natural honey help to reduce medhas ( body fat). Add two spoons of honey and 2 spoons of lemon juice to a cup of water. Drink this in early morning, in empty stomach, before starting your daily work out. This simple home remedy can be included in your weight loss programme..

Sleep: Sleeping for long hours and afternoon nap reduce rate of metabolism. Hence avoid sleeping in afternoon. Sleep for 6-7 hrs at night.

Sweets: Avoid foods and beverages which contain sugar and jaggery . These increase calorie input and increase body weight.

Oil and ghee: Avoid foods deep fried in oil or ghee. These increase blood cholesterol and also body weight.

Avoid junk food prepared from refined flours, cheese, paneer, cream etc. Say no to red meat and meat which contain fat.

Eat lots of green vegetables and fresh fruits. Include sea foods like fish, shrimps, prawns, sea weeds etc in your diet.

Weight loss program helps to reduce back pain and joint pains, improves erectile dysfunction, and reduces blood sugar and blood cholesterol. It slows down ageing process and strengthens the body muscles.

According to texts of ayurveda wheat, green gram, horse gram help to reduce body fat and contribute to weight loss.

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musclequest 5 years ago from Johannesburg,South Africa

Some good tips....

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savithasuri 4 years ago from Mysore, India Author

thank you

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